by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

May 2012, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            Whey protein powder is extremely popular because it tastes decent, has a good balance of amino acids, and contains other substances that are valuable.  However, I do not recommend it at all with nutritional balancing programs for the following reasons:


1. It appears that all whey protein powders that I have seen contain some of a toxic form of copper and/or nickel.  This is not present in milk, so I am not sure where or how it is introduced into the whey protein powders.  This chemical is not healthful, even though whey powder contains other valuable nutrients.

            The whey powder with the toxin appears to act as a stimulant, so many people love the product.  It is said that it can help people quit smoking, for example.  Cigarette smoke contains some nickel in some cases, and perhaps the whey substitutes for it in some way.  However, I do not think whey powder is a healthful product.


2.  All protein powders from any source are very yin in Chinese medical terms.  This is because they are broken apart and processed.  Whole foods such as eggs and meat are much more yang and therefore much better for health today.


3. Bad food combinations.  All protein powders must be taken with water and often a sweetener.  This make them terrible food combinations, and more yin, and the water or liquid tends to dilute the stomach acid when taken in a smoothie or shake.  All this makes them horrible products, without exception.  They prevent deep healing of the intestines, make the body more yin, and often introduce more toxins into the body.


Instead of protein drinks, smoothies, shakes and similar products, I much prefer whole foods.  For protein, eat a few soft-cooked eggs, some meat, or a snack of beef or turkey jerky without chemicals, or some raw cheese, yogurt, or perhaps some toasted almond butter or other nut or seed butters once in a while.



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