By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

October 2016, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


I believe the Hallelujah diet is a fraud being perpetrated against Christians.  Some people will feel better on this diet for a while because the diet eliminates a lot of refined food and chemicalized food, and eliminates common allergic foods.

However, long-term it is a very deficient diet due to its emphasis on raw foods and vegetarian foods.  This is extremely harmful, no matter how nutritious it seems.

Here are more specifics about its problems:


1. Too much raw food.  Please read Raw Food on this website for details about why this is very harmful.


2. Vegetarian.  Vegetarian diets are deficient in a number of important nutrients.  They might be fine for a year or two to help get rid of a cancer.   After that, it is a harmful diet.

Lamb, chicken and turkey are good foods, eaten in moderation.  We also find sardines to be excellent.  Up to about 6 eggs per week cooked soft is also very good.  For details about why avoid vegetarian diets, read Vegetarian Diets.


3. Encourages fruit.  I find that fruit is not as healthful today as in the past due to our agricultural methods - even organically grown fruit.  For more, read Fruit-Eating on this site.


4. Encourages nuts and seeds.  These are slightly toxic and difficult to digest.  Toasted almond butter is good, however.


5. Green juice and fruit juice.  These can be nutritious, but too much juice and fruit juice  unbalances the body.  Read Smoothies And Juices for more on this subject.


6. Allows honey and maple syrup.  These are extremely sugary foods that always upset body chemistry.  A number of articles on this website detail the problems with all sugars and sugary foods, such as Sugar.



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