By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            A way to understand the maturity or integration of the personality of a person or even a nation is with the 7 system.  Here are the basics:


STAGE 1.  SURVIVAL LEVEL. (INWARD MOVEMENT).  This is largely a material level of living, where one is learning about how to survive in this world.  One is concerned mostly with things like money, sex, houses, cars, and material goods.  Many people in the world live at this level today.

It is quite a selfish stage, as are the first three stages, where the concerns are mainly about oneself and not others, no matter how it appears.  If one helps others, it is not at deep levels.

One is often concerned with the body and its attributes.  For example, identity politics, which is popular on college campuses today, focuses on this superficial level.  It includes things like one’s skin color, one’s race, one’s nation of origin, how much money one has, and one’s sexual preference.


STAGE 2. FEELINGS, AND RIGHT AND WRONG. (SPIN RIGHT). This is the dawn of higher consciousness where one begins to feel what is right and what is not right, what is good and what is evil or harmful.  One is a little less concerned about material things, although these still matter a lot.  One is also a little less selfish than at stage one, although this is also a selfish stage of maturity.


STAGE 3. EARLY POWER AND CONTROL. (DOWNWARD VS. UPWARD MOVEMENT).  Here a person exerts the first force of resistance to evil and “fights back”, beginning to take control over his or her life. 

This is not a very common stage today in the world, but it is growing.  Most people in the world just go along with their governments and their situations without much of a fight.

Wars and other struggles, including diseases in the body, help people learn how to fight back and how to take control of their lives.  These are features of stage three.


STAGE 4. SOCIAL AND MORE RELAXED. (RELAX). This is the first stage at which a person feels in charge enough to relax somewhat.

Also, it is a more social stage.  In the earlier stages of maturity, people are quite lonely, even though one may have many “friends”.  The social media, for example, offers one many “friends”, but most of it is quite superficial and even phony.

At stage four, real friendships begin, and this eases the loneliness and help cause the relaxation of this stage.  A relatively few people on earth are at this stage and those stages above it.


STAGE 5. CREATIVE EXPRESSION.  This is a relatively advanced stage of personality development in which one begins to express oneself creatively in some way.  It is also an interactive stage in which one often works with others on projects as a team.  Capitalism and free market economics encourage this level of living and this degree of personality development.


STAGE 6. THE THINKER (A STAGE OF MAKING MORE OF AN IMPACT ON THE WORLD).  At this stage, one begins to truly seek for truth.  This is not too common on earth, but more people are moving into this stage of personality development.  Ideas and more complex principles begin to matter a lot and this is a stage of wisdom.


STAGE 7. THE MAN OR WOMAN OF GOD.  This stage is uncommon, but is found among some people on earth.  At this stage, one lives at a level where one wishes and does live in a way that greatly benefits our world. 



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