By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            A useful way to understand morality is with the 7 system. 




This is a very primitive moral system in which all that matters is that one survives.  If that means harming, killing or even eating another person, then it is okay.

1 level crimes.  There are many of these, such as murder, stealing and others.

The best of 1 morality.  This is when one survives without harming others.  This is possible, but most people with this moral system in mind do not care about others, so it does not occur.




            This is sometimes called moral relativism.  The basic idea is that what feels good is good.  This system of morality is taught today in the schools and it is horrible.  It is one of the main reasons to keep your children out of the school system, especially the public schools in America and Europe.

            This is the “feel good” mentality that is so common today.  People vote for the person that feels good, rather than the one who is good.  People marry the person who feels good, rather than the one who is good.  It is a horror because it is usually a lie.

2 level crimes.  These are several, but rape is certainly among them, as are some tortures that make the one doing the torturing feel good in some way.

The best of 2 morality.  This might be some of the modern music, for example, that does feel good but also teaches good messages to people.  Some Christian music does this, as does some classical and other types of music.  It is possible to feel good without harming others, but it is not easy.  Usually, one ends up using others to get the good feelings.




            This is the “morality” of power.  The idea is that what is good and right is what keeps the person in charge or in power.  For many people, this is a very important motivator.  In particular, politicians, doctors and other authority figures love power and they love having and taking control over others.

            Some take this to extremes, such as dictators, but most of the time it is common people such as parents, teachers, counselors and others who figure out ways to control others.

3 level crimes.  These are varied, but certainly include stealing and lying.  Lying and deception intentionally confuse and therefore weaken others, increasing one’s control over the other.

The best of 3 morality.  This is when a person is a controller, but it is mixed with some love so that it is somewhat less harmful.




This is another common moral value system taught in our schools today.  The idea is that conforming to the norms of the group is what is good and right.  No one should stand out among the crowd.  It is a conformist mentality.

The social media phenomenon is all about this morality.  Everyone is a “friend” and everyone seems to be equal and together.  However, much of it is phony and it can be quite harmful for this reason.  Good people get hurt while the manipulators control the social media for their own purposes.  Some day more people will realize this and stop spending time on these websites.

4 level crimes.  Isolating people and ostracizing people are 4 crimes.  Others are character assassination, lying about people and slander, which is lying about a person with the intent to harm the person.

The best of the 4 morality.  This is where a person values friends above all things, but also actually has some love for others, as well.




This is a common theme in many companies, educational institutions, hospitals, government agencies and other group work situations.  The idea is that what matters is the group and their work, and this determines what is good and what a person should do and say.

This is not the worst morality, but it is lacking in honesty, often, and bad things are done in the name of “the team” or “teambuilding”, or “keeping up the image”.  A lot of politically correct ideas, (which means lies) stem from the 5 morality, which values what looks correct to the outside world, rather than what is correct.

5 level crimes.  This is usually bullying and character assassination of anyone who does not conform to the norm of the group.  It can worse than that, however, with violence toward the “non-believers” or “deniers”, as they are sometimes called.  Sometimes murder is committed in the name of the group, as occurs in some religions if you try to leave the group.  This is definitely a type of 5 crime.

The best of the 5 morality.  This is teamwork mixed with love (the 7th morality) that causes the team to actually benefit the people to some degree.




This one is also very common and often taught in the school system.  It is the idea that morality is based upon ideas such as global warming, climate change, vegetarianism, raw foods, whole foods, socialism, communism, and others.

Often people involved with these movements or ideas are, to some degree, at least, well meaning.  However, terrible things are done in the name of ideas.  Examples are the horrors of communism, which has slaughtered many more people, for example, than did Hitler’s Nazi regime in Germany.  Adolf Hitler, of course, was another example of a 6 morality, which included the need to kill all the Hebrew and the Catholic people who stood in the way of his plan for world domination.

6 level crimes.  These are many, with the most extreme being mass genocide or extinction of large populations who just do not fit into the prevailing ideology.  Communist governments, for example, often kill all the bright people in the society because smart people threaten the rulers.

The best of the 6 morality.  This occurs when the ideology is mixed with enough love so that few abuses occur.  For example, environmentalism is a 6 idea that can either ruin a society or, if mixed with love, can help the society clean up the enviromnent.




The main idea of this level of morality is that God or the Creator comes first, and morality is based on doing what is right in the eyes of the Creator.

This is the highest type of morality and the only one worth considering.  It may also be called the pursuit of truth.

7 morality is unique because it is connected to higher levels of thinking, feeling and knowing.  This tempers and integrates the lower moral precepts so that they all work in harmony with each other, and none harms people.

7 morality is also the only one in which a person realizes deeply that he or she is connected to all other beings, both human and other.  This is powerful because it prevents abuse of others, and even abuse of the planet.

7 level crimes.  A closed or very damaged 7th center gives rise to psychopathic and sociopathic behavior.  This means one does not take into account the feelings, property, dignity and rights of others.  Therefore, terrible things such as rape occur, and sometimes are even sanctioned as okay in certain circumstances.  It is never okay!

In fact, all crimes are 7 crimes to some degree.  That is, they all violate the rights of others.

The best of the 7 morality.  This is the highest goal of morality.  It is to be one with the Creator or God, and to love everyone equally and a lot, and to behave accordingly.



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