by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            Mother Theresa was born in 1910 in Albania, in Eastern Europe, to a middle class family.  She became one of the most amazing women of the twentieth century. 

At the age of 18, she became a Catholic nun and entered a convent to begin her training.  A year later, she was sent to India to teach poor girls basic education to help them rise out of poverty.  This became her passion, and she soon was running the entire school, which taught about 500 girls of junior high and high school age.

            Around the age of 26, she received a calling to abandon the girls school and instead to go into the streets of Calcutta, India and minister to the poorest of the poor, many of whom live on the streets of that city.  Many are sick and dying, and the rest do not live very long.  It is also very dangerous for women, in particular, and for men, as well.  Rapists, thieves and murderers abound in the streets of this filthy city.

            Soon Mother Theresa built an orphanage in an old building that she convinced the city to give to her, and began work on a school, a hospice (dignified places for the dying), and other buildings.  In all, she set up over 10 different ministries in Calcutta.

            Then, one day, she was given recognition by the Pope for her work, and told to expand her work internationally.  This she did, and within about 20 years had established orphanages, hospices, schools and more in over 123 nations.

This is a thumbnail sketch of Mother Theresa’s amazing life.  There are many longer biographies of her life on the internet and in books if you wish to know more about her.

I will finish with a few of her ideas and messages to humanity:

1. Do not get abortions.  She felt very strongly about this and it was based on religious principles and feelings, having nothing to do with politics, political correctness or other superficial reasons.  She said that women are sacred – more than men, and the ability to reproduce is just a small part of that.  However, women must honor that part of themselves and if they become pregnant they need to follow through with it, and not murder their own children.  This, she said, brings ruin upon a woman, although this may sound too harsh and negative.

2. Love is all.  Mother Theresa served the poorest in the world.  She said they gave her back so much love that it was overwhelming.  She said most people miss out on this opportunity.  She advised - do not miss out on the opportunity to receive love by shunning the poor, the sick, and the downtrodden.  They will give you back far more than you give to them.  So go and help the poor.  That is why they are there – to give you an opportunity to receive love. 

While some people are afraid of the poor, there are places such as thrift stores and more where you can work safely, even women.

3. Women should be at home, not out in the offices and workplaces.  Unfortunately, some women must work outside the home.  However, if at all possible, do not do this.  It is very unsafe and too rough for women.  You can survive it, but only at a cost of hardening your heart a little, and this is not good.

4. Love more and learn more.  Many women today do not love enough.  They are more concerned with getting things such as clothing, money, sex, recognition and more.  This only hurts you, ladies.  You live for love.  Men do, also, but it particularly harms women.

5. Do not make big distinctions between men and women.  It may seem like this article does just that.  However, Mother Theresa taught that men and women have the same basic problems and opportunities and must work together, always, to solve their problems.



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