by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


The following is a useful analogy to help understand the complex way that a nutritional balancing program works, as opposed to other medical and natural healing programs. 

Imagine a ship that is heavily laden with containers of toxic waste, piled high up on the deck.  The ship is riding very low in the water as a result of all the weight.  It is also listing to one side or the other because the weight is usually distributed unevenly.  In addition, the ship is rusty and not in top shape.  For all these reasons, the ship is in some danger of tipping over and sinking.

In this analogy, the ship is like our bodies.  The cargo is like our individual load of toxic metals, toxic chemicals, infections and other problems.  Listing to the side is analogous to having an unbalanced oxidation rate, or perhaps unbalanced vital mineral ratios.  The result are the many symptoms and complaints that most people are forced to live with.  A heavily laden and weakened ship that is listing to one side is not a bad analogy for the health condition of many people today, even young children.




One can imagine that in the effort to assist with healing and detoxification, (unloading the cargo), the person (or ship) could be made worse.  It is even possible that the therapy might sink the ship if it unbalances it further or is not done carefully. 

Symptomatic remedies such as drugs, herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathics and many other remedies may control many symptoms.  However, they often add to the toxic burden of the body, until the person literally “sinks” into worse health and eventually death.

Another problem with natural healing methods such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, acupuncture, chelation and hormone therapies is that one may, in fact, remove various toxins using these and other methods.  However, in the process it is easy to remove the toxic cargo in a way that further unbalances the ship, and this causes the method to either not work well, or it makes the person worse or even less balanced. 

This is like removing a container from the side of the ship that is riding higher in the water, and as a result, the ship tips to the other side even more, endangering the entire ship.  This is exactly what happens, at times, with chelation therapy and hormone replacement therapies.  It is the reason these are avoided in nutritional balancing science.




Many people cannot understand two facts about nutritional balancing science.  As a result, they tend to stray away from the program and pursue other types of healing programs.  They are: 


1. How come we don’t use ‘remedies’ of various kinds for symptoms like arthritis, infections, and other important symptoms such as high blood pressure?  Everyone else seems to use vitamins, herbs, or drugs etc. as remedies.

2. Why don’t we use chelators to remove toxic metals and hormones to raise low hormone levels?


The ship analogy helps provide the answers.  The reason is that a nutritional balancing program is concerned first and always with righting the ship.  The first order of business is always to balance and even the ship.  Then the ship itself is able to start unloading the cargo.  Unlike a physical ship, the human body is self-healing, but only if it is brought to balance first.

Also, the nutritional balancing program is able to ‘reinforce the hull and the structure of the ship’, by supplying vital nutrients found in cooked vegetables, animal proteins and others.  These may seem like simple and obvious steps, but most medical and holistic healing programs overlook these aspects, moving instead to the use of remedies.

To maintain the ship in top condition, there is simply no substitute for a very healthful diet and lifestyle, and about 7 or 8 basic supplements that we employ in all cases.

Once the ship is righted, balanced and strengthened properly, the process of unloading the hazardous waste cargo occurs quite on its own, as though the body wants it unloaded, but was waiting for the dock maintenance team to balance the load so that the unloading process can proceed safely.  This may be called the essence of how a nutritional balancing program differs from almost all other nutrition, herbal, homeopathic and holistic healing programs.




Another question I am often asked is why are the retests so necessary?

This analogy also helps explain the answer.  A problem occurs during the process of unloading the ship.  When a heavy container of toxins is removed from one area, this tends to further unbalance the ship.  It may tend to lean to the other side, again causing danger that often stops the unloading of the toxic waste material.

This is very close to what actually occurs inside our bodies.  Removing toxic metals, toxic chemicals and infections tend to unbalance the oxidation rate and major mineral ratios in often unusual and sometimes severe ways.

The only way to get the process going again properly is to retest the hair tissue and change the diet and supplement program in many cases.  This is the rationale for regular retesting, and why it is so critical.




Chelation therapy, which is popular among holistic doctors and naturopaths, is like grabbing one of the containers of toxins and just ripping it loose from the ship, with no concern for the delicate balance of the ship.

As a result, it is much less safe.  Also, the ship will resist efforts to remove the toxic material if it means it will unbalance it.  In our experience, chelation can never remove toxic metals as deeply as nutritional balancing science. 


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