By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is only the opinion of the author and is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            Definition.  In this article, the word forging means to deliberately damage the biochemistry of a person’s body using the advanced nutritional methods that are used in development science.

It is an abuse of the principles of nutritional balancing.  Instead of balancing and detoxifying the body, foods and nutrients are given that weaken, sicken and otherwise alter the body in precise ways.  Those doing this are the Rogues.




            In general, they want the bodies malnourished, toxic, more sexy, more open to rape, less able to resist temptations, more obedient to those who instill fear in them, politically liberal, and not able to think clearly and logically.




            1. Fake or improper nutritional balancing practitioners.  A number of doctors, nutritionists and other healers claim to offer nutritional balancing programs via the internet and in other ways.  They claim to understand the science well, and some do understand it well, though definitely not all of them.

              However, they deliberately ruin the programs, which is not difficult to do by giving the wrong foods, the wrong supplements, inferior quality supplements, omitting the procedures or ignoring the lifestyle aspects of the program.  This is a form of forging, and they often know exactly what the results will be.

            In this article, we will not name names.  However, please be very careful of anyone who says they offer nutritional balancing or even development programs.  The only ones approved by this website are those listed on this page.


            2. General forging of everyone. Everyone on earth is affected by forging due to very specific and well-planned poisoning of the soil, food, air and water on planet earth.

For example, most all the food on earth is somewhat low in calcium, magnesium, zinc, iodine and perhaps other vital minerals.  Also:

- Chlorine, aluminum, and fluoride (in America) are allowed to be added to the water supplies

- Poisons are dropped from aircraft forming what are known as the chemtrails in the skies over America and other nations.

- Several thousand chemicals are allowed to be added to the food supply.

- Refined white flour and refined white sugar are allowed to be sold though they are quite toxic and nutritionally depleted products.

- Some GMO foods contain toxic chemicals.

- Cadmium is permitted to be used in brake linings of automobiles, contaminating the air, especially in cities.

- Loads of toxic substances are given to people in vaccines, medical drugs and some medical procedures such as gadolineum in contrast media used in certain scans.

- Toxic sewage sludge is allowed to be used as fertilizer, even on organic food.

- Ionizing radiation is too high in some areas, due to nuclear power plants and some medical use of radioactive substances.


We maintain that this is not random or accidental.  It is forging – meaning that it is an attempt to create human beings who are weak, sick, and thus easier. 




More extreme forging occurs often when women, and some men, experience rape or they are beaten up by the rogues.  The attacker often tells the person that he or she must now follow what we call the “cult diet”.  Otherwise, they are told, they will be attacked again and it will be ten times worse.

Also, at times, the attacker forces the person to drink a vile of poison, toxic metal or something similar.  At times, a person is told he or she must use a specific type of salt that is contaminated with arsenic or some other poison.  Commonly, the person is told to drink rooibos or red tea, which contains some nickel and lead.


The “cult diet”.  This diet will keep a person weak, sick and therefore much more likely to be obedient to those who wish to control the person.  To read more about rape and its use to control people, please read Rape on this website.  For details about the cult diet, read The Cult Or Rape Diet.


If one knows the principles of development science, one can “adjust” body chemistry in this way to produce people who are obedient, weak, and otherwise deranged mentally and physically in specific ways.



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