by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© November 2015, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


This short article is written to remind us that our true identity is not defined by our birth.  That is, one’s true identity has nothing to do with one’s nationality, place of birth, race, color, religion, or blood family relations.  This is a very difficult concept for some people to understand.

Nor does one’s true identity have to do with one’s language, occupation, husband, wife, children, the size of one’s home, the car one drives, the amount of money in the bank one has, or other superficial things such as one’s clothing, for example.




Your true identity has to do with several factors, as explained below:


1. You are a human being.  This may seem obvious from outward appearance.  However, this is quite a distinction, as the human body is an amazing marvel of engineering, chemical processing, structural integrity, electrical and chemical balance, and much, much more. 

You share this aspect of your identity with all other human beings, no matter where or when they were born, and no matter what superficial outer qualities they have.

The human being is much more than its physical appearance, or even its chemical makeup and capacities.  The more advanced capabilities of all humans are explored in the section on the Articles page of this website entitled Spiritual Development. 

Essentially, all human beings are capable of developing subtle energy centers in the brain that will cause long life, excellent health, and the unfoldment of hidden talents and abilities that some would say are amazing.  All human beings are also capable of very subtle emotions such as love and compassion, which are difficult to understand even by the most advanced scientists and others.


2. You are soul.  This means that you are more than a physical body.  Considering yourself only as a human being, or as a “higher animal” is thus always degrading and false.  You are and always will be much more than this.

The human body is activated and animated by an entity soul, which lives in the chest area.  It is very real.  Many other souls help control the body, as well.  To learn more about this subject, please read the articles on this website about the soul, such as Souls and others.




Most people, at one time or another, think of themselves as weak, small, insignificant, dying and perhaps even wretched and horrible beings.  This is an important and potent cause for discouragement, depression, anger, and even suicide.

If everyone knew their true identity, and if it were actually demonstrated to them, which can be done to a degree, most people would be far more content, happy and loving.  This is a major reason for understanding your true identity.

Another reason that is equally important to know who you are is to understand your real capabilities and latent talents and genius.  Once again, most people think of themselves as rather dull, stupid, ignorant, and incapable of higher mental powers and higher thought.  This is always totally false, as many examples have proven over the years.

Once in a while, we surprise ourselves with some act of wisdom, heroism, strength, courage or other higher quality that we did not know we had.  Imagine if everyone realized that these qualities lie within, but we rarely tap into them, for various reasons. 

One of these reasons, by the way, is very poor health and a very low energy level, no matter how healthy you believe you are.  Another is a lack of certain minerals such as selenium and zinc, which are needed to activate several subtle brain centers. 

Another reason is the presence of toxic metals that block the development of some brain centers.  A goal of nutritional balancing science is to correct these problems.  Correction is not so simple, and must be done right.  It usually takes a few years, in most cases, to undo these and subtle mental imbalances most people are born with or develop early in life due to improper nutrition, emotional traumas and for other reasons.

Another reason to understand better who you are is to prevent the arising of false identities that cause conflicts and even wars between nations and in families.  Most people, at one time or another, fall into a common trap of believing that their true identity lies with their nation, their family or friends, or some other group. 

Many people may also identify with their profession or work situation.  This is always false.  However, it is often worse than false.  It leads to a kind of arrogance, and blindness in which one may view other human beings as “foreign”, “alien”, and therefore less worthy and even dangerous or evil.  This always leads to conflict, fears of annihilation, and even wars between people that really make no sense at all.  This, sadly, is the state of many of the nations of the world today.

While there are many other reasons to think carefully about your true identity, I will just mention one other.  It is to stop wasting time and money with superficial and often false pursuits.  Too many people think their true identity, for example, has to do with the clothes they wear, or the makeup on their face, or the house they live in.  As a result, millions spend their time and money chasing after new houses, exciting clothing, and hundreds of other superficial pursuits. 

They do not realize that these will not bring lasting happiness because they do not represent their true identity.  In contrast, if they thought more about their real purpose and identity, they would be spending their time and money enhancing their health, renourishing their temple or body, and sharing and learning the wisdom and other abilities that are latent in all of us.   



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