by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

July 2012, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


About 40 years ago, Carl Pfieffer, MD, PhD discovered that some people have chemicals in the urine called krytopyrroles.  This condition is called pyroluria.

Today, this condition is diagnosed by some holistic physicians.  When it is found, the doctor usually recommends that one take vitamin B6 and zinc to correct it.




No!  it is simply the presence of krytopyrroles in the urine.  The words sound scary to many people, but it is not a disease, and in my view, it is not that important.




I have researched pyroluria and I find that in all cases of pyroluria, the person has a copper imbalance.  Usually copper is high, but at times, one may have biounavailable copper.  This means the high copper is not revealed on a hair mineral test, but the person has indicators of what is called hidden copper toxicity.

Zinc and vitamin B6 happen to lower copper in the body, and so this rather simple approach to balancing copper does indeed help some people feel better.  However, I find that truly balancing copper in the body usually takes much more than just zinc and vitamin B6.  These simply are not enough, and in some cases they will make the copper imbalance worse.

What is needed is a complete nutritional balancing program in most cases.  Then the copper imbalance goes away, and the pyroluria improves at the same time.




I do not find it necessary to test for pyroluria if one has a hair mineral analysis and begins a nutritional balancing program.  The reason is that if pyroluria is present, it will improve automatically.

To read much more about copper imbalance, read Copper Toxicity Syndrome on this website.

For more on nutritional balancing programs, read Introduction To Nutritional Balancing.



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