by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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A problem for many people, as they heal, is their energy improves to such an extent they do not want to relax, sleep enough, take as good care of themselves, and do all of the procedures that are part of a complete nutritional balancing program.  As a result, they either quit the program altogether, or slack off to such a degree that the program is much less effective.

Some people begin to work too hard, or begin to abuse their bodies with junk food, too much sex, staying up late, or other things that are harmful.  This problem is a dilemma because the goal of the program is to enhance energy production in the body.  Therefore, the problem is a consequence of the program’s success, yet it often sabotages the program for a person.  This article discusses this common situation and suggests some solutions.




Possible causes for high energy and a related lack of interest in a nutritional balancing program are:

1. A temporary balancing of the body in such a way that the energy level rises for a while.  This causes a type of ‘high’ that can be quite alluring and amazing to a person, especially one who is accustomed to lower energy levels.

2. Healing of traumas, old infections and release of toxins of all sorts that occurs during a program.

3. Personality shifts that occur as one heals.  This important topic is discussed in more detail below.


When one discusses this problem with clients or with oneself, one need to realize that all of these causes may be in play.  If only cause #1 above is occurring, the energy spurt won’t last.  If the other two are playing a role, then the rise in energy can be more permanent, and thus more attractive, making one think one is “finished” with the program and there is no reason to continue.




This Is a very interesting phenomenon that is very real and important.  Often our identity is built around our energy level or related health situation.  As health builds, often in ways one may not have experienced since early childhood, shifts can and do occur in one’s personality, feelings, thinking and even one’s spiritual approach to life.

Specific causes for this include one’s mineral ratios come into better balance and a significant increase in the oxidation rate, among other changes.  Other biochemical causes include replacement of less preferred minerals in thousands of enzyme binding sites with more preferred and less toxic minerals, causing millions of enzymes to function better. 

Common personality changes that occur as one heals with a nutritional balancing program include a more assertive and outgoing personality, more interest in sex, less fear, in general, more desire to be out in the world, more ability to work hard and take on projects, more interest in life generally, and often a better ability to handle stress, handle relationships, and deal with other people.

The effect of these changes, which can be so subtle the person does not even recognize them, is that it becomes very hard to resist the temptation to “spend” a lot of energy, waste time with others, and take up new hobbies, new activities and new friends.  All this occurs at the expense, often, of one’s nutritional balancing program.  Even if one stays with the program, one’s attention is elsewhere, so progress suffers.




This is difficult, at times.  Try to inform the client that there is so much more to health, and so much more correction and rejuvenation that can occur, that it is worthwhile to stay with the program.  Possible benefits to mention and emphasize include:


1. Much improved mental and emotional functioning, that often takes years on a program to achieve.

2. Anti-aging.  Deep regeneration of the body is possible that actually reverses the aging process by 10 or 20 years, often.

3. Mental development.  This is an involved process that is discussed in a number of articles on this website.  It involves the growth of the cranium and the brain, itself, with more neurons activated.  It also includes an improved immune response and other things.  It is somewhat esoteric, but valid.

4. Resolving hidden infections.  Most people have many hidden, chronic infections that they are totally unaware of.  We know this from experience.  These are the cause of the diseases of aging, in some cases, and can cause extreme discomfort such as a slight ear infection that impairs one’s balance as one ages.  This can cause a fall, a broken hip, and even death.  Others cause respiratory failure, heart failure, liver or kidney failure prematurely if they are not resolved. 

Digging up and rooting out these hidden infections takes years on a nutritional balancing program, in my experience.  I have tried to shortcut the process, and so far have not found a way to do so.  One must literally heal the body layer by layer, or level by level, and as one does this, more of these infections surface and are easily resolved in most cases.  Most people have at least a dozen and maybe up to 4 or 5 dozen of these hidden viral, bacterial and other infections lurking deep in their brain, livers, and elsewhere.  It is well worth rooting them out and getting rid of them if one wishes to have a trouble-free and disease-free life.

5. Cancer prevention.  We know from experience that almost all adults over the age of about 40 has some cancer cells in the body.  These often start growing as one reaches middle age or older, with predictable results.  From experience, it appears that we can get rid of these, at least most of them, with a nutritional balancing program.  However, it takes a number of years on a program to do so.  This is a way to reduce fear of cancer and extend life, often for years.

6. Strengthening the heart, the bones and other vital organs and tissues.  Staying on a nutritional balancing program can help prevent or reverse heart disease, osteoporosis, hidden conditions such as Lyme disease, that is very common, and many others.  All of this can add great enjoyment to life and prevent the common health disasters that occur as one ages.



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