by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

March 2013, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            Redistribution of toxic metals is a potential problem with all heavy metal detoxification programs.  It stems from the fact that detoxification involves several stages.  First, the toxin must be dislodged from its tissue storage site.  Then, the toxin enters the blood stream and must go to the liver, kidneys or elsewhere, to be properly removed from the body.

However, the toxic metal may be mobilized from relatively safe or benign tissue storage sites, where it is not even doing much damage.  If the toxic metal cannot be properly eliminated, however, it might circulate in the bloodstream and redeposit in a vital organ such as the brain, liver, or kidneys.  If this occurs, the patient will be worse off than before he had endeavored to eliminate the toxic metals.




I would suggest that the problem of redistribution of toxic metals can be worsened if a person is malnourished, or very yin in Chinese medical terminology.  If may also be more likely if the person cannot easily eliminate toxic metals.  This can be due to low adaptive energy, impaired liver or kidney activity, imbalanced mineral ratios, or other factors such as impaired methylation.

It may also be more likely if one is in slow oxidation, which is common, or in a four lows metabolic pattern.  It may also be made much worse if a person uses stimulants, which can include many herbs, high-dose B-complex vitamins, folinic acid, too much caffeine, sugar or others.




I have observed about 50,000 clients and have not observed this problem when someone follows a nutritional balancing program properly.  If, however, one does not do the program correctly, then I believe it is possible for some redistribution to occur.

            Reasons it does not occur with a proper nutritional balancing program include:


1. A properly designed program makes the body more yang.  This is one way to expel toxic metals, and tends to help avoid redistribution of toxic metals. 

2. Giving plenty of vital or nutritional minerals also reduces the possibility of redistribution.

3. Balancing the key mineral ratios on a hair mineral analysis also seems to reduce the possibility of redistribution, perhaps by enhancing the activity of the liver and kidneys. 

4. Supporting the eliminative organs with coffee enemas and near infrared lamp therapy may also help to reduce or prevent toxic metal redistribution.

5. Enhancing the adaptive energy level also helps avoid metal redistribution.

6.  Nutritional balancing, in fact, never forces a toxic metal out of storage with chelators, for example.  For this reason, I believe the metals do not leave their storage sites unless and until the body is able and prepared to eliminate them properly.  I consider this an important safety factor in nutritional balancing science, and is one reason I do not like chelation in any form.

7. Other.  A simple diet, plenty of rest and perhaps other aspects of the nutritional balancing approach may also help prevent metal redistribution.


Healing reactions. What can occur are temporary healing reactions, or purification reactions.  These occur when a toxic metal or chemical is mobilized from a storage site and remains in the blood for a while, causing temporary toxic symptoms.  However, in my experience, these always pass and the metal is eliminated properly.

Healing reactions are thus not symptoms of redistribution, as some claim.  Instead, they are vigorous expressions of enhanced adaptive energy.  To learn more about healing reactions, read Retracing And Healing Reactions on this website.



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