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Did you know that people are either servants or slaves?  This may sound strange, but it is true.  It is a Biblical concept.

The idea is that either one is a slave to the world (and to the dark forces that control our world), or one is a servant of the living God.  There is no middle ground.  This is the nature of the human being, although many would deny it.  This article explores this idea in more detail.


Let us begin with basic definitions in order to properly distinguish servanthood from slavery.

A servant is a person who voluntarily, willingly and usually consciously, at least to a degree, enters into servitude or service to another.

A slave is a person who involuntarily enters into servitude or service to another.  It may occur consciously, as by violence or force of some kind, or unconsciously, as by brainwashing, hypnosis, false beliefs or some other method of mind control.

Related words to servant: one in service, employee, worker, light-worker, warrior, zealot, truth-seeker, covenant-keeper, god-fearing, born-again, disciple, apostle, prophet, church-goer, witness, one who is saved or forgiven or testifies, one who is repented, a child of God, a thoughtful one, or one who has found. 

Related words to slave: a prisoner, forced worker, captive, dupe, patsy, hooked, one who is controlled by another, or a state of bondage.


Another way to understand this concept is that human beings are never really their own power source or master.  They are more like railroad freight cars that have to hook up to a locomotive for power and movement.

Sadly, most people do not realize this.  They believe they are their own bosses, so to speak, and that they run their lives.  However, the spiritual perspective is that this is never true!

Instead, each of us is tied to a power source outside of ourselves, whether we realize it or not.  And the only choice is not whether to hook up or not, but which power source will you choose


This should be obvious.  The master of your life will take you in a certain direction.  Many, or perhaps most people do not move in healthy directions.

Instead, they move in directions that lead to illness, poverty, immorality and an early death for themselves and those around them.  This is unfortunate, but is the fact of the matter.  I am reminded of a Biblical quote: “The blind lead the blind in ways of death”.

In reality, it is even worse than this.  There are negative forces that control a good deal of our world.  I have written about them in about 20 articles on this website.  To learn about them, please read the Rogue Section of articles on this site.

However, another option is open to human beings.  That option is for a long, healthy, joyful and abundant life.  This is the life of the servant referred to in this article.  It is not a fiction or a fantasy.


Non-violent or less violent.  As understood in this article, servanthood is inherently less violent because the person enters into it and remains in it willingly or voluntarily.  In other words, there is no compulsion, as there is with slavery.

Less ego-building.  Being a true servant requires that one subordinate the ego to the high self or higher will.  This is not the same as getting rid of the ego, which occurs with drug use, for example, or during sex.  Be very clear about this.  The servant still has an ego, but it is sublimated or subordinated to something higher that directs it.

One might think that slavery sublimates or even destroys the ego, as well, but it is not so.  A slave can still have a huge ego.  It is just forcibly suppressed temporarily, however.  As soon as the slavery ends, the ego self reasserts itself.  This is why in nations ruled with an iron fist by dictators and strong men, when the dictator’s power wanes, the mobs become furious and often violent.   Chaos often rules for a while.

Whereas, if one has a large ego, one would not tend to choose to be a servant.  And when the servant’s leader or master is away, a good servant continues to be a servant because the ego is not just temporarily suppressed, but rather it is subordinated to a higher cause.

More etheric and less physical.  This is subtle, but being a servant has more to do with soul development and etheric development than does slavery, which is usually more physical in nature.

Balance and development. As a result of the above, servanthood tends to balance the body and mind, and lead to its development and evolution beyond even what most people can imagine.

Freedom. Oddly, it leads to a type of freedom, and is the only way to move toward true freedom in this third dimensional world we live in.  This is because servanthood or voluntary servitude to God moves one away from unconscious and thus involuntary slavery, which is the opposite of freedom.  Please contemplate this carefully, as it is a little subtle.

Joy. Servanthood leads to a type of joy, as opposed to pleasure.  Pleasure is defined as a temporary feeling in the physical body.  Joy is defined as a feeling of pleasure that occurs when one assists others to be happy or healthy or abundant in some way.  Joy may also be defined as a state of mind in which one feels at one with God, at peace with the world, and “in the flow” of life in a deep way.  These are all qualities of servanthood, as it is defined in this article.

Love.  Servanthood is about love, at a certain level.  The servant must love his master, as he is not required to remain with him or her.  Usually, the servant must also love himself or herself.  Otherwise, it is hard to truly love another.

If a servant does not love his master, but merely serves out of fear of job loss, poverty, illness, loneliness or some other faulty motive, then the person is not really a servant, but is more of a slave.

Republican government and free market capitalism.  Servanthood is associated with economic and political freedom.  In modern times, this means a true republican form of government and a capitalist economy.  These systems depend upon voluntary compliance with legal and moral standards, and they reward effort and service to others.

George Washington, first president of America, in his farewell address, stated that only a virtuous (meaning a god-fearing and covenant-keeping) people can govern themselves, as America is set up to do.

Upper energy centers.  Servanthood is more about developing the upper energy centers on the human and etheric bodies, numbers 8 through 14.


These tend to be the opposite of the qualities of servanthood described above.  Slavery is always violent to some degree, and held in place with violence.  It always builds fear, anger and resentment. It is far more physically oriented, and does not tend to cause as much balance and development of a human being.

Slavery is always associated with bondage, not freedom, and leads to hatred, not joy.

In political terms, slavery is associated with monarchy, dictatorship, and to a somewhat lesser degree with socialism, communism and social democracy.  These systems of government allow oral freedom, but do not permit economic, political or religious freedom, or even free speech and a free press.  Instead, they are top-down, command and control economic and political systems that dominate most of planet earth.

Lower energy centers.  Slavery usually has more to do with the lower energy centers, numbers 1 through 3 in particular, and a little of 4 through 6.  This is important because the upper energy centers must develop for a human being to evolve properly.


This is another Biblical concept.  It is also referred to as “original sin”.  It is the idea that because of the sin of Adam in the Garden of Eden, all men and women are born into sin or born as slaves of sin or slaves of evil or the devil.  This is how everyone lives their life until they somehow realize the truth and elect, instead, to wake up and change masters, as it were. 

In other words, human beings have the ability to decide their master.  They do not have the ability to “run their own show”, as the humanists and liberals believe.  However, they can wake up and choose a new master consciously, in which case they now become servants of God or of the higher self.

This is tricky, however, because the human ego wants to believe it is serving God, at times, when it is not.  Many people do horrible things “in the name of” God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah or some other divine figure.  So one must be very careful when one says one is a servant.

The problem is that the dark side can easily impersonate the divine being, even an angel, and this is a case of hypnosis or brain washing that confuses the person and leads to horrible behavior such as murdering others in the name of God or Allah, for example.  In this case, I would say that the person is not really a servant, but is still a slave, but does not realize it.


The simple answer to this question is that following the dictates of a parent, or even the government, is not all slavery.  It can also be a form of servanthood, so it actually builds confidence and develops a person in a good way.

There is a fine line, however.  If the parent,  the government or teacher becomes violent, threatens the person or actually harms the person in some way, then servanthood turns quickly to slavery.

For example, there are people who, when thrown in jail for years, come out healed and spiritually advanced.  However, they are few.  Most find the prison experience too slave-like and their anger and resentment just festers under temporary restraint until they are released, at which time they continue a life of crime.



Drug and alcohol addiction.  Drugs and alcohol use, like servanthood and slavery, can cause a loss of mental control.  However, it is very different.  While servanthood causes loss of ego control by sublimating the ego to something greater, and slavery causes loss of ego control by violence or compulsion of some kind, drugs cause it by impairing brain functioning.  This is very different and harmful in the extreme in almost all cases.

Drugs all weaken the body and the brain. The person often feels like he is floating freely.  Some love this experience and call it a high.  Some, however, experience free-floating anxiety and other phenomena on certain psychedelic drugs and even marijuana that does not feel good, as one loses control due to a weakening of the mind.

If one likes the floating feeling, or ego loss that occurs with a drug or with alcohol, addiction often follows.  In this case, the person has become a slave to alcohol or to their drug.  Addiction, by definition, is no longer voluntary, and is violent and harmful. 

Recovery, however, is like leaving a form of slavery that is self-imposed, but not exactly, and as former alcoholics and drug addicts know, it is often not easy to do.  Among those that recover from the drug experience, many are still poisoned by it and the brain does not recover well, even with a nutritional balancing program, at least short term.  So please be careful this way, including taking care to avoid parties and other places where drugs are slipped into your drink or your food without your knowledge.  For more, read Addiction on this site.


Co-dependency is another interesting type of slavery.  It involves a relationship, usually with another person, but it could be with a pet, or perhaps with one’s job, location, car, house, television, movies or even with an ideology or thoughts or an emotion such as anger or fear.

In all cases, one has become dependent upon the relationship for one’s happiness to such a degree that if it is taken away, one cannot function well.  Usually, one is using the relationship with the person or object, perhaps, to deny reality or run away from something one does not like in oneself.

This is a curious form of slavery, but it is slavery nevertheless, as it becomes compulsory and a form of servitude that can control and ruin one’s entire life.  Like other forms of slavery, it does not sublimate the ego, but actually allows the ego to flourish.  And like all slavery, it always causes violence to the person.  For more on this subject, read Co-Dependency on this website.

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