by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© June 2018, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


1. Start.  Open your book, Kindle, computer or tablet.


2. Take an interest in the material and eliminate distractions around you.  Wrap the material around yourself (no pun intended) and get involved with it. 


3. Get a handle on the material.  This means to take a little control over the material.  DonŐt just read along if you donŐt understand it.  Ask for help, if needed.  Look up the words you donŐt know, and go slowly, if needed.


4. Let go and have a little fun with the ideas.  Play with the ideas.  Relax with the material.  Turn it over in your mind, for example.  Think about it in different ways.  Massage it.


5. Add the new material to what you already know.  How does it change the way you think about things?  Will it change the friends you have, or the places you go?  Consider all this, please.


6. Show it off a little.  This means tell others about it, such as your parents or friends.  This is helpful to evaluate the material.  Hear what they say about it, without judging. 

Try to discern if they are right, and if the material is true or not.  Try to become wise, this way, and find out what is truth and what is not.  DonŐt just take othersŐ word for it, of course.  Use your own wisdom and discernment.


7. If the material is true and good, incorporate it or integrate it into your daily life every day.  Live it fully and demonstrate the truth to others.  DonŐt worry about what they will say, or even what they will do.  Truth has a way of winning out in the end, even if it does not appear this will happen.



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