by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Many women just love the birth control pill, the birth control patch, or the IUD (Mirena) because the ladies don’t have to worry much about pregnancy.  But there is more to the story.


1. Horrible adverse health effects.  These are devastating for women, and include cancers, diabetes, strokes and heart attacks, just for starters.  A number of women have also told me their personality changed on the pill, and they became more depressed. 

The pill tends to raise a woman’s copper level, which is always bad for women, although some women today are so toxic and out of balance that they feel better with a higher copper level.  I could go on for pages about the horrible side effects of the pill, patch and IUD (Mirena), as does the Physician’s Desk Reference and other medical reference textbooks.

Most of the time, I find, doctors and clinics like Planned Parenthood have little interest in informing women of the severe side effects of taking hormones found in the birth control pill, patch and IUD.  I consider this criminal – far more so than what the media complains about with holistic practices and other things that yes, can harm people, but nothing like taking birth control pills for years.


Safer than having a baby?  The adverse effects of the pill are so horrific that I would never recommend it.  I know that women are told that it is “safer than having a baby”.  However, this is not a fair comparison.  The implication of the statement is that if you don’t take the pill, you will get pregnant.  However, this is not at all the case.

A woman can use half a dozen other birth control methods.  Alternatively, if she becomes pregnant and desires it, she could have an abortion, and this is relatively safe – much safer than taking birth control pills.  So the idea that “the pill is safer than getting pregnant” is an illogical comparison and very deceptive, and probably false, anyway.


2. Much more open to sexually transmitted diseases.  The pill, by freeing women for more sex, looser sex and from the need for condoms, opens women to much more sexually transmitted diseases and all else that goes with having more sex such as emotional upset and trauma, including even rape.


3. Making women more “attractive” to certain types of sexual predators.  Taking the pill means that some women will be less insistent that their lovers, boyfriends and husbands use condoms.  This is not good, ladies.  It is best if the man is forced to use a condom because he won’t be able to exchange fluids as well with you.  This is a little esoteric, but sexual predators actually obtain nutrition from their prey.  The woman loses nutrition, and the man gains it.  It is best to force men to use condoms, as it cuts down on this vampirish aspect of many sexual relationships between men and women.


4. Tends to cause a woman to receive more toxins from her husband or lover.  Although it may sound unusual, semen contains plenty of toxic metals including cadmium, for example.  When a woman receives and absorbs semen on a regular basis, she receives plenty of toxins with it.  This is not healthy, and may be one reason why douching right after having sex is a good idea.  In contrast, when a condom is worn for birth control, or even a diaphragm, the woman does not absorb the semen as much, and this is better for her in almost all cases.


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