by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            Nutritional balancing operates at an electrical level, as does the body.  Balancing the electrical potentials in the body and healing the “circuits” is very important for general regeneration of the body.

I do not talk about nutrition in these terms very often, because most people do not know anything about electrical circuitry.  However, for those who know about circuit theory, this article is an introduction to the relationship between mineral levels, ratios and patterns and their electrical nature.




1. The oxidation rate corresponds to the amperage of the human system.


2. The sodium/potassium ratio corresponds to the voltage of the human system.


3. The calcium level represents a resistance in the system.  For example, a calcium shell is a higher resistance state.  A low calcium level on the hair chart is a lower resistance state.


4.  The phosphorus level has to do with stepping down higher voltages and higher amperages.  A lower phosphorus indicates impaired ability to step down the voltage to the human level from an etheric level.  An elevated phosphorus indicates greater ability to step down the etheric frequencies.


5. The zinc level has to do with a voltage limiter.


6. Selenium and silicon are amplifiers.  (some readers know that silicon is used in transistors, which are often amplifiers).


7. Chromium is part of a capacitance circuit used to move insulin and sugar into the cells from the blood.


8. A four lows pattern is a lower resistance, but also a lower amperage and lower voltage state.


9. Energy vampires (fast oxidizers) have a higher amperage and use this to remove energy from others.  This is like operating an induction coil that transfers some energy from other people to itself.


10. Sugar, with its ring structure, functions something like a capacitor that stores energy and releases it under the proper circumstances.  Like some capacitors, sugar is dangerous because it can release its energy improperly.


11. Cell membranes look like capacitors, with layers of tissue.  They must function this way, somehow.


12. Nerve cells, brain cells and the silver cord carry electrical impulses.  However, they also function as Wave Guides, which means they can carry far more information than simple wires.  This is a fascinating subject, so please read the article about wave guides.


13. Too yin or too yang upsets the electrical system in a stimulatory way.  The middle is best.


14. So-called female minerals such as copper, mercury, and manganese tend to stimulate the electrical system and raise the voltage.


15. So-called male minerals such as zinc, selenium, lead, arsenic and others tend to suppress or dampen the system, lowering the voltage.



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