by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            Occasionally, one sees a pattern on a properly performed hair mineral analysis that is associated with a state of grief, such as after the death of a loved one.


Definition.  The criteria for this pattern are:


1. A double low ratio pattern (double inversion), but not a step up pattern.  This means a sodium/potassium ratio less than 2.5 combined with a calcium/magnesium ratio less than about 4, and a slow oxidation rate or mixed slow oxidation rate, in most cases.  You can read more about Double Low Ratio Pattern and Step Up pattern.


AND (combined with)


2. A four highs pattern.  This means that the four macrominerals are all above the ideal value.  Calcium is greater than 40 mg%, magnesium is greater than 6 mg%, sodium is above 25 mg% and potassium is above 10 mg%.  You can read more about Four Highs Pattern.




            A double low ratio pattern is what is called a slow death pattern.  It indicates “double give up”, or a double inversion of the Na/K ratio, which is a double inversion of the force of life, basically.  It differs slightly from the step up pattern, which is a faster death pattern and which is far more dangerous.

            This is combined with a four highs pattern, which is a slow oxidizer under stress, and is an unstable, toxic anger and stress pattern sometimes called stilted.

            Grief is an unusual and quite negative emotion characterized by some combination of anger, depression, feeling abandoned or betrayed, mixed with deep feelings of love, at times, or confusion.  This is a good description of what the combination of the two hair analysis patterns above suggest.




            It can occur on an initial hair mineral test, or it can occur as one retraces old traumas during a nutritional balancing program.  As with most of the hair analysis patterns on retests, the pattern is less important when it occurs on a retest, and it usually passes quickly in these instances.



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