by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            I believe life is about transformation.  Life is about becoming who you really are, not who you think you are.  Then you will know who to be with, what to do, and you will regain and maintain your health.


You are not yourself. Who you think you are is usually far wrong, and influenced by parents, teachers, doctors, other adults and friends who really don’t know you and don’t know themselves, either.  They are just part of a mass consciousness that thinks like sheep, often influenced by their parents and their media outlets.  They are all one thoughtless mass or confusion and mixup.  It reminds me of the line in the Bible “the blind lead the blind in paths of death”. 


So, to be well and happy, the first thing to do is realize you are confused, you are mixed up, and you are not yourself.  This is the real and only reason you are not feeling well, and that you are not radiantly happy most of the time, joyous, feeling fulfilled, in love with life, and working in ways that you enjoy.  Confusion and mistaken identity is your only real problem.


            The body and mind.  The body, by the way, often knows this at some level.  So when you are not yourself, the body and/or the mind does not work well.  It is like a machine designed for one job, but you are using it incorrectly, so it doesn’t work right in the way you are using it.  You believe the problem is the machine, but it is not.  The machine is fine.  Your use of it is what is incorrect and the reason you are behaving as you are is that you are so confused about who you really are.


              Most people live on autopilot.  There is a lower mind, and everyone, to some degree is caught up with it.  This lower mind is nothing but an animal .  It is rather stupid, stubborn, lazy, easily caught in ruts, dim-witted, just not too bright.  It has just enough ‘smarts’ to stay alive, and that is about all.  Often it is even worse.

Often is like a computer that has been programmed incorrectly, so most of what comes out of it is wrong. In the computer world, this is called ‘garbage in, garbage out’.  It means that if the programming was incorrect, some of comes out will be garbage.  And there is nothing that can be done about except to transform or reprogram the machine.  This is like training or retraining an animal.  And that is what you must do. 




1. You are hopelessly confused.  That is all that is wrong with you.

2. The reason you are confused is you were born into a confused world – I call it the pigsty or the cesspool, where your parents were confused, and often the others around you when you were young.  They were not exactly evil, just all mixed up and confused.

3. You picked up the programming.  So you are like a computer with some garbage programming, which then processes incorrectly and produces some garbage results that manifest as ill health, negative thinking, emotions out of control and so on.

4. You are stuck with this lower mind or poorly trained animal mind.

5. Also, the nutrition is so poor that this makes it hard for one to fix things.  It is like a broken machine that is missing parts, so in addition to being put together wrong by your confused elders, the machine just doesn’t work right and is not easy to fix.




            1. Realize that the above is the truth.  It is not pretty, or flattering.  It is rather depressing, in fact.  But it is true, so stay with it.  Remind yourself of it often.  The world is often the attempt to forget this truth – like a gigantic distraction.  Some call it ‘ the glamour or the physical world’. 


2. Beware and very suspicious of anyone who tells you anything different.  Beware of those who flatter you, who ‘love you’ too much, who think you’re wonderful, or who say that all is well and just relax and enjoy. 

            Interestingly, once you realize that truth about yourself, you can relax and enjoy the ride or the game of life in a way.  You will know the truth, and that, in itself, is very relaxing.  You will know why you feel sad at times, why you feel mixed up at times, why you get angry at times, why you mess up or get into bad relationship, or seem to fail at things. 

You will know all this - it is because you are confused.  So you can be relaxed, more at peace, and you won’t judge yourself as much, or others, for that matter, as they are just confused and mixed up.  You can even feel sorry for them.  This takes a lot of strain off the body and really helps it calm down and heal. 

But beware and very suspicious of other people who tell you to just relax, because first you must keep the truth in mind, or you will fall back asleep and in error like they are.


            3. Take the steps needed to undo the confusion.  This means:


1. Delete the bad programs in the mind and reprogram the computer.


2. Retrain the lower animal brain.


3. Balance and tune up the body/brain system using nutritional balancing science.


4. Buy and eat the replacement parts for the machine (better nutrition and vitamins and drinking water, etc.).


5. Develop a stronger will to make it all happen faster.


6. Develop whatever qualities you need so you become a better “repairman” or “repairwoman”.  For example, you might need more courage, or you might need more knowledge.  You must be careful with this, as there is much knowledge that will take you in the wrong direction, but there is knowledge, places and people who will move you along faster.


7. Set up your life and find the right living conditions to do this work on yourself.  For example, you might need more space or more time to do the repair work because you have ‘boxed yourself in’ with so many “things to do”. You may have surrounded yourself with people, jobs, family, relationships, etc. so there is little time or space left to do this critical transformative work on yourself. 

In fact, most people fill their life up to keep busy.  They thought they were okay, so they could just live their lives.  Healing and transforming yourself is often a struggle to make space and time in your life to reflect, to read, to meditate, to cook your food and eat properly, to rest more.


8. Stay with it, day after day, month after month, year after year.  It can be boring, for sure.  It can be tedious buying the right drinking water, disciplining the body and the mind to do what they need to do.  It can be depressing and disgusting seeing the germs and the toxic thoughts and the out of control emotions come out of you one by one.  But this is a necessary part of unwinding your confusion and ill health.  It is like unwinding a tangled ball of thread.


9. Be sure to accept help, as this is often necessary, especially at first.  However, be careful whom you ask for help, since you must recall that most everyone is just as confused as you are, if not more so.  This does not mean they do not have an area of expertise like chiropractic, bodywork or reflexology that they cannot offer to you to help.  But it means be very careful not to believe that someone has all the answers for you. 

            Be wary, also, of groups that promise enlightenment, companionship, or short cuts.  These are everywhere.  Some are good to offer social interaction and good tips.  Churches can function this way.  But beware and keep your distance from most of them or use them sparingly.  Most of them are full of mixed up people, even if they are well-meaning.  It is easy to become caught up with them, which may make you feel you are moving faster, but you are really moving slower.  You will get the group solutions, not your personal solutions that require alone time, reflection time, and perhaps reading this site to gain insight into yourself.




            Helping people do this is what this website is about.  Supplying the materials to rebuild the body and brain is the essence and totality of nutritional balancing science.

When you do this consistently, every day, not allowing anyone or anything to distract for too long (there will be distractions), then and only then the cleanup and preprogramming process happens very fast, and much more easily.  Before you know it – maybe in a few months to a few years and not much longer – you find yourself become clearer, smarter, wiser, healthier, happier, more loving.



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