by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Magnetic pads and magnetic therapies are extremely popular and becoming more so.  Spot use of magnets is not so bad, though it can make things worse.  However, the mattress pads will unbalance the body severely, eventually.




The earthÕs magnetic field is very low at this time in history.  That will change, but for the next 500 years or so it will be the case.  As a result, many companies have sprung up that offer magnetic mattress pads that seem to duplicate or simulate the earthÕs magnetic field.  This is fine, but there are several problems:


1. The pads do not simulate the earthÕs field properly.  The reason is that the design of the mattress pads in all cases involves the use of many small magnets.  These have one side facing up, providing most of the magnetic field.  However, they also have the sides that are exposed to the person using the pad.  These give off stray magnetic fields, unlike the earth herself, which is a continuous field.  The stray field eventually unbalances a personÕs energy badly, which will shorten the life span.


2. It is not so great to sleep on a strong magnetic field and then spend your day in the very weak earth magnetic field.  It seems to be somewhat wearing on the body.  One could try to wear magnetic shoe soles, which are sold, but this is not quite the same.


For these two reasons, I suggest avoiding all magnetic mattress pads.  Although you may feel better with one for a while, within a year or two you will start to feel decidedly worse.




Small magnets are sold to put on wounds, strains, sprains, painful organs and much more.  These can help to some degree.  Be sure to always use the south-facing side against the skin.  This is very important.  Also, do not leave the magnet on the area any longer than is needed.


However, in my experience, magnets can do more subtle damage to the body, so I would avoid all magnetic therapies.  I do not think they are a wonderful therapy, as some claim, although they might help heal wounds and sprains, for example.  A much better way is to use a reddish 250-watt  Òheat lampÓ on the area, and follow a nutritional balancing program.  Another safer therapy is the use of alternating hot and cold water to bring blood to any area of the body.  This, in fact, is a very powerful and quite a safe way to increase the circulation to any area of the body, which is what the magnets do as well.


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