by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            Nutritional balancing is not for everyone.  Many people tell me the website is unusual or strange.  There is a reason it is set up as it is.  It is not for everyone at this time, although all are invited.




Adhering to a nutritional balancing program is following a spiritual path.  It is the path of development.  It is the same as the ancient paths of development that were and are still taught in monasteries and convents the world over.  The main difference is that nutritional balancing is designed to be done outside a monastery, which is not easy.

Tibetans call it the golden path of development.  Others call it Gnosticism or esoteric Christianity, Judaism or Islam.

In this regard, nutritional balancing is very different from other diet and vitamin programs:


1. It requires an unusual omnivorous diet with a lot of cooked vegetables.  One of the diets is the Slow Oxidizer Diet.

2. It requires a wholesome, somewhat traditional, rather sedate and ideally low-sex lifestyle.  This is to conserve energy and to promote healing and development.  For details, please read A Healthy Lifestyle.

3. It requires a hair tissue mineral analysis, a test that is not used often in regular medical care.  For more on this topic, please read Introduction To Hair Mineral Analysis.

4. It suggests healing and detoxification procedures that are not used by most physicians.  These are described on the Procedures web page.

5. It is based on a paradigm other than the diagnose-and-treat method used by physicians and nutritionists.  This topic is discussed in more detail in an article entitled Visiting Doctors on this site.

6. It requires more commitment and effort than most other healing programs.

7. It always involves retracing and purification reactions.  These are occasionally annoying and even scary, though they are benign about 99% of the time and require no medical intervention in almost all cases.

8. It does much more than remove symptoms and diseases.  Indeed, over time it regenerates the body.

Healing the body of acute and chronic symptoms is only the beginning of what nutritional balancing science offers.  Much more important, in fact, is to begin a set of changes in the body and brain termed development. 

These changes expand the brain capacity, strengthen the immune response, promote better health, and can cause a much longer, and happier life of wisdom and grace.

These aspects of nutritional balancing are discussed in detail in a set of articles under the heading of Development.  This is the science of nutritional balancing, and nothing less.


Metanoia. Success with nutritional balancing requires a turning about in the seat of the soul that is called metanoia.  For more on this topic, please read Metanoia on this site.


Etheric reset.  Nutritional balancing can cause a restoration of the etheric blueprint of the body.  All healing does this to a degree.  Nutritional balancing does it a lot.  For more on this topic, please read Anti-Aging And Etheric Reset on this site. 




From that which is discussed above comes this succinct set of axioms, if I may use that term, that describe the essence of nutritional balancing.  The call to follow a nutritional balancing program is nothing less than:


1. I choose to awaken from every obstacle to the presence of power, love and light within my being.

This is a mighty statement.  However, I have been told repeatedly that to achieve our vast potential in this age, some of the most critical obstacles to remove are nutritional deficiencies, so that is why the program’s focus is on diet, lifestyle and supplementation. 

Other obstacles to remove include multiple types of toxins that are in all the bodies.  This is not easily done!  Most everyone has too much of two dozen toxic metals.  Most everyone also has too much of hundreds, if not thousands of toxic chemicals in the body. 

Most everyone also has too much ionizing radiation, and often several dozen chronic infections that need healing.  Most people also carry a load of toxic thoughts.  Some also have harmful emotional patterns that need healing, as well.  The bodies are also weak in terms of enzyme strength, and this shortens the lifespan and affects every aspect of life.

Healing all of this is a lengthy process, so the sooner one begins, the sooner the results are felt.  Ideally, we like to work with young mothers-to-be, long before they give birth.  However, this is not always possible, and the process can be started at any time.


2. I choose to avoid any obstacles that get in the way of #1 above.

This statement is about the idea of vigilance.  Vigilance means that one must monitor one’s desires, thoughts, and actions.  The goal is to avoid making decisions that slow the process of awakening and development.

Many people begin a nutritional blaancing program with good intentions.  However, they allow someone, or some event, to interfere and  sabotage their program.

For example, a family member, a friend, a television program, or a well-meaning doctor may intentionally or even unconsciously pressure you to quit your program.  They do not understand it, but they claim to know what it is and what is wrong with it.

This is an ever-present danger, we find, since this path is rather unique and very poorly understood by doctors, by the media, and by everyone else.

At other times, the sabotage is due to not wanting to be different from one’s friends or family.  Still other times, a person does not want to endure what are called purification reactions or flare-ups that can occur during the healing process.  This and more stop many people’s progress, or at least slow it down.


3. I choose to take responsibility for doing this program. This means that one is willing to do the program on one’s own, (with the help of a practitioner), without insisting on constant support from one’s husband, wife, parents or children. 

This is another stumbling block for some people.  It is necessary to understand because one is not in a monastery or convent, so the support one finds there is not available in the secular world. 

Taking full responsibility also means that if a problem arises on the program, which occurs with most everyone at some point, you choose to seek help from your nutritional balancing practitioner, rather than from friends or even medical doctors who understand very little about the program.

This level of responsibility is absolutely necessary for success. 




Another part of the conception of nutritional balancing that helps keep me going, at times, is to realize that as you follow a nutritional balancing program to free the body and mind from its toxicity or dross, you always help create a vibrational frequency or field of energy into which many more people will be called forth.  Then, they too will experience the same deep healing of mind, emotion and body through this program.

In this way, your efforts are automatically amplified and multiplied.  You never just benefit yourself, in other words, although that is how it may appear.  Your efforts always make it that much easier for others, perhaps those with less willpower or less understanding, to follow in your pioneering footsteps, until the vibration of all are raised on planet earth.




Following a nutritional balancing program involves a high degree of discipline, renunciation, trust and more.  One learns this as one moves along on the program.  It all amounts to a kind of suffering.

However, it is not a suffering that just demoralizes and discourages  person.  Quite the opposite, in fact, occurs if one stays with it long enough.  The program reverses damage to the body and mind, and deep regeneration of the body begins to occur.




The above is the conception of nutritional balancing science in its broadest outlines.  In fact, for most people, the way is fairly easy, and the yolk is light.  There is much assistance available to help you make this commitment to yourself, and to help you stay on the path.



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