by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© October 2012, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.




Due to weakened adrenal and thyroid glands, many millions of young people today cannot function on what may be called natural biochemical energy.  They simply do not produce enough ATP or enough energy on their own.

A substitute energy, if I may call it that, or really a substitute motivation for them is often anger and hatred.  Many do not realize this, but they would not get out of bed, were it not for their anger, which functions to motivate or really to stimulate their weak adrenal and thyroid glands in to action each morning.  Dr. Paul Eck realized this, and noted it in his work.  In other words, many weak young people cannot imagine functioning without anger, rage and hatred as their motivating forces.

They must find someone or something to hate as a way to stimulate their glands into action.  Otherwise, they feel depressed, anxious and just plain exhausted most of the time.  By the way, they are also often attracted to other stimulants, be they drugs, too much loud music or noise, too much sex, body piercing, tattoos, cutting themselves and other odd and sometimes bizarre habits.

At the same time, these stimulants further hinder their already impaired ability to function mentally, to learn and comprehend complex material, and to function normally in the world.  This is our world situation today!




This need for stimulants of anger and hatred, often, grows up with the child and is reflected in their attitudes and emotions.  It literally colors their entire approach to life.  They have a tendency for depression, for example, and often they are somewhat angry and selfish because they must be selfish to conserve enough energy to function properly.  They are often somewhat or overtly oppositional and defiant or rebellious because they need anger to function, and in addition, they unconsciously blame their parents for their condition.

            At one level, this blaming of the parents is correct.  It is the poor nutritional condition of the mothers, in particular, that is the cause of their condition.  The fathers play a role, as well, in terms of genetics and the presence of the father in the young baby’s life.  However, the main influence is probably the mother’s nutritional state.

It is imperative to know that these young people, which is most of them, have never known anything else besides a weak immune system, and a weakened mind.  This has been their upbringing and their entire experience this lifetime.

They also have difficulty thinking clearly and concisely, and this hinders their ability to process what amounts to a type of trauma that they live with.





            I want to introduce another controversial subject regarding nutrition.  It is that certain minerals and perhaps other substances found in food are absolutely needed in order to stimulate and even to allow higher thought and lofty ideals.  So another problem these young people have today is difficulty imagining or conceiving of or understanding more complex and more metaphysical truths.

Among the most important minerals needed for more advanced and complex mental activity are selenium, zinc and iodine.  These are deficient in almost all of our food today, for which reason I always supplement them in everyone.

However, many other minerals and nutrients also have to do with higher mental functioning.  The reason I suggest a diet of 70% cooked vegetables is for this precise reason.  In addition, I supplement everyone with 3600 mg of kelp, and a few vegetable capsules daily, because everyone today needs at least a dozen or two trace minerals that are not found in most food, especially if one does not eat correctly.

I do not like the sea-based trace minerals or the many earth-based mineral supplements or colloidal mineral supplements as much, and I do not use them, as they contain more toxic metals.  Kelp also contains some toxic metals as it is from the sea.  However, kelp contains other chemicals such as alginates.  These are able to bind and remove many toxic metals, particularly mercury, making kelp a much safer product.  In addition, kelp is one of few foods with plenty of available iodine and also has many other trace minerals in it.  For more, read Kelp on this website.




            Young people’s anger and sometimes outright hatred of parents can easily spill over onto their social and political life.  It can easily cause them to favor idealistic, utopian, authoritarian-leaning and generally socialistic political ideologies such as marxism and communism.

For example, Marxism is also known as dialectical materialism.  It is a totally materialistic, simplistic and incorrect view of how society works.  However, it appeals to minds that cannot think deeply, and that have difficulty thinking in a more spiritual vein.  This, as explained above, is a side effect of living on hybridized crops and refined and processed food diets.

In addition, the young today, because they are actually rather tired and weak inside, favor these ideologies that promise an easy life, a short work week, retirement and health care “benefits” for all, and other dependency schemes.  These young people are simply not strong and secure enough to desire to take care of themselves and their families by themselves.  They feel they must have a large, powerful government-parent or nanny state to care for their bodies and their minds, neither of which work well.

            This rather bleak situation is the reality today in all of the Western world, and in much of Asia, as well.  This is no lie.  It colors the thinking around the globe, and influences political elections and all decision-making.




The same problem influences the religious belief systems of the people around the globe, causing them to want to adopt “strong, powerful and angry gods”.  They gravitate toward religions such as Islam and even environmentalism and gaia, that are quite violent in their methods of bringing order to the world.

At the same time, these weakened young people also tend to rebel against all Western authorities and authority figures, unconsciously blaming them for their hidden plight.  Among these authorities are the Christian church, the Jewish religious concepts such as the Ten Commandments, and such teachings that go with it such as the Golden Rule.  This is important to understand, or their behavior and thinking make little sense.




While nutrition is not the only cause of this situation, it is an overlooked factor in the way many people think today.  It is far more important than our health authorities and government leaders believe.  I know this because as these young people faithfully follow a nutritional balancing program, they start to change.

They begin to feel more powerful inside, more capable of caring for themselves without a need for government intervention, more loving and more gentle.  This is a constant finding in those who follow a nutritional balancing program, as reported by the patients, themselves.  As one feels more in control of one’s own life, one has much less need to control the lives of others around oneself in order to be safe and secure. 

One also finds one has less need to control the environment, the CO2 level, for example, or the carbon footprint, which many people secretly know is not that influenced by human activity, anyway, since CO2 is an essential gas used by plants to make oxygen.  When there is more CO2 around, one simply gets more plants growing faster, and this balances the CO2 and oxygen levels in the air.  I know this thesis is blasphemy to the environmentalists, today, but it is the truth.  Burning gasoline is not that bad, although it spews some heavy metals into the air, which is not good.

In this regard, paying more attention to nutrition is a secret weapon, as it were, that can promote true peace and understanding in the world far more than we think.  It is not just about “ending hunger” in the world.  It is about realizing the importance of the trace minerals for the brain and nervous system, and the totally devastating, if subtle impact of the current refined food diets and even of the current agricultural methods in use around the world.  It can and should give us great hope for the future, which otherwise can look bleak to those who see the problems deeply.





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