(Multi-nutrient Formulas For The Oxidation Types)

by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© March 2015, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


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“Metabolic Packs” is the name used by Endomet laboratories to describe several special nutrient formulas.  These are recommended for different situations based upon a person’s oxidation type and rate.

Dr. Paul Eck created these formulas.  They have undergone minor revisions as new research has been done on the formulas and on metabolic types.  However, they remain quite similar to his original concept.


WARNING:  Please ignore warnings that products containing folic acid are harmful if one has an MTHFR genetic problem.  This is not the truth, in my experience.


The major products and their recommended uses are as follows:


1. Stress Pak.  This is recommended when the oxidation rate is fast and the sodium-to-potassium ratio is above 2.5:1. Stress Pak helps slow down an excessively rapid oxidation rate.


2. SBF Formula.  This is recommended when the oxidation rate is fast and the sodium-to-potassium ratio is less than about 2.5:1.  SBF Formula is superb to balance a fast oxidation rate, and at the same time help balance a low sodium/potassium ratio.  In this sense, a fast oxidation rate with a low sodium/potassium ratio is a different metabolic type because it responds so much better to this special formula.


3. Megapan.  This is recommended for all slow oxidizers, regardless of the sodium/potassium ratio.  Megapan can enhance or speed up a sluggish oxidation rate.




                  Balancing the oxidation rate as we determine it using hair mineral analysis is the most important single correction that a practitioner can make in nutritional balancing science.  These products are almost always given to help effect this correction.

                  While one could use a variety of individual supplementary nutrients to do the same thing, the cost would be higher and the number of pills that must be given would also be much more, making this option much less convenient for the client.




                  I have not found good substitutes at this time, and I have checked many brands.  Many products may seem as good or better, but they do not work as well.




                  I would love to use herbal formulas to balance the oxidation rate.  Indeed, this may become necessary if certain Codex laws that already exist in Europe and Asia are passed in the United States, limiting supplement potencies and in other ways seeking to destroy the nutritional supplement industry.

                  However, so far I have been unable to even come close to duplicating the effects of these formulas with herbal products.  While some herbs are in some Endomet formulas, they are carefully chosen for their contributions to the overall formula.

A few of the difficulties in using herbs include:


1. Potencies vary greatly among herbal products, including such excellent ones as garlic and even kelp.  This is a serious drawback to herbs today.  One must be extremely careful about one’s sources and the processing used as well.


2. Many herbs are irradiated, even if they are not labeled.  This can affect their potency and can introduce harmful items into the herbal formulas.


3. The potency of some of the nutrients such as vitamins A, B, C, D, E and others are impossible to duplicate with herbs.


4. Most herbs, unfortunately, we find are toxic to some degree.  I am not sure why this is so.  It could be the way they are grown or due to other factors.  The worst are herbs from India and China.  These should always be avoided, I am sad to report.  People who use Chinese or Ayurvedic herbs almost invariably have toxic metal poisoning due to the use of the herbs.  The only exception would be if one uses them for just a short period of time.  With the Metabolic Paks, however, one must remain on the product for an extended period of time, so toxicity is an important factor.  Until this is cleared up, I cannot recommend herbal formulas to balance the oxidation rate and the major ratios. 




This depends on how out of balance is the oxidation rate.  Dr. Eck’s basic principle was that if the oxidation rate was fairly balanced, only one or two tablets of a Metabolic Pack would be suggested per day.  If the oxidation rate was far from balanced, the number of tablets increased up to about 6 per day or two per meal.

While the computer at Analytical Research Laboratories usually only recommends one tablet per meal for adults, regardless of the oxidation rate today, this could change.  We like to keep things simple and results are excellent as they are.  Future research will determine if changes are needed. 

For children, dosages should be reduced depending on the weight and age of the child.  However, often children handle a larger amount of a Metabolic Pak than either their age or weight would dictate.  This is important to remember for the best results with children.

Another variation can occur if the patient is obese or simply larger.  If the patient is over about 300 pounds, it is best to add an extra tablet per day in most instances.  This will enhance the effectiveness of the program for these individuals.  The laboratory computer is not programmed to do this at this time, but perhaps will be in the future, as it can make a significant difference in a few cases.


Fillers, binders and other aspects of this product. We get excellent results with the Metabolic Packs from Endomet Labs.  I look for toxicity from any ingredients and have not found any, as yet.  The tablets contain some magnesium stearate, which I checked on the web after reading Dr. Mercola's information.  I also spoke with the company that manufactures the products.  They informed me that their magnesium stearate does not contain hydrogenated oils, as many web sites claim it does. 

Mineral chelates and citrates are made by "cooking” the minerals with amino acids from rice protein to form easily absorbable forms of the minerals.


                  For the exact formulas, call Endomet Labs and ask for a catalog at 1-602-995-1580 or 1-800-528-4067 or the catalog is online at the laboratory website,



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