and the 7 system

by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

Ó December 2019, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.




1. Physically unable or unwilling to follow the program.

2. Emotionally unable or unwilling to follow the program.

3. Mentally unable or unwilling to follow the program.

4. Socially unable or unwilling to follow the program.

5. Work-related or marriage/family-related reasons why one is unable or unwilling to follow the program.

6. Ideologically unwilling to follow the program.

7. Spiritually or religiously unwilling to follow the program.




Doubters get in trouble in various ways:

1 – Some are not grounded and in touch enough so they are unaware of the healing taking place in their bodies.  Others have been traumatized and doubt as a means of self-protection.  This is understandable, but gets in the way.

2 – Some are distracted emotionally or sexually, which slows progress.  Others are the opposite - too intense about the program.  They lack balance and perspective and cannot integrate the program into their daily lives.

3 – Some lack willpower, self-discipline and self-control that is required to succeed.  This will develop if one stays with the program, but many people give up too easily.

Others have excellent discipline, but want to have complete control and power over the entire healing and development process.  They become extremely frightened, and often depressed or discouraged when things take an unusual turn, such as retracing an old trauma or infection.

4 – Some people who follow the development program isolate themselves, which is not helpful and is actually dangerous.  Do not isolate yourself from others and become totally obsessive with the program.  We all need a social life and we all need healthful relationships.

Some people have the opposite problem.  They spend too much time talking with friends, doctors, or family members.  While the friends may be well-meaning, they easily lead the person away from the program with all their usually ignorant and misinformed commentary.  Other “friends”, doctors and family members are not well-meaning, though they may appear that way.

Some people want very much to “bring along” their friends, doctors or others.  Some would say, they need a chorus.  This distracts and weakens them, and wastes their time until they become thoroughly discouraged.  In other words, they have trouble “going it alone”, which is often necessary with a program of this type.

5 - Some doubters are simply a bit lazy and express the laziness as doubt.  Others in this group of doubters are too busy to follow the program well.  They put to many other things first such as their work, career, or hobbies.  As a result, they have little time for their program.

They do not realize that deeply healing and developing the body will make them far better workers, spouses, parents and even better at prayer and love.  They will also live a lot longer, which is helpful for all these areas of life.

6 - Some doubters cannot conceptualize or rationalize what they are doing.  Instead, they worry and wonder, which gets in the way of progress.

Others in this group of doubters are avid researchers who feel they must continuously “learn more” about the program and related subjects.  They spend too much time reading on the internet, or in books or elsewhere instead of doing their program. 

In fact, one does not need in-depth knowledge of how the program works.  Mainly, one needs to rest a lot, and follow the diet, take the supplements and do the procedures.

Also, there is a lot of false, malicious and half-true information on the internet and elsewhere.  This is a real problem in medical research today.  For more on this topic, please read Internet Research on this website.


7 – Some people are disconnected from their higher self or the Holy Spirit.  As a result, they drift away or never really delve into the program.



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