by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© January 202, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


            A simple and useful way to analyze many human problems is with the 7 system.  Using this system of analysis, a problem can have one or more of seven basic or underlying causes.  For each of these, one can have an excess, a deficiency or some other problem:


Energy Center #1. PHYSICAL CAUSES 


Physical or mechanical causes are important in many kinds of problems.  They are often the simplest causes of problems to fix, although not if the problem is a complex or costly machine with many physical parts.

Most machinery in the world is mechanical or electrical, and the cause of problems with it are physical and mechanical.

In the body, physical causes of problems include diet and nutrition, eating habits, body chemistry, lifestyle, body structure, genetics, poisoning such as with toxic metals, chemical poisoning, broken bones, or other physical factors.


Energy Center #2. EMOTIONAL CAUSES


Many human problems have at least some degree of emotional causes.  These can include negative feelings such as anger, fear or anxiety.  Other emotional problems are over-reacting emotionally or an inability to respond emotionally (or emotional flatness).

Animals such as dogs and cats can also have emotional causes for their behavior or health problems, especially if they experienced abuse early in life.




This is also a common source of human problems.  These include attitudes of arrogance, prejudice, hatred, victim thinking, wishing evil on others, selfishness, egoism, willfulness or stubbornness, narcissism, and other negative thoughts and attitudes.


Energy center #4.  SOCIAL CAUSES 


These are causes of human or animal problems that involve others.  They include responding to peer pressure, not doing your own thinking (the herd mentality), social isolation or alienation, or having a negative self-image. 




These are important causes for some human problems.  They include stifled expression, acting out, doing work that one does not enjoy, problems related to work associates or colleagues, inability to work as a team, professional jealousy and other causs of problems related to work, hobbies or creativity.




This is a more mental cause of many people’s problems.  Many people hold on to false ideas or ideologies that block proper understanding and proper action.

Among the most common false beliefs are that “humanity is evil”, “money is bad”, “nobody cares”, “everyone is corrupt”, “nobody loves me”, we are “killing the earth”, and other very negative beliefs.

Also, moral relativism is an ideology that we believe is very damaging.  It is the idea that there is no truth.  Everything is just opinion and you can have whatever opinion you want.

False political doctrines are taught today in schools and in the media.  They include that socialism works and that communism is not that bad.  These are wrong, but the rogues like tyranny and authoritarian government, so they promote them.  Schools also teach that capitalism or the free enterprise economic system is bad, when really it is wonderful when it is properly understood and allowed to operate correctly.

Other very damaging false beliefs taught to our young people are that old people are stupid and that the Bible is no good.  Neither of these are true.  Older people generally have more wisdom than younger people because they have lived longer. 

The Bible is still the best moral guide we have.  However, the rogues don’t like it so they lie and teach that it is homophobic, xenophobic, bigoted, etc. when this is not the truth.  For more details, read the article in the Biblical Section of articles.

In the health field, people are taught many false doctrines today such as that vegetarianism and raw food diets are good, that homeopathy and herbs are safe, and others.


Energy center #7. SPIRITUAL CAUSES


The seventh energy center, located at the crown of the head, connects us with higher centers and with the divine.  Problems here are also common in people.

These include not believing in any higher power, believing in a wrathful, angry God, and believing that “God hates me”.

Another is a belief in a false religion.  For example, in the Western world, many people “worship” the medical profession although almost all physicians are extremely ignorant in the critical area of nutrition, for example.

Another false religion is a blind faith in the news media, even though a lot of what they write is heavily slanted and some is not true at all.

Other false gods that some people worship are the love of money, love of sex, going with friends, love of gourmet food, and others.



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