By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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This is a combination of symptoms that are so common today that I call it young womenÕs syndrome.  Most often, it occurs in women ages 15 to 40.  It can also occur in teens, or even some older children, and it occurs occasionally in older women and in some men.

We see this syndrome almost every single day when we review hair mineral tests of our clients!




These may include:


- Adrenal weakness - Low blood pressure, dizziness upon standing, fatigue, depression.

- Allergies, food allergies, multiple chemical sensitivity

- Hypoglycemia and food cravings

- Digestive – gas, bloating, constipation, stomach pain, yeast infections or candida

- Reproductive – PMS, light periods, no periods

- Mental/emotional – anxiety, depression, panic attacks, irritability, memory loss or brain fog

- Other – poor circulation, cold in winter, dry skin and hair, falling hair, blurry vision, acne, migraines, possibly weight gain or weight loss




The causes are copper toxicity, zinc deficiency, adrenal exhaustion, and usually an improper diet.

Women are more prone to symptoms associated with copper imbalance because they have a slower oxidation rate than men, and they are all higher in copper than are men. 

Women are also more stressed than men, especially young women, and this depletes zinc and other vital minerals.  Young women today also do not care for their bodies as well as they need to.  Many stay up late, do not eat well enough, do not rest enough, and have other habits that are not healthful.




1. Realize you are not alone, and you are not crazy.  Most of our clients have visited half a dozen or more doctors, including perhaps holistic doctors or naturopaths, but with little relief.

2. Realize that millions of young women, in particular, suffer in the same way you do, and you can get completely well.

3. Follow a complete nutritional balancing program.  The Ōfree programÕ is a start, but is usually not enough.



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