by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            Definition.  Post-traumatic stress disorder is the condition in which a person has sudden, unexpected flashes of memories of a traumatic incident from the past.  These flashes can interrupt oneŐs sleep and oneŐs waking hours, and are often extremely disruptive to a personŐs life.

PTSD can be extremely upsettng and depressing, and occasionally causes violence and other more serious episodes.  It can make living a normal life almost impossible, as one never knows when a flash of memory will break through to waking consciousness, causing upset and horror.

            PTSD is common among soldiers, for example, where it used to be called battle fatigue or shell shock.  However, it can occur after a beating, rape, car accident or any other type of trauma.

            Using the bio-energetic approach of nutritional balancing science, most cases of PTSD can be healed.




            The basic cause of PTSD is unresolved or unprocessed memories.  This can occur because of the serious nature of the trauma.  However, our experience is that it often occurs because a personŐs brain activity is not sufficient to process an event or incident.  This, in turn, is often due to nutritional deficiencies, toxic metal excesses, and other biochemical and nutritional imbalances.

I know this to be true because if a person follows a complete nutritional balancing program, often the memories will surface, in time, and be released without a need for any other type of therapy or intervention. 

Just any nutrition program will not work.  This type of PTSD resolution is quite amazing, and does not happen with just any type of diet and nutrition program.  It must be done properly, using a complete nutritional balancing program of the type we set up.

Only this type of program seems to undo traumas via a bioenergetic process.  This simply means that the program dramatically enhances a personŐs adaptive energy.  This allows the brain to begin to process and resolve the event totally, all by itself in most instances.




            All parts of a nutritional balancing program can help nourish the body and bring up traumas to resolve them.  Two interesting ones are:


            1. The pushing down exercise.  This is part of all nutritional balancing programs.  It grounds and centers a person, and it brings a new energy into the body.  This will bring up traumas that needs to be resolved.  Doing it daily for up to one hour or more is extremely helpful.  For much more on this exercise, and to listen to it on your computer, please go to The Pushing Down Exercise on this website.


2. Including trimethylglycine or TMG in oneŐs nutritional balancing program. This product is able to activate the body in unusual ways.  It is a relatively inexpensive health food store item, or is available online.  For more on TMG, please read Trimethylglycine and Methylation on this site.




1. Hypnosis, when done professionally by a very competent therapist only.  The idea here is to take the person back to the time of their trauma under controlled circumstances.  Once there, the therapist has the person re-experience the incident or event in a safe, gentle way.  This can allow a person to understand what occurred much better, and to process the incident better.

To do this, one must find a qualified hypnotherapist.  Also, hypnosis does not work, in all cases.  Some people are more difficult to hypnotize, or perhaps some people are so unbalanced biochemically that the brain cannot process the incident properly.


2. Regular counseling, also known as cognitive therapy.  This may be helpful, but many times it is not sufficient.  If it does not work well enough, I believe the reason is often 1) the personŐs brain may not work well enough to completely process the event, or 2) the event must be processed in a special order or way that is difficult to identify, at times.

The bio-energetic approach to PTSD using nutritional balancing does not suffer from either of these problems, and that may be why it is so powerful.  With the latter method, the body decides the order and speed of processing the event.  Also, the brain is deeply supported to facilitate its functioning.

Nutritional balancing reduces stress on the body and increases adaptive energy, and the body does the rest.  This is an important difference between counseling and other analytical therapies and the bio-energetic approach to trauma resolution.  For more on this topic, please read Trauma Release and Trauma Retracing on this website.



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