by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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The New Age religions are a group of religions that are supported and promoted by the rogues or negs on planet earth.  While their beliefs vary with each one, their main beliefs tend to be:


- All paths eventually lead to God

- Trust your experience in life

- Mankind is basically good

- Do what feels good

- God only wants to help you

- There is no evil force in the world

- You deserve only the best of everything

- Loose sex is good.  The more, the better.

- Homosexuality, bisexuality and sex with anyone you wish is good because it is diversity in sexuality.

- Abortion is fine.  It is a womanÕs right.

- Some New Age churches recognize Jesus as one of many teachers who has visited the earth.




The main group in America and some other nations is Unity Church.  Others are Bahai, Science of Mind, Self-Realization Fellowship and others.  Some people think of Scientology and yoga as New Age religions, as well.  Some consider naturopathic and holistic medicine as a New Age religion.




Books that contain at least some New Age teachings include many such as A Course In Miracles, Love Without End - Jesus Speaks, The Other Voice, and the Jeshua Material.  Also, any books by Marianne Williamson, Echart tolle and all material promoted by Opra Winfrey.

We also consider homeopathy and most of the techniques of modern naturopathy as New Age teachings.  We also consider modern drug medical care as a form of New Age religion because one invests power in pills and potions.

This is very different from development science and a development program, although they may appear to be similar.  The former are remedy programs and are a type of witchcraft cloaked in modern scientific terminology.  Development science is not a remedy program, but a whole system approach to healing the body.




They leave out certain aspects of a religion that are vital.  They have few, if any rules for living.  They have few ethical rules and they have few rules relating to the raising of children.  These are some of the problems.

They also ignore the fact of the negs, rogues, Satan or other names given to those who would upset things and harm us on earth.  This is perhaps their most serious flaw.

They are basically selfish religions that do not teach humility, selflessness, and respect for others.  They also do not teach people to be careful with their diets, their sexuality and their behavior, in general.




Many Christian writers say no.  They say that if one investigates thoroughly, one will be led back to Jesus through New Age teachings.  We do not fully agree with this.  However, we believe:

- There is some truth to the New Age religions.  The rogues always combine some truth with some falsehood to mix people up.

- New Age teachings can broaden the mind.

- One must be discerning and read other articles on this website and this will assist you to assess which knowledge is valid and which is false.



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