by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Skin brushing is a very simple, yet sometimes very important procedure that can definitely be part of development program.  It is an ancient form of healing therapy.




1. Improves circulation.

2. Cleanses the skin and removes dead skin cells.

3. General toning of the whole body.

4. Relaxation, in some cases.

5. Other.  Some clients report other benefits, such as helping the nervous system, grounding the person and centering the person.




The following method may seem a little unusual, but it what we suggest at this time (August 2015).  Skin brushing may be done with the skin dry or with the skin wet.  At this time, we think the most important is with the skin wet.  In fact, brushing the skin can be the main part of your showering or bathing.


For wet skin brushing:


1. Buy a shower massager, if possible.  If it is not possible, skip to step 4.  Shower head massagers are not too costly, and fairly easy to hook up.  You just unscrew and remove the showerhead and replace it with the massager holder.

Once installed, set the massager to the high pressure setting and preferably to pulse at high pressure.

3. Water massage.  Quickly do your whole body with the massager.  Be sure to do places you might miss, such as the backs of the knees, between the toes, between the fingers, all around the ears, the navel, the elbows and wrists, the butt area, the eyes (with your eyes closed) along with the usual places that need washing.  Also, use it on the genital organs – all around them, pushing the penis aside to do the testicles.  Women need to move the labia aside so they can brush this area well.

4. Soap.  Now use some soap on your skin.  One way to do this quickly and easily is to put some liquid soap in a spray bottle with enough water so it sprays easily.  Then just spray yourself to soap up.  Be sure to soap areas you might miss – the same ones as mentioned above.

5. Brush.  Now use a skin brush.  The best one to buy, in my view, is one with a plastic handle and natural bristles.  Synthetic bristles are okay but may be too rought.  A lufa is nice, but it needs to have a handle to reach your mid-back unless you can reach it or you shower with a partner who can do your back.  Once again, brush everywhere, including the places listed above that many people miss.

6. Different directions.  DonŐt just go down the body, try going across your legs, for example.  Reverse directions and brush in the other direction, and at right angles to how you usually do it.  This can be very helpful.

7. Rinse.  Finish up by rinsing out the brush with water and a little soap, and by rinsing off the entire body.


Dry skin brushing:


              This you can do before showering, or at any time.  Use a brush with a handle to reach your back and other harder-to-reach areas.  Brush in different directions, and be sure to brush all the places you would not ordinarily brush.




            Your skin and whole body should have a clean and sort of glowing or sparkling feeling after skin brushing.  Please do not mess it up by putting lotions on your skin!  Most all lotions clog the pores and most contain toxic ingredients, even if you buy them from the health food store.


Common reasons for dry or flaky skin are:


1. A slow oxidation rate.  You need a development program to correct this.

2. Low levels of omega-3 fatty acids.  Be sure to take EPA-DHA or eat 3-4 cans of sardines weekly.  We do not recommend eating salmon or tunafish, however, as they contain too much mercury.

3. Toxic and congested skin.  The brushing will help, over time.  In addition, using an red heat lamp sauna with the development diet and program will make your skin much healthier, clearer and more radiant.  We do not recommend far infrared saunas, as they all give off harmful electromagnetic fields, even if the manufacturer does not acknowledge this.

            For much more information about the skin, please read Caring For The Skin.



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