by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


A rough analogy to help people understand nutritional balancing science is to compare it to fixing an electronic device like a computer. 




The basis of this analogy is that a computer must input information, must then process, store and retrieve that information, and then it must spit out or output information.  That is essentially what any electronic device does.  We could view healing the body as a subset of this idea, as follows.


Input devices.  On a person, these include the mouth, the teeth, the esophagus, stomach, and intestines.  It also includes the lungs and bronchial tubes.  It also includes other types of input devices such as the ears, eyes, nose, and sense of touch.  All of these must function perfectly to absorb what the body needs.


Processing and memory. The body or “living machine” must then process, store, retrieve and process the information some more.  A general term for this phase of machine operation in the human being is metabolism.  However, this is broken down many ways, for example, into catabolism (breaking the information apart into smaller bits), and anabolism (building up little bits into larger wholes).  These take place continually in various areas of the human machine in a vast array of manners, facilitated by enzymes, which are like transistors.  Some of these depend on minerals that are facilitators, meaning they speed up the transmission of the information, while other minerals like cadmium, lead and fluoride are inhibitory, slowing down the transmission of the information.


Memory. Similar to a computer, the human machine has many types of memory.  They include shorter-term, longer-term, fast-access memory, RAM or random access, and perhaps others.


Internal and external communication systems. Like a computer, the whole system is connected by means of wires, which also vary in type.  Some must transmit at high speed, (reflexes), while others must carrier higher voltages or amperage and are thus of a different design and nature.

Also, like the modern computers, communication is not just via wires.  The machine is equipped with more sophisticated wireless connections, and perhaps other methods that are more suited for some needs.  These are analogous to other communication systems within our bodies such as the hormonal system and perhaps vibratory, meridian systems or others of which we still know little.


Output.  Finally, it must output some information, which is not only the eliminative systems of the body, but the expressive systems like movement, speech, and even some thinking that turns to expression.


                  Software (easily changed aspects) and hardware (aspects that are immutable or difficult to alter).  Hardware might be like the DNA or genetic code of a person.  Software or programs might include the minerals in the foods, the type of water one drinks, one’s thoughts or emotions, one’s knowledge, or other input that is fairly easily changed out or switched.  Of all of these, I am told that the minerals are the most basic and among the most powerful programs in our bodies. 

                  This means change your minerals and you change your output and your health.



Temperature regulation.  Machines often have systems to regulate their temperature, since they will not function well when they run too hot or too cold, and can be severely damaged.  This is similar to our skin, sweating, shivering and other heat regulation mechanisms in each cell.

Self-diagnosis and repair. Some sophisticated machines today, even our automobiles and computers, have quite sophisticated self-assessment and repair systems.  These might be likened to the immune system and others in a person that help discover problem areas and fix them quickly by recalibrating the system, or requesting a maintenance check and even ordering new parts.

Movement, similar to our muscles, to transport or move the machine around.

Specifications. All machines and humans have specifications they must meet and maintain.  If they do not, they quickly break down and malfunction.  Hair analysis ideal readings give us some of these specifications, for example, as do blood and all tests. 

Reproduction.  This sounds odd, but some day our machines may even include systems to reproduce themselves.

                  Machine personality.  Machines actually have sort-of human like quirks or qualities that are somewhat like a personality.  For example, pickup truck ride rough, don’t have the power of muscle cars, but have heavy suspensions to handle heavy loads.  This might be called their “personality”.  Some computers run at amazing speeds, but are somewhat unstable and prone to crashing.  This is the “personality” of this particular machine.  It sounds like a fast oxidation rate in a human being.




                  These are all readouts or ways to monitor the machine, similar to diagnostic printouts that many computers, printers and other electronic machines generate for their users.  This is an excellent way to understand hair mineral analysis, in particular, because it is a very sophisticated readout of a human body that includes information on a physical, chemical, biological, mental, emotional and spiritual levels all at once.

                  By the way, machines also have many of these levels and engineers must actually monitor and design them properly so they will not conflict with each other.  For example, physical machines must operate at the correct temperature, air pressure and other physical conditions.  The metal parts must not corrode too fast or be subject to any chemical damage, or be protected from it.  Of course, the electrical system (wires, etc.) must work properly, too.  Wireless or vibratory levels of functioning must also work well, and all these systems must be integrated so that one does not conflict with another.  For example, it will not do for a power transformer that emits a strong electromagnetic field to conflict with a wireless signal, or for it to generate so much heat that if placed near another component it will damage it.

                  The human machine is actually similar.  All levels of functioning must coordinate and integrate, or there will be serious illness in the body.  This means the food, the water, the electrical balance of the cells, the physical qualities such as heat, cold, oxidation rate, yin and yang, and more must all be integrated.  Nutritional balancing is one of very few healing systems that seek to do this consciously and simply in every single case.  It is one of the secrets of its success.




                  Fragmentation – lack of a total systems approach. Problems with the allopathic medical system could be compared to just dealing with one aspect of the computer, such as an output device like a printer – analogous to perhaps constipation which is an inability to get certain things out of the body.  However, any computer geek knows that when a printer malfunctions, the problem might be in the printer itself, but it could actually be in any number of the systems of the machine, such as the processor, memory, switching, or even an input problem that is conflicting or confusing the system.

                  Superficiality - simple remedies are not enough.  Computer scientists also know that while a quick fix sometimes works for a simple problem, often one must take a long-term systems approach to correcting computer difficulties and make sure all the systems are working, since a hidden computer virus could be affecting any part of the machine, which in turn is causing an effect at a distance – meaning somewhere else in the machine.  Once again, allopathic medicine is just too simplistic in many cases, thinking that stomach problems just require a stomach remedy, and so on, when really much more is required.

                  Toxicity – dangerous interventions that are often not even needed. Another problem of allopathic medicine is the overuse of toxic substances.  This would be like introducing new and untested programs to fix old broken ones, rather than remove the bad program.  It might even include introducing computer viruses, or even hitting the computer to fix it. 

The better way is to carefully dissect the problem, cleaning and oiling the hard drive and other mechanical parts, and attempting to restore and return the machine to perfect working order as it was when it came from the factory.  This is the nutritional balancing approach to disease.


This analogy may help some people understand why we use a systems approach to healing that really is an informational model.  It may also help us to design better products and procedures to restore the human machine, an amazing living information transforming device.



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