by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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A person’s level of awareness can be described by the 7 system.  Here is the basic scheme.  For each level of awareness, I will use the example of illness in the body, since that is one of the themes of this website.




This is a primitive level of awareness in which one is only aware of something because it causes a blow or knock to the body or mind.  There is very little comprehension or even involvement of the emotions, the ego, other people or anything else.

One is only aware of something wrong because it threatens one’s survival in some way.

Example. One may feel tired, or in pain.  At this level, there is no awareness of the cause, or even much involvement with emotion and ego.




At this next level of awareness, a person becomes aware emotionally of a problem or situation.  This is still a fairly primitive response, sort of like an animal response.  There is little thinking involved, for example.

This is actually a common level of awareness used by many people.  One feels that something is going on, but one does not understand it and usually has little idea what to do about it for this reason.

For example, one may feel that politicians are corrupt, but one cannot prove it.  One may feel there is a problem with a child in school, but one cannot “put one’s finger on it”.

Example.  This is a deeper level of awareness of an illness or health condition.  Fear occurs.  Other emotions may also be involved. One may complain, cry, scream or have other emotional responses to the problem.




This level is somewhat more intellectual, but not a lot.  At this stage, a person is not just feeling a problem or situation, but is beginning to respond.  One could say it is the first really human level of awareness.

Often, the response is one of anger and ego.  It is often an attempt to maintain power and control over the situation or problem.  The adrenal glands secrete their hormones and the person may become angry and fight back. 

It is not necessarily a highly reasoned response or level of awareness, but there is some reasoning involved at this level.  It is mostly selfish in its premises and focused on one’s survival and the survival of one’s family or friends.

This is the typical level of awareness of most people.  There is no deep understanding, but rather strong feelings and anger about situations and problems in the body, the family, friends and society.  This describes many nations today.

Example. At this level, a person begins learning about his or her health condition.  Anger arises.  One questions why this had to occur, and what can be done.




At this level, awareness grows.  Often there is a wider viewpoint, more understanding, and an awareness of the problem as it affects not only oneself, but others, as well.

This is heart level awareness.  It is the beginning of an expanded level of seeing and understanding ourselves and the world around us.

This is a difficult level for many people.  The feelings can flow in fast, and can feel overwhelming.  There is often confusion and questioning about what is right.

Here we find some vegetarians, for example.  These people feel for the animals, and don’t understand why people need to eat them.  Here also are some environmental activists who feel for the earth and don’t understand why we need to harm the earth with oil drilling or pollution.

In other words, this is a deeper feeling level, but is still without deep thought and understanding.

Example.  If one reaches this stage of awareness about a symptom or health condition, one may consult friends, the internet, support groups or other ways of gathering more information and emotional support.  There is a deeper level of concern.




This stage of awareness is less common and more advanced.  At this stage, one has more understanding and is willing and able to express what one feels and some creative solutions.

At this level are some activist groups such as Greenpeace in the environmental movement.

This is a very active level of awareness in the world, and not just a personal level.

Example.  If one reaches this level of awareness, one often changes one’s lifestyle, changes one’s diet, tries various therapies, medical and perhaps others, as well.  It is a creative time, and somewhat exciting for a person.




At this level, there is decidedly more mental awareness and understanding of a situation or problem. 

Some scientists and authors live at this level.  They conduct research and studies, and write scholarly books about our world, and its problems and conditions.

In a sense, this is a deeper feeling level that relies upon the intellect and memory to add to the intensity of the feelings about situations and problems.  It is also even broader and more inclusive in its scope.

Example.  In our example of a symptom or health condition, at this level a person turns into a researcher, and perhaps even writes a book about their experiences.  The experience becomes quite intellectual.




This is an even more advanced level of awareness that is not common on planet earth.  It is found in some authors and scientists who see an even bigger picture and have an even larger awareness and understanding or wisdom about situations and problems of all types.

Many of them remain in the background because their opinions do not “follow the crowd”.  They may be ostracized and ridiculed for their views, as a result.

Hopefully, people listen to them and allow them to lead, since their awareness is better and thus their views are actually closer to the truth than any of the previous levels of awareness.

Example. If one reaches this level, which is uncommon, there occurs a much more complete understanding of the health problem and its solution.  Often, these people are successful in solving the problem. 

At this level, one is able to integrate more feelings, thoughts, and understanding about the situation than at the lower levels of awareness.  As a result, one is certainly more successful than if the awareness is stuck at the lower levels.



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