by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Limcomin is a specific formula made by Endomet Laboratories in Phoenix, Arizona.  It contains copper, manganese, zinc, magnesium, and vitamins A, C, and B6.

Fillers, binders and other aspects of this product. We get excellent results with Limcomin.  I look for toxicity from any ingredients and have not found any, as yet.  Limcomin contains some magnesium stearate, which I checked on the web after reading Dr. Mercola's information.  I also called the company that manufactures Limcomin.  They informed me that their magnesium stearate does not contain hydrogenated oils, as many web sites claim it does.  Mineral chelates and citrates are made by "cooking” the minerals with amino acids from rice protein to form easily absorbable forms of the minerals.




Limcomin is primarily used when the sodium/potassium ratio is less than 2.5:1.  This product was formulated or reformulated by Dr. Paul Eck specifically to raise the sodium/potassium ratio.  If the ratio is lower, more of the product is given.

A secondary use of Limcomin is as an immune system booster, and perhaps to prevent or even to correct infections in the body.  The dosage can be increased in the case of an infection.  At times, Dr. Eck recommended about 6 tablets three times daily in cases of colds, flus and other acute infections.

One or two tablets daily can be used in the winter, for example, to prevent colds or flu.  This should only be done if one is not following a complete nutritional balancing program, however, because taking this or other product when one is one a complete nutritional balancing program can unbalance the program and impair one’s results.




The mechanism of action of this product depends mainly upon its mineral content.  It contains copper and manganese, which tend to raise the sodium/potassium ratio.  It also contains a little zinc, which tends to balance the copper and which tends to lower the sodium/potassium ratio.  Vitamin C can raise the sodium/potassium ratio, while vitamin A balances this and tends to lower the sodium/potassium ratio slightly.  Magnesium and vitamin B6 tend to balance the sodium/potassium ratio as well.




Almost all clients can remain on Limcomin for months or even years if needed, with no problems.  On rare occasions, a person is unable to tolerate Limcomin.  In my experience, these individuals have a lot of excess copper in their bodies.  In these cases, one must use different products instead of limcomin.



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