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The subject of memory is fascinating.  Memory has to do with the brain, of course, but it also has to do with how well a person can concentrate, how relaxed one is, and perhaps it has to do with many other factors as well.  This article just introduces the subject, along with what to do to improve your memory at a deep healing level.




Like a computer, you have many types of memory.  The most well known are short-term and long-term memories.  However, there may be other types.  The computer has a random access memory, temporary memories or caches, they are called.  The computer also has a hard drive, perhaps, which is a much larger memory storage device.  Some computers also have external hard drives and other memory storage devices attached to them.

In a similar way, our brains may have many different ways to store and access information.  This is not well understood, but it seems as though a person, under hypnosis, can be made to recall almost anything at all that has occurred at any time during one’s life.  This is rather remarkable, and rather unbelievable, too, since the human brain is not that large and memory is just one of its many functions.

It is likely, therefore, that the human memory system is not just a “hard-wired” contraption, but may involve scanning via frequencies, for example, or other methods to encode and decode memories.  I raise this issue to give you an idea of the real complexity of our memory system.




Many people want to improve their memory, and it occurs rather automatically on a nutritional balancing program.  I do not understand all the mechanisms, but here are definitely some of them to focus on:


1. Get more rest and sleep.  The brain requires a tremendous amount of rest and sleep.  Not only does it heal and regenerate during rest and sleep, but it processes its traumas and other events during resting time.  This may be very important to improve memory.  If you do not rest enough, the brain may be processing old events during the day, when it should be totally relaxed so that you can absorb and store new memories, or be accessing old ones.  So be sure to get plenty of rest and sleep, including going to be early – 9 PM every night, if possible – to improve your memory.


2. Nourish the brain properly.  The brain requires a large number of nutrients all the time.  It also uses up to one-third of all of our calories.  It also does not store fuel and so it needs a continual supply of glucose all of the time.  It also requires plenty of spring water.

This means that to improve your memory, you must eat correctly all of the time, you must eat enough, and your blood sugar must not fluctuate too much or it impairs thinking and memory a lot.

As a quick aside, a client once called me because she was shaking with a low blood sugar episode.  When I asked who this was, she could not recall her own name!  This is what can happen when the blood sugar level dips, even a little.  Confusion and memory loss can occur quickly.

A complete nutritional balancing program will provide most all of the nutrients the brain requires, though perhaps not immediately.  (In four lows, the programs are not complete, but this is temporary.)  Usually, it is not necessary to take extra herbs such as gingko biloba or others.  The problem with these “brain remedies” is they can be subtly toxic, so one should not stay on them too long.  They may help temporarily, but in the long run, the answer is proper nutrition and not remedies in most cases.


3. Get rid of your toxic metals and toxic chemicals.  These can profoundly affect the brain.  For example, all of the toxic metals are neuro-toxic, meaning they affect the brain and nervous system.  Many toxic chemicals also affect the brain.

A key to restoring and improving your memory is to rid the body of these poisons.  In my experience, you cannot do this very well with chelation therapy of any kind.  Nutritional balancing uses other methods that are gentler, safer, and clear all the toxic metals and toxic chemicals more thoroughly.  Among the best procedures are the coffee enemas and daily use of a near infrared lamp sauna.  However, this needs to be combined with a diet and supplement program that balances the body chemistry deeply, so that the detoxification procedures are more effective.  Otherwise they can actually upset the body chemistry and will do much less good.


4. Heal dozens of chronic infections that most people have, that affect memory.  These can include infections near the brain, in the sinuses or ears, for example.  They can also include parasitic infections with trichina worm cysts, for example, or Lyme parasites.

Many people today also have some overgrowth of candida albicans in the brain.  This is a yeast or fungus that secretes alcohol, among other chemicals.  As a result, a person can feel slightly inebriated or fuzzy or cloudy all the time.  This is far more common than one might imagine.  It greatly interferes with the normal working of the memory.


5. Stay away from harmful food chemicals such as Aspartame, MSG, sugar, and other food additives and substances found in foods.  These are also very common causes of memory loss, confusion, brain fog and related symptoms.


6. Balance the autonomic nervous system.  This will allow the brain to relax and function much better.  Otherwise, many people’s brains are in a fight-or-flight mode most of the time, and this definitely affects memory and other mental activities.

A nutritional balancing program is the best way I know of to restore the normal activity of the autonomic or vegetative nervous system.  For more on this topic, read The Autonomic Nervous System on this website.


7. Use your memory.  This just means to read, study, and do your best to recall things.  Please do not become frustrated if you cannot recall things.  Realize that restoring your memory may take some years on a nutritional balancing program because in many people, there is much rebuilding and “cleaning out” to be done.  So be patient, use your memory and do not give up.




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