by DR. Lawrence Wilson

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Ongoing research is a critical subject in nutritional balancing science.  Here are recent research advances in nutritional balancing programs:




            1. The addition of TMG to the supplement programs, even those of children.

            2. Use of two coffee enemas back-to-back (one right after another), once or twice daily.  This is a very powerful combination.

3. New description of the diet as 2-3 cups of cooked vegetables with each meal.  This seems to be easier to understand for most people, and can help people remain on the proper diet.

4. Greater use of ozone therapy and perhaps peroxide baths, but not hyperbaric oxygen, which is too yin.

5. Use of a chamomile extract as a “natural psych med” in rare cases.

6. Several new hair test patterns that help us understand clients better, such as a patterns on the second four minerals (iron, copper, manganese and zinc).

7. Trichloroethylene toxicity and how to resolve it.




Vaginal coffee implants.  This is a superb procedure for women.  For much more about this, read Vaginal Coffee Implants.


The placeholder concept.  This is very important to understand why we use synthesized chemical supplements in some cases.




TMG. Reduce the dosage of TMG for women to no more than 1000 mg daily.  This is because we noticed that taking more TMG was making some women too yin.  Men do not seem to have this problem, and can continue to take up to 3 grams or 3000 mg daily.


Tarragon – This is excellent to help anyone come out of a four lows pattern.  Persistent four lows patterns on retest hair analyses has been a problem for us for years.

One buys dried tarragon leaves at the supermarket.  Adults with a four lows pattern need to take 1 teaspoon daily sprinkled on food.  Children need less.  If a person is not in a four lows pattern, do not take this much tarragon because it will be somewhat toxic.  For more, read Tarragon on this site.


Diet changes.  It is best not to eat rice cakes, rice grits, and sausage of any kind – even natural ones.




Cooked veges and meat and blue chips for developed people.  No black lentils.

A variety of spring water.

Favorite vegetables.

No arugula, other veges.

Pressure cooking




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