by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All hair testing laboratories in America are licensed and supposedly checked by the government.  However, we check the accuracy of the hair tests that we receive from a number of labs and most hair mineral testing is inaccurate.  This is a serious problem because development programs require accurate hair mineral tests.


Faulty inspections.  Perhaps the way the national government inspects the laboratories makes it possible for them to pass the inspection and still do inferior lab work, and this may be intentional.  Another possibility is that the licensing agency, called CLIA in the USA, is corrupt.


Reasons for inaccuracy.  One reason for inaccurate testing is that most laboratories wash the hair at the laboratory before testing the hair.  This washes out some of the minerals in the hair in an erratic manner.

The laboratories claim they need to wash the hair because the hair is dirty.  However, we find it just ruins the test and that most hair samples are not dirty. 

Some labs wash the hair with just water, while others use detergents, chelators or solvents.    As a result, the numbers that the labs report often vary somewhat from lab to lab.

We believe this is planned in order to discredit hair mineral testing.  This test reveals so much about toxic metals and nutrient mineral deficiencies – much more than any blood tests, in our experience – that the Rogues who control both the medical and naturopathic professions do not want this type of testing.

Some labs also appear to do sloppy laboratory work.




Besides making people question the accuracy of hair testing and making it easy for naysayers to publish articles disparaging hair mineral testing, other consequences of inaccurate testing are:


- False positive results.  These alarm and frighten people.  Such results may also lead to unnecessary medical interventions such as chelation therapy, which we find to be harmful.

- False negative results.  These give people false confidence.  They say, “My test was normal”, when really it was not.

In fact, this could have lethal consequences.  For example, a properly performed hair test can reveal an impending heart attack or stroke if a person has a Step-Up Pattern.  This is a great benefit of this test. 

An inaccurate hair mineral test may not reveal this or other serious illness patterns such as cancer indicators.  (One cannot diagnose cancer from a hair test, but the test has markers that are associated with the presence of cancer.)

- Healing and development programs based upon the mineral test results are less effective, may not work at all, or could even make health worse.  This causes some people to discredit development science, which depends upon accurate hair mineral testing.

- A waste of time and money.  The test itself is a waste of money.  Consulting doctors, buying supplements and following programs based on bad testing then wastes more time and money.




At this time, we can only recommend Analytical Research Labs for hair mineral testing.  Their accuracy is significantly better than that of any other laboratory that we have found anywhere in the world.  We suggest avoiding any practitioner who uses a different hair testing laboratory.

Among those who use Analytical Research Labs, we only suggest practitioners listed at this page.  Others are usually copycats who set up the healing programs incorrectly.  A few of our newer Helpers are not yet listed on this page and you can send us an email and we will let you know if a Helper is approved.  

For documentation, read The Effects Of Washing On The Trace element Content Of Human Hair by Raymond Leroy, DSc. (first published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, Vol.1, #2, 1986.)



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