by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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One of the most egregious errors made by some people is to believe that the USA is not a special nation.  They believe the USA is just another nation, with its good points and bad ones, too.  They believe the USA is like any other nation that exploits its people, lies to everyone, harms others in its way, and is imperialist and empire building.  He is wrong.

Part of the reason I am writing this article is because Americans do not appreciate their nation.  It is time to wake up, people, before you lose your advantage to some smaller nations that are quickly copying the American model of government, law and economics.  In fact, in some ways, Communist China understands opportunity better than America does, in a bizarre twist of events.  However, their “experiment with capitalist economics” is breaking down, too, because it must come with political freedom as well, which is not permitted in that Communist nation.

This article documents just a few ways that the USA, while not perfect by any means, is quite different from most other nations of the world, indeed all other nations in our current world.




America arguably is the most powerful nation militarily.  Yet it does not rule the world.  Indeed, it sacrifices its soldiers and weapons to defend other nations in the world.  Most people are not aware of this fact.  But it is true.

From Europe to the Middle East, to Asia and Africa, the USA has signed agreements to defend over 40 major nations in the world.  This means that if these nations are attacked, it is considered just like an attack on the USA, and the American military will come to the rescue.

In most cases, America charges nothing for this amazing service.  Indeed, some of these nations such as Mexico, Pakistan and Turkey, dislike America intensely.  Yet she continues on, putting up with quite a lot of abuse for her trouble.

One may ask, why does America have this policy that costs her billions of dollars and often earns her no respect in the world whatsoever?  The answer is that the USA is rather unique, in caring about other nations.  She is also afraid of the reach of communism and dictatorship, but this is not sufficient.  She could take an isolationist view, as some suggest, and just ignore the rest of the world. 

She is also the strongest, but this is not a sufficient reason.  Russia is strong, China is strong, Japan is strong.  However, they do not defend others, except maybe for Russia that defends dictator nations such as Syria, Iran and others.  One might ask, why does Russia do this?  Is it because Russians are so caring.  No. It is because she is a dictatorship and nations that think alike stick together.  Please always remember this next time a president wants to “negotiate” with these terrorist nations, of which Russia is one.

So America is unique in coming to the defense of not just a few nations, as Russia does, but to dozens of them.  It saves them a lot of money, as they do not have to fund a military that would still not be strong enough to resist a full-scale attack.  It also makes them feel secure, which is important for a small nation.




            Another way America is unique is she feeds most of the starving people of Africa and Asia, in particular.  She is not alone in this, as many groups participate.  However, if you study them carefully, most are American-funded and American-staffed.  They range from the Peace Corps to dozens of private and public charities that lend a hand in dozens of poor nations around the world.

Once again, the question arises, Why does America do this?  What do they stand to gain?  The cynics would say that they give American tractors and other equipment to these nations, who then must buy the replacement parts from American companies, so it is really just economic imperialism.

I would say this is not the whole story, by any means.  It is also because Americans care, unlike most people in the world.  The rest of the world’s nations either prefer to make war or to just ignore people beyond their borders, generally speaking.  Of course, each nation has small groups that help out around the world, but none nearly to the degree that occurs in the USA.




A sub-category of the above is so important that it requires a separate paragraph.  America, more than any other nation, makes it its business to feed hungry children around the world.  No nation realizes as much as Americans do that if children eat well as children, they will grow up with intact bodies and brains.  If they starve as children, they will grow up, if they do so at all, with damaged brains and cannot think clearly.  This just perpetuates the misery that is the lot of over half the population of planet earth.

Do the efforts achieve enough?  Absolutely not.  However, it is a start, and one that is growing in America and in other nations as well.  More and more people are coming to realize that children must be fed correctly, or they do not grow up strong and healthy.  In particular, their brain power is severely limited, and therefore they cannot elect good leaders, hold good jobs, generate wealth and so on.




Many Americans are appalled at the behavior of their leaders, especially in the last few years.  However, compared to the rest of the world, the fact is that Americans are far more honest, less corruptible, more forthright and more direct in their actions and words than those of most other nations.

Business people, including this author, know this if they do work around the world.  The Americans are generally more trustworthy and often easier to do business with than the Chinese, the Russians, the Arabs, and everyone else.

This may not seem important, but it is quite so.  A society is only as strong as its information sharing and its information clarity.  If everyone is lying to everyone else, the society is weaker.  This is a fact that is well-supported.  People must interact in social ways, political ways, business matters and in other ways as well.  If they are not honest with each other, they cannot interact as well.




As readers of this site well know, I am appalled by the horror of allopathic or conventional medical care around the world.  It is truly in the dark ages, in my view.  It is also terribly corrupt, ruled by drug company profit-mongers and corrupt government officials the world over.

However, to be fair, the government-run systems are even worse than the so-called private system in place in America.  If you ask most Europeans and Canadians, for example, their health care system is wonderful if you are well, or if you have an acute emergency or illness.  However, in the other cases, you will wait, and the service is often slow or non-existent.

While America is also run by the legal drug cartel, as I call it, at least there are more options and more opportunities to obtain services.  Also, the natural health movement is far ahead in America, in part because it is the land of options and opportunities.




The founding documents of the USA are totally unique.  Not slightly unique, but very unique.  They are now being copied by others, but most of the time, these other nations cannot hope to live by them.  They are just nice words.  America did live by them, for some 120 years, in fact. 

Many people in America, in fact, understand those documents and want the nation returned to its constitutional principles.  So we may see a return to a real republican form of government (The USA is not a democracy, which is the rule of the majority.  It is a republic, which means rule by simple laws that are the same for everyone, and by constitutions, which are agreements between the people and their governments.)

Government should be simple, clear, transparent and do as little as possible, allowing individuals to conduct their lives as they see fit.  The American “system” is the only one that really allows that to occur.  Yes, it is badly battered and shaken, but it is still strong and the founders have not been forgotten and will not be forgotten, hopefully.


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