by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Etheric remedies are methods, products, procedures or other ways to remediate illnesses that are non-toxic or have very low toxicity, even if used over long periods of time.  This is an extremely important concept because most healing methods and remedies are somewhat toxic, especially if used for more than are few days or weeks.

In fact, etheric remedies are more than this.  They are methods to heal the body that are so involved with the body at deep levels that the body accepts them easily and thoroughly without much adverse response. 

The vital importance of the etheric remedy concept is that if one is to heal the body completely, one can only use etheric remedies.  Otherwise, what tends to occur is that healing methods produce some healing, but they leave toxic residues in the body or they unbalance the body severely, over time.  As a result, deeper healing of the body stops or is impeded, negating much of the benefit of the remedy or method in the long term.

This is precisely the problem with most medical drugs, most herbs, many vitamin therapies, and many other methods including natural hormone therapy, chelation therapy, and many electrical and homeopathic therapies.




Identifying etheric remedies is a difficult task.  One must look carefully for any “side effects” or adverse effects of a healing method.  These damaging effects must then be distinguished from healing reactions that occur when one uses powerful healing methods.

Assessing etheric remedies and methods can only be done longer term, which is also a problem with drug medicine trials and studies that usually only last a few months or up to a year.  Adverse effects can take several years to appear, but be very serious in some cases.

One must also be on guard because what can seem like a benefit can be due to stimulation in some way.  In other words, a remedy or method may seem to improve one’s health, but in reality it is only stimulating the adrenal glands or some other organ or gland, which ultimately weakens the body and reduces overall vitality.

Conversely, a method may seem to cause fatigue, aches and pains, or other negative consequences.  However, in the long run it may actually enhance vitality and overall health.  These are among the difficulties in identifying etheric remedies and distinguishing them from the many others that are available today.

Based on the above, here are methods that I have identified as etheric remedies or methods.  They are divided into categories:


Food and drinking water:


Š           Well-cooked vegetables except for the nightshade vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant and all peppers), wholesome fresh and cooked meats, lightly cooked eggs, and whole grains except for wheat and spelt that are irritating to most people.

Š           Some dried beans such as lentils, when properly cooked.

Š           Sardines (3 to 4 cans weekly for adults).

Š           Blue corn tortillas and blue corn chips appear to be the best form of corn today.  Brown rice, millet, amaranth and quinoa are also good grains. 

Š           Spring water for long-term drinking water. 


Nutritional supplements:

Many isolated nutrients such as vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K may qualify as etheric remedies, but only when used in a prudent and cautious way.  Megadoses are never helpful, except perhaps for short periods of time to reduce deficiency states and as remedies for a few conditions

Chelated minerals may also be safely classified as etheric remedies, but only when used cautiously, in accordance with nutritional balancing principles.  Random use of vitamins and minerals is never an etheric type of use of them.

Food-based nutritional supplements are no better than isolated or synthesized supplements, in many cases.  This is very important to know.  It means that one can easily overdose on a food-based product, for example.  It also means that most vitamins and minerals, even in a synthesized form, can be handled fairly well by the body if they are dosed correctly.



            The only juices we recommend for adults are up to 10 to 12 ounces of carrot juice, or 1-2 ounces of wheat grass juice up to 3 times per week.  Children must take less depending on their size and weight.  Drinking larger quantities of juices, or drinking other juices such as fruit juices, even diluted, are too yin and not healthful.  They should be avoided.


Herbs and pharmaceutical drugs:

            Acceptable herbs include ginger garlic, onion, chamomile, Russian black radish, hibiscus, rosemary, thyme, turmeric, cumin, curry powder, cayenne pepper in tiny doses, oregano, dill, and few others.  These are sometimes called the “food herbs”.  Most others are somewhat stimulating, sedating, or otherwise toxic.  They are fine for short-term use, but not for extended periods and not in large amounts or they become a little toxic.

            Among pharmaceutical products, there are few etheric remedies.  That is, they all have some toxicity and should not be used except for emergencies or if no natural or etheric remedy is available.  I cannot think of any exceptions at this time.


Detoxification procedures:

Coffee enemas (up to 8 tablespoons of coffee or 4 enemas daily).  This is surprising, since drinking coffee is not particularly healthful, in our experience.  Taking the coffee by rectum seems to have a different effect that is far better.

Sauna therapy, particularly using near infrared heat lamps as the heat source.  This appears to be safe up to 1 hour twice daily, with the sauna heated to about 110-120 degrees F.  Hotter saunas, or longer sauna sessions can be debilitating and harmful.  Also, if one is weak or ill, one must start with short sauna sessions and perhaps a lower temperature, at first, or the sauna could possibly be harmful.  The near infrared sauna seems to be the most etheric, meaning it has the fewest toxic effects and the most benefits.


The pushing Down Mental Exercise

This is very safe and can be done as much as one likes, every day.  Prayer is also safe.

Other meditations are variable, and some are quite toxic, in fact, especially if they move energy upward from the feet to the head or sideways.  

Many tend to unground a person, and may make a person less aware of his surroundings, which is not helpful in the long run.


Homeopathic remedies:

Avoid all homeopathic remedies.  Homeopathic remedies tend to be very yin, which is a serious problem.



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