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Trichinosis is a potentially deadly parasitic disease.  The disease is transmitted mainly by eating the eggs or cysts of a round worm that are found in the flesh of pigs and some wild animals anywhere in the world. 

This is one of the most common parasitic diseases.  In fact, most people in America and elsewhere have some of these cysts or eggs inside of them from eating even well-cooked pig products.  In most cases, this does not result in serious symptoms, but it is not healthful, either.  

Doctors today are falsely taught that if one cooks the pig product, the meat or lard will be safe.  However, my observation is that this is not true.  Everyone needs to avoid pig products, in general, for this simple reason.




  Sources include common products such as pork, ham, bacon, lard and sausage made from pig intestines.  However, there are also hidden sources such as eating egg rolls in a Chinese restaurant, or eating their egg drop or wonton soup, since many wontons contain pork.  Mexican restaurants also may use lard in cooking, since it adds a nice taste to the food.

Eating the meat of black and other bears, foxes, walruses and other wild game are also possible sources, since these animals can become infected, and carry the disease.


What about the use of pig pancreas (found in GB-3) and pig or porcine thyroid products?  These appear to be safe.  The trichina worms tend to accumulate mainly in muscle tissue, and in the extremities of the body due to poor circulation in these areas.  The pancreas seems to be very resistant to the worms and cysts, as does the thyroid gland.  I have not heard of any problems with these products at this time.




Trichinosis has two phases, which have different symptoms.  The following list of symptoms is from Wikipedia:


1. The enteral phase (when the worms are only in the intestines)

A mild infection will often show no symptoms.  A heavier burden of adult worms in the intestines can cause symptoms such as nausea, heartburn, dyspepsia and diarrhea from two to seven days after infection.  Eosinophilia presents early and increases rapidly.[12]


2. The parenteral phase (when the worms invade the body organs)

The severity of symptoms caused by larval migration from the intestines depends on the number of larvae produced.  As the larvae migrate through tissue and vessels, the body's inflammatory response results in edema, muscle pain, fever, and weakness.  A classic sign of trichinosis is periorbital edema or swelling around the eyes.  This may be caused by vasculitis, or inflammation or the veins and arteries in some cases.  Splinter hemorrhage in the nails is also a common symptom.[13]

Trichinosis may rarely cause enough damage to produce serious neurological deficits (such as ataxia or respiratory paralysis) from worms entering the central nervous system.

The central nervous system is compromised by trichinosis in 10–24% of reported cases of a very rare form of stroke, 3-4 cases per million annual incidence in adults.[14] Trichinosis can be fatal depending on the severity of the infection; death can occur 4–6 weeks after the infection,[15] and is usually caused by myocarditis, encephalitis, or pneumonia.[5]




Oddly, the heavy use of a few green herbs seems to worsen and promote trichinosis.  I donŐt know how this works, but it seems to be true.  The offending herbs include green leafy vegetables such as parsley, and perhaps others.

Eating greens is absolutely fine.  However, please do not take large amounts of dried herbs on a regular basis.  For more on this important topic, please read Herbs on this website.  Small amounts of common garden herbs sprinkled on your food should be okay, however.




As explained in the article on this website on parasites, trichinosis only thrives in a body that is too yin.  Yin in Chinese means cold, weak and often ill.  However, most people fall into this category today. 

Traumas such as rape, for example, can make the body much more yin, as can diets with raw food, vegetarian diets and especially vegan diets.  Too much exposure to water, such as too many baths, can also make the body more yin.  Fatigue and discouragement also make the body much more yin.




This is a repeated finding on hundreds of our clients.  It seems to be due to a combination of the use of coffee enemas, red heat lamp therapy, especially red heat lamp saunas, the use of ox bile and pancreatin as a digestive aid, and making the body more yang with a diet of cooked, not raw vegetables, and animal protein daily.

To read much more about parasites, please read Parasites on this website.



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