by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© August 2019, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


            The following are important words that are not used much in the media or even in the legal field.  However, they are very important and need to be used more often.





1. Giving “aid or comfort” to any enemy of the nation.

2. Any act of disloyalty to one’s nation.

3. Specific acts intended to harm one’s nation.  This is a crime punishable by death in the United States.

4. Words or acts that seek to undermine or destroy one’s nation.  Treason always carries with it an intent to destroy the nation.


Related Words:

Treachery means betraying the faith or confidence of another.  Deceiving one who trusts you.

Traitor means a person who turns against or betrays one’s nation, or a cause, or an obligation or duty.





1. Any incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government, usually in writing or speech.

2. Promoting such discontent or rebellion. 

3. Similar to treason except that there is no overt act intended to harm or destroy the government.

4. Just criticizing the government is not sedition.  Sedition always carries with it the intent to destroy.





1. A false and malicious statement meant to harm the reputation of another.

            2. A false accusation or malicious misrepresentation intended to reduce the respect and admiration people have of another person.

3. Calumny is not the same as criticism.  Calumny is always malicious, whereas criticism can have the intent of correcting something or just pointing out a problem.

Calumny is the correct word to describe the false accusations against Donald Trump – that he colluded with the Russians to rig the election (not true), and furthermore, that when he objected to this false accusation, this constitutes ‘obstruction of justice’.  Objecting to something is not the same as obstructing justice.  This calumny not only twists the laws of the United States, but it is malicious and intended to damage or destroy his presidency.


We believe all these words should be known by everyone and used more often because they are the truth about the intent of certain people within the United States and in other nations who wish to weaken and destroy these nations.

In America, they include many members of the Democratic Party, as well as the Communist and Socialist Political Parties.

Their seditious and perhaps treasonous acts also include:

- opposing building a wall and other defenses against illegal immigration.  Some also support decriminalizing illegal immigration.  This is clearly opposing the integrity of the United States, which is treason.

- advocating “sanctuary cities” that are in violation of the laws of the nation.

- supporting legalized abortion and homosexual marriage.  These ideas undermine Biblically-based values that are the basis for the US Constitution, and indeed all of the Western nations of the world.



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