by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


This is a rather unusual article, in that it is not about any particular technique.  Instead, it concerns a lifestyle that will move a person along in the process of development far faster than one would otherwise move.

Playing in the energy field means enjoying the movement of etheric energy through the body and assisting the process actively using various techniques, many of which are described in other articles on this website.

A more exact definition of playing in the energy field is learning how to deform the ether or energy field around oneself in ways that enhance personal and perhaps universal goals or purposes.




            The pushing down exercise.  This is the most essential way to learn to play in the energy.  Do it every day without fail.  Some days it will be much easier than others.  Ideally, set aside time twice a day for it.

I also do it in bed while laying down.  If I wake up in the middle of the night, I will do it a little then, too.  In other words, rather than a chore, I make it fun and a lifestyle habit that I integrate into daily life as much as possible.

It was not always fun and easy, as it is today.  At first, I had to make a more determined effort to do the exercise.  I learned to do it while doing a coffee enema, while taking a slow walk, or just sitting.  It was an effort and I rarely felt the effects.

However, after some years of this, I began to be more sensitive to the feeling of the energy moving through the body from the head down to the hand, and later into the feet.  This sensitivity has developed to quite a degree so that I am aware if I am disorganized energetically, or if energy is moving upward instead of downward.




In addition to the pushing down exercise, I found that by “cracking” the toes and rubbing the feet, I could induce more energy flow down the body.  This is easy to do in many situations such as sitting at home, lying down in bed, and perhaps in other locations.




Another simple way to play in the energy field is to make sure your spine is limber and movable.  A helpful exercise is to twist the legs one over another, always gently.  Often one will hear slight pops and clicks as the vertebrae realign themselves.  I will then notice that the etheric energy then flows better from the head to the feet.

Another very simple way to release the neck is either to turn the head all the way to one side, and then slowly turn it back and all the way to the other side.  This also often produces a few clicks or snaps as the vertebrae of the neck release and realign themselves properly.  Never do this fast, and never force it beyond what is perfectly comfortable.

One can also do a few neck rolls.  This is similar to turning the head, but a little more involved.  It is done by first allowing the head to drop directly forward.  Then slowly roll the head to the right, then to the back, and then to the left. 

You can pretend that your head is a bowling ball, and you are rolling it around in a large circle.  Always do this slowly and gently, and never force anything or push beyond your comfort level.  Do it both ways – clockwise and counterclockwise.  This also releases tension in the neck and can realign the cervical vertebrae in the neck.  These all help one sleep better, as well.




Another interesting way to play in the energy field of the earth is to try to spend more time facing toward the equator, away from the magnetic poles of the earth.  This means if you live in the northern hemisphere, face south.  If you life in the southern hemisphere, face north.  Since I live in the northern hemisphere, I face south.

I find more energy flows through the body this way because apparently there is an etheric flow from the poles toward the equator.  Facing correctly lines up the body with this flow.  So I prefer sitting in chairs at home that face south, or close to it, and I have aligned my bed so that my head is to the north, roughly, and my feet to the south.




You can also move energy through the body much faster if you keep yourself well rested, well hydrated and adequately fed.  I notice that when I become thirsty, tired or hungry, the flow of etheric energy through the body always slows dramatically.




Finally, eat the special foods for development.  These are:

- Sardines, about three cans per week for adults.

- Blue organic corn chips - at least a bag or two per week if you tolerate corn.

- Lamb twice a week.

- Kelp with your supplements.

- Cooked vegetables three times daily.


At the same time, avoid items that tend to block the energy or reduce it.  These are sweets, fruit, alcohol, and drugs of all kinds unless needed for a specific medical condition.  Also avoid all poor quality and improper foods such as food from fast food restaurants and refined grains.  See the article entitled Life Extension And Nutritional Balancing for more on this subject.


These are examples of ways to play in the energy field.  It can be quite enjoyable, and it will move you forward much faster in your journey toward health and wholeness.



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