by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


The following are critically important general instructions for handling newborn babies.  There may be rare exceptions, but these instructions work in almost all cases.




1. Mother needs loads of rest.  Try to have Dad or someone else help out while mother rests.

2. Mother needs to put the baby to the breast as soon as possible.  This is for bonding, and to start the milk, to relax, and to get used to their new life together.

3.  Mother needs Dad’s cooperation with everything.  Remember this, Dad.  She is no condition to pick up the house, wash the dishes, cook meals, etc.  You plan on doing all this for the family for about a month, I would say.  Some births are easy, but many tear and rip mother apart and she will need at least a month to heal.

4. Mother needs to get back on her development program as soon as possible, and do as much of it as she can.  This is for healing, for breast feeding, for mental clarity, and more.

5. Mother and child need to be out of the hospital or birthing center as soon as is humanly possible.  This is to avoid infections, vaccinations, drugs, and many possible mishaps that occur daily in hospitals and even in birthing centers.

6. A red heat lamp shined on the vaginal area for half an hour daily is excellent for mother.  The genital bath daily may also be very helpful to assist healing in the vaginal area.




1. NO VACCINES.  Arrange this ahead of time with the doctors, nurses, midwives, and everyone else associated with the birth.  Sign papers so it is very clear and in writing.  Tell them you will sue them if the orders are violated for any reason.

Home birth is best for this reason, as it is less likely some nurse will inject the baby without checking first.

2. Keep mother an baby together after birth.  Do not isolate the newborn in some incubator room.  This is very hard on both mother and child.


3. Put the baby to the breast shortly after birth if the baby wants it.  This helps with bonding mother and child, and helps both of them relax into their new life together.

4. Do not give commercial formula to a newborn.  This is a stupid hospital habit in some locations. They take the baby away from its mother and give it some formula immediately.  This is a prescription for disaster and sickness.  If there is a problem with breast feeding, immediately call la Leche League International.  They know much more than most doctors, nurses, and midwives combined.

5. Newborns mainly need rest.  They will sleep most of the time except when in need of food or a change of diaper, or if not feeling well.  Do not disturb their sleep any more than necessary.

6.  Newborns are very delicate.  Never “play” with a newborn, do not throw the baby around, or pass the baby around to a lot of people, or talk incessantly to a newborn.  Rest is the main thing.  Rocking is good only if the baby will not relax.  Otherwise just hold the newborn or allow him or her to rest.

7. Keep diapers clean, if at all possible.  Do not fuss a lot.  Just change the diaper simply.

8. Plan on breast feeding for 3 years, if the baby will accept it.  If you must add adult food, it must be natural baby formula until about age 1, and thereafter it can be goat milk or a little cow’s milk, cooked vegetables pureed, and maybe a little meat.  ABSOLUTELY NO FRUIT, AND NO FRUIT OR VEGETABLE JUICES.

9. Rub baby’s feet twice daily.  This is called foot reflexology.  It is very healing and relaxing, when done correctly.  You may also rub the baby’s hands.

10.  Many newborns want a little of the rays from a red heat lamp shined on their back and abdomen, never in their eyes.  A ten-minute treatment every day is very good.

11. Every newborn needs a visit with a competent chiropractor and perhaps a competent carnio-sacral practitioner who has experience with newborns and babies.  Most need a few simple adjustments and treatments.

This is more important if the birth was difficult.  If forceps were used in the delivery, it is imperative.

12. If the baby develops a cold or ear infection, if possible do not use medical drugs such as Tylenol or antibiotics.  For infections, Limcomin, colloidal silver, Echinacea and other natural treatments are much gentler and less toxic. Rashes require a development program and usually respond well and easily.

13. Newborns and babies can begin a development program at about 3 to 6 months of age.  This will benefit all of them greatly.

14. For constipation, mix a little Epsom salts in water and feed to the baby in a syringe or a baby bottle.

15. for breast feeding problems of all kinds, do not give up.  Call La Leche League International.

16. Mom’s and dad’s.  Your baby wants you to relax, laugh and enjoy life.  Stop worrying, now!



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