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            Life can be broken down into seven-year stages or cycles.  This is an ancient way to understand physical life.  This article summarizes these stages quickly, but gives enough detail so that anyone can appreciate each of them.




1. The baby – age 0 -7.  In the first cycle, one is a dependent child - heavily dependent upon the parents for most everything.  For the first two years or so, even movement is difficult.  Later, one becomes proficient at walking, but a child up until around the age of 6 or 7 is still not developed well mentally, in most cases.


2. The child – age 8 -14.  The second cycle is an exciting one because the baby is no longer and a child is born.  The word child means not yet an adult, but not a baby.  It is a transition time from babyhood to adulthood, with fast growth, lots of learning, and learning how to do many things. 

It is often one of the happiest times for people, assuming that there are not too many health or other problems in the family, for example.  If the parents divorce at this time, however, it can be difficult for the child.  The child is not aware enough to understand why the divorce occurred, so he or she often blames the self for it, which is rarely the case.


3. The adolescent – age 15 - 21.  This is a very difficult time for many young people.  One can think one is an adult, but it is not true.  A few mature ones are adults, but most are not quite there.  The adolescent stage of life is one of challenges that are necessary in order for one to learn about being an adult.

In many modern nations, the child graduates from high school and may go on to higher education in college or somewhere like this.  This used to be a very exciting experience, and the first time the child is away from home.

Today, the college experience has degenerated, in many cases, because colleges have become operated for money, rather than to really educate people.  This is quite sad and was brought about almost solely by government intervention in education with subsidies, contracts with universities and other things that destroyed the market aspect of college education.

Colleges used to compete with each other for the best students, and they kept their prices low in order to attract the best young minds. Today, they don’t much care about academic excellence, and instead care more about whether they receive enough government contracts for research, or other funding.

This discussion is necessary because college used to be a right of passage for young people.  It was their first experience away from home, often first dating experience, first real learning at a high level, and first setting up a household.

Now it is often drugs, alcohol, parties, silly classes and indoctrination with liberal ideas that are totally incorrect.  Rape is very common among the women, though few want to talk about it - as they should.

This is why this website discourages everyone, but especially women, from going away to college.  Study online or locally where you can live at home.  It is much safer at this important stage of your life.

Stick with your parents, even if they are old fuddy-duddies.  You will be happy later that you did so, while your friends learned sex techniques, got STDs and got abortions and become depressed and angry for the rest of their lives.  This does not always occur, but it is common today.


4. Young and immature – age 22-28.  This is the final stage of childhood.  I know some people will say that is crazy!  However, if you are honest with yourself, you will realize that usually in your twenties you made decisions that were not necessarily mature and adult-oriented.  Most people simply are not fully mature during the twenties.

This is often a time of fun, however, because one’s health usually holds out during the twenties, and one has the body of an adult and can go anywhere and do anything one wishes, legally.  So it is a time of exploration.

For some, it is a time of marriage, while for others it is a time of sexual experimentation and “friendships”.  This is important at this fourth stage of life.  The body is fully mature, so one can go forth in this area, although the mind is not mature so mistakes are common.

This is why this website recommends waiting until around age 30 to 31 to marry, especially boys.  Girls are more mature at each stage than the boys, for various reasons, so it is less critical but still helpful for many women.

The fourth stage is one of physical activity.  it is a time of mountain climbing, bicycling, hiking, sports, physical jobs, and other physically-related activities for most people.  This actually helps develop the brain.

At the end of this 7-year cycle, from about age 28 to 30, some people experience a difficult transition.  This is the transition to adulthood.  Some people must reassess their beliefs, their work, their friends and perhaps more in order to successfully move on to the next stage of life.  This can be one of the most difficult times of life.


5. Man or woman – age 29 – 35.  This is a more stable time.  One must pass through the initiation called the Saturn return in order to have survived into one’s 30s, so a kind of testing has been passed.

It is possible to achieve the age of 30 without having successfully passed the Saturn return, and in this case life goes on, but the spirit is killed or dimmed.  This is actually quite common today, thanks to impaired nutrition, bad health, and perhaps other factors on earth.

In these cases, which is at least half the population, life kind of drones on after 30.  One may get a job, get married, have a family, and start a career but there is a boredom and stupidity about life.  These people often turn to drugs, too much sex, television all day, and other distractions because life has not been embraced fully.


6. The householder – age 36 – 42.  This is a time of settling down for most people.  Decisions are made about where to live, what career to follow, how many children one will have, and other serious adult issues.  It is often a more serious time, a time of hard work to build a life – a family, a career or to succeed at a job, and to overcome other challenges to a successful adult life.

America used to make it easy to pass through this stage because there were many jobs and setting up a business was easy.  Now, with the liberal adminstrations, this is no longer so.  Political correctness rules, regulations of all businesses abound, and many jobs have been shipped overseas.

Smart people understand that this is all bad and the nation is poorer and sicker for it.  Some still support these policies, but hopefully more will wake up and realize that capitalism is a self-correcting economic system and it is best to leave it alone and let it generate jobs and wealth for the people.

Those who believe in big government don’t want wealthy, independent citizens, so they have destroyed opportunities for many people, though they will never admit it.  People in this sixth stage of life are often those most affected by these silly government policies.


7. A continuation of #6 above – 43 - 49.  This stage of life is generally a continuation of the previous stage.  One is still trying to earn enough money to have a nice life, trying to build a family and raise the children healthfully and wisely, and so on. 

People in this stage are also heavily affected by government follies such as welfare, government health care, and other stupid schemes that do not work well.  In particular, those living in the Western nations of Europe, Australia, New Zealand and others that have adopted a socialist agenda are not doing well.  America is not as bad, but following in their footsteps, so far.

The midlife crisis.  In this stage, however, some experience what is called the midlife crisis.  It is not exactly a crisis.  It is more of a re-examination of one’s life and often changes occur. 

Some divorce at this time, particularly women who have achieved a career and are done raising their children, or close to it.  Some men leave their wives and drive around in sports cars with younger women, trying to recapture their youth.  This never works out, but they try anyway. 

It is a time of feeling a loss, for many people.  Something is missing, they say, but few realize what it is.  It is often a time of endings and new beginnings, hopefully better than those of the past.


Stage 8 and beyond – age 50 and over.  This is a downhill slide for many people.  Especially today, most people’s health begins to deteriorate, mental sharpness declines, boredom sets in unless one is in an exciting job or career, or one’ s marriage is excellent.  There is no need for this, but it is the fact of life for many people today all over the world.

The health of the bodies is just not that good.  This is the major reason for the decline in most people’s health and well-being after age 50 or so.  Nutritional balancing can completely prevent this stage of degeneration, but few are willing to undertake the program, and still fewer understand it enough to really follow the program diligently.


End of life.  This is a sad time for most people.  The body is completely worn out, even if the mind is working.  Too often, today, the brain stops working well first, which is called dementia.

It is a time when the nutritional mistakes of the past all tend to catch up with a person.  Also, the medical drugs, flu shots, vaccines and other toxins build up to such an extent that the body just cannot function well any longer.  The soul decides it is the end, and life soon is over.

None of this need occur, in my view.  The body can continue to function well into the 90s and even beyond.  But one must start now, today, hopefully when you are under 30, to reverse the damage of the past and secure a healthy future for yourself and all those you love.



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