By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            A few people on development programs experience a healing reaction that is benign, but can be severe and scary.  In traditional acupuncture, the pattern is called retracing hell.  The main features of it are:


- Pain, usually centered in the upper abdomen in the center of the body and radiating in all directions.  The pain often has a stinging quality or one may feel on fire.

- Intense anxiety

- Generalized tension in the body.

- Weakness

- Difficulty or even inability to eat, largely due to the pain and discomfort in the abdominal area.  DO NOT STOP EATING, HOWEVER.  Eat smaller meals, if necessary.

- There can be fever with the retracing.

- The retracing can arise soon after one begins a development program, or it may take some years on a program before it occurs.

- The retracing does not go away quickly, as do many other retracing symptoms.  It eventually fades away.  However, it usually takes at least a few weeks or even much longer to slowly disappear.

- The sting or fire is related to a trauma, but some people do not remember the trauma or even know it occurred.  In other words, the trauma may be completely blocked out.


            Courage.  One of the effects of passing through the sting or fire reaction is that it builds courage.  Traumas always take away courage, and getting your courage back is a wonderful healing benefit of this reaction or retracing.




            Trauma retracing.  So far, in all cases, the cause is a retracing of a trauma that the person may not recall.  It is sometimes a sexual trauma such as rape, but not in all cases.

            It appears that in order to heal the trauma, the person must re-experience the pain that was inflicted earlier in their life. 


Third center pain.  The reason why the abdomen is so affected, even though the actual trauma may have been to another part of the body such as the genitals, is that the upper abdomen is the location of the third energy center.

This area, near the solar plexus, just below the diaphragm and a womanÕs breasts, is concerned with power and control.  In all cases, the trauma was hard on the third center and upset it, and the retracing actually is the beginning of the healing of this center. 

For details about this type of pain, read Third Center Pain.  This is just one of three kinds of pain that commonly occur during healing reactions.  For details, read The Three Pains.




            The reaction must proceed and will slowly fade away.  To speed it up and help relieve symptoms, here are suggestions:



- Do not stop eating even if you have little hunger.  This will just make you weaker and is actually dangerous.  If needed, force yourself to eat three small meals every day.  Try to stay with the development diet, as this will move the reaction along the fastest.



- Stop your regular supplement program if symptoms are very severe. 

- However, if symptoms persist, at some point if it best to get back on a full supplement program to hasten development.  We will help you with this if you are working with one of our Approved Helpers.


Supplements that tend to be more helpful are:

EPA-DHA (about 300 mg)– 4 to 6 capsules per day

Zinc (about 22 mg) – one per day

Paramin or cal/mag (250/150 mg) – 3 to 6 per day.

            Other supplements may make symptoms worse.



* Do the salt rub daily or even several times daily.  There is no danger in this at all, although it can leave your skin a little dry.  For details, read  The Salt Rub.

- Deep breathing is superb.  It helps open the third center, open the chest and abdomen and feels good.

- Coffee enemas are often very helpful for flare-ups of symptoms.  Several can be done daily.

- Foot and hand reflexology can be very helpful, focusing on the abdomen but doing both feet and the entire foot.

- The Pushing Down Exercise is also very good.

- The Spinal Twists are also helpful to open the chest and abdomen and loosen tension throughout the body.


Other methods that may help are:


- Some clients report that 1000-2000 mg of vitamin C helps a little, and some report that St. JohnÕs Wort tincture – one or two dropperfuls daily - may help a little.

- Pick up a Bible several times daily and read a few paragraphs.  This seems to help a lot.

- Prayer can help.

- Ask that everyone in your life now and in the past receive full forgiveness for anything and everything that has occurred in your life.

- Crying is very good to temporarily relieve the intense pain in the abdominal or other areas.

If needed, watch a very sad movie or television show to bring up emotions of sadness to help you cry.  One such show are some episodes of the Touched By An Angel television show that aired about 15 years ago and are available on DVD and Netflix.

- Group support is most helpful.




              Psychology.  This healing reaction occurs most often in people who have some difficulty crying and letting go of emotions.


              Hair analysis notes.  If the reaction is acute, often the sodium/potassium ratio is low.  There is often a bowl pattern with a moderately high Ca/Mg ratio and a very low Na/K ratio.

However, Limcomin will make the reaction worse, so do not take it at this time.

            If the reaction is chronic, the sodium/potassium ratio may be normal or even high.


            Duration.  In some people, this reaction takes years to resolve.  While the pain is annoying, it is usually not totally debilitating and can be ignored.




The sting or fire reaction, called Ôretracing hellÕ (rough translation), is associated with a blood deficiency in Chinese acupuncture terminology.

Blood deficiency has to do with nutritional deficiencies and sometimes a lack of courage.  This healing reaction rebuilds courage after a trauma.



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