by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© February 2023, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.

Like paratroopers dropped onto enemy territory, tens of thousands light workers exist in the world. They are beautiful souls who live to serve others. In all walks of life, they shine their light wherever they go.

Their coming to earth required great courage and compassion in most cases. For planet earth, while beautiful, is rather harsh at this time. Life on earth is not easy, especially for sensitive souls.

Helping the people of earth is the reason they are here. But first they must establish a beachhead, join up with their regiment or spiritual family, and begin to heal their own wounds.

For their mission, all have volunteered. Volunteers in earth embodiment they are called. They are, in fact, not from this planet, but come from many distant places. Reading this you are, most likely, a member of this special group. Many wander about and desperately need to know this.


Most light workers have not yet awakened.  They live ordinary lives and often struggle to survive.  They agreed to a period of relative unawareness.  In this way, they learn first hand the problems of the earth.

This is to prepare them for their later work.  Many suffer and struggle not because they are dammed or lacking, but to make them better teachers.


There are many casualties among the light worker troops. Growing up is often particularly bad.  First of all, most mothers today, especially in places like Africa and Asia, but really in all nations, are terribly malnourished and toxic, although they may look healthy.

Their babies are born malnourished and toxic.  This is almost universal today to varying degrees.  This means their brains and their bodies do not function well, which brings on physical and emotional diseases of every kind imaginable, along with great pain and suffering, in some cases.

Trusting and generous, they are kind, honest souls.  Isolated in earth families, early childhood is rough.  Medical drugs and vaccines further poison their bodies, while their diets are usually horrendous.

In addition, abuse is not uncommon, both physical and emotional.  Without knowing it, troubled parents harm their children.  Many simply do not know how to provide the love and guidance their children require.  Some act like vampires, robbing children of their innocence.  All children are wounded to some degree.

School is often a disaster, with gifts and talents not encouraged and often suppressed by the public school system.  Private schooling, and best of all, home schooling, is far better in almost all cases.

Unfortunately, today the public school system destroys many light workers.  Many rebel or stop learning, although they are very intelligent.  The stigma of poor schooling may haunt them the rest of their lives.

Badly confused in childhood, many never wake up to who they are.  Selfish earth dwellers find them easy targets.  Self-esteem declines further in dead-end jobs, dysfunctional relationships and incompatible marriages.

Most never awaken, and just exist in what is called soul death.  Confused and discouraged, the soul has been buried.  They are as in a coma, only partially alive.  Fear, doubt and depression are often their companions.  We say such ones have been ‘neutralized’, their missions aborted or at least delayed.


Every light worker’s intent is to wake up.  Their real talents go to waste if this does not occur.   Awakening often begins with a feeling of discontent.  At times, sheer despair hastens the process along.  Deep inside they start to feel that there must be more to life than this. They pray and ask for guidance often and it works!

Help is made available to anyone who desires it. Nothing can substitute for the desire and intent to awaken, and be all that one was created to be.  Like sending out a worldwide distress signal, this brings help, often in unexpected ways.

They are guided by unseen helpers day and night.  These attempt to communicate with them, love them, and to lead them along their way.  However, the veil of unawareness can be hard to penetrate.  Minds busy and fearful miss the gift of guidance.

Lucky ones have chance meetings with others already in service, and this leads to their awakening.  Like soldiers dropped into a war zone, light workers stand a better chance by getting to know others like themselves.  Other light workers are their true family, and the only ones who understand them.

Reading this article, you are hereby joining with a large family of light workers, all of whom are in service.  The key, we have found, is you must begin a development program in order to balance and strengthen yourself.  The details, and what happens when you do this, are at the end of this article.

So do not despair, ever.  There is much you can do no matter where you find yourself, no matter how alone you mistakenly think you are.


Some light workers become stuck in the stage of awakening.  Overwork, nutritional imbalances, and toxic exposures create lots of stress.  This discourages many, as energy is required to overcome the past and get on with their true work of healing and service.

Often, dull routines become comfortable even if they lead nowhere.  False, secular ideas that seem ‘modern’ often lull the light workers and destroy them.  All secular ideas are wrong, by the way.  In some cases, medical or recreational drugs, alcohol or sexual involvements weaken the awakening soul.

Intimate relationships can help or may stop awakening.  They can become great distractions.  Sexual partners, though one does not realize it in the heat of infatuation, can be spiritually incompatible.  The less developed one holds back the other, who is often a light worker.  However, some relationships have the opposite effect, strengthening and awakening two light workers when the basis of the relationship is a spiritual bond to serve the light together.

The lure of materialism seduces some workers.  In other cases, fame or fortune can lull the soul back to sleep.  Others cannot escape the pressures to conform.  They are frightened to stand alone.  Their desire is to belong and be accepted.  They fear letting their light shine.

Some become perpetual seekers, running from group to group or teacher to teacher.  They believe they are progressing, but their search remains only on the surface.

Guilt plagues many light workers.  Many feel guilty for the suffering they see.  Although it is not their fault and thus is incorrect, this guilt slows awakening.  Some feel false guilt because they are not starving to death, or not living in a hovel.  They even feel guilty for living on earth.  All this slows their progress and may take them off their path.

As a result of home and school experiences, some develop a hatred of all forms of authority.  Although skepticism is a positive trait, distrust and cynicism harm the body and close the mind to rational thinking.  They also open the soul to negative beings who know how to manipulate your anger, hatred and distrust.


Cults are a terrible hazard as one awakens.  They include false religions and many so-called spiritual groups.  Dietary systems such as raw foods and vegetarianism, and some political affiliations are also types of cults.  Too often, they offer ideas that are false or exaggerated.  Pressure to conform replaces the search for truth.  Eager for simple packaged answers, the awakening mind is easily lured.

Cults often appear as spiritual paths, but they can stop the awakening process.  Instead of truth, one learns the teaching of the group.  Waking up is not the same as learning ideas and rituals.  Instead of joining groups, they would do better to seek out ways to dig deeply within to find their own answers and to deeply heal the body and mind.  This website can help that process.


Protecting light workers begins before their birth.  Young women need counseling to prepare them for motherhood.  Unless they improve their health drastically, all young women’s bodies today contain many toxic metals and harmful chemicals that poison their children before they are even born.  Nutrient deficiencies in young women are also universal today, no matter how beautiful they look or how they feel.  This is the truth, I assure you.  “Prenatal care” needs to begin today, no matter how young you are, ladies.  Medical prenatal care is not nearly enough, and is almost a joke it is so bad.

Special care needs to continue once a child is born.  Both men and women need parenting skills.  Most earth cultures provide poor guidance in this area.  Physical and emotional health require constant vigilance.  If possible, keep the children away from all medical drugs, over-the-counter products, surgery and especially vaccines.  Keep children away from toxins in all forms, even metal braces which usually contain nickel.

Schooling requirements for light workers are unique and often hard to find.  Home schooling is best unless a special school can be found.  Avoid the politically correct and liberal schools.  Public schools are often like sending a child to prison or a war zone, sadly, where they learn false ideas and false values.  Also, they are exposed to junk foods, many sick children and other problems.  A very positive and protective environment is critical to help a light worker child grow up intact.

Special needs continue into the teenage years.  Here temptations are great as pressure builds to conform.  Very involved and gentle, but forcefully protective parents can help a child pass happily through these years.  At all ages, the main need today for these lovely young people is protection and more protection, not “experiences” or “experimentation”, as many teach today.  Protection, however, does not mean to deny them some safe experiences.

In this way, some light workers make it through high school intact, but most are so lost and confused they can barely function correctly.  College life often finishes them off.  The moral climate is often horrible, rape is common today, the food habits are worse, and the “education” is often a waste of hundreds of thousands of dollars.  This is the sad plight of most light workers today.  A few wise ones decide not to go on to college, as it gives them time to relax and hopefully helps them to become centered and grounded before moving on to adulthood.  Some can handle college, or have a positive experience, but most do not.


For the reasons above, rehabilitation for most light workers is a pressing need.  Two important areas are health and self-esteem.

Health. Every light worker’s body needs work today.  There are no exceptions.  The prevailing medical system is often little help and, in fact, is quite harmful in most instances.  Light workers‘ bodies are very reactive to poisons. As a result, drugs and surgery may be especially toxic for them.

The development program is most helpful, not herbs, random vitamins, or homeopathy.  These do not work well enough today.  All bodies at this time are exposed to toxic chemicals, weakened by radiation, and debilitated by chronic infections.  This clouds the thinking, depletes one’s energy and blocks receptivity to guidance.

One will be amazed how toxic the body was as the poisons begin coming out.  Several years to a decade or more of purification are needed, regardless of how healthy they may think they are.  Development is especially suited for these souls.  Please avoid “cleansing diets”, raw food, and vegetarian regimens that will destroy the body, I find.

Self esteem. Restoring self esteem is also often a lengthy process.  It goes hand in hand with restoring the physical body.  One will not succeed, in some cases, without the other.  Unhappy memories need to be cleared.  False ideas need to be exposed and discarded.  Anger, hatred, guilt and resentment need to be released.  Everyone and everything that happened in the past needs to be forgiven, including, of course, oneself.

Light workers need to learn to live in truth, with truth, for truth. Trying to conform or even accommodate the insanity around oneself will only make one insane.


Remembering self-love for a light worker is vital and essential.  It requires great integrity and vigilance.

It means living the truth as you see it, asking to know the truth, since it is often subtle, accepting the consequences of your actions, and facing your fears each day.  This strengthens the character and builds self confidence. 

It requires knowing that much of the world’s thinking is false.  Also, everyone must understand that toxic metals, fatigue, nutritional depletion, and hidden fears and anger affect everyone’s thinking.

Loving others.  Many are surprised to learn that only by loving the self is real love for others possible.  Often what they thought was love was really just a need or projection.  That is why it didn’t work out.

One sees in someone else that which one is missing.  By possessing that one in love, one appears to acquire their traits.  This seems like a short cut to full development, but it brings unhappiness when the truth is revealed.  For those in unhealthy jobs and relationships, this is most important.

Rehabilitation may take several years or even decades.  It is an exciting time of intense personal change, preparing the workers well for their future tasks.  Aligning body, brain and soul, light workers become fully conscious beings.

Survival tools. Once awakened even partially, workers need survival tools.  These are daily living skills, as well as tools for emergencies.  The basics include how to eat and how to care for the body and the mind at all times.

A sense of money and value is another useful skill.  Others are the ability to communicate, and knowledge of human motivation and basic psychology.  This website can help you develop all of these skills.

Your “tool kit” also needs to include all the procedures used in development science such as the coffee enemas, sauna sessions, rubbing the feet, aligning the spine, and having inspirational material around to read and to listen to in those moments when stress, fatigue or upset occurs. Light workers need to learn to grab on and use these tools immediately, if possible, to keep the ship steady and moving in the right direction under stress.


This is the fun part of the mission.  As a light worker awakens, and learns how to care for the body, the mind and the soul, life begins to proceed more easily and smoothly. 

Miraculously, basic needs begin to be handled easily and energy remains for the task at hand.  One’s purpose is clear and cannot be swayed.  Indeed, an entire army of like-minded souls is with you in spirit, and many in the flesh as well, doing their part in their little corner of the planet.

Have no doubt that a guerrilla war is indeed underway between the forces of light and love, and those who would deceive you with “love” or “hope and change”, when their real agenda is to preserve the status quo or make things worse.

Ultimately, the light workers will be successful if they keep to their development practices to keep up their strength and balance. As with all battles, there will be successes and failures, but the successes tend to grow.


Beware, however, because opportunities to fall back asleep are always present. Sometimes, light workers that do well for a while slip back and forget their mission. Others who seem like laggards decide to awaken and become real troops. As conditions of workers change, responsibilities are ever shifting. Those capable of greater effort are given more responsible assignments.

Life for light workers is definitely not dull. Friendships and relationships may change, and entire careers may come and go.  Living and working habits may also change.

One awakens each day not knowing what the day will bring, but feeling sure that with one’s purpose aligned in service, all is in divine order.

In fact, life for an awakened worker is a never-ending joy. One acquires a long-term view that eases daily stress and strain. Life is a series of challenges, the ultimate outcome of which is already assured.

God’s little helpers are all working together to quietly shift the earth’s vibration from fear and anger to love and joy.  Slowly and surely, she responds to their noble efforts.


Following the development program has a magical and awakening effect upon light workers. So do not resent your present circumstances, such as living with unsupportive parents or an unsupportive partner, or being alone, or being sick, perhaps, or somewhat depressed.

Just do your program, even if you don’t like it and don’t understand it. This is a must today!  Here is what it seems to do:

- Fills in holes in the aura, making you literally a more “solid” or “intact” person of character, strength and balance.

- Let’s God and the angels know you are ready to serve them because you are actively strengthening and balancing your personality, your brain and your body.

- Integrates the personality in unique ways that just seem to make things happen differently and better.

- Gets rid of blocks.  This refers to traits and quirks of your personality that lead to mistakes, errors of judgment, accidents, diseases, bad relationships, financial problems and more.  While it may seem odd, it seems that forcing yourself to be disciplined about your diet, your bedtime, your attitudes, taking a few supplements and doing enemas and saunas rids the body and soul of what may be called “blocks to success”.

- Builds a special kind of self-esteem based on real balance and inner strength that will serve you the rest of your life.

- Helps you to be more detached and independent of your surroundings so that you will begin to radiate blessings to all around you, instead of absorbing their negativity and other energies that are ultimately harmful for you.

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