by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Sickle cell disease is a group of genetic conditions involving the red blood cells. It is found mostly in people of African descent.  The condition affects about 4.4 million people on earth, and is associated with many health problems.

Symptoms usually begin around 5-6 months of age. They include anemia, pain, swelling of the hands and feet, bacterial infections and even strokes. The worst symptoms are a much shorter lifespan and periodic very painful “attacks” or “crises” that often require a visit to an emergency room for medication.


Daniel was diagnosed with sickle-cell disease at age four months. His symptoms were fear of everything, constant nightmares, poor coordination, slow development of speech, sweet cravings, energy “crashes”, fatigue, and mood swings.

In addition, about every three months Daniel had a sickle cell attack. When these occurred, his hands would swell up badly, and he would become severely anemic. He required a visit to a hospital for medication.

Daniel’s parents took him to several medical doctors, but their treatments did nothing to help him.


When Daniel was two and a half years old, his father found out about the development program. This is a new nutritionally-based system of healing developed over the past 40 years.

The program involves 1) a fairly strict diet, 2) a few nutritional supplements, 3) a healthy lifestyle and 4) several healing and detoxification procedures. The program is not expensive, but it requires some effort, mainly to cook vegetables each day.


We offer two programs. The basic, free program one does oneself without supervision or testing. It is less personalized and less powerful for this reason. Many people begin with it.

The full program is supervised and requires testing the minerals of the body every six months. Based upon the results, a personalized program is set up. This program is a little more expensive and works better .


This is a very important part of the program. The diet requires eating a lot of specific cooked vegetables such as carrots, onions, daikon, red cabbage and a few others. These need to be cooked and eaten ideally with each of three meals every day.

The diet also requires some chicken, a little beef, a little lamb, a little turkey, soft goat cheese, and a few soft-cooked eggs each week. Ideally, eat some sardines but not other fish. Larger fish are too high in mercury, a problem for some people with SCD.

The diet also includes a little toasted almond butter, toasted sesame tahini, and a little nutritional yeast. Another helpful food is blue corn tortilla chips.

Foods that are not allowed are fruit, sweets, some starches and all refined food. This includes white flour, white sugar, white rice and refined table salt.


A few supplements are very helpful. Daniel took three supplements – a calcium and magnesium supplement, a multi-vitamin mineral for his metabolic type, and a supplement to balance his tissue sodium/potassium ratio. Adults usually take a few others, such as trimethylglycine, kelp, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and a digestive aid.


Lots of rest is a key to the program. We also recommend mild exercise only. Going to bed early is also important, as are wholesome eating, living and sexual habits.


While not absolutely required, several healing procedures will speed up progress and may be necessary, in some cases. They are foot reflexology, the pulling down mental exercise, twisting the spine to keep it aligned, and coffee enemas.

The goals for the person with sickle-cell trait are to 1) improve general health and 2) remove triggers for sickle cell attacks.

Daniel's father was initially very skeptical about the program, in part because the diet forbids eating fruit and other sweets. These are foods that Daniel loves. However, he decided to give the program a try because a friend had benefitted from it.


The full program requires tissue mineral testing using hair samples. This test has been around for over 50 years, and is very accurate when performed properly. It is the same as the standard soil test every farmer uses.

The mineral analysis reads the levels, ratios and patterns of 20 minerals, including the electrolytes, major trace minerals and toxic metals. Blood, urine and other medical tests do not provide the same information and the program does not require them.

The program also requires retesting the tissue minerals every six months. This is to adjust the program to keep balancing the mineral levels, ratios and patterns.

Daniel's first mineral analysis. The test indicated:

- High toxic metals. These included high levels of aluminum, nickel, lead, cadmium and arsenic.

- High levels of toxic forms of iron and manganese. These are associated with inflammation and pain. For details, read The Amigos – iron, Manganese, Aluminum and Others.

- Unbalanced tissue mineral ratios. The sodium/potassium ratio was 0.49 (normal is 2.5). The calcium/magnesium ratio was 12 (normal is 6.67).

- Low levels of zinc and copper.


Within a few weeks of starting the diet and nutritional supplements, Daniel experienced greater strength and coordination. This was very surprising for his father and mother.  Also, within a month of starting the program, his nightmares went away and have never returned.

Within four months, Daniel’s speech improved greatly. Soon afterwards, his fears improved dramatically, and have not returned. He became much happier and began to experience a good, steady energy level, unlike before.

Most important, after about six months, the sickle cell attacks began to diminish.


At first, Daniel still experienced occasional sickle cell attacks. However, they became milder and did not require a hospital visit. He would just lay down and rest for a few hours and then he was okay.

After about five years on the program, the attacks ceased and have not returned.

Daniel has had a number of retest mineral analyses over the past 8 years. Little by little, his toxic metal levels decreased. At this time, (2022) most of the metal toxicity is gone.

Also, the zinc and copper levels are improved.  Daniel’s oxidation rate is much more balanced and his sodium/potassium ratio is almost normal at about 2.


Daniel is now 10 years old. His father tells us he has no symptoms whatsoever. He goes to school and lives a normal life. He is staying on the development program and wants to help others with sickle cell disease.


One must ask, How could a genetic condition be helped by a nutrition program? The answer is that the tendency for sickling of the red blood cells is probably still present. However, the development program removed a lot of stress from Daniel’s body, and thus removed the source of the triggers for his attacks.

We see similar improvements in other genetic conditions, such as Down’s syndrome.

The improvements in Daniel’s energy level, speech, fears and nightmares are also the result of greatly improved nutrition, toxic metal elimination, and enhanced overall health.


Physicians know that sickle cell trait is actually protective against malaria and perhaps other health conditions. Some theorize that it is not a “disease”.

Instead, they say, it is a genetic trait that makes a person extremely sensitive to foods and toxins. When these issues are taken care of with the development program, one can thrive very well with sickle cell trait.


The development program is based upon the stress theory of disease and metabolic typing. It balances tissue mineral levels, ratios and patterns, removes two dozen toxic metals, and deeply renourishes the body.

The effects are to balance and strengthen body chemistry and to improve homeostasis and the level of adaptive energy in the body. Other effects are to relax and balance the autonomic nervous system, and make the body more parasympathetic. Daniel or his father are available to speak with anyone interested in this case.

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