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Welcome. This newsletter is unusual. In 2012, a group formed that consists of millions of beings who live on and around planet earth. We were told that we could help the planet and would receive protection if we follow certain rules.

The group has observed that if we follow the rules, we remain fairly safe from a certain group of souls called the troph, the otros or the rogues. They cause many problems on earth. In the Bible, they are called Satan. For more details, read the Rogues.


THE COVENANT. I am told that these rules, taken together, form a new covenant with the Creator of all life. It is an agreement that applies to all the inhabitants of the earth and the rest of our solar system. The COVENANT is not a religion. It is a set of rules. If the people follow the rules below, they will receive the protection of their Creator.

 1. Obey the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai and the Golden Rule.  The latter can be stated as: Think and behave toward others as you would have them think and behave toward you.

Clarification. The people are to follow these rules strictly.  To clarify, the commandment “Do not to bear false witness” means do not lie or exaggerate.  The commandment “Do not steal” means do not rape. The commandment “Do not commit adultery” means do not have sexual intercourse unless there is a marriage contract. 

2. The people are to learn and behave with the understanding that all beings are loved equally by their Creator.  All beings are also needed, and all beings are to be respected equally.

However, this does not mean to avoid eating meat or vegetables, since these involves killing.  Some animals and plants have as their role to be food for others.  Killing them for food and eating them in no way damages the souls inside of them.  In fact, it helps the souls mature.

Also, if a being physically attacks another, it is acceptable only in this instance to kill in self defense.  This applies personally and in a situation of war. 

3. All beings are to develop themselves.  This means to follow a specific program of mainly diet and lifestyle.  This, and this alone, causes the unfolding of the full potential of each being.

The purposes of development are for one’s safety and to fulfill one’s full potential and the full potential of the planets.

The development program.  The development program, as described only on this website and not others at this time, is a rapid method of development.  Those giving this information require this method due to its safety and because it works well and fast.  For more details, see below.

 4. All beings are to seek out, and love, and speak the truth.  The only exception is in rare situations in which speaking truthfully directly endangers one’s life or the life of another.

A very damaging and false teaching on earth at this time is that there is no truth.  This is a pernicious teaching that needs to be exposed and stopped.

The original covenant in the Bible also includes at least three more requirements:

5. Everyone needs to follow the kosher food laws. We like these, but we recommend a few changes and have added to them with the development diet. At this time, we do not believe one needs two sets of dishes for meat and dairy meals or that these two types of foods must be eaten at separate meals. The Bible does not specifically say this. We believe these rules are interpretations that came later. For more details, read The Biblical Food Laws.

6. All male children needed to be circumcised. This is for the protection of women because it reduces rape. It is also for cleanliness to reduce the spread of disease. For details, read Circumcision.

7. All men need to marry. This is for the protection of women. This requirement is now less important because today women can live and work fairly easily on their own.


More About Development. Development is a precise process that requires a particular diet and lifestyle, and is greatly aided by taking certain nutritional supplements and doing certain detoxification procedures. We call this the development program on this website.

Following this program only, and no other health program, grows the size and brightness of the energy field of the body and builds excellent health and longevity of the body.

Other healing methods - medical, holistic, naturopathic and others - may alleviate diseases and reduce symptoms. However, they do not cause development to nearly the same degree. For this reason, we recommend them only rarely. Otherwise, they are best avoided altogether. For details about development, read Introduction To Development. For details about the development program, read Introduction To The Development Program.

Those in charge of this newsletter, we are told, are a group of souls who have lived on earth a long time. These souls are now able to make themselves known more directly through this newsletter and website.

The author does his best to relay information from them through this website and newsletter because, at this time, they are not in charge of the mass media or many websites. In fact, this site is one of very few that they control. We hope this will soon change, but we don’t know when that will occur.

Disclaimer. All information on this newsletter is solely the opinion of the author and is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, treatment or cure for any health condition.



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© September 2021, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


9/24/21. WARNING. This is one of the most intense posts we have ever and will ever write. It is not for children to read. It contains important information for both women and men. However, if you don’t want to read it, just skip it.

Cathy is 65 years old. She experienced a severe rape at age 15 that left her mentally paralyzed. She was left unable to think through a situation without becoming confused. The mind also worked slowly. These are common effects of a severe rape.

Reasons for brain fog. Here is what occurred during her rape:

Nutritional depletion. The trauma and repeated orgasms cause severe nutritional depletion. Zinc is one of the most important of the minerals that deplete quickly, and dozens of others are excreted quickly as well during any severe fight-or-flight response.

Toxic metals. The rapist filled her young body with toxic metals through body contact with his bodily secretions. Cadmium is a favorite, and nickel, chromium, lead, mercury and others are usually ‘installed’ as well.

These are transferred through sweat, saliva, semen, spitting in her face and eyes, and other methods. The rapist forced Cathy to drink a vial of poison during the rape. For details about the metals, read Toxic Metals. Stay away from chelation therapy. For details, read Chelation.

Spinal damage. Repeated thrusting by the rapist’s penis wrecks the spine in most severe rapes. Several of Cathy’s intervertebral discs were crushed, leaving her with constant back pain that has lasted almost 40 years. Chiropractic and other methods rarely can reverse it.

Brain damage. The rapist was much bigger than Cathy and hit the back of the vagina hard many times with his penis. This is a very delicate reflex area to the brain.

This damaged many delicate brain centers. It is usually irreparable unless one faithfully follows the development program we set up. Other medical, naturopathic and holistic programs won’t work – they are not powerful enough.

Intense fear, guilt, anger, shame, horror and disbelief. The mental and emotional damage from a severe rape is every bit as bad as the physical damage!

Mixup. Rapes also cause severe mixup for women. Some of the reasons are:

Soul loss. Beatings and repeated orgasms during rapes cause many advanced souls of a person to leave. Guide creatures and Planning Souls are just two groups of these very advanced and very important beings that every person needs to function well.

They are usually replaced by souls the rapist carries around that are severely sick, brainwashed and obey the rogue’s orders.

Electronic implants. The rapist implanted tiny electronic devices in Cathy’s brain during the rape. This may sound crazy, but it is not. Professional rapists are not from this planet and they often use high-tech methods such as implants to damage bodies and thoroughly confuse people.

The implants are monitors and tiny radio receivers, through which the rapists and his friends speak to a person, giving them orders to go here, do this, don’t do that, eat this, marry this person and not that one, and more. For details, read Implants.

Points. The rapist put points all over Cathy’s body. This is another sophisticated method of mixing up the brain. Points are spots that he touches hard during the rape that become either numb or extremely sensitive. They mix up the nervous system. For details, read Points.

Pleasure. Charging, male fluid, the prongs and the wells.

Intense pleasure. Rapists know exactly how to pleasure a woman using chemicals, flattering words, tickling, rubbing, and more. This causes terrible mixup because the rapist may say that she “deserves” such pleasure – but then he beats her, cuts her body and almost kills her.

Charging. An intense rape also causes an unusual pleasurable phenomenon called charging. For details, read Charging.

Cleaning the prongs and the wells. The rapists carefully cleaned our her prongs and her wells. This is another mix-up technique.

Prongs are souls that accumulate in the vagina of all young women that cause irritation to her. The wells are an area of a woman’s body below her pelvis that accumulates souls that also cause itching and irritation.

When these are cleaned, she feels quite a bit better and even more clear-headed. Sexual intercourse is one of the few ways to remove and clean up these areas. This is a reason many women like sex - even sex with a rapist.

However, most women don’t know about the prongs and the wells, so they cannot understand why they would feel better in some ways after a violent and disgusting rape.

More horror. Rape also causes a deep shaming and humiliation in almost all cases that is impossible to ever forget. The rapist screamed at Cathy, telling her she was a sexy whore, a bitch, and many other abusive words that keep ringing in her head for the past 39 years.

There was beating of the breasts, thighs feet and knees, and cutting of the body with knives and fingernails. The scene was bloody in the extreme – all mixed with the rapist’s sweat, urine, semen and other infected material.

All of this happens fast and usually by surprise. This, too, is calculated to cause severe mixup and horror.

This is a standard rape, not some rare occurrence! Millions of women have experienced a version of it!

No telling. The rapist also reminded Cathy many times that if she told anyone any details of the rape, it would be repeated and would be ten times worse – maybe to death!

We know this may sound unbelievable but please do not dismiss it. Women will not talk about it and some have effectively blocked parts or all of it from their mind. A few psychotherapists know about it, but they usually won’t talk about it either.

Medical books also do not discuss it often, although they should. However, you can read much more detail in the following articles: Rape, Healing Rape, Beatings, The Rape Planet, Trauma Retracing, Retracing and Thought Replacement To Undo Traumas.


9/23/21. We are coming to believe that those following the development program do best to organize into teams. This means living with or close to other people who are also following the development program.

This is definitely easier and more fun. It may be deeper than this, meaning some people are supposed to be together in certain locations. We are researching this more and will keep you informed.

Teams have many benefits. They include saving time, helping each other with healing reactions, and help with all the procedures. They also include sharing cleanup and all chores related to the program such as shopping.

Beware. This also means that when contemplating marrying someone or having a room mate, it is definitely best if he or she is interested and willing to follow the program with you. Otherwise, the relationship may not go well.

It is not as good if the other person just “allows” you to do the program. Even worse is living with or being close with people who deride or oppose the program. This is very difficult mentally and physically.


9/23/21. Kelp is one of the most important foods for development. Taking kelp by mouth is very good. Please do not skip it.

A new toxicity problem. Most, if not all kelp today is slightly toxic. We don’t know what has been done to it and we don’t know any brands that have not been affected. If it bothers you just take fewer kelp capsules, but it is still very good.


An excellent way to use kelp is on the skin. It is superb and will renourish the body much faster than just eating well. It will also move anyone along faster with development.

For these reasons alone, please consider putting kelp on the skin, a procedure we call the kelp wrap. It is a little messy, but clients are finding ways to make it less so. Here is how to do it:

Cooking. Cook half to one pound or about half a kilogram of powdered kelp for about half an hour with enough water to keep it from burning. (The website article says cook it for an hour and we are changing this to half an hour). Then add a little wheat flour to make it sticky.

Warm up your bathroom. This is important because putting on kelp can make you cold.

Lie or sit in a bathtub or spread a sheet or plastic shower curtain on the floor and sit there. Now apply the kelp with your hands. It is a little sexy. If you have a friend, he or she can rub it on.

If you are alone, you won’t be able to reach your back too well. That is okay. However, you can use a body brush to reach your back. Putting it on the breasts is very important for women and men. Iodine is greatly needed today for breast health and to avoid breast cancers.

After applying the kelp, relax for two hours. Here is how to pass the time:

1. Some clients are doing the pulling down procedure for two hours, which is wonderful!

2. If you have a partner, you can do down hugging, down sex or down kissing. A complete session is a little more than two hours.

3. Do the spinal twists, pops, and pulls with your feet, hands and whole body.

4. Do one or two coffee enemas, and/or the vaginal coffee or penis coffee procedures.

5. Do the vaginal peroxide implant or penis peroxide procedures.

6. Read, or even talk on the telephone. However, these are not as good because they are not as relaxing. More relaxing is to set up your computer to read an article to you. I occasionally listen to a Christian radio program and do the pulling down procedure at the same time.

Finishing up. When the time is up, wash off the kelp and go about your day. You can reuse the kelp, so gather it as best you can and the next day warm it up again. No need to cook it more.

How often. Kelp on the skin is excellent for at least six months when beginning the development program. Eventually you won’t need it. We are not sure how long most people need it.

Even if you have been on the program a few years, often you will benefit and feel much better by doing kelp on the skin for at least one month every day, or for several months if you do it only a few times per week. For more details, read Kelp.


9/23/21. Don’t eat Brussels sprouts raw. The reason is that all of the cruciferous vegetables – such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, broccolini, kale and others – contain a chemical that slows the thyroid gland. Cooking destroys this chemical.

Buy the small ones. When buying Brussels sprouts, buy the smallest ones you can find. These are warmer or more yang in macrobiotic terminology, and this is better. This is quite important with Brussels sprouts.

If possible, buy loose Brussels sprouts, not those in sealed plastic packages. (net bags are fine). At times, you have a choice with all vegetables whether to buy them loose or sealed in plastic bags. In almost all instances, it is best to buy the ones that are loose. The plastic damages the food a little.

Organically grown. Most food is best when organically grown. It is not a guarantee of better quality, and some organic food is a lie. However, it is usually best to look for organically grown food.


9/22/21. Brussels sprouts are a very important vegetable for development. Please do not skip them! Eat them every day! If your supermarket or health food store does not sell them, keep asking them to carry this wonderful vegetable.

Qualities: Loaded with nutrition. Brussels sprouts are very rich in many nutrients including vitamin C, vitamin K, vital minerals, and many others. There are no substitutes for them, so please include them in your daily diet.

A potent detoxifier. Besides their nutritional content, Brussels sprouts are powerful detoxifiers. They are very high in a number of sulfur compounds needed for the removal of all the toxic metals and toxic chemicals from the body.

If one does not eat enough Brussels sprouts, one will not be able to remove toxic metals and toxic chemicals from the liver and elsewhere very quickly. This causes some of our clients to have “reactions” to the development program.

One of the most warming or ‘yang’ leafy vegetables. Brussels sprouts are small, compact, and relatively hard. These are all warming qualities.

All bodies today are all too cold or yin in macrobiotic terminology. Development requires making the body much warmer or more yang. This is one of the seven essential qualities of development. Brussels sprouts can help with this more than most other foods.

Preparation. We recommend that with each meal, slice a medium-sized Brussels sprout or two into two or three slices. Then mix it with 10 or more other vegetables and cook them all together.

Cooking. You can steam Brussels sprouts and the other vegetables for about half an hour or pressure-cook your vegetables for about 2 minutes and a few seconds until the Brussel sprout is soft. It should not be crunchy. The exact time for pressure cooking varies with the brand of pressure cooker because they cook at slightly different pressures.

WARNING: Do not use an electric plug-in pressure cooker such as an Instant Pot in any way. Unfortunately, these cookers often damage the food, reducing the nutrient content of the food and making it dangerous to eat. They should be taken off the market.


9/21/21. As one hears the news about illegal aliens swarming across the Southern border of the United States, it is important to know that the attack on America’s citizenship began 150 years ago! Warning: This post is very controversial!!!

Originally, Americans were Citizens of their State, not of the nation. This was the Sovereign Citizenship, which still exists but is no longer taught in schools or recognized by judges in the United States.

After the Civil War, the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution which went into effect in 1868 established a new, trashy, disgusting and completely treasonous national citizenship for the freed slaves, which then was used for everyone in America. The exact words of the Amendment are:

Section 1.

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

(the bolding of certain words is mine)

If you don’t anything about the law, this Amendment sounds good. If you do know the law, then you know it is treason and utter garbage.

You will read in books and on the internet that the 14th Amendment was a great leap forward, giving the freed slaves the same rights as everyone else in America. In reality, this Amendment was the greatest horror and disaster America ever experienced! Let me explain:

The Amendment begins by using the word “person” to describe the American people. This is a terrible lie and aberration. A person in American law includes a corporation or a trust. If you don’t believe me, here is the definition from


n. 1) a human being. 2) a corporation treated as having the rights and obligations of a person. Counties and cities can be treated as a person in the same manner as a corporation…


The first sentence of the 14th Amendment goes on to say “subject to the jurisdiction (of the United States)”. This is also a complete lie and aberration. The Sovereign Citizens of the United States are not subject to anyone! This was very clear to the founders of America. The people of America are sovereign, a word that means the opposite of the words subject to.

For example, the people of Great British are called subjects of the queen. The king or queen of England is called the sovereign. America at its founding clearly rejected this idea and made the Citizens Sovereign. They were sick and tired of kings, queens and other tyrants running the show!

However, the 14th Amendment undid this critical and key American legal concept. It returned the Citizens of America to the status of subjects.

Never properly ratified. The American people in 1868 understood that their sovereign citizenship was being destroyed by the 14th Amendment. As a result, it was never properly ratified. The Southern states were just forced to go along with the horror!

The adoption of the 14th Amendment was the end of the true concept of Citizenship in America.

This post should make every American furious, and especially furious at the entire legal profession that does not do its job of defending the Citizen’s rights.


9/20/21. Daikon is the most popular vegetable in Japan, but not in the Western nations. It is a cruciferous vegetable. It is a long, large white root, although there is also a purple variety that is very good. It is one of the most nourishing of the vegetables.

Properties. Daikon has anti-microbial properties, assists digestion and detoxification, and helps protect the liver from cancer and other diseases. Daikon is also rich in vitamin C and other anti-oxidant nutrients that assist the immune response and give daikon an anti-inflammatory quality.

Daikon is a rich source of excellent calcium that can help prevent bone loss and osteoporosis. It is also low in calories and eating plenty of it assists weight loss. The oil in daikon has anti-aging effects upon the skin.

More yang. Because it grows underground and deep in the earth it is quite warming or yang in macrobiotic terminology. This is another benefit of eating daikon.

Buying daikon. Always buy a thinner daikon root, as this is more warming or yang. It does not matter if the daikon looks somewhat dirty. This is normal.

Storing daikon. When I bring daikon or other vegetables home, I wash them in water and then store them in clean vegetable bags. These are the translucent food bags found in the vegetable section of most supermarkets.

These bags contain souls that help keep the daikon and other vegetables fresh. One can buy an entire roll of 1000 of these bags inexpensively.

Preparing daikon. In Asia, Daikon is eaten in many forms. For development, we find it best to slice daikon fairly thin and then cook it along with your other vegetables. For development, we don’t recommend eating the leaves, although they are eaten in many cultures.

How much? We suggest having one small slice or one-half of a large slice with each meal. At the very least, have some every day. If you can find purple daikon, you can have a small slice of both kinds at every meal.


9/19/21. The principle of moving energy downward is essential for healing and development. This post is about the pulling down procedure. Please read it. Here is the procedure:

The position. Sit, lie down or stand comfortably (for example, you can do the exercise while standing in line at the bank or post office). It is often easier if you close your eyes, but this is not necessary. Eventually, you will be able to do it with eyes open.

Your attention. Move your attention so it is a little below your feet. Now imagine that you turn on a powerful vacuum cleaner or electromagnet that is below your feet.

Pulling downward (or toward your feet if you are lying down). The magnet or vacuum pulls the skin on the bottom of your feet downward. It pulls your toes downward. It pulls your knees downward. It pulls your hips downward.

It pulls your fingers and hands downward. It pulls your stomach downward, and your arms, breasts, shoulders, mouth, nose and eyes downward. It pulls harder and harder, literally emptying you from below until you feel empty inside. You may feel all shriveled up like a prune because your insides are hollowed out.

Of course, nature abhors a vacuum, so what happens is that a new energy and identity move into the body, replacing the old (and often false) you. No matter how talented, pretty or smart you are, this new identity is even better!

At first you may not feel all this, but eventually you will. At first the body is rather dense – full of toxic metals, toxic chemicals and other physical, mental and emotional debris. However, as you practice the exercise each day, the density of the body decreases and the energy moves through more and more easily.

The channels or meridians. You are opening tiny vertical energy channels, removing toxic substances that block the energy. Do it as forcefully as you can.

Ah-ha moments. One day, you will suddenly feel the energy moving through your head, or through a shoulder, or through your abdomen.

The central channel. A particularly wonderful moment occurs when the central energy channel opens. It runs down the middle of your body, through your nose, your mouth, your neck, the middle of your chest, and through the navel to the genital organs.

When it opens, you will feel more centered and grounded. You will also be much less affected by the words and actions of other people. It is terrific!

Becoming a spiritual being. Opening and clearing the channels slowly but surely changes the body from a dense and dying hunk of flesh to a delicate conduit to bring in the Love of the Creator.

Anything inside of you that is not the Real Self flows out of you. This includes your traumas, diseases, bad memories, sadness and all other negative emotions.

It all leaves through your feet and is replaced by a radiance and Love that we all seek. It is very simple and practical, yet thoroughly spiritual as you literally transform who you are.

Helping others and helping the planet. You literally nourish others and the earth as you move more subtle energy in through your head and out through your feet - and all from the comfort and safety of your home! So easy and so effective.

Never doubt the power of this procedure. You are bringing Heaven to earth, to paraphrase the Lord’s Prayer, and nothing less. For more details, read Downward Moving Energy and Healing, Down Kissing, Down Hugging, Down Sex, Down Walking, Down Breathing and The Pulling Down Procedure.


9/18/21. Those that assist with hair analysis interpretation have discovered more ways that people are out of balance that are very subtle. They are cleaning this up as best they can when they review a new hair mineral test.

However, they can only do this well if a person follows the development program very carefully, so please pay attention to this. We will write more about it as we learn more about these subtle imbalances.


9/17/21. Sara is 68. Her symptoms above had gone on for years. She has followed the development program faithfully for less than two years.

New mineral test results. Sara’s new mineral test has some unusual patterns.

Calcium and magnesium up sharply. The hair tissue magnesium level more than doubled and the hair tissue calcium level went up over four times.

We are learning that when one does the program faithfully, including coffee enemas, the diet and the pulling down exercise, the rise in calcium and magnesium is due to an elimination of toxic or less desirable forms of these minerals.

Guide creatures. The above usually only occurs if one obtains more guide creatures. This occurred with Sara. The guide creatures seem to be more plentiful and available now, but only for those who actually follow the development program faithfully and correctly.

The asherot are guide creatures capable of causing the replacement of poorer quality magnesium compounds with more desirable forms of magnesium.

The abiot are guide creatures capable of causing a replacement of less desirable forms of calcium with better compounds of calcium in the tissues.

Hebrew names. The names of these creatures are Hebrew words. All of these very advanced creatures speak an ancient Hebrew dialect that they tell us is the primary language of our world. However, it is not the same as modern Hebrew. For more details, read Ezekiel Vision and The Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.

Coming home (settling down on the second four). Sara also has a settling down pattern on the second four minerals. This is present when all of the second four minerals (iron, copper, manganese and zinc) decrease or stay the same.

In advanced acupuncture, this pattern is called a coming home pattern. The person usually feels more settled and relaxed, and is healthier.

All out. Another change on Sara’s new hair mineral test is an everything coming out pattern. This is present when the levels of six or more minerals rises on a retest when a person has followed the program carefully. On Sara’s retest, the levels of calcium, magnesium, mercury, arsenic, nickel and cobalt increased.

This is another excellent joy or development pattern because it indicates better elimination of toxic metals. This is usually due to improved kidney, liver and other organ activity.

Zinc and manganese retention. Other somewhat unusual changes on the retest are that the zinc level went from 24 mg% to 6 mg%. Also, the manganese level went from 0.032 mg% to 0.004 mg%. These are very large decreases!

While unusual, I am told these are positive changes. Taken together with the rest of the test results, they indicate the body is retaining a lot of zinc and manganese rather than allowing these vital minerals to be excreted in the hair tissue. It is not armoring, which is another possibility when the mineral levels decrease drastically.

Why bother with these patterns? Hair mineral test interpretation is a relatively new esearch science. Based upon our clinical experience, it appears to be an extremely valid and powerful healing and development science.

The hair mineral patterns are important because often a person does not feel all the healing and development that is occurring. Symptoms may take time to improve. The patterns help one to know what is occurring at deep levels of the body, even if symptoms do not immediately improve.


9/17/21. Standard medical, chiropractic, naturopathic, homeopathic, acupuncture, ayurvedic, yoga and holistic practitioners don’t accept development science at this time. We hope this will change.

In our experience, the above healing methods are a mess today – and getting worse due to Rogue infiltration. It is no longer safe to go to a doctor, a naturopath or even to many chiropractors. This is unfortunately the truth. It is not safe for women if you want to avoid rape (bring someone with you, preferably a man), and it is not safe for your health. Please know this and be careful.

There is a need for a new approach that is much less symptom-based and much more integrated with diet, lifestyle, spiritual values and much more.


9/17/21. We keep mentioning the rogues in this newsletter and this website because they are real, but they don’t want attention. The Bible calls them satan, which some translate from the Hebrew as the secret ones.

Other names. Many pastors call them the adversary. Others call them the negatives or the others. The word satanic can mean that something is the negative or opposite of what it appears to be.

Some also call them the scavs, which is short for scavengers. These are creatures that feed on decaying flesh.

Feeders. The rogues call themselves the troph. This word means the feeders. I believe they do indeed feed on dying people and dying societies. Development science is a way to stop the decay!

Words related to troph in the English language are trophic, trophology, trophoblast, autotrophs and heterotrophs, among others.

Trophic means related to nutrition.

Trophology is the science of nutrition or feeding.

Trophoblast literally means to feed the baby. It is the name of a cell in a growing fetus that invades the mother early in pregnancy to feed the growing baby inside her womb. If it arises at any other time except pregnancy, it is called cancer. For details, read The Trophoblast.

Autotrophs and heterotrophs are kinds of living beings on earth based upon what they eat. Autotrophs are plants that live on sunshine. Heterotrophs are the animals, which must eat plants or other animals in order to survive. For details, visit


9/17/21. The recent post to get rid of your cell phone may be a little harsh. Having a simple phone for emergencies is fine. However, if you can afford it, have a land phone line at home. Also, don’t have a smart phone, which does 1000 things so it is tempting to spend a lot of time on it. Just have a simple $20.00 phone for emergences.


9/16/21. We believe that many more women than we thought have experienced what the Rogues call “big rapes”. They are first done during the pre-teen or teenage years, and then may be repeated later.

These rapes, beatings and brainwashing occur in all nations, and we believe they have gone on for years. They are done very secretly in underground rooms that connect via round elevators to schools and other places that young people frequent.

Among other horrors, the those who experience the rapes are put into a deep hypnotic trance and then given many instructions about how to live.

For example, women are told to dress sexy, to love sex, and to vote liberal or Democratic in America. The women are also filthed up with sexually-transmitted diseases that do not cause lesions, but which weaken the brain and body. They also get brain implants and are beaten and then put on electronic artificial Life Support.

Few memories. Most women do not remember the big rapes. If memories do surface, the memories cause terrible anxiety, fear, anger and rage.

Since one usually cannot connect the feelings with the incident, the feelings make no sense. If one visits a doctor or counselor about them, one is almost always told to just ignore them.

This leaves many women with lingering anger, rage and anxiety. For some, it feels like post-traumatic stress disorder. Others just feel neurotic.

It also causes some women to have an inordinate desire for sexual activity and to dress in a sexy way. The trauma also interferes with all relationships.

We mention all of this because we are learning more about these rapes and beatings, and a few women are retracing them. The development program helps a lot, but one usually also needs psychodrama, an interesting psychological therapy. For details, read Rape and Psychodrama.


9/16/21. California just held an election to decide whether to recall their Democrat governor. He has supported many bad policies regarding masks, vaccination and more. He won the election, however.

There was lots of evidence of election fraud. A number of people reported that the opposing candidates were not even listed on the ballot. Several people showed up to vote and were told they had already voted.

One of our Helpers lives in California. His child uses his address and received in the mail not one, but two mail-in ballots.

As long as voting machines and mail-in ballots are allowed, there are no fair elections in the United States. It is important to be clear about this. Without fair elections, Americans are living in a dictatorship, not a democracy.

RUTABAGA OR SWEDE – A Wonderful Food For Development

9/15/21. Rutabaga is not the cutest-looking vegetable. However, it is very important for health and development. Please do not skip it. Eat some every day, or better yet, have a little with each meal! Here are details about it.

A newer hybrid. Rutabaga is actually a hybrid food, a cross between a turnip and a wild cabbage. Its origin dates back to the 1700s.

Names. Rutabaga is the usual name given this vegetable in North America. In Europe, Australia and New Zealand it is often called swede or occasionally Swedish turnip.

Bitter. Uncooked rutabaga is bitter, a quality associated with foods that nourish the liver. When uncooked, it is also quite hard and somewhat difficult to cut. This is also associated with certain foods that are needed by the liver.

Nourishing in the extreme. However, when properly cooked, rutabaga softens and turns sweet, indicating that it is also a very nourishing food. In fact, it is one of the most nourishing of the vegetables because it is very rich in vital forms of minerals and in many vitamins.

Rutabaga is very rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamins C and E and folate.

An anti-aging food. Rutabaga is high in anti-oxidants, including lesser known ones called glucosinolates. These nutrients, along with its other vitamin and mineral content, help prevent premature aging, reduce inflammation, and improve collagen synthesis. All of this is associated with a lower risk of cancer and other diseases of aging.

Healthy fiber. Rutabaga is high in insoluble fiber. This assists intestinal activity, helps prevent constipation, and feeds the healthy flora in the intestines. Proper intestinal flora produces certain vitamins and convert certain minerals to more usable forms inside our intestines.

Weight loss. Rutabaga is helpful to lose weight because it is rich in fiber. This tends to fill you up so you don’t eat as much of other calorie-rich foods. The effects of rutabaga in promoting healthful intestinal flora can also contribute to weight loss in those who are overweight. Eat more of this vegetable if you need to lose weight.

Healthy potassium. Our food today is loaded with toxic forms of potassium thanks to the use of superphosphate fertilizers of N-P-K fertilizers. Rutabaga does not pick up much of this toxic potassium. Instead, it is very high in excellent compounds of potassium. One medium-sized rutabaga contains 35% of one’s daily need for potassium.

In contrast, all fruit picks up a lot of toxic potassium and this is one reason we suggest avoiding fruit today.

Healthful potassium is absolutely required for the nerve signaling, fluid balance, and blood pressure. It is also needed for proper muscular activity, to avoid muscle cramps, and for many other body functions. A diet high in the proper forms of potassium is associated with lower blood pressure and a lower risk of stroke and heart disease.

Documentation in the medical literature for the above is at 7 Powerful Benefits Of Rutabagas. NOTE: This is a standard medical website, and we don’t agree at all with them about many aspects of health and nutrition. However, the article on rutabagas contains many medical references.

Development food. Selenium and zinc we call spiritual minerals because they are so important for development. Rutabaga contains excellent forms of these minerals, especially selenium, that are present in few other foods.

Warming or yang. Rutabaga is a root so it is a more yang food, similar to carrots and daikon. However, rutabaga is fairly large and yellowish in color, so it is not quite as yang as carrots.

Shopping for rutabaga. Try to buy organically grown rutabaga because it is somewhat better than the standard rutabaga. Standard rutabaga may have a coating of wax on it, so wash it well. We don’t recommend peeling it, however, because the skin contains many nutrients.

Rutabaga should have a yellowish color. Occasionally, unripe roots are sold that have a whitish color.

Some rutabagas have little rootlets or “fingers” on one end. This is fine. Don’t waste them – slice them thin and eat them.

If your supermarket or health food stores do not sell rutabaga, keep asking them to carry it.

Cooking. To cook, cut off very thin slices. The thinner the better. If thin enough, when you cook it with your other vegetables, it will soften and turn sweet. Only then is it ready to eat.

Some books and websites suggest eating rutabaga raw, roasted, fried or mashed. For development, the best is thinly sliced and cooked for just until it is softens and sweetens. It can also be added easily to soups and purees.


9/14/21. Keeping your spine and joints open and aligned at all times is extremely helpful to speed up development. As subtle energy moves down your body from the head to the feet, it often gets stuck at the joints. The spinal twist helps keep the energy moving properly.

To open and align the spine, visiting a good quality chiropractor is good. Even better, several times a day at least do the following. The twist becomes easier as you develop:

The resting position. Lie down on your back on a bed, couch or on the floor. Put your arms out to the sides. This is to keep your shoulders from twisting when you swing your legs.

The leg lift. Lift your left leg in the air with the knee straight. Point the toes and extend the leg upward away from your body. A visualization is to pretend you are reaching up with your big toe to ring a doorbell that is above your body.

The swing. Now swing the left leg to the right over the other leg until your left toes hit the bed, couch or floor. Do your best to keep your shoulders and neck flat on the bed or floor.

Begin gently. The first time you do this, do it gently. The reason is that some people’s spines are very out of alignment. Later, as you become more accustomed to the procedure, you can do it faster and with more force.

Difficulty. Occasionally, someone reports they can’t do the spinal twist at all without a lot of pain. In this case, you may need to visit a chiropractor. Or, if you are one of our clients, send a question to your Helper asking that I check your spine, and I may be able to help.

Three swings. Even better is to do the procedure three times, each one a little different: 1. The first time, swing your left leg across the middle of your body. Then return to the resting position.

2. Now lift the left leg again and extend the foot. This time swing your left leg across your body aiming your left foot at your head or close to your head. When your left foot hits the bed or floor, it should be close to your head.

To make this even more powerful, when your left leg is twisted over the right one near your head, grab your left leg and give it a pull toward your head. Then return to the resting position.

3. Now lift the left leg again and extend your foot. Then swing the left leg so that your left foot ends up very near your right foot.

Do not hold the twisted position. Just swing the leg and then return to the resting position with both legs straight down. The reason is that if you hold twists, as is done in yoga, it opens the joints to Rogue infiltration.

Popping. You may hear some popping or crackling when you do the spinal twist. This is normal. You are adjusting and aligning the spine. If there is a lot of popping, you may want to repeat the twist.

The other leg. Now do the same twist with the right leg. Lie on your back again with arms out to the sides. Lift the right leg with the knee straight. Point the right toes and extend the leg upward, “ringing the doorbell”.

Now swing the right leg over the left leg until the toes hit the bed, couch or floor. For more results, do it three times, as explained above. Always start gently, although in our experience, the spinal twist is very safe.

When to do it. Good times to do the spinal twist are 1) when you wake up in the morning, 2) at mid-day or whenever you lie down to take a nap, 3) any time your back hurts, 4) in bed just before going to sleep, and 5) any time you wake up during the night, especially if you have trouble falling back asleep. The spinal twist will help you relax to fall sleep.


9/13/21. This message refers to the previous one. The forces defending the earth have now found 40,000 large fine matter birds. This sounds like a lot, but I am told it is not enough to defend and protect planet earth. So the forces are looking for more of them.

Correspondence feeding. Many of the birds are quite ill and poisoned, as are almost all of the human beings on earth. They desperately need well-nourished people to help feed them by the method of correspondence. This is a real method of nutrition.

The well-nourished ones can literally share some of the energy of their food. While not as good as eating properly, it is much better than nothing.

All are participating. This method is being used and EVERYONE who is on the development program all over the world is participating. This means that you are sharing some of the energy of your superior nutrition with the majority of the people of planet earth, who are literally starving because they do not eat correctly.

I hope this does not disturb anyone. It does not hurt you much, and it is a wonderful service you are performing. You are literally saving the planet when you make the commitment to eat the development diet. Please keep it up and do it better! For more details, read The Correspondence Concept.


9/12/21. Yesterday a hopeful event occurred. The forces defending the earth found several hundred large fine matter birds locked in prisons inside the earth. They are fighters who help protect the planet.

Fine matter means that they have bodies that are of a lower density than ours. For this reason, they are very difficult to see. Better-known fine matter creatures include souls, elves and angels. For more details about fine matter bodies, read Bodies – Their Structure And Activities.

These creatures say they are defenders of the earth. They are helping to undo the damage to the planet and reduce the influence of the Rogues.

Fighting back. They need our prayers and they need everyone to speak up – both souls and human beings – and to fight back. They say far too many people just accept what is going on on earth.

Development. They also say it is very important that people develop. We are not just physical beings! Development is a basic spiritual process that protects the body. The same group that has infiltrated our planet for the past 50,000 years removed this knowledge from our Bible, so few are aware of it.

The development program. Development is largely a nutritional process. What we call the development program is a rapid modern method to nourish the body properly. The rogues have made this very difficult by removing important minerals from the planet and removing foods needed for development.

Not other programs. The rogues also promote many “healing methods” that are malicious and actually stop development. It is very important to avoid them!

They include raw food diets, vegetarian diets, eating fruit and salads, eating frozen foods, and all refined food such as white flour and white sugar. They also include the use of vaccination, most medical drugs, homeopathy, most herbal therapies, random or symptomatic vitamin and mineral supplementation, and chelation therapy.


9/12/21. Most electric pressure cookers of all brands have been altered so they damage the food cooked in them. Do not use them at all for any type of cooking. Use the older non-electric stove-top pressure cookers or use regular cookware such as plastic food steamers. This is extremely important!!!


9/12/21. Some of our clients want to tune into the souls, as I do, to obtain information. It should be possible, but actually it is very difficult! The rogues don’t want it and they put millions of tiny electronic radio jammers everywhere to prevent it. They want you to hear them, and not your souls.

The peroxide implant procedure. A number of women report that they are able to tune in if they do the vaginal peroxide implant procedure for about 6 months. They also must do the rest of the development program – especially a diet with loads of cooked vegetables. For details, read Receiving Guidance and How To Make Wise Decisions.


9/11/21. All of the vegetables in the onion or allium family are extremely important for healing and development. We suggest eating three or four kinds with every meal. At the very least, eat some onions every day and eat different kinds of onions.

The onion family. These include the common red, white, brown, sweet, and vidalia onions. The small pearl onions are also excellent to eat such as red, white and gold pearl onions, and cipolline onions. Others in this food family are chives, garlic, leeks, shallots and green onions or scallions.

In all, there are about 15 kinds of onions. One does not need to eat all of them, but eating a variety is excellent for development.

Nutritional qualities. Onions are rich in many vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin E and others. They also contain many mineral compounds that are difficult to find in other foods. Among these are some selenium and silicon compounds. The give onions their smooth, shiny appearance.

Warming. Most onions are also very warming or yang in macrobiotic terminology. This is very important! You can tell this because they grow underground and they are hard with tightly packed layers. Reddish ones are the most warming. For more details, read Macrobiotics.

Try to find onions that are hard, smaller, and the rings are close together. These are more warming, which is helpful. Softer and larger onions are usually not nearly as good. Unfortunately, most onions today are too large, soft, and somewhat mushy. This is because they are of poor quality.

A farmer’s market may have better ones than the supermarkets or health food stores. Organically grown is usually better. However, there are different grades of organic food and I find that some organically grown onions sold in stores are not of the best quality.

Spiritual quality - connectors. Onions connect the physical body with higher levels of reality and higher levels of creation. This is their dominant spiritual quality.

This quality is essential for rapid development. Development is the transformation of a person from being mainly a physical being to becoming a more spiritual being. This aspect of life is not taught much on earth, but it is very real.

The Bible and development. The Bible hints about development in statements such as calling certain people “men of God” and similar terms. I am told that the full truth about development was not allowed to be in the Bible. However, times have changed and we are now allowed to teach it.

The idea that the Bible is not perfect as handed down to us is extremely difficult for some people to accept. I have nothing but respect and appreciation for all the pastors, ministers, priests, rabbis and others that teach the Bible.

However, as more ancient scrolls are discovered such as the Nag Hammadi scrolls and the Dead Sea scrolls, they point to the idea that the Bible is even more wonderful than the version we have today. We have written about this in articles such as The Two Branches Of Christianity and The Missions Of Abraham and Sarah, and Jesus.

Here is a description of the Nag Hammadi scrolls from the internet:

In December 1945, while digging for soil to fertilize crops, an Arab peasant named Muhammad Al-Samman found a red earthenware jar near Nag Hammadi, a city in upper Egypt. His fear of uncorking an evil spirit or jin was shortly overcome by the hope of finding gold within. What was found has been for hundreds of scholars far more precious than gold.”

The kosher laws in the Bible are about development. I am told in no uncertain terms that the idea that Christian people need not follow these laws is totally incorrect! However, even those laws need a little updating. For details, read The Biblical Food Laws.

A critical food. Making spiritual connections is a slow process. Onions speed it up enormously, so they are very important foods for development. Please do not just eat a few!

Children often like onions because they are sweet. If your child does not like onions, make them into a puree or disguise them, but do not skip them.

If you react to onions, begin with just small quantities and as you follow your development program in most all instances you will eventually be able to eat more of them.


9/11/21. The layers. Many onions grow in the form of layers or rings. This is a protection system for delicate nutrients that are found in the interior part of the onion. Leave the outer, dried out layers on your onions until you eat them to help protect the delicate nutrients inside.

Cooking onions. Onions need to be cooked until they are soft and taste sweet. Do not eat raw onions because they are difficult to digest and often cause intestinal gas.

Onions also do not keep well once cooked. You don’t have to cook three times a day, but it is helpful to cook at least once or twice daily to take advantage of the qualities of onions.

You can eat onions that have started to grow and have a small stem. If an onion is rotten inside, just cut off the bad part and eat the rest.

Growing onions. Onions are very easy to grow, so consider this option. They like some sun and give them the best soil you can.

Shallots. These are excellent! They are sometimes difficult to find. Ask your markets to carry them. Try to have some each day, and preferably a little with each meal.

Garlic – somewhat toxic, so do not eat much. Many people overeat on garlic. Garlic is a wonderful food, but it is slightly toxic, so we recommend eating just one small clove per week.

Garlic added to a coffee enema. This is excellent to enhance an enema, and you may use two or three small cloves with each enema. Be sure to cook the garlic with the coffee. At one time, we suggested using minced garlic, but we no longer recommend minced garlic.

We suggest eating at least four kinds of onions with each meal.


9/10/21. Levels of consciousness. Properly cooked vegetables are not simply plants that taste good. They are levels of consciousness that move our bodies in special ways that are needed for development.

Let us discuss individual vegetables. By knowing more about them, hopefully everyone will eat more of them.

Carrots = basic nourishment. Carrots are the most basic of the vegetables to eat with every meal, three times daily. Please never skip them. They vibrate at an extremely important frequency that nourishes today’s bodies in many ways.

They provide so many nutrients it is difficult to count them. No other foods, or pills, potions, or remedies of any kind can compare with them. Here are just three of them:

1. CALCIUM. Only carrots provide a special, high frequency compound of calcium that is in short supply and absolutely needed by the bodies today. No wonder most older people and some younger people have osteoporosis or osteopenia.

Calcium, in development science, is the basic structural nutrient of the body. For this reason, we call calcium the structural mineral.

Once again, most compounds of calcium available on earth are of mediocre quality, except that of high quality carrots. This is a reason to never skip eating carrots with every meal. For details about calcium, read Calcium.

2. PHOSPHORUS AND SULFUR. Two other nutrients we get from high quality carrots are phosphorus and sulfur. These are also building minerals. Carrots contain special compounds of them that are difficult to find in other foods and fairly impossible to find in mineral and vitamin pills, herbs, or any other remedies.

3. THE MOST WARMING OR YANG OF THE VEGETABLES. Carrots are also very warming or yang, in macrobiotic terminology. Development requires making the body much more warm or yang.

Warm indicators. You can know that carrots are warming because they grow underground, are reddish in color, and most are long and slender. These are warming or yang qualities.

NOTE: Yellow carrots, or those of other colors, are less yang. For this reason, they are less desirable for the purpose of development, which requires making the body much more yang. The same applies to varieties of carrots that are not long and slender.

Smaller carrots tend to be more yang because small size is another yang quality, so look for red, slender, smaller carrots.

Red heat lamp therapy. NOTE: Red heat lamp therapy, especially a red heat lamp sauna, also provides a frequency similar to carrots, and this therapy is extremely important for your bones and teeth for this reason.


The warming or cooling quality of foods – and, in fact, everything - is not a part of standard Western nutrition or medicine. However, it is an ancient science that is essential for the process of development.

We repeat - for rapid development, the body must be made much warmer or more yang. Every part of the development program is designed to achieve this.

To understand development, read Introduction To Development. For more about warming and cooling science, read Yin And Yang Healing, Yin Disease, and other articles on our website about this subject.

NOTES: Other people’s articles on this subject may confuse you because they are about different systems of classifying foods than what we use.

Also, if you study macrobiotics, they say the most yang foods are meat, eggs and salt. This is true, in one way. However, our guidance is that the above foods have toxic qualities, so they are really not as yang as cooked vegetables.


9/9/21. All parents need to know that at this time, you must not send pre-teens and teenagers, especially girls, to American, European, Australian or New Zealand public schools or private schools for any reason at all. They are extremely unsafe!

For example, some home-schooled children visit public or private schools for certain activities or for a class. An outdoor activity should be okay, but do not allow children to enter a school building for any reason.

Many girls, and some boys, are experiencing horrible ‘big rapes’ while at public schools and elsewhere. Believe it or not, at the schools girls are taken to a small room that has usually a round elevator in it. They enter and are taken underground to a rape center. These have been installed in many schools, and in other locations, as well.

These rapes are common and a horrendous rogue method of filthing up, controlling and brainwashing girls and young women and wrecking our planet. Steps are being taken to stop them, but they are still an enormous problem.

Parents must school their children, especially girls, at home and must accompany their children everywhere. For example, friends’ houses are not safe at this time. Lessons are not safe such as music or dance lessons unless a parent is present, nor are well-supervised hiking and camping trips safe at this time.

For more details about these and other types of rapes, read Chapter 5 of the Rape article. We are not sure about the danger to Asian and African children at this time.


9/9/21. Millions of people have an addiction to eating sweet foods such as fruit, honey, maple syrup or sugar in any form. It is extremely important to heal this.

Fruit. Do not excuse your addiction by saying that fruit is healthy. It may have been healthy 100 years ago, but it is not a healthful food today. Its sugar content, fruit acid content and yin quality damage the body in dozens of ways. Here are just a few of them:

Stopping development. Eating fruit or other sweet foods slow down or stop development in every instance. This occurs because these foods do subtle damage to the body, some of which is described below..

Yeast infections. This addiction is often a hidden addiction to yeasts such as candida albicans. The sweets feed the yeast, which produces some alcohol and many other chemicals that can feel good. For details, read Yeast Infections.

Parasites. Eating sweets of any kind also feeds parasites in the body. This is a very common problem. During the development program, many clients report passing parasites. For details, read Parasites.

Cancers. Eating sweets also feeds cancer in the body. Most people have some cancer, and eating fruit or other sweets makes it much worse. For details, read Cancer And Alternative Therapies.

Yin disease. Eating sweets and especially fruit always contributes to Yin Disease. For many more details, read Benefits and Problems of Eating Fruit, Sugar Addiction, Sugars - Sweet And Dangerous and Sugar Basics.


9/9/21. To find specific posts, go to At the top of the home page, click on The New Earth Newsletter. When it opens, go to the top of your browser and click on Edit. This will open a drop-down menu. Then click on Find and enter a key word or phrase and press Enter.


9/9/21. A healthful lifestyle is essential for development. Recently, several clients reported feeling extreme stress, panic feelings, anger and irritability. In all of them, the cause was a faulty lifestyle.

Common lifestyle issues are working long hours at a job, staying up late at night, living in a location that is not good, focusing on money rather than on your development program, and holding resentments instead of handling family and other matters properly. For details, read Lifestyle For Health.


9/9/21. This is a reminder that the current American national government and many state governments are not legal because they assumed power while there were, and still are, pending law suits challenging the election results.

This fact is extremely important and few are saying it, so we will repeat it often in this newsletter. For details, read The End Of America - Election 2020.


9/9/21. We don’t want to scare anyone, but the rogue penetration of the earth is very complete. Some people realize this.

However, most people waste hours every day on social media, surfing the internet, reading hopeful-sounding website or others, hanging out with friends, shopping, and much more. Many also waste hours with their smart phone. Know that the phone is monitoring you, tracking you, conditioning you and sickening you. Throw it away!

Please work harder to inform others of the material on this website and in this newsletter. It is much more accurate than most others. Also, work harder to bring law and order to your town, your region and your nation.

Courage. Much courage is needed today by everyone if you are to avoid despair and depression. Do not give up hope. Many positive things are happening in our world that are unseen at this time.

Keep moving ahead. Just move forward slowly and gently, Remember that without danger, there can be no courage and without temptation, there can be no virtue.


9/8/21. Note: If you use distilled water to make coffee for a coffee enema, it will be up to twice as strong as if you use spring water or tap water! This means you need to use less coffee if you use distilled water.

We are researching the benefits of different kinds of water used for coffee enemas. We plan to report our findings in this newsletter.


9/8/21. Rapes, often with beatings, are one of main weapons used by the Rogues to sicken and control people all over the world. They are extremely common, especially among girls and women. Few escape them. Adult rapes often occur at age 8 or 9 to about age 14, and can even occur at school.

The rogues use rapes and beatings to spread disease, and to terrorize and condition people. They also use them to produce prostitutes and recruit agents and operatives.

They are often done very secretly using high-tech methods. It is human trafficking on a massive scale. We updated Chapter 5 of the Rape article, Rape Situations, to include the baby rapes and the big rapes. For details, read Rape.


9/7/21. A fear of all women that we have not written about is not rape, but that a decent man will go out of control around her. For example, if the woman is too kind, too chummy, smiles a lot, or even just gets too close to him he will change and may hurt her. This is a very real concern.

Not so much about rape. The fear is not just about rape. It is as much about the man leaving or becoming angry or just grabbing her and kissing her - sort of Hollywood style.

The dilemma. There is a dilemma for women. They sometimes want men to go out of control just a little when around them. This means the man likes you and it means you have some control and influence upon him.

If he doesn’t go out of control just a bit, that is scary, too. It means he is in control of himself and you (the woman) are less powerful. This is another real concern for women.

Communication. One answer is to communicate, but this is another scary area for women. If a woman really communicates, the man might run away or become angry.

Even worse, he might hurt her physically because usually he is a lot bigger and stronger than she. Also, in general, men resort to physical violence more quickly than do most women. For this reason, communication is another worry area for women. For more details, read Non-Violent Communication.

Not just a woman’s issue! On a personal note, I can say that men have the same issue. Most men are not afraid of being attacked physically by a woman for being too friendly or smiling too much. However, when a man opens up, communicates, or gets close to a woman, she may run away or become angry.

Also, if a man maintains control over himself in the presence of a woman, she may accuse him falsely. I have experienced this on a number of occasions because I don’t tend to go out of control. I have been told “You don’t understand me”, “You don’t like me”, “You don’t appreciate me”, or “You just don’t care” - when this was not the truth.


9/7/21. Witches are real. However, they are not like in the fairy tales. They can look perfectly nice, kind, sweet and normal in every way. But they are very dangerous.

Sex and lies. Witches are often women, but not always. Witches generally use sex and lies to control men and even other women. They are very subtle and very skilled with sex and its use to deplete and harm others. They are also extremely skilled with lies and difficult to catch in their lies.

Hundreds of methods. Witches have hundreds of other methods to control and harm people. We will not discuss them at this time at length, but we want everyone to know they exist and they are very dangerous. For some details, read Witchcraft.


9/6/21. God’s Love is real. This is a controversial message. I am told that divine or God’s love is real and tangible, and you can feel it. Also, you can also have as much of it as you want!

Effort is needed. However, you must make an effort to bring it in to yourself. In this sense, God’s Love is not “natural” or automatic. Some people are born with a little more ability to receive it than others. But everyone needs to make an effort to receive more of it.

Rewards. When you make the effort, you will be richly rewarded. Your health will improve drastically, you will live on for many years, and eventually all your problems will disappear.

How to bring in the Love. You can bring in some of this Love when you breathe good quality air and breathe deeply. You also bring in some of it when you eat good quality food.

Pulling down. However, the only way to bring in a lot of the Love is with the Pulling Down Exercise. You literally bring it in through the top of your head. That is all there is to the exercise. The more you do it, and the more forcefully you do it, the more Love you receive and the better will be your life.

Living from fullness. When you bring in the Love of the Creator, then and only then you will begin to live from fullness. This idea is in the 23rd Psalm of David, where it says “My cup runneth over”. Also, the Lord’s Prayer implies this when it says “Thy Will be done”.

Burnout. If you try living any other way, meaning your cup is not overflowing with God’s Love, you will burn out! It is like using your credit card to buy things, but there is not enough money to pay the bill. Eventually, you cannot continue.

Some of our clients become angry with me because they want to do their own “meditation”, prayers or mental/spiritual practice. I tell them please do the pulling down exercise. Other prayers and spiritual practices may be more relaxing or have other interesting effects. But the pulling down exercise is the only one to do if you want wonderful health and you want to live on.


9/6/21. Thought is powerful. This is a very important message from our souls. They say that we don’t realize the power of our thoughts. We actually create our world with our thoughts, and we are doing it all the time, even when we sleep.

Stinking thinking. The problem is that we are sloppy with our thinking. Dr. Bernard Jensen, one of my mentors, called it “stinking thinking”.

Think only loving thoughts. He said we need to be careful and think only loving thoughts. This is the only way to create a loving world.

Projection. Otherwise, we project our negative thoughts. Then they come back to us in the form of illness, trauma, poverty, and every other imaginable difficulty.

How to think only loving thoughts. To think only loving thoughts, you need to know and feel that Love is real. This takes us back to the message above – that God’s Love is real, but it is not automatic. For more details, read The Real Self.


9/5/21. An interesting question is how one knows when deep healing has taken place in the body. Symptoms are not always a good guide.

Anna is 84. She has been on the development program for about ten years. She had some high blood pressure, cataracts, hair loss, rapid heart beat, heart palpitations, fatigue and chronic bronchitis. She lives with her daughter, who does most of the cooking and is very dedicated to the development program. This is a great advantage at Anna’s age.

A standard surge. Anna’s new hair test reveals a standard surge. This is indicated by a rise in the sodium and potassium levels.

With this pattern, the ratio of sodium to potassium can increase, decrease or remain the same. The sodium and potassium levels often rise sharply, but they can increase just mildly.

The standard surge usually occurs because the person receives a guide creature or two. Anna received four of them. For details, read The Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.

These creatures are very special and use up to 20 methods to help the body to eliminate more toxic or poorer quality sodium and potassium from the body. Although it is not reported on the ARL hair mineral chart, there is also an elimination of boron with the standard surge.

There is a confusion about this pattern due to a previous teaching of Dr. Eck. He wrote that whenever the sodium and potassium levels rise, while the calcium and magnesium levels remain about the same, it always indicates an increase in the effect of the adrenal and thyroid glands.

This is true, but the rise in the sodium and potassium is not necessarily due primarily to a hormonal effect. In many instances today, it is due to an elimination of toxic forms of sodium and potassium. This is relatively new research.

A quickly disappearing pattern. The standard surge does not last too long. It is over within a few months or even less time. This is confusing because it means the development supplement program and diet need to change quickly, in some cases. Otherwise, a person will not feel well when the surge is over.

Why is this surge common today? We are seeing a lot of standard surges in the past few years. This is due to two factors. 1) There is more and more toxic potassium in our food. This is due to the widespread and awful habit of using superphosphate fertilizers on crops. These contain a toxic form of potassium. For details, read Organic Agriculture and Superphosphate fertilizers.

Superphosphates or N-P-K fertilizers are not really fertilizers. They are growth stimulants that damage plants. However, they produce more yield and brighter colors of flowers, so most growers use them.

2) More guide creatures are available if one follows a properly designed development program. They know how important it is to remove toxic potassium from the body and it is often one of their first tasks when they return to a person.

The toxic sodium. I am told that the toxic sodium is the result of a transmutation that is a defense of the body. It, too, needs to come out of the body if deep healing is to occur. For more about transmutation, read Biological Transmutation.

A maturing pattern. Anna’s souls report that she has matured. We find this occurs whenever one eliminates toxic potassium. This is a curious effect and one that is very important for both the individual and for our society. More toxic potassium in the bodies is contributing to the decline of our civiiization!

We call toxic potassium, nickel and aluminum child minerals. The souls of young children call them baby minerals.

They damage the limbic system of the brain in a way that causes a dependency or need that is not natural or normal. When the body eliminates any of them to a great extent, which occurs often during a development program - but not with most other healing programs - this abnormal need tends to decrease.

Toxic potassium, aluminum and nickel also damage energy production in all of the body cells. Their elimination causes an improvement in adaptive energy and a general increase in well being.

A person also becomes a little more independent and able to cope with life on their own. Some people report feeling more grounded and centered. Children, even at age 1, report feeling like they are no longer babies, even if they don’t yet walk. It is a maturing effect, hence the name maturing pattern.

Many anchors. Anna’s recent mineral analysis also revealed 11 anchor patterns. This is a deep improvement in the actual structure of the brain and a resulting improvement in its activity.

Anchors occur when the level of a mineral in the hair remains the same or very similar. The required range to all it an anchor varies among the minerals.

Anchors are confusing because Dr. Eck’s research was that when mineral values do not change on a retest or change little, often the person is not following their program well. However, in the past few years we have realized that similar retest values of minerals can have a completely different meaning.

The program must be correct for anchors and other patterns! For example, the anchor pattern (and the others) are not valid if one eats salads, fruit, or follows dietary advice other than ours.

Anchors are also not valid if one takes different supplements or does other procedures than the practitioners on our Find A Helper web page recommend. These include chelation therapy, homeopathy, herbal therapies, intravenous nutrient therapies, symptomatic supplementation and other protocols of which we do not approve.

The problem with computerized test interpretation. There is a major problem with ALL computerized hair test interpretation programs or apps. The computer does not know if the person has followed a correct development program.

A person can easily lie or be deceived into thinking they are following a properly designed program when this is not true. This is one reason we don’t use most computerized interpretations at this time.

All out. In addition to eliminating sodium, potassium, and boron, Anna’s recent test also indicated more elimination of lead, mercury, nickel, and a toxic compound of copper. When a person eliminates six or more toxic metals or toxic forms of essesntial minerals, we call the pattern everything coming out or all out.

Better kidney activity. All out pattern is related to the other patterns above. It affects the kidneys, in particular, where many of the toxic compounds accumulate. Anna reported a decrease in her high blood pressure. This is often due to improved kidney activity.

Overall health improvement. Anna’s souls say that Anna’s entire health picture is extremely improved, and they are extremely pleased. The fact that she is 84 years old doesn’t seem to matter – the body can still regenerate when fed properly and when one does coffee enemas and the other healing and development procedures.

Little symptomatic change. Another confusing aspect of the development program for Anna and many others is that although the hair test indicates much improved health, the outer person may not feel different. At times, there is some improvement, but it is slight.

This is one reason we require regular retesting of the hair. It is often a much better indicator than symptoms!

It is also a major reason to look for joy or development patterns on retests – and for Helpers to be sure to share these patterns with their clients. It can be critical to keep a person on the program when they do not feel better or different.

At times, our Helpers emphasize the negative patterns, but not enough attention is given to the joy patterns. These are usually what matter the most.

It is also a serious problem with blood tests and other medical exams. They do not reveal joy patterns and thus often needlessly frighten our clients. For details, read The Joy or Development Patterns.


9/4/21. One of our clients took the covid vaccine two weeks ago and has not felt well since. Today our guides checked to see how it affected her body.

The vaccine contained toxic forms of iron, manganese and aluminum. These were lodged mainly in her kidneys and brain.

The vaccine also contained tiny creatures and who took proteins floating in the client’s blood stream and joined them together to form a structure. This they placed in one of the ventricles of her brain.

We consider this vaccine a terrible invasion of a person’s body and wholly illegal. We suggest that everyone object to its use. As far as the guides can tell, this concoction does nothing to stop any virus and merely filths up the body.


When I recently opened a package of Open Nature Rack of Lamb from Safeway supermarket, it contained a small black plastic packet of soft material sitting next to the meat. I was told it was radioactive and put there as a “preservative”. The label did not mention it.

This was upsetting and I did not eat the lamb. Food irradiation is a very harmful method for preserving food. Normally, the food is just passed in front of a radiation source. I’ve never seen a radiation source packaged with food. I suspect it was just there to damage the food.


9/3/21. This is a vital philosophical as well as a totally practical concept. At one level, everything in all spheres of life rotates around this concept.

Other names. This is also called the law of universal love. The reason is that if one is motivated by pure love, one will always think and act properly. Few people can do this, but it is a goal for which to strive. We also believe that it is the basic teaching of any true religion. Anything less is not the truth and not a true religion.

As you sow, so shall you reap” is also called the law of cause and effect. It is a logical concept. Most people do not live by logic, but rather by whim, impulse, emotion and other motives. However, once again this is a goal for which to strive.

In the Sanskrit language and the Ebre language, which this website wishes to teach, the same idea is called karma. We won’t use that word because in the Christian and Hebrew traditions, the word karma is associated with Oriental religions.

However, in reality, it is not a foreign religion or a foreign concept at all, although it is often practiced incorrectly around the world. In fact, it is a key to the Hebrew and Christian Bibles and religions.

Basic morality.As you sow, so shall you reap” is the basic moral system. It differs from the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule only in that it is much more comprehensive and affects everything one does and even what one thinks at all times, even when one is asleep.

This website and this newsletter seek to teach moral behavior and moral thought. Therefore, this topic is at the center of our purpose.

Perfect justice. The basic idea is that there exists perfect justice in our world. That is, you get exactly what you need and require and work toward. This sounds simple but it is anything but simple. It means that what you think, what you do, whom you associate with, where you live, what you wear, and all else about your life matters and affects your future.

Not obvious. One of the problems with “As you sow, so shall you reap” is that is is often not obvious. In fact, the opposite can seem to be true.

For example, some enjoy great power and wealth, yet they are unkind, selfish, mean and even criminal. Others suffer with disease, poverty, oppression, rape and other difficulties. However, they seem to be the kindest and most generous people. You may say, how is this possible?

The reason is that “As you sow, so shall you reap” operates over time. So you cannot see what came before and you cannot see into the future. However, justice universal is real and will be done. No one is exempt.

Everywhere.As you sow, so shall you reap” also operates everywhere, even if you were to ride in a spaceship and leave the planet. This is another vital understanding.

We will continue these lessons in the future. For more, read The Law Of Cause And Effect.


9/3/21. I am told that the forces defending the earth have become aware of a rogue plan to bring to the earth large numbers of dangerous criminals.

They appear to be completely human in every way. However, they are hybrid psychopathic creatures. Many look like cute young women, and a smaller number look like handsome youngish men.

They are often blond, with greenish eyes. The women are between five and six feet tall, and the men are taller. They walk tall and speak well. They may have a slight accent, but not much.

Ways to recognize them are that they have an odor that often smells like sun tan lotion. This is because, in fact, they smell very bad. They disguise their bad smell with a lotion, especially on their neck and head areas. For this reason, they may look a little greasy. Also, their skin looks a little transparent.

They are also sexually loose. One of their activities is to spread many diseases through loose sexual activity. Beware – especially young men, but also young women!

The men also rape and they hate nice women, so be very careful if one asks you for a date! Be extremely careful and learn all about the man BEFORE you go out with him. Preferably phone date for six months or more because they like sex and don’t want to wait for it.

They also carry advanced weapons that look like pens, rings and other innocuous objects. Beware, because they can easily kill or maim a person.

They are infiltrating the governments and the professions such as attorneys and doctors. They also work as store clerks and in offices. Some want to become wives, girlfriends and more. We don’t want to scare you, but we want you to know about their presence.

When our forces identify one of them, they are killed. However, thousands are arriving on earth at this time. So the job of getting rid of them is formidable.

The law of cause and effect. I am told that the reason the hybrid women and men are here is because human beings on earth have acted improperly in the past. This is also the reason for the covid-19 situation and other problems. This is very important to know if we want to solve these problems.

I am told the worst “sin” in regard to them is selfishness. So this is an area to work on for everyone. We will write more about them as we learn more.


9/2/21. We are being told that fine matter beings are getting rid of little nests of soldiers all over the planet who look Chinese, but are not from the earth. They are apparently being brought in to stage a world war.

We are also told that there is a fine matter force cleaning up the state of Utah, USA, where a lot of LDS or Mormon people live.


9/2/21. Our guidance is people are too selfish and they do not render every decision unto the Father in Heaven. In other words, the people have turned away from God and most live a secular and rather selfish life.

One’s life should be about service to God and to others, and that is it. Age doesn’t matter, neither does your financial situation or health or anything else. Part of service, however, is to do the development program so that you can be of more service.

We are supposed to live by “In God We Trust”, but instead people trust the internet, the phones, the television, government officials, their families and friends.

I asked if everyone should go to church or synagogue. I was told it is not absolutely needed, but is a gesture that is very good.


9/2/21. It is perfectly fine to begin a procedure very slowly and gently if you are sensitive. For example, with coffee enemas, if you are sensitive to caffeine you can begin with one coffee bean or just a pinch of ground coffee.

The point is, do not skip procedures because they might cause a reaction. Just begin very gently and slowly and work up from there.


9/1/21. We made a few improvements to the Coffee Enema article, a core article. For example, we added a small section about coffee removal methods - how to get the coffee out of the colon after the enema. For details, read Coffee Enemas.


9/1/21. In the post of August 30, 2021, we praised Mr. Prager for his stance on the Wuhan virus and the vaccines. Mr. Prager says much that is excellent.

However, we believe his interpretation of the Bible on the subject of homosexuality is very wrong. He discussed it on his radio show today.

Mr. Prager accepts the radical political homosexual agenda that people don’t choose to be homosexual, and therefore it must be okay. This is not the Biblical view and Mr. Prager claims to be a biblically-based person.

The Bible is very clear and calls homosexuality an abomination. Our understanding of the Bible is that it is okay if someone has homosexual thoughts, just as it is okay if someone has thoughts of lying, cheating, stealing, murdering or other forbidden behaviors.

However, one should not act on these thoughts. People always have a choice about their behavior, just as they have a choice whether to lie and steal.

The radical homosexual agenda is wrong and is a subtle way to destroy society. In fact, we find the cause of much homosexuality is biochemical - and it is correctable. For details, read Homosexuality.

A homosexual caller to Mr. Prager’s radio show complained that Christians he knew did not love homosexuals. Mr. Prager answered that that is a sin. But he did not add that according to the Bible, homosexual behavior is also a sin - and it is a choice.

This may seem like a trivial point, but Mr. Prager prides himself about his knowledge of the Bible and has even written a Bible commentary.


9/1/21. The treatment of Dr. Mercola by the authorities has been despicable! He can only post articles for 48 hours. We have no idea how they forced him to do this, but it is censorship and illegal.

We don’t agree with Dr. Mercola’s nutritional advice. However, it is very important to support decent people who have been wronged. I encourage everyone to repost his messages. We are reposting his excellent message of August 29, 2021. For details, read The Awareness Foundation Report On The Covid Vaccines.

Apparently, the covid shots are killing people and the truth is being withheld. We don’t think the shots just contain mRNA because we don’t think this would be that harmful. Read our post on August 26, 2021 on the situation in Israel and elsewhere – More Vaccination Equal More Disease!


8/31/21. There are so many benefits of development and there are so many ways that a developed person helps the world situation that they are too numerous to discuss here. However, here is a partial list:

- You will receive much better guidance when you develop. Some comes from the guide creatures, a set of small fine matter creatures that live near the body. More of these are available and more are helping those who make an effort with the program. For details, read Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.

- You will develop unusual abilities that can help yourself, as well as helping others. These may include the ability to see and hear at a distance and in unusual ways, and there are many others.

- You will be safer. We are finding that especially those that do the coffee enemas with the program receive more protection.

- Developing will help you avoid the need to visit doctors and interact with the medical system. Today this system is quite dysfunctional and not safe to interact with.


8/30/21. Today’s current events are enough to drive anyone nuts. Here is what I do and what I suggest to keep your sanity and make more of a difference:

Do more of the development program. Development slowly increases a person’s influence in the world. It slowly changes a person from an effect to a cause.

This occurs because development grows the energy field of a person. As the energy field spreads out, your influence increases. In fact, one developed person can have more impact than thousands of undeveloped people.

Thus, developing yourself, even if causes few visible signs, is very constructive and very empowering. The process takes time, but you will become more and more a voice for love and for reason.

More details. If you want to read more details about the souls’ views on the news, here is a sampling:

- The current American government is illegal because they took power while there were, and still are, pending lawsuits challenging the election results. For details, go to and read The 2020 Election. In our view, voting machines and mail-in ballots are a perfect recipe for cheating on elections and both must stop being used.

- The medical profession has thoroughly discredited itself in the way they are ignoring simple therapies for a simple illness (Wuhan flu) while demanding vaccination even when people have already had the illness and the vaccine is unproven.

- The American retreat from Afghanistan is very foolish and is being handled very badly. Both Mr. Trump, and particularly Mr. Biden, are to blame. An American talk show host who gets it right is Dennis Prager.

2500 US troops, along with a few from Great Britain and France, with air support, and the Afghan army were keeping some peace in that nation and preventing radical Islamists from taking over the entire nation. There were VERY few American casualties - about one or two per month for the past several years.

The American withdrawal means that Al Queda, ISIS and the Taliban are back in power and Afghanistan once again will be used as a terrorist training base.

- Evil people now run many schools and universities. They teach fake theories such as critical race theory, gender ideology, climate change, and more. This serves only to confuse and divide people. The souls say that is the goal.


8/29/21. A very exciting topic is the use of the healing procedures for animals. They can save lives and can also help animals develop.

Some of the same healing and development procedures we highly recommend for human beings also are of tremendous benefit for animals. Especially good and quite simple to administer are reflexology and reddish heat lamp therapy. For details, read a new article, Healing And Development Procedures For Animals.


A common dietary mistake during the development program is to eat bread. We know it is tempting because it is convenient, inexpensive and can be tasty.

Problems with bread are that it is cooked at very high temperature. This seems to damage the food. Also, most bread contains wheat, which we find today is an irritant because most wheat is very hybridized. It may contain other grains that may be healthful, but except for blue corn do not facilitate development.


8/28/21. Natural sea salt is essential for health and development. Please do not avoid it or minimize it. Eat it liberally.

In fact, two clients recently became quite ill because they did not eat enough sea salt. They seemed to be dehydrated.

Eating sea salt does not tend to raise blood pressure or cause any problems. For more details, read Sodium And Salt-Eating.


8/28/21. When you eat eggs, the egg white that is at the pointed end of the egg is the very best to eat. This part of the egg nourishes the head of the chicken.


8/27/21. We just updated and improved two articles:

1. Gender dysphoria is the feeling that one is not really one’s biological or genetic gender. Nutritional imbalances and high levels of toxic metals and chemicals are making this problem more common today.

The way it is being handled by doctors and psychologists we believe is very harmful. For details, read Gender Dysphoria.

2. Combining the development program with other therapies was the topic of the newsletter post on 8/25/21. We cannot overemphasize all the problems this causes.

Please don’t combine programs! Instead, work with us to correct difficulties that arise during the development program.

In fact, I am amazed at how few problems occur, given the malnutrition and toxicity of all the bodies today. We improved and added a new section at the end of the article, Combining The Development Program With Other Therapies.


8/26/21. A trend in the world is occurring. Nations that have a high percentage of people “vaccinated” for the Chinese virus such as Israel and Great Britain are seeing large numbers of cases of covid-19, even among “vaccinated” people.

Meanwhile, nations with a low “vaccination” rate such as Sweden and the Palestinian state have fewer cases of covid-19.

The most likely explanations are that 1) the vaccines do not work well, (if they work at all) and 2) toxins in the vaccines weaken the people, who are then more prone to illness.

The word vaccination is in quotes above because our information is that the shots are not really vaccines. They are some sort of drug, but not vaccines. We have also reported that attempts to obtain purified virus from the American Centers For Disease Control And Prevention failed, making one wonder if the disease is just a flu.


8/25/21. The development program is unique and has as its goal a special condition of the body. If a person follows the program faithfully, you will move in the right direction.

On the other hand, if you combine the program with other advice, especially advice to eat fruit and salad, and to skip the development procedures, our program won’t work at all. Please be warned! Do not combine holistic or natural programs. If you require a medical drug, that is okay.

If you are having a problem with the development program, submit a question. Many people’s bodies are extremely toxic, depleted and traumatized. We will work with you on the problem. For more details, read Combining The Development Program With Other Therapies.


8/24/21. Very ancient and powerful, the pulling down exercise is among the most important development procedures. Rarely taught on earth except in religious monasteries, I am fortunate that, so far, I am allowed to teach it. Help me convince you to do it and to do it right!

How it works. A long life depends upon a forceful downward movement. Subtle energy must move through millions of tiny channels for life to grow and expand. These channels run vertically from head to feet.

In most people, the flow is impaired and too slow. This shortens life and causes illness and death.

Yes, we need much better nutrition and we need to remove toxic substances from the body. But we also need the powerful downward flow.

Too often the flow is chaotic or even somewhat reversed. Many feel this and use words to describe it such as mixed up, messed up, or uptight.

Downward force is the answer. Using your mind, force the energy downward. That is all there is to it! You can push it down, but that may cause a headache.

A better way is to empty yourself and create a vacuum. Place your attention below your feet. Imagine a gigantic magnet or vacuum cleaner pulling downward on the skin of the bottom of your feet. When you can do that comfortably, imagine the magnet or cleaner pulling downward on all parts of your body.

Do it as forcefully and as often as possible – at least two hours each day.

A little odd at first, that feeling soon ends. Soon you realize you are bringing new life into the body.

Distraction. At first, I found this impossible. Like a wild horse or an untrained dog, the mind raced and went where it wanted.

It was a little easier while lying down doing a coffee enema. Holding the enema forces one to move attention downward. It was also a little easier while walking very slowly, and thinking “down” with each step.

A living religion. Some imagine pulling God or Jesus into the body from above, or bringing Heaven to Earth. I sometimes think “I want more of God, more of God, more of God”. But don’t speak words while you do the exercise – it distracts from the goal of moving subtle energy.

Little by little, the mind obeys. Little by little, the exercise is easier and more fun. Each time you do it, you open and heal more channels.

Each time you do it, God’s Love flows more and more easily into and through the body. You will realize that this is working on your primary relationship – and the quality of all other relationships depends upon it.

You may think it sounds supremely selfish. However, as you do it you help the whole world, so it is anything but selfish. For details, read The Pulling Down Procedure.


8/23/21. Activation is the process of becoming aware of your full potential to the point of taking action to achieve it. I believe everyone has abilities and gifts of which they are unaware.

Activating everyone on earth is one of the goals of this newsletter and this website. The fate of the earth may depend upon it. For details, read Activation, The Light Workers, Become An Agent and Introduction To Development.


8/22/21. The souls who help with this newsletter ask that I continue to write on the theme of religion. The goal is to help unify the people of the earth and certainly not to offend anyone.

Two new, short articles are The Meaning Of The Father In The Bible and A Different Interpretation Of The Shema - A Famous Hebrew Prayer.


8/21/21. The feedback we are receiving regarding the enhanced coffee enema procedure is excellent. To review, the enhanced procedure is to add ideally two items to the coffee:

1. Add about 2 or 3 small cloves of garlic to the coffee BEFORE you cook it. Use a garlic press or squish the garlic in another way and put all of it in with the coffee and cook it with the coffee – either for 12 minutes using regular boiling or for 14 seconds using a pressure cooker.

If you use too much garlic, you may have difficulty holding the enema. Just reduce the amount.

2. Add about 5 drops of 18 Extreme X by Naturoli to the coffee AFTER it is cooked. This is a natural type of soap that is non-toxic. This product is available from in the United States. I am not sure about availability in other nations. It is somewhat costly, but a bottle lasts a long time because it is extremely concentrated. It is also excellent for washing dishes, clothing and anything else.

These two additions to the coffee enema seem to work well together to clean up the colon and entire body, making for a more powerful enema. For details, read Coffee Enemas.

While holding the enema, you can do the Pulling Down Procedure, the Open Position, Deep Breathing, the Twists, Pop, and Pulls and Foot Or Hand Reflexology. These are all excellent, easy to do while holding an enema, and will help you develop faster.


8/20/21. One of our Helpers reports that hospitals are doing much more than hospital work. Upon admission, everyone is forced to wear a tracking bracelet. If you take it off, they immediately know and bring you another one. They use large men to make sure you understand that you will comply with the rules.

They are putting implants in many patient’s heads to turn them into spies, and, in some cases, they hurt patients whom they don’t like.

We are told they are also turning some people into sats or satans. Sats look human, but they are hybrid creatures that are psychopathic and difficult to kill.

It is truly a horror and run by the Rogues. Do your best to stay out. This is an important reason to follow the development program. For details, read Hospital Horror.


8/19/21. The newer recommendations to eat aduki beans and arrowroot are not proving to be helpful, so these foods are no longer recommended. I will also remove these recommendations from earlier newsletter posts.


8/19/21. We need to keep repeating that the current American national government is thoroughly illegal. The reason is it took power when there were, and still are, lawsuits challenging the election results that have not been heard by the US Supreme Court.

This is a violation of the law. This needs to be pointed out and people need to rise up and protest against the violation of their laws. For details, read the earlier posts about The Election.


8/18/21. Vivian, age 50, experienced a bad rape at age 15 and has not been well ever since. The worst symptom is a type of brain fog or mild dementia in which she cannot complete sentences, at times, and has an overwhelming feeling of sadness much of the time. Her husband also noted that she does not remember things well and becomes easily confused if she has several tasks to perform.

She also has lost quite a bit of hair over the past ten years, to the point that it is embarrassing. Her digestion is also weak.

The program. About four years ago, Vivian began the development program. At first, she noticed little change except some improvement in her energy level. This is often the first change people notice. As explained in yesterday’s post, having more energy is needed for healing and development.

Mineral tests - a persistent double low ratio pattern. For the past three hair mineral tests, Vivian has had a double low ratio pattern on the first tetra or first four minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium). This is a low calcium/magnesium ratio and a low sodium/potassium ratio. This indicates degeneration, double give-up, and a tendency for death of the body.

Doubling. Vivian’s past three hair analyses also reveal a doubling of the above death pattern. This means the pattern on the first four minerals is also on the second four minerals or second tetra. Doubling indicates a pattern that is present at a deeper level in addition to the top or most superficial level of life. As one moves from the first tetra to the second tetra, one moves to a deeper layer of life.

Death reversal or back to life. When a pattern such as a double low ratio appear during the development program, it does not indicate impending death. In fact, it is the reverse. It means the issues are being addressed and in fact it is a reversal of the give-up, degeneration and death pattern. We also call this retracing.

In Vivian’s case, memories of the rape surfaced, she dreamed about the rape, and she cried, at times, which she has not done for years.

Forgiveness. We advised Vivian that it is absolutely necessary to forgive everyone for everything that has occurred in your life. The reasons are:

1. One does not know why events occur. Perhaps one had a part in the cause, so it is unwise and untrue to just blame events upon others.

2. Perhaps one experienced the event in order to learn something or to help others, in some way. The souls have their reasons why they want and need to experience certain events.

3. Perhaps the event even saved one’s life by altering the future and thus preventing a worse disaster.

4. There could be other reasons for the event, such as to prepare a person for a future career helping others who have experienced similar events.

Breakthrough. In the past two weeks, Vivian suddenly found that all her symptoms have gone away. She is quite amazed by this. Her mind is clear, her memory is very good, and her digestion has also improved.

Guide creatures. Over the past several weeks, we are learning more about the return of the guide creatures. This is a set of small fine-matter creatures that arrange themselves close to the body of every person and act as guides and healers. They often leave if a person experiences a trauma such as a rape, a beating, a serious accident or a serious illness.

When I asked why Vivian feels so much better, I was told that three guide creatures recently returned to Vivian and they are helping her healing. They are setting up other patterns on her new hair mineral chart such as coming alive pattern on the second four minerals. This is present when the levels of the second four minerals all either rise or remain the same.

Everything out pattern. Vivian is also eliminating ten toxic minerals or toxic forms of nutrient minerals. The evidence is a rise in the level of these minerals. Usually, this is due to more elimination of these minerals through the hair and skin. The body does not eliminate all toxins this way, but often it is an easy and safe way to move toxic substances out of the body and it is easy to see on a hair mineral chart.

Blood testing versus hair testing. It would be much more difficult to see this toxin elimination on a blood test. It is possible, but one would have to sample the blood at exactly the right time. The blood is the highway of the body and a very busy place. The hair, by contrast, grows slowly and steadily, and leaves a much longer-term record of metabolic changes.

Some day, I have no doubt that that medical personnel will understand and value the hair mineral test. For now, they deride it but they don’t understand it. I hope the case histories in this newsletter will help remedy this situation because the patterns are consistent and repeatable and easily verified. We often see the same pattern two or three times in one day when we review ten or more tests in a day.

Other patterns. The hair test provides a lot of information, often more than one might imagine.

Maturing. Vivian’s recent mineral test also revealed a psychological maturing pattern (elimination of toxic potassium). This is often necessary in order to fully forgive others and for other purposes, as well. For details, read Toxic Potassium and The Child Minerals.

Anchors. This recently discovered pattern indicates significant improvement in the brain. It consists of minerals whose levels change little or not at all when a person is following the development program. Vivian has eight of these on her recent hair test, which we call a new brain. For details, read Anchors And Pivots.

A standard surge. This is a sharp increase in the levels of sodium and potassium on a retest when a person faithfully follows the development program. It is always due to the activity of returning guide creatures, in combination with the effect of the diet, lifestyle, supplements and healing procedures. It is a very positive sign on a hair mineral test. For details, read Surges.


8/17/21. A principle of development science that was a favorite of Dr. Paul Eck is that to heal and develop requires adaptive energy. The program is designed to increase the production of this energy and it is one of the secrets of the program.

Energy production in the body has a number of aspects. One is to improve the energy pathway – or biochemical pathways through which the body produces ATP.

A second aspect is to balance certain mineral ratios in the cells, and to keep them balanced. This is like tuning the engine of a car or running the motor at the right speed. For maximum energy production, it is important to balance the oxidation rate and the sodium/potassium ratio.

The calcium/magnesium ratio is also very important to balance. It has to do with overeating on carbohydrates and with a person’s lifestyle if the ratio is greater than 13.5.

In fact, the body has seven energy production systems and the subject is fairly complex. For more details, read the updated article, Restoring The Body's Energy Systems.


8/16/21. I believe the Rogues are circulating the following report to send a message to the American people.

The US Constitution guarantees the right to petition the government, meaning to protest. The rogues are sending the message that you better not do so. Sadly, it is working.

It is also a two-tiered justice system. If you are a Democrat or member of Black Lives Matter or Antifa and riot, often there is no jail time at all. But here is the story of the January 6 protestors, which was a mild protest:

Joe Biggs served his country honorably as a soldier. He then became a voice for American justice when he peacefully participated in the January 6, 2021 protest in Washington, DC.

Joe Biggs is now being held in Third World prison conditions for simply being present at the US Capitol. He wrote of his 3-month experience in jail.

He wrote of health issues he has experienced as a result of sleeping only 4 hours a night on a cold steel rack while not being allowed to work out and only given 10 hours of sunlight in 3 months, a soy-based diet, with hardly any protein, mostly processed foods, and "some kind of gelatin dog food-looking stuff."

There is no privacy allowed for the toliet and he is allotted a single shelf that nothing can be place on. If he complains he is sent to solitary confinement. He cannot talk to his family and is stripped naked and locked alone in a bright, freezing room. He wrote: “I have anxiety bad now. Panic attacks so bad, I black out.”


8/15/21. This is an unusual newsletter post. It concerns a new method to speed up healing and development on earth. This is very needed today because the earth is getting cleaned up and needs your help!

The guide creatures. As explained in yesterday’s post, the guide creatures are a set of about 12 small, very advanced fine matter animals or creatures that arrange themselves around every human body. They help the body in dozens of ways, especially women.

The problem is that everyone needs more of them. One reason is that they leave if a person becomes too malnourished, which is the rule today, not the exception. The failure of the medical profession in this area cannot be overstated. It is beyond criminal. In the view of the guide creatures, it is more like genocidal.

Other reasons the guide creatures leave. These are 1) extreme traumas such as a very bad rape or beating, 2) criminal behavior, 3) selfish behavior, especially with money, and 4) perhaps a few other situations such as a very serious accident that disables the brain. However, malnutrition is the major reason they leave.

The guide creatures know about 12 methods to speed up healing and development. We will add “getting a guide creature” to our article about how to develop faster.

Some of these methods will result in unusual hair mineral test patterns. We have added the patterns we have discovered to the article The Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.

How to get more guide creatures. 1) Follow the entire development diet. For example, don’t skip foods such as tahini, almond butter or nutritional yeast. Many people skip foods they don’t like or that are costly even if they can afford to buy them.

2) Live a life of generosity and integrity. This means keep your word and don’t lie or fudge, as most people do.

3) Try to live safely, without living in abject fear. Don’t take chances, dress conservatively, and women need to be very careful with men in all situations. This means don’t date if at all possible and be with people you know and trust at all times. We don’t recommend college for women except online, at home. It is too dangerous, as are many jobs for women. For details, read Dating and Rape.


8/14/21. Frank is 60 years old. He has had the symptoms above for at least 25 years or longer. He visited many doctors with no results. At the time he began the development program he was taking at least two medications to help control his symptoms.

About three and a half years ago Frank began the development program. At first, results were slow, although his energy improved quickly. This encouraged him to continue the program.

However, over the past two months, he has seen dramatic improvements in most of his symptoms. He has stopped taking all of his prescription drugs! This is quite an accomplishment all by itself. He also looks much better and feels like a young man. His family is quite amazed and perplexed.

The new hair mineral test. Frank’s new hair test has a number of joy or development patterns. He has a coming alive pattern on the second four minerals. This indicates deep healing. For details, read Coming Alive Pattern.

He also has a hidden hill pattern. It is a hill pattern, but the elimination of toxic potassium obscures the hill, so one can call it a hidden hill. A hill pattern is very positive and is a celebration and great joy pattern.

Brain patterns. Frank eliminated three “child minerals” – toxic potassium, aluminum and nickel. This we call maturing pattern. Indeed, his thinking has changed for the better. Everyone notices it. For details, read Toxic Potassium and The Child Minerals.

He also has eight anchor patterns, which we call a new brain. This has also helped his thinking. The brain structure actually looks more normal.

He also has a right pivot pattern on the second four minerals. This is an insight or turnaround in his thinking in regards to himself. For details, read Anchors and Pivots.

Undoing death. Frank also has a step up pattern, which we call quick death. Normally, it is a bad sign. However, in this case he is retracing the pattern, so it means the opposite – a reversal of the pattern. He is undoing a death tendency in himself.

Frank also got three guide creatures – an asherot, an aliot and an aravot. These are very smart and very advanced small, fine matter creatures that remain around the body and help a person in many ways. For details, read The Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.

Frank also has a pattern we call everything coming out. This is when the levels of six or more minerals increase, indicating their elimination through the hair and skin. Frank eliminated toxic potassium, manganese, copper, iron, lead, aluminum, arsenic, molybdenum, lithium, and nickel.

Among the toxic minerals that were eliminated were several oxides or irritants. We call these the amigos – iron, manganese and aluminum. There are others as well. These are highly irritating to the body and eliminating them is wonderful. We call this an amigo dump or elimination. For details, read The Amigos – Iron, Manganese And Aluminum.

I am told that Frank also eliminated boron, vanadium and cobalt. The lab does not read boron and vanadium, so the levels are not visible on the hair test. The cobalt level on the hair test did not change. However, I am told that the cobalt elimination is very recent and occurred after the hair was cut for this test.

Activation. The patterns discussed above together are causing a condition we call activation. Basically, it is a waking up of the body and brain to its full potential. Most people are not activated and live what may be called the unconscious life.

The development program, along with the work of the guide creatures, planning souls and others, can help people activate or wake up. This requires a better brain and often a healthier body. The person begins to think differently and better, and is more able to carry out his or her ideas and ambitions. For details, read Activation.


8/13/21. This is a continuation of the post of August 11, 2021.

Diet: The more precisely you do the diet, the faster you will develop. This is an important principle.

Going to bed early. Go to bed between 8 and 9 PM every night. This is extremely helpful to speed up development.

The guide creatures. If one follows the development program carefully and lives a life of integrity, often one receives a guide creature. These are small, fine matter creatures that have the ability to speed up healing and development. You may not notice one is helping you, although some people feel better or are happier. For details, read The Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.

Down hugging or down sex. These unusual procedures greatly speed up development. This is especially true if the woman falls asleep during the procedure. This is a type of trance effect.

Note: There are problems with down sex, particularly, if one does it with someone who is not your marriage partner. In this case, there is some danger of rape. Also, it is somewhat unclean, the woman can form an unhealthy attachment for the man, and there can be some embarrassment. Men can also have accidents and lose sexual fluid. This needs to be weighed against the benefits, which can be substantial. For details, read Down Hugging and Down Sex.

The breathing method. This is newer information. Breathing in and out through the toes and moving energy downward as you breathe also speeds up development. Done correctly, it is quite powerful. We plan to write more about this in the future.


8/12/21. Several clients reported problems after eating chicken skin, such as on chicken wings, especially from a roasted chicken. We much prefer chicken cooked by boiling or pressure cooking. Baking is not great, but is better than roasting.


8/12/21. Sami is one and a half years old and weighs 75 pounds. She suffered from skin problems, fatigue, diarrhea and nervousness.

Six months ago Sami began the development program. Her owner is willing to give him some of the same food she eats – about 50% cooked dark meat chicken and 50% cooked preferred vegetables. Sami eats some carrots every meal. This is often important to heal dogs.

The new hair test. Sami remains a very fast oxidizer with a very high sodium/potassium ratio. This is a common pattern for dogs. The new hair test shows a slightly faster oxidation rate and more inflammation. We believe this is part of her healing process at this time.

Also, chromium toxicity that was present on the previous test improved a lot. The aluminum and arsenic levels are lower. The lead, mercury and nickel levels are higher. The latter can be due to improved kidney activity. The other mineral readings are close to the previous readings.

Sami’s owner reports that Sami improved immediately when she stopped eating the regular dog food. Sami then went through a series of healing reactions. The first was a lot of discharge from the eyes. Then she was tired for a few days. Then she began to smell bad with bad breath for two weeks with a lot of urination. Then for two weeks she had trouble digesting vegetables. For more details, read Caring For Dogs With A Development Program.


8/11/21. Moving along quickly is very important when following the development program. This is very different than the situation with other healing and nutrition programs. Reasons for this are:

1. Development is a very long path. Many people feel the benefits of the program quickly. However, some conditions require more advanced development to heal.

2. One needs to reach a certain stage of development to live longer. Otherwise, old age intervenes and one does not live on.

Methods to move faster. Briefly, to move fast here is what helps:

- Follow the diet carefully. Don’t skip meals, don’t skip recommended foods, and don’t alter the diet. I know it is somewhat unusual, but our experience is that it is required today due to the condition of the food supply and other factors.

- At least do the basic supplements. Preferably do a full supplement program without adding other products.

- Get plenty of rest and sleep, and go to bed by 9 PM.

- Limit ordinary sex with sexual fluid loss. The less, the better. However, down sex and down hugging are excellent and speed up healing. This is especially true with the newer addition of the woman falling asleep during the procedure. For some reason, she moves much faster when this occurs during down sex.

- Do coffee enemas, at least one daily and preferably two to four daily. These help move energy correctly, nourish the body, reduce toxicity in the organs, and much, much more. They seem to be needed very much today for everyone.

We are learning much more about the enhanced coffee enema procedure – adding a little garlic and a bit of 18 Extreme X by Naturoli to the coffee enema and we will report more on this. For details, read the earlier posts about the enhanced coffee enema and read Coffee Enemas.

- Do the pulling down procedure at least one to two hours daily. You can do it as often as you wish and it combines well with coffee enemas. This is needed for rapid development. For details, read The Pulling Down Exercise.

- Do the spinal twists, and the pops and pulls. These open the joints, and this greatly speeds up healing. Do this several times daily. Twisting the hands and fingers is an important part of the basic procedure. For details, read The Twists, Pops, And Pulls.

We plan to write much more about this critical topic.


8/10/21. I am told that the Rogues are attempting to poison our entire planet with iron at this time. They try to add it to the water, air and food in some restaurants. They also try to spray it on the fields. Iron is also a dark color and used in dark clothing, black paint, tatoos, inks, and other places.

The iron compound is an oxide, which is an irritant. It also builds up in the brain in the amygdala and causes people to be angry. I am told there is a secret project to stop the iron poisoning. However, this is one reason we recommend light colored clothing, appliances and everything else in your home and office. For details, read Iron Overload and The Amigos – Iron, Manganese and Aluminum (and others).


8/10/21. A unique concept of the development program is to activate special genes using superior, specific, targeted nutrition. We recommend specific foods and not other nutritious foods.

Only the recommended foods contain certain chemicals needed to activate these special genes. When this occurs, it accelerates healing and toughens the body. This helps to build health and extend life. For details, read Food For Development.


8/9/21. - Eggs from turkeys, ducks and other birds are all good on the development program.

- Also, the egg white at the more pointed end of an egg is excellent to eat. This part of the egg is where the head of the bird would be. It is best eaten a little firm but not hard, such as what occurs with a three-minute boiled chicken egg.


8/8/21. A principle of the development program that I originally learned from reading the work of Maria Montessori is as follows:

Ms. Montessori wrote that the conventional educational method is to force children to learn a curriculum of the teacher’s choosing. In reality, however, learning is natural and forcing is not needed and harmful to the mind.

If one supports and nourishes the child’s mind properly, the child will learn at a pace and order of his or her choosing. This method produces a superior education because there is no violence to the mind.

Application to health care. Most all doctors, including natural healers, base their therapy upon symptoms, exams or lab tests designed to detect diseases.

However, in reality, healing is natural. All one needs to do is to properly support, nourish, detoxify and balance the body. Then the body will do the healing in its own order and at its own pace.

Difficulties with the Maria Montessori concept:

1. Figuring out how to nourish, support, detoxify and balance the mind or body properly. This is not a simple matter.

2. Handling reactions that occur with deep healing. These rarely occur with other healing methods, but are common during the development program. They often look and feel like illness, but they are not.

If one consults a doctor in regard to them, doctors don’t understand them and become concerned. This often scares the person away from the development program. This is why we recommend contacting us first if you do not feel well on the program.

3. One does not know the order and speed of learning or healing. This is because in the Montessori system, the teacher is not in charge of the learning process. With the development program, the practitioner is not in charge of the healing process. This can be frustrating, and requires patience.

The planning souls. We have recently learned that the development program assists a group of souls who know what the body needs to heal. They keep a list of problems in the body, some of which produce no symptoms, yet are life-threatening. They include cancers or small aneurysm that are very difficult to detect. For details, read The Planning Souls.


8/7/21. John is 23 years old. He had many health problems for years including severe fatigue that led to drug use for a while. He also did not function well mentally, with a poor memory and impaired mental processing ability. Brain fog and severe derealization or spaciness were mild terms to describe his mental state.

The change. John has followed the development program quite well for about five years. Over the past month or so, John is thinking much better, less tired, and overall in better health.

The new hair test. John’s new hair mineral analysis revealed a number of excellent patterns:

Maturing. John has matured a lot just in the past month. One wonders how this is possible. However, this is common when the hair test reveals an elimination of a toxic compound of potassium that is often in our food today. For details about this very serious agricultural problem, read Toxic Potassium and Superphosphate Or N-P-K Fertilizers.

Everything coming out. John also eliminated a number of toxic metals, a pattern we call everything coming out. Especially helpful is that he eliminated toxic forms of iron, manganese and aluminum. When one eliminates these compounds, often there is a breakthrough in one’s healing. For details, read The Amigos – Iron, Manganese and Aluminum.

The aravot. I am told that John got back one of his guide creatures. These are several sets of small creatures that guide and heal a person. They are around the body, but cannot be seen because they are made of fine matter, a type of matter that most people cannot see. The Hebrew Bible contains a description of one of them. For details, read The Vision Of Ezekiel.

If one is very ill or suffers a trauma, often one or more of them leaves. When this occurs, one does not make as good decisions and less healing takes place.

The guide creatures will return if one follows the development program so as to improve health and mental capability. This is what occurred with John. For details, read The Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.

Rapid development. John also has a phosphorus level above 16 mg%. On a retest when a person follows the development program, this usually indicates a faster rate of development. This is most helpful because development is a long path.

A 6-hill. John also has a very unusual pattern. It is a hill pattern that spans six minerals. A hill pattern is very positive. Most hill patterns span four minerals. A 6-mineral hill or a 6-hill is a very expansive hill or celebration pattern. For details, read The Hill Pattern On A Hair Mineral Analysis.


8/6/21. Yesterday Dr. Mercola wrote that he was forced to take down his large website, although he says he can still write articles that will remain for 48 hours. We don’t like his nutritional recommendations, but he had a lot of good information about vaccination, fluoridation and the Wuhan virus that needs to be spread.

So far, I have not been attacked to the same degree, so I will keep writing and setting up development programs.

It is easy to become very negative about what is going on. A bright spot is that according to Dr. Mercola, protests against vaccine passports and other restrictions are increasing.

I believe that our thoughts are very powerful. So I continue to monitor my thoughts to see if they align with my belief in God and in “the good, the true and the beautiful”. I encourage everyone to do the same. I believe the development program helps one do this by healing the body at the deepest level.


8/6/21. I continue to receive emails and calls now and then from clients who are panicking because they think they have the Wuhan virus. However, when we check, the people who follow the program are just retracing.

Testing. At this time, I don’t recommend testing for Wuhan virus. The tests are not accurate and the results may scare you. Also, the virus and its variants are weak. Follow the development program to keep yourself strong and healthy.

Vaccines. As for the so-called vaccines, we don’t think they are vaccines, or that they work, or that they are needed. I heard a report that the American government now says that your viral load is the same whether or not you are vaccinated. They now say that the only benefit of the vaccine is that if you get the virus you may be less sick. A few of our clients have taken the vaccine, and they all survived, so far.


8/6/21. I took down one of the posts from yesterday, 8/5/21 about Kwan Yin. I don’t have enough evidence that it is true.


8/5/21. We added two important warnings to the beginning of the article about kissing. These days, kissing is not safe because many people have sexually transmitted diseases of the mouth that are easily spread by kissing. For details, read Kissing.


8/4/21. We allow clients to retest the hair up to every six months. However, for best results, we suggest retesting within three or four months.

This is more costly. However, it allows us to pick up changes in body chemistry sooner and to set up a new program sooner. This prevents some symptoms that are due to staying on a development supplement program that is no longer correct. For more details, read Retesting The Hair MInerals.


8/3/21. We are learning that the earth is a huge living body. The souls have specific jobs in this body. The souls need to live in specific locations to do their jobs well and to be effective.

While a relatively few people live in the right place, many do not! This is a Rogue plan for the earth to wreck this planet, and it works well. They use special shields to keep the souls from going home.

When you live in the wrong place, no matter how comfortable it seems, you are much less safe and you will not be as happy and healthy. You will not have as many good friends and finding the right husband or wife is also difficult or impossible.

So a new project of the souls is to move everyone to where they belong. Try to tune in and listen to your souls, who will be telling you if you need to move. Things will work out if you are in the right place.


8/3/21. The answer is no!!! First, the climate is always changing. If the earth were to become warmer, it would be a wonderful thing, not a disaster!!

Also, the climate of the earth is under the control of a group of advanced fine matter beings. It has nothing at all to do with driving cars or anything else that human beings do. The beings regulate the orbit of the earth and can change the distance from the earth to the sun to regulate the temperature of the earth.

The idea that cows with intestinal gas are wrecking the planet is complete and total utter nonsense. It is just designed to scare people into eating the wrong food so you will be sick and weak.

In fact, farm animals help sequester carbon and therefore they are very beneficial for the planet. They also help the planet in one hundred other ways that we will discuss in future posts. For details, read Global Warming and Climate Change.


8/2/21. The lymph system is one of the most interesting of the body systems. It consists of ducts, nodes, organs and glands. It has two purposes. The first is to carry away certain toxins that would be difficult to eliminate through the blood. The second purpose is to help fight infections.

The lymph system is congested and sluggish in many people. In addition, it begins to atrophy or shrink at age 30 to 40. Organs affected include the thymus gland, spleen and the Peyer’s patches.

An important reason to follow the development program is to prevent and reverse the damage to the lymph system that occurs with age. This is very important to resist infections and cancer, and for detoxification.

For details, read the newly improved article, The Lymph System and The Peyer’s Patches.


8/1/21. The vagina has a powerful reflex system. A newer and excellent procedure for women is vaginal reflexology therapy. It may seem unusual, but the feedback we have received is that it is very good for women.

It helps cleanse, balance, activate the lymph system, retrace traumas, and more. It also helps women understand their bodies much better. For details, read Vaginal Massage And Reflexology. We strongly suggest that men read through this short article, as well, to assist their understanding of women.


7/31/21. Almond butter contains souls and nutrients that we find are essential for rapid development. Please do not skip it. Adults need two tablespoons every day, while children need less depending upon their size.

Butter made with organically grown almonds is better, but any almond butter is very good. Eating almonds is not as good because they must be chewed thoroughly and even then, it is difficult to extract all the nutrients from the almonds. For more details, read Almond Butter.


7/31/21. I heard that there is street fighting in Washington, DC involving people who know that the Biden administration was not elected and took office illegally. If anyone knows of websites that are reporting on this, please send me an email about it.


7/30/21. Development is a life path. This means that it is comprehensive and quite all-inclusive. It touches and affects all aspects of a person’s life. We cleaned up the Path article. For details, read The Path Concept.


7/30/21. Some are saying we are winding down our work because we are not training new Helpers at this time. However, we are not winding down at all! Actually, the pace of research has increased recently.

Meanwhile, another person is offering hair analysis training. She tells people she is the new hair analysis authority. However, she is not an authority and she does not set up the programs properly. Her programs will not cause development. In fact, she works with a group that seeks to stop development on earth!

She also tells people they can learn to interpret hair tests in a few months with her course. This is not possible.

We are not training new Helpers at this time for several reasons: 1) Many of our current Helpers can handle more business and we would rather send new clients to them so they become busier; 2) The souls who assist us need to protect our Helpers from attacks from the Rogues. The more Helpers we have, the more difficult is the job of protecting them; 3) When we check, some who want training will take our diploma and say they studied with Dr. Wilson, but will set up the programs incorrectly to prevent development.


7/29/21. We are told that the epidemic of rape in our nations has something to do with with the way many women dress and act. This is a controversial topic, but an important one. For details, read the updated article, How And Why To Be Unsexy.


7/28/21. Correction. The addition of oral coffee, reflexology and shiatsu while holding a coffee enema are interesting. However, for many people it may be best to just focus on doing the pulling down exercise while holding your coffee enema.

The reason is that the pulling down exercise a lot is absolutely essential for development! Doing it during a coffee enema makes it easier and it is very important to make the pulling down exercise a daily habit – one to three hours daily or more. You cannot overdo on the pulling down exercise. The more you do it the faster you move along.

Additions. A few other tricks that make the coffee enema procedure easier and better are:

1. Grind the coffee to a very fine powder. If you use a standard electric coffee grinder, leave it on for at least 25 seconds. If you grind your coffee at the store where you buy it, use the finest grinding option.

2. Pressure-cooking the coffee saves a lot of time. Pressure cook for only 14 seconds. Boiling requires 12 minutes.

3. To have the coffee at the right temperature, when you boil or pressure cook the coffee, only use a small amount of water. Add the rest of the water after cooking and this will cool down the mixture.

4. If the coffee won’t flow through the enema tube, often the blockage is at the clamp. Try to move the clamp and squeeze the tube. There may be some coffee grounds blocking the tube.

Some enema kits come with a filter in the enema tube. This easily clogs up. I would remove it! There is nothing wrong with having some coffee grounds inside you.

5. For the least dripping, move the clamp on the enema tube as near to the enema tip as possible.

6. If you have a lot of intestinal gas, it will be difficult to hold a coffee enema. Here are some tricks to help this problem: Eat about one tablespoon of almond butter before doing the enema. This may help expel the gas. Also, do a plain water enema before doing a coffee enema to help expel gas.

If the problem remains, elevate your hips so they are higher than your abdomen. Also, leave the enema tip inside you. If needed, tie the enema tube to your thigh with a shoelace or something similar so that it won’t fall out. With the enema tip inside you and your hips higher than the abdomen, intestinal gas will tend to move to the enema tip and be expelled easily through the tip.

7. At times, your body will eliminate a very difficult toxin during a coffee enema. If this occurs, you will not be able to hold the coffee for as long.

Don’t worry about this. It is normal. Just get up and expel the coffee, which will be full of toxins. You can make more coffee and do another enema in this situation, and often you will be able to hold the second one.

8. When you expel the coffee, flush the toilet immediately after expelling the coffee. The reason is that the coffee will contain a lot of toxins. If you don’t flush quickly, some of the toxins can re-enter the body because they include aberrant souls.

9. We don’t recommend a Mikacare Enema Kit. It was hard to hold the enemas and was infected. The old-fashioned red enema bag or a simple enema bucket are often best.


7/27/21. Over the past several months we have found a number of ways to enhance coffee enemas. Together, they make the coffee enema a much more intense healing experience.

1. Start with a quick plain water enema. This serves to empty the colon and to release intestinal gas. Emptying the colon is also helpful to retain the enema. Also, it prevents the coffee from being absorbed by feces in the colon. Instead, all the coffee will be available for healing.

We use tap water for this enema and we don’t hold it. We put it in and then immediately release it. It is not necessary to remove every bit of feces for it to work.

2. Tilt your hips or tilt the massage table or bed you are using to do the enema so that your hips are slightly higher than your head. This helps to hold the coffee. It also helps to move the coffee into the transverse colon, where we like it during the enema.

The transverse colon has reflexes to the brain, the head, and the liver and spleen – areas that need work on everyone.

3. When preparing the coffee, enhance it with two or three small crushed garlic cloves and a very small amount of 18 Extreme X, a soap berry concentrate. Feedback about this enhancement is that it makes for a more powerful procedure. For details, read the post of 4/17/21.

4. Add the oral coffee hold while doing the enema. This is a method of getting more coffee to your head and brain area. Most people definitely need this.

You can just set aside a little coffee for the oral coffee hold and put it in your mouth after you have put coffee in the colon and are holding the coffee.

Another method that may seem dirty, but it is not, is that when you put the coffee inside you, a little coffee remains in the enema tube. It is easy to move this coffee back into the bucket or bag after you put the coffee into the colon.

To do this, just hold the enema tube and tip above the bucket or bag and open the clamp. Then put this coffee into your mouth and hold it while you hold the enema. This takes a little practice, but then is not too difficult. For details, read The Oral Coffee Hold.

5. Do the open position. Putting the body in this position during a coffee enema is easy and has interesting healing effects. Clients report that it is calming, empowering and it helps the kidneys and perhaps other organs to use the coffee better. For details, read The Open Position Procedure.

6. Do foot and hand reflexology and shiatsu while holding the enema. Reflexology on the liver, kidneys, heart and brain are excellent during a coffee enema. For details, read Reflexology.

A newer procedure is adding massage or tapping on the main energy channels of the body, also called the meridians. It is easy to do while holding a coffee enema. This method is ancient and called shiatsu in the Japanese language. For details, read Shiatsu.

7. Do two coffee enemas back to back. We don’t know exactly why this works better, but it does. It works better even if you use the same amount of coffee that you would use for one enema and just add more water to make enough liquid for two enemas.

Some people can also use up to twice as much coffee, as well. If you feel jittery or nervous afterwards, use less coffee.

Work into all these enhancements slowly, if needed. Your coffee enemas will have a much more powerful effect. We will write more about this as we learn more.


7/26/21. Kyle, age 36, has had symptoms of joint pain, fatigue and food sensitivities for 20 years. The problems began when he had back pain and was given an addictive painkiller by a doctor. He needed to take more and more, and was soon addicted.

When that stopped working, he experimented with a number of other medical and recreational drugs, in an attempt to get relief from his back pain. This went on for seven years until he became a Christian, which enabled him to stop the drugs. However, his symptoms remained.

Six years ago he heard about the development program and began it slowly. For most of the time, he remained in a four lows pattern until the past year. He also had difficulty taking the supplements and doing some of the procedures.

Now, however, he can take the supplements and does four enemas daily, along with saunas, pulling down and the other basic healing procedures.

The breakthrough. In the past few months, Kyle has felt better than ever before. His new hair test reveals a number of excellent patterns.

He has a steep hill. This occurs when the tops of the graphs of the first four minerals looks like a hill or mountain. His pattern of the first four minerals changed from a bowl to a hill. This is what we call a new person pattern. The hill pattern is a reversal of the bowl pattern.

The guide creatures. This pattern is also associated with getting back two guide creatures – an asherot and a galgal. The guide creatures are a set of small fine matter creatures found just outside and all around the body of every human being.

The guide creatures are about the size of your fingernail, but are very important. They are quite advanced and intelligent. They help protect a person and they offer guidance and information.

When a person experiences a trauma, some of the guide creatures often leave because they think the person will no longer be able to use the information they provide. For details, read Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.

Other patterns. Kyle also has a coming alive pattern on the second four minerals, which indicates deep healing. Coming alive pattern occurs when the levels of the first four or second four minerals all rise or stay the same.

He also has rapid development pattern, which is a phosphorus level above 16 mg%. He is also eliminating lead, mercury, aluminum and nickel, along with toxic forms of iron, copper, and manganese. We call this everything coming out pattern and it is very positive.

Kyle’s new mineral analysis also revealed seven anchor patterns. These patterns indicate improvements in brain function. When there are seven, we call it a new brain pattern.


7/25/21. The kelp procedure adds a load of nutrients to the body safely and quickly through the skin. It is most helpful for healing and development.

In addition, we recently found that when a person receives a kelp massage he or she often becomes sleepy and can go into a light sleep or trance state. In this state, development occurs much more rapidly.

The kelp wrap article has been corrected and updated. For details read The Kelp Wrap Or Kelp Massage.


7/25/21. Yesterday’s post mentioned that black pigments and black paint often contains iron, an electrical conductor. We now believe that the rogues are using black objects as platforms for their electronic snooping, monitoring and control devices.

This is an important reason NOT to wear dark-colored clothing. Also, when possible, buy items for your home and office that are light-colored. For other reasons to avoid black everything, read Color.


7/24/21. This post is unusual and scary. However, steps are being taken to stop this Rogue plan.

I am told that one goal of the group we call the rogues is to convert millions of people into sats or satans. These are hybrid human/machine/angel creatures that are robot-like in their behavior. For details, read The Sats or Satans. The word sat or satan is theirs, and it is found in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles.

This plan is already in operation. Our forces were not aware of the extent of it.

The Takings. To convert people, they begin by weakening the bodies. They use rape, beatings, poisoning, diseases and more exotic electronic methods. Debilitating the bodies begins soon after birth with the baby rapes. For details, read The Bably Rapes Or Takings and The Rape Planet.

These beatings and rapes cause many problems for children. Many, including this author, were taken as babies and still bear the scars. The development program helps undo the damage.

Readers of this newsletter know about some other ways the bodies become weak. These include our poor quality food, overuse of medical drugs, vaccines, toxicity from cell phones and cell phone towers, poisoning of the air from the cars, adult Rapes, and more.

Iron. To help convert the brains of the people, they need to fill the bodies with a number of toxic metals, including certain iron compounds. This is being done today in many ways.

For example, many readers know that by law, iron is added to all white flour. This has been done for at least 70 years in America and many other nations. It is labeled “enriched” flour.

In addition, I am told the rogues are spraying iron everywhere from ships overhead. It finds its way into our food and our water supplies. It can give drinking water a slight yellowish tinge.

Many scientists say that the covid-19 vaccines mainly contain iron, which some call graphine oxide (iron oxide). I found out recently that fast food restaurants in my area are adding an iron compound to their food. It is a fairly new requirement at these restaurants. I don’t know about other restaurants.

Tatoos often contain iron, which has a dark to black color. Black paint and black pigments in plastics and elsewhere contain iron.

Effects of iron. The correct forms of iron are essential for health. However, in the oxide and other toxic compounds, iron is extremely irritating to the tissues. Also, it settles in the amygdala, a structure in the brain that has to do with emotions. Iron causes a person to become angry and enraged, though they may not show it.

In development science, iron is considered an older and more toxic male element. An overload causes the personality to become rough, brutal and violent. This is exactly what the rogues want in the sats.

When I think of iron toxicity, which is very common today, I think of a Roman soldier in the old Roman Empire. They were known for their brutality. For details, read Acquired Iron Toxicity.

Manganese, aluminum, barium and zirconium. These are other toxic metals that the rogues spread around to make sat conversion easier. For example, a toxic form of manganese is added to all gasoline today. Aluminum is added to most municipal drinking water, table salt and is the main ingredient in all anti-perspirants. For more details, read Manganese, Aluminum, Barium and Zirconium.

The operating rooms. The rogues have also brought to the earth thousands of advanced operating rooms where they install the electronic equipment needed to produce a sat. These are mostly in underground facilities and some are in our hospitals today. This is one reason to stay out of hospitals if you can.

The forces that are working to help the earth are very aware of the sat conversion problem and they are taking steps to stop it.


7/23/21. To enhance these procedures a lot, the woman should fall “asleep”. She actually goes into a light trance state and develops much faster. For details, read the updated Down Sex and Down Hugging articles.


7/23/21. We keep repeating this because no one else is saying it. The Biden administration is illegal because they took power while there were and still are Supreme Court cases challenging the 2020 election in America that were not heard and adjudicated.

The present Congress of the United States is also illegal for the same reason. For details, read the earlier post on THE ELECTION.


7/23/21. We continue to receive excellent feedback on the effects of the vaginal or penis peroxide procedure. One client mentioned that it took about 30 to 40 peroxide sessions of about half an hour each before he began to retrace deeper sexually transmitted diseases.

Another client reported that her herpes infection and other infections are clearing throughout the body. In other words, the peroxide works all over the body, not just in the genital area. For details, read Vaginal Peroxide Implants and Peroxide For Men.


7/22/21. We highly recommend buying and using an ozonator/ionizer air purifier in your home and office. The ones we like are squarish cherry wood boxes with two dials on the front.

Decent brands are Ivation and New Comfort. Ivation has been around much longer. They cost between $116.00 and about $160.00 in America.

How it works. This machine converts some oxygen (02) in the air to ozone (03). Then, if there is some ventilation, more oxygen is drawn into the home. When you breathe, you breathe both oxygen and ozone. The ozone quickly converts to oxygen inside your body so you end up with more oxygen. This is very healing. Ozone is also quite yang, which is helpful.

Some people find ozone a little irritating, but it is easy to adjust the amount the machine puts out. I can handle the machine at full power now because I have healed my lungs. For more details, read Ozonator/Ionizer Air Purifiers.


7/21/21. This is one of the most important posts ever. A critical spiritual idea at this time is to work closely with others to achieve whatever you desire. This idea is not stated directly in the Ten Commandments given to Moses, but it is a central idea in life.

Each person has different skills and a different temperament, and each brings to a task unique abilities and talents. For this reason, working with others is necessary to achieve success.

Please think about this a lot and read a short, new important spiritual article, We Need To Work Together. Also a related article and must read is God – How He/She Works.


7/20/21. We updated the article called Sex Talk For Women. We think it is now a much better article. For details, read Sex Talk For Women.


7/20/21. We have become aware that the Rogues are poisoning certain organic foods, at least in the United States. I’m not sure about elsewhere at this time. This applies only to the commercial (large-scale) organic food industry. Small locally-grown farm food appears to be okay.

At this time, we would not buy commercial organic cauliflower and beware of fruits, which we don’t recommend anyway. Organic or grass fed beef may be a problem, and I now eat mostly lamb as my red meat.

Other foods to avoid at this time are all rice and all lentils. God willing, we will inform you through this newsletter when the situation changes.


7/20/21. Until we do more research, we recommend the salt glow only up to three times a week, and leaving the salt on for only half an hour. The reason is that salt contains some toxic metals, usually aluminum.


7/19/21. The salt rub or salt glow is a very simple, clean, inexpensive yet powerful and quite amazing healing and development procedure. It is particularly good to calm feelings of anxiety.

However, it does much more. It is very nourishing, healing, protective, and it speeds up development. For many more details, read The Salt Rub Or Salt Glow.


7/19/21. Many people ask why we use hair mineral testing? Why not just use blood tests? There are many reasons such as determining the oxidation rate and the critical mineral ratios, identifying toxic metals, and much more. Here is a recent example of why we like the hair mineral test.

Lynn, age 58, suffers with brain fog, obesity, fractures, night sweats, hot flashes, joint pain, excessive hunger, attention deficit, dyslexia, impaired memory, eczema and seasonal allergies.

Blood tests. Lynn recently went to a doctor and had a “full blood workup”. All the results were good, meaning the tests were all within the normal range. As a result, the doctor said she is basically healthy and she got little benefit from her doctor visit.

Hair mineral testing. Then Lynn found the development program and had a hair mineral test. The hair test was anything but normal! (When I had a nutrition office and people told me their blood tests were normal, I would bet them $50.00 that the hair test would come out abnormal. I was always correct.)

In Lynn’s case, the hair test revealed a low sodium/potassium ratio, which is a catabolic state of the body. It can also indicate adrenal burnout, a tendency for infections, blood sugar imbalances, and kidney and liver problems.

The test also revealed poor eliminator patterns with copper and iron. This indicates hidden toxicity with toxic forms of these minerals.

The test also revealed toxic levels of manganese, aluminum, molybdenum and lithium, and a four highs pattern. This indicates inflammation and a secondary stress or alarm reaction of the autonomic nervous system.

We are well aware of the controversies in medicine regarding hair mineral testing. Yet in this instance, and in many others, the hair mineral test, when performed and interpreted correctly, tells us much more about the client than any other testing procedure. It is also inexpensive and non-invasive. For many details, read Introduction To Hair Mineral Analysis.


7/18/21. When to drink. We suggest that adults drink two to three quarts or liters of water each day. However, avoiding drinking water with meals. The reason is it dilutes the stomach juices and damages digestion. Drink only up to 10 minutes before a meal or at least one hour after meals.

Types of water. We recommend drinking a variety of types of water. Water needs to hydrate the body, needs to be clean, meaning low in toxic metals, toxic chemicals and harmful microorganisms, and it needs to have minerals in it. We do not agree that the minerals in drinking water are ”inorganic” and therefore useless or harmful. The bodies can use the minerals in drinking water and the bodies today are all mineral-starved.

The types of water that most fulfill these requirements are carbon-only or sand-only filtered tap water in the United States and some other nations, or many brands of spring water. Tap water in some nations is not safe to drink.

Some well water is good, but some is not pure. Rain water can be okay if it is clean. It must be collected properly. We don’t recommend reverse osmosis water or distilled water because they are free of minerals and will actually leach minerals from the body. We don’t recommend artificially alkaline waters, but naturally alkaline water is okay.

Water is a whole food. Water is a complex substance and we find that tampering with it is usually harmful. It is usually best to just find a quality water and drink it without adding minerals or altering the water. Carbon or sand filtration are fine, however, as is ozonation to purify water. For more details, read Water For Drinking and Hydration.


7/17/21. We just noticed that the Ca/Mg ratio that is printed at the bottom left of the ARL hair tests may be incorrect. If you notice this, please call or email ARL and tell them to please fix this problem.


7/17/21. A common problem we encounter is that few of our clients drink enough water. As a result, they heal and develop much slower.

Detoxification. Water on the development program serves many purposes. For example, it bathes the tissues in fluid. This alone enables the souls to move toxins easily from inside the cells to the blood stream and into the lymph system. The lymph system processes the toxins further. Then both systems transport the toxins to the liver, kidneys and the other eliminative organs.

The thymus and the Peyer’s patches. As one develops, more detoxification systems become active again. These include the thymus gland and the Peyer’s patches. These organs atrophy in most people by about age 40. As a result, one ages much faster. Without the activity of these organs, deep healing and deep toxin removal is impossible.

Re-activating the Peyer’s patches and the thymus gland alone are superb reasons to follow the development program instead of other programs. For more details, read Detoxification, Detoxification Is Not Easy, The Peyer’s Patches, Everyone Is Depleted And Toxic, Toxic Metalss And Their Removal With The Development Program and Subtle Toxins.

Hydrogen peroxide. Another critical use for drinking water is to produce hydrogen peroxide inside the body. A lot is produced, and used to kill infections and purify the tissues.

Retracing. Drinking enough and the proper type of water is also very important for retracing. We have learned about this from the The Vaginal Peroxide Implant Procedure and Peroxide Implants For Men, which continue to be absolutely amazing in their effects. They clean up the women and men who do the procedure in most unusual ways, removing molestations and other sexual traumas. They also work quickly, which is another benefit.

Water For Anxiety. Drinking enough water also reduces anxiety. We don’t know all the reasons for this, but it works and works well. It sort of greases the wheels of the body so that life flows more smoothly.

Water is also essential for thousands of chemical reactions inside the body, and much more. The point is, please drink the recommended two-three quarts or liters of water each day. Yes, you will need to use the bathroom more often, including at night, but it is definitely worth the effort and cost.


7/16/21.Down sex or down hugging are already among the most powerful ways to speed up healing and development. The souls of the couple interact in very unusual ways to promote deep healing. However, we just learned a way to make it work much better.

The trance procedure. During down sex or down hugging there is a tendency for the woman to fall asleep. Several women noted that this occurs even if one does it early in the morning when one is not tired.

The reason this occurs is that it is not a normal sleep. We have learned that during down sex or down hugging, if the woman relaxes, she will often quickly and easily move into a special state of consciousness that is a light trance state.

In this ‘sleep’, she will heal and develop very rapidly, much faster than her husband. Then she will help him heal and develop much faster. Both participants benefit greatly! Even better, the procedure can be done as often and for as long a time as you wish.

Comfort. The main problem is keeping the woman comfortable enough to remain asleep. Some women can lie on top of their husband and remain asleep. Others prefer to lie on their side. Some prefer to lie on their back. One will need to experiment to find the best position.

Breaks. If the husband wants to take a break, the woman will easily wake up. Then, she can usually fall asleep easily again when the break is over.

Harder on men. The only difficulty with this procedure is that while the woman is asleep, the couple so far cannot speak to each other or interact in other ways. For example, she cannot help him maintain his erection without ejaculating. This is a little more stressful for the husband.

Cautions. So far, the procedure is completely safe. One of our clients has done it every day or even more often for the past six months.

Important! We consider this enhanced procedure a critical breakthrough in development science. It greatly speeds up development, and this is very important today. Please consider doing this procedure. If you are not married, please consider marriage just so that you can do this procedure. For more details, read Down Sex and Down Hugging.


7/15/21. We updated the article about the media. It is important because almost ALL of the national media has been taken over by what we call the Rogues and is full of lies. For details, read The Media.

For example, none of them will say that, in truth, the American Biden administration is completely fraudulent and illegal because it took power while there were numerous Supreme Court challenges to the election results. Most of these cases have still not been heard by the corrupt US Supreme Court. We will continue to post about this horror because few are doing so.


7/15/21. Living a moral life brings with it power. If you want to succeed in life, live a very moral lifestyle. You may not win out in the short term, but you will win in other ways. This is an important spiritual principle.

Note: Moral means following the Ten Commandments given to Moses, the Golden Rule, and a few extra rules such as helping others and no raping or seducing women.

Other systems of morality are not good, such as Sharia law in Islam. This system allows rape and murder. We don’t consider that moral at all.

One the Ten Commandments that needs a little explaining is the commandment to observe the sabbath day. I believe the deeper meaning is that one should set aside at least one day a week during which one thinks mainly about God and spirituality and not secular or social matters. I would say that anyone who follows the development program is thinking correctly. This is fulfilling this commandment even if one does not observe the sabbath in a religious way.


7/14/21. Tricia had a number of chronic health problems for years including post nasal-drip, fatigue, some depression, anxiety, fears, and joint pain. She had visited many health practitioners with little improvement.

Six years ago Tricia learned about the development program and began to follow it. At first, she did not follow it closely. However, she began to feel a little better and as she did so, she became more serious about the program.

Healing did not occur at once. Her anxiety lessened after about two or three years and, overall, she felt better. However, her other symptoms remained.

Breakthrough. In the past two weeks, Tricia experienced dramatic changes in her health. All her symptoms disappeared and she feels much more emotionally steady and calm.

A new anxiety. Tricia is having some anxiety, but it is different than before. Recently, she is so aware of her own shortcomings and those of others that it is a bit scary. She says she developed this ability seemingly overnight. She is still integrating all the changes, and expects this will take some months.

On the road again”. Tricia’s new hair mineral test revealed a number of Development Or Joy Patterns. These are among the first patterns we look for on a retest mineral analysis.

She has double coming alive pattern. Coming alive is present when the levels of the first or second four minerals increase or remain the same. Double coming alive is when one has a coming alive pattern on both the first four and the second four minerals. She attributes her double coming alive pattern to regular down hugging and/or down sex sessions with her husband. This is a very powerful healing method.

Tricia has a maturing pattern. This is an elimination of toxic potassium, aluminum and nickel. These are called the child minerals. They affect the brain in unusual ways. When one releases these minerals, one matures.

She has a surge pattern, indicating a powerful shift in body chemistry.

She has everything coming out pattern. This is an elimination of virtually all of the toxic minerals on the chart. She has 11 minerals coming out, which is unusual. They include an amigo dump, which is an elimination of toxic iron, manganese and aluminum. It is a very positive pattern.

She also has eight anchors. This we call a new brain pattern. It indicates healing of the brain. Anchors are present when a mineral level does not change at all or changes only slightly on a retest mineral analysis. For some reason, this is necessary for some types of healing of the brain, especially restoration of the sulci of the brain.

One may confuse anchors with no change pattern. The latter looks the same, but occurs only if a person does not follow the proper development program. No change is not a positive pattern.


7/13/21. Selfishness is a very important topic and very relevant to current events. We posted a new article that is designed to provoke thoughts about selfishness. For details, read Selfishness.


7/12/21. For deep healing and development, a lot of ether or subtle energy must flow easily through thousands of tiny channels that run vertically through the body from the head to the feet. This is a powerful and accurate way to understand health and development.

The problem in everyone is that many of the energy channels are damaged and blocked, so the energy does not flow well through them. This causes every type of health problem imaginable.

Nutrition And Toxicity. This problem is mainly due to poor quality nutrition and the accumulation of toxic substances in everyone. In some ways, many people today are better off than in the past. There is less starvation in the world and the air and water are cleaner in many areas than in the past. However, severe problems of nutrition and toxicity remain.

Much of the nutritional depletion is due to foolish modern chemical methods of agriculture. Most of the widespread toxicity is due to foolish use of technologies that are not needed and that pollute the air, water, food and more. For details, read Everyone is Toxic And Depleted.


7/12/21. An important reason for health and nutrition problems is that many people’s bodies are compressed, closed off, or twisted in various ways.

At times, you can see or feel this in yourself and in others. For example, some people’s chest or entire body looks like it is shrink-wrapped. We call this tight tissue syndrome. The tissues are adhered to one another. For details, read Adhesions. This is an important article for understanding certain health problems.

In many women, the shoulders are compressed inward. At times, the hips are contracted, twisted, tilted or turned inward.

We find that in most people, the spinal column is contracted vertically. During the development program, the spine relaxes and releases. This occasionally causes temporary back pain. Some people are also bent over or hunched or the spine is twisted, called scoliosis. All these imbalances impair the flow of subtle energy through the body.

Nutrition and lifestyle. To heal these issues, excellent nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are most helpful.

The twists, pulls, pops and kicks, the neck pull, and deep breathing. Some of the healing procedures are designed to reverse this situation. These include the spinal twists, deep breathing to open the chest, and the neck pull to extend the neck. Quality chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation can also be helpful.

Bodywork such as therapeutic massage can also help, but is best done at home with a friend or partner. We do not recommend professional massage at this time due to problems of diseases and for women, the danger of rape.

The pulling down exercise also forces open vertical energy channels and this helps open up the entire body.

THE OPEN POSITION. Another way to help open the body is to put it in a specific position. I have done this each day for many years and it helps.

Since the shoulders, chest and hips are often closed or contracted, the corrective position reverses this. Lie on a bed or couch on your back and place your arms and hands above your head – touching the bed. In addition, it helps to arch the back somewhat if your posture tends to be hunched.

In this position, do deep breathing, do all the twists, and do the neck pull. I do this whenever I do a coffee enema or other procedure that involves lying down.

The Breasts. This position also slightly opens and stretches the breasts. This is excellent for both women’s and men’s breasts. The reason is a little unusual.

We recently learned about special souls that reside in the breasts. They explained to us that the breasts of most women, in particular, are compressed by poor posture, fear, lack of appreciation, and clothing - especially tight bras.

For improved health, happiness and development, these souls strongly suggest assuming the open position every day. Along with this, do some deep breathing, the twists, pulls and pops, and gentle massage of the breasts to release and tonify the breasts. The massage needs to include the underarm area and around the collarbone and even somewhat above it. It also needs to include the middle or midline of the chest. There is some breast tissue in all these areas.

We just added a section to the Breasts article explaining more about these special souls. Someone hacked this article, so it does not look right, but it is readable and will be fixed.

Vulnerable. The only problem with the open position is that some women may feel vulnerable because the breasts are more exposed when one’s arms are above the head. With a little practice, this feeling should disappear.


7/11/21. John, age 29, developed terrible hair loss, so much so that the back part of his head was quite bald. Doctors diagnosed alopecia areata.

This condition is also known as spot baldness. It is an autoimmune skin condition that often causes coin-sized bald spots to appear on the head. The condition can occur in men, women and children of all ages.

John researched the condition. He realized it was due to “exposure to environmental toxins, numerous nutritional deficiencies, and chronic levels of physical stress”. He began a healing journey that included the development program.

Healing required several years. Now John once again has a full head of hair. He is also now aware of his life purpose. He wrote, “I am here to bring Awareness to the most healthful & beneficial daily lifestyle habits”.

Comments. We find almost all skin conditions are related to imbalances with zinc and copper. Hair loss can also have a lot to do with psychological issues, which have a strong influence upon zinc and copper levels.

Also, interesting in this case is that John healed his condition during the period of life known as the “return”. It occurs roughly at the age of 27 to 30. It is a time that if you are not living and thinking correctly, often you will develop health or other types of problems. Getting through this time of life often requires correcting the parts of your life that are not right for you.

Those that follow the development program usually do not have a difficult time with the “return”. For many other people, however, it can be a rough time of life.

Another hair loss case. Carol, age 56, has followed the development program for 11 years. At about six years on the program, she began to lose a lot of hair. This is very unusual. She was very worried about it and at one point bought a wig to wear when she left the house.

When we asked her souls the cause of the hair loss, they said it was the result of eliminating a toxin through the skin that was temporarily damaging her hair follicles. This is a little like the hair loss that occurs in cancer patients who take toxic chemotherapy drugs for cancer. The drugs damage the hair follicles.

Carol did not take drugs, but she eliminated a toxin through her hair and hair loss was a detoxification reaction. The souls said that when the elimination was over, her hair would return.

Regrowth of the hair took almost three years. Now Carol’s hair is beautiful and there is even more of it than before the hair loss. Now Carol’s worry is that she looks twenty years younger than her real age and feels she is a little too attractive for safety. For many more details, read Hair Loss.


A major reason for the new introduction service is that the babies and children all over the world tell us there is a great need for healthy, informed parents who will place their children on the development program. Age is not that important because a couple can adopt a child at any age.

So far, I have received emails from many more men than women. Please let me know if this service is of interest. All information will be kept strictly confidential.


7/10/21. An absolutely essential part of the development program is to shine either one red heat lamp on the abdomen, chest or back for one hour daily or use a red heat lamp sauna for at least 20 minutes each day. Many people think this therapy is optional, but it is not.

We don’t fully understand why the red heat lamp therapy is so important. However, it must provide a frequency that is like a nutrient to the body. Normally, the sun produces a range of frequencies. However, apparently it does not produce enough of this particular frequency that the body needs. For details, read Sauna Therapy and Instructions And Cautions For Use Of A Single Red Heat Lamp.


7/9/21. Recently, I received emails from several people on the development program who are looking for a partner. The advice I gave is to read and practice the material in the newly updated articles, Sex Talk For Men and Sex Talk For Women. These articles are both excellent for men and women to read and not complete without the other one. Perhaps in the future, we will expand them.

In addition, we will try out an introduction system: Anyone who is on the development program who would like to meet an excellent partner on the program can email me their information – name, address, phone number and age.

I will make a list of the names and turn it over to special souls that hopefully will arrange introductions. All information will be completely confidential and not published anywhere.


7/8/21. Raw vegetable salad is tasty, convenient and recommended by many health authorities. However, in our experience, eating salad slows or stops development. Here is why.

The problems with salad:

1. Our bodies cannot break down tough vegetable fibers very well. As a result, many of the nutrients in salads are not absorbed and utilized. Salad mainly fills up your stomach, which means you don’t eat enough of the foods needed by the body.

2. Raw vegetables are quite yin in macrobiotic terminology. For this reason, eating them tends to unbalance the body, regardless of how nutritious they may be.

3. Particularly in restaurants, salad can be quite unclean, contaminated with bacteria and other microorganisms. Contamination of salad dressings in restaurants is also a problem.

4. Cooking vegetables destroys a little vitamin C. However, it does no harm to the minerals in the vegetables. In fact, proper cooking makes hundreds of nutrients much more biologically available to the body by breaking down the tough fiber in which many of them are found.


Some of our former Helpers want to stop development on earth. They are spreading the lie that we are not setting up programs correctly. They are also telling people that they are taking over – with their recommendations of salad and fruit, and less kelp and no coffee enemas. Please beware!


7/8/21. One of our clients works at a large health department. She told us that deaths from other diseases are being blamed on covid-19, inflating the death rate to scare the people. Meanwhile, deaths from the covid vaccines are being blamed on other things to keep those numbers low.

She said it is like working in communist Russia. This confirms what we have heard from other sources.


7/7/21. We have had a number of requests from men and women wanting to find an excellent quality partner. To help facilitate this, we have revised the article entitled Sex Talk For Men. We will also revise the similar article for women.

These articles contain basic information that is essential to know and to practice in order to be matched up with an excellent quality partner. For details, read Sex Talk For Men.


7/6/21. These diseases are very common and a huge public health hazard that few people talk about. Common lies about them are:

LIE #1. if you have contracted an STD, you can be promiscuous because it doesn’t matter any more. This is the worst lie. In fact, there are over 50 STDs. If you experience rape or contract an STD for any reason, it is not true that it is now okay to have casual sex. We assure you that loose or casual sex will result in even more STDs, which is even worse.

LIE #2. STDs only come from having sex. We wish this were true, but it is not. Hot tubs and swimming pools are excellent breeding places for STDs. We suggest avoiding all of them! School locker rooms, public showers, walking barefoot around other people, and dirty toilet seats are also sources of STDs. Kissing and wearing a friend’s underwear without washing it first can also spread STDs.

LIE #3. STDs are not so bad. This is not true at all. Many STDs find their way to the brain, weaken the entire body and shorten your life.

LIE #4. Most STDs can be healed with drugs. This is definitely not true. Many cannot be healed with medical methods. Fortunately, they can be healed with a development program.

However, it takes some years on the program. Also, healing them often requires the vaginal or penis peroxide procedure and perhaps the other healing procedures, as well. For details, read STDs.


7/6/21. We much prefer fresh vegetables rather than canned food, except for canned sardines. However, for people who will not cook and who are eating only refined food, eating several cans per day of vegetables is an improvement. We bring this up because we have a few clients who do not follow the development diet and this is a starter alternative for them.

Frozen vegetables. We are not sure of all the reasons why, but frozen vegetables do not promote development. One reason may be that most, if not all of them, are sprayed with a chelating agent to maintain the color of the vegetables. The chelator removes minerals from the surface of the vegetables so that the vegetables don’t “tarnish”. However, this reduces the mineral content of the vegetables, perhaps significantly.


7/6/21. According to Dr. Mercola’s website:

If there were any reasonable safety standard in place, the COVID injection campaign would have been halted in early January 2021. The reported rate of death from COVID-19 shots now exceeds the reported death rate of more than 70 vaccines combined over the past 30 years, and it’s about 500 times deadlier than the seasonal flu vaccine,1 which historically has been the most hazardous.

The COVID shots are also five times more dangerous than the pandemic H1N1 vaccine, which had a 25-per-million severe side effect rate.2,3 In a June 24, 2021, peer-reviewed article4 in the medical journal Vaccines, titled, “The Safety of COVID-19 Vaccination — We Should Rethink the Policy,” an international team of scientists warns that we’re killing nearly as many with the shots as would die from COVID-19 itself.”

UPDATE: The above peer-reviewed article was mysteriously retracted. For details, go to


7/5/21. We recently found that adding a very small amount of soap berry liquid detergent and cleaner enhances coffee enemas. The product is called Extreme 18X. We previously recommended this soap berry concentrate as an excellent cleaner for dishes, laundry, bathing and general cleaning. It is a bit costly, but one needs to use very little of it.

How to use Extreme 18X. Add just a few drops to your coffee just before you are going to do the enema. In other words, do not cook the soap. Add it when the coffee is already cooked. So far, no one has reported any feeling from the soap.

How it works. The Extreme 18X contains special souls that are capable of cleaning up certain problems in the liver and elsewhere. This can help speed up the healing and development process.


7/4/21. There was a large crowd at a Fourth of July parade in our town. The guides spoke with a number of the people. Almost all were very upset with the events of the past year.

Most believe that Americans have lost control of their national government through cheating on the recent election. Many also said that the education system, the media, the entertainment industry, the medical industry, the legal system, and the large tech companies are no longer functioning as they should. For many, this day normally of celebration was one of prayer and a cry for help.


7/4/21. About six weeks ago, I met a woman whose husband, age 57, was about to go on dialysis for kidney failure. His kidneys were operating at 12% of normal and getting worse. He is also an insulin-dependent diabetic. He was also on five drugs for high blood pressure and previously had open heart surgery for blocked arteries.

I mentioned to his wife that our program works unusually well for kidney failure. This condition is often due to an accumulation of toxic metals in the kidneys.

She was interested, so I told her to feed her husband lots of the preferred, cooked vegetables, no fruit, no drinking coffee, and no junk food.

Also, I told her to have him sit in front of several red heat lamps for at least half an hour a day. Also, I gave her a bottle of Renamide (kidney glandular) with instructions for him to take 4 to 6 daily.

I saw her two weeks later. Her husband had just been to the doctor, who was shocked that his kidney function improved from 12% to 18%. The plans for dialysis were cancelled.

I then gave her a bottle of kelp and zinc to add to what he was doing. I also told her he needs the cooked vegetables two or three times daily, not just once.

Three weeks later I again saw the woman and her husband. He had just come from another doctor’s visit. The doctor took him off three of his five blood pressure drugs. They are not needed any more. Also, he told me he needs very little insulin.

Bronze diabetes. I noticed that his skin was blotchy and had a bronze tint to it. This may be what is called “bronze diabetes”. It is related to iron accumulation in the liver, a condition called hemochromatosis, that can lead to cirrhosis of the liver. You can read about it on the internet.

We did a hair mineral test, which showed toxic levels of lead, mercury, iron, manganese, aluminum, copper, cobalt, molybdenum and lithium. Some of the levels were elevated, while the others were very low, a situation called a poor eliminator. This means he has difficulty eliminating certain toxic metals. For details, read Poor Eliminator Patterns On A Hair Mineral Test.


7/4/21. This message is related to the one from yesterday. In addition to what was written yesterday, I am told that women are particularly needed to assist the energy centers. It seems that women have more of a generative energy. Of course, they bear children. The energy centers are also generative, and this may be the reason women are important for these energy centers.

This may also explain one reason why the rogues attack women. The rogues know the women are needed for the health of the energy centers of the earth.

Once again, any girl or woman who is on the development program will be recruited to assist with the energy centers. We don’t have enough people right now because there are thousands of small energy centers all around the earth. The small energy centers need to be healed in order to heal the larger ones.


7/3/21. I am told that there is now a very detailed program in place to heal the earth. This healing require restoring and then spinning the energy centers of the earth in the right direction and at the right speed.

The earth has hundreds of vital energy centers. Many of them are in North America because several of the major energy centers 1 through 7 are located in North America. However, they are found all over the earth.

Help wanted. Each of the centers requires a human being to help spin the center. The job of the human who is in charge of each center is done by the souls inside the person. Most importantly, to do the job, one must be very well nourished!

What is well-nourished? Well-nourished must include: eating plenty of the preferred cooked vegetables daily; eating three or four cans of sardines each week; eating two tablespoons of toasted almond butter and 2 tablespoons of roasted sesame tahini each day or four tablespoons of hummus; eating 4-5 ounces of lamb twice a week; eating some chicken and some runny egg yolks each week, and eating about 8 ounces of goat cheese or goat yogurt each week.

Each person also needs to shine a reddish heat lamp on the abdomen or back for one hour daily. This is a subtle, but important nutrient for our bodies. The other development procedures such as coffee enemas also provide extra nutrients that are most helpful for this task. Down hugging is also absolutely excellent.

Practically speaking, the only people on planet earth who are well nourished are the development program clients. This is a sad statement about the nutritional state of the people of earth, but it is true.

If you are reading this newsletter and following the development diet, even imperfectly, you are being recruited to be the master of one of the earth’s critical energy centers. You won’t receive a phone call or an email, but this is occurring. Many of you are already at work while you sleep and rest.

Thousands of people, from babies to the elderly, are needed. Please take your new job seriously and keep up your diet and your healthy lifestyle. For more details, read Introduction To The Energy Centers.


7/1/21. We find that to build health and for development one must eat correctly. Otherwise, healing and development occur only minimally. One cannot substitute pills, smoothies, shakes or other methods, although one can puree cooked vegetables if you wish.

A compensation. The development diet is needed to compensate for the reduced nutrition of most all food produced on earth. Anyone who doubts this can read about the decline in the nutritional content of our food in a number of books such as Food For Naught, The Decline In Nutrition by Ross Hume Hall and Empty Harvest by Bernard Jensen.

A fairly easy diet. The development diet is not difficult and tastes quite good. However, some people think it is boring or too much trouble. The most challenging part is to prepare and eat two or more cups of properly cooked vegetables three times daily.

Specific vegetables. Also, one needs to eat specific vegetables. These are the entire onion family, including shallots, leeks, chives and red, white, yellow, and sweet or vidalia onions. If you can find them, pearl onions are also excellent.

Other vegetables that contain a lot of the mineral compounds needed for development are carrots, rutabaga, green beans, brocollini or brocollete. daikon or white radish, Brussels sprouts, red cabbage, savoy cabbage, and a little garlic, ginger, celery, and horse radish root.

The diet also includes some red meat, chicken, some eggs, sardines, 8 ounces of goat cheese or goat yogurt per week, and two tablespoons of tahini daily and two tablespoons of roasted almond butter daily. If you cannot find all the correct food in your area, just do your best to eat what is available.

Different. The development diet is quite different from standard “healthful” diets, (most of which we do not find healthful). Among the worst nutritional advice is to eat salads, to eat fruit, and to skip red meat, especially lamb. Even worse is the recommendation to eat a vegetarian or near vegetarian diet.

For more details, read Food For Daily Use, Food For Occasional Use, Forbidden Food For Development, Everyone Is Toxic And Depleted, The Food Story, and Food Concepts. This website also has many articles about various diets and systems of eating.


6/30/21. A consistent finding is that the levels of one’s tissue minerals affect one’s thinking and personality. For example, elevated copper and/or mercury are associated with fear. Elevated iron is associated with anger and rage. The reason for this connection has to do with where the minerals settle in the brain and their effects upon brain chemistry.

Conversely, one’s personality can influence the level of one’s minerals. For example, if one wants to lower iron, it is best to let go of anger. To reduce copper, it is best to let go of fear.

Alloys. Combinations of minerals form alloys at the psychological level as well as at the physical level. This is another interesting area of study.

Forging. Development science is concerned with healing and restoring optimal functioning of the body. The Rogues, however, use the same understanding to create or ‘forge’ people with certain personality traits that they want – usually criminal minds.

The Planning Souls teach us about this subject, at times, and how to correct brain chemistry. It is a most interesting area of psychology and mineral test interpretation. For details, read Anthropomorphic Qualities of Minerals., Personality-Related Mineral Patterns And Psychological Interpretation of A Hair Mineral Test, Alloys and Forging.


6/29/21. We just reviewed a few development programs set up by our former Helpers who are working for the other side. Their consultation letters are beautiful, very high-tech, and sound very professional. They may quote me, and they definitely copy our style and our information.

However, they recommend a diet that often includes fruit, salad, pork, other sweets, and discourages lamb and lots of cooked vegetables. Also, they recommend very little kelp, very little use of the red heat lamp, and no coffee enemas or peroxide implants. Taken together, these deliberate ‘mistakes’ will stop development and most healing!

Beware because over 50 practitioners around the world offer these bogus ‘nutritional balancing’ programs. Their programs will not balance you and are harmful in the extreme.

We try to keep the Find A Helper page up to date to keep these people out. Please let us know if you think a Helper is not setting up the programs correctly.


6/29/21. The Virxcan brand of black salve is no longer as good as before. It still works to a degree, but they changed the formula and the salve is painful. Black salve should not be painful when it enters the body. I don’t know another brand to recommend at this time and we will research it.


6/29/21. In case anyone is thinking of entering a monastery, we are learning about problems at many Catholic and perhaps other monasteries and convents on earth. At this time, we would stay far away. This is very unfortunate, but very important to know about.


6/28/21. Many people believe that all physicians and nutritionists interpret hair tests in a similar way. However, this is not at all true.

In fact, there are a number of ways to use hair mineral testing. It is helpful to be aware of the way most physicians and nutritionists use hair testing so that you can avoid it. For details, read Hair Test Interpretation And Laboratories.


6/27/21. Lamb is an excellent meat. It contains a number of chemicals that promote development. Other advantages to eating lamb are that usually it is somewhat grass fed, and usually the animals are not nearly as hybridized as are cows, for example. For rapid development, we suggest two 4-5 ounce servings of lamb per week for adults and less for children.

The lamby flavor. Real grass fed lamb has a flavor similar to wild game that some people do not like. You can add seasoning, in this instance. However, a lot of lamb these days is finished with grain. This is not quite as good, but it reduces or eliminates the lamby flavor. Here are some ways to eat lamb:

1. Ground lamb. We like a brand in the United States called Open Nature grass fed ground lamb. It is from Australia. Other brands are probably fine, as well. By the way, the words grass fed on the label means at least 75% grass fed, not 100% grass fed.

Remove some meat from the package and form it into one or two small patties. Then bring about ¼ to 1/3 of an inch of tap water to a boil in the bottom of a saucepan or frying pan.

Place the patties in the pan and cook on one side for only about 10 seconds. Then turn it over and cook it on the other side for a little less time – usually about 6 or 7 seconds. Then remove, add salt and other seasoning if you wish, and eat right away. If cooked correctly, the inside of the patty will be red and bloody.

This cooking method is called braising and is used in high end restaurants throughout the world. You will not get sick on the lamb if it grass fed, in our experience.

2. Small chunks of lamb stew meat. Cut into even smaller slices. Then bring about ½ inch of tap water to a boil in the bottom of a saucepan or other pot. Add the slices of lamb and stir with a slotted spoon.

Cook it just until the color of the meat starts to change to a greyish color. This will only take 3 or 4 seconds. Then remove the meat from the water using the slotted spoon, add sea salt and other seasoning if you wish, and eat.

3. Rack of lamb. This is rather expensive, but a nice treat now and then. Separate the meat into individual ribs. Put about ¼ to 1/3 inch of tap water in the bottom of a pot and turn on the heat. When the water boils, put a few of the ribs with meat into the water. Cook for only about 10 seconds. Then turn it over and cook on the other side for about 6-7 seconds. Then remove and eat. The meat should be reddish in the middle.

4. Lamb chops. I did not discuss lamb chops because right now the only ones I can find are packed in a sealed and often shrink-wrapped package with some chemicals, and they don’t test well. However, if you can find lamb chops not packed this way, they are an excellent food.

I put a few cuts in the meat and then put them in a small quantity of water in a pot. Cook on one side for about 10-15 seconds. Then turn them over and cook on the other side for about 10 seconds.

When done properly, the inside of the chop is a little reddish and definitely not dried out.

Overcooking. It is very easy to overcook all meats. Some meat even says on the package to overcook it. Don’t do this with any meats, as it definitely reduces the nutritional value of the meat. In our experience, if you eat quality meat, it has a much lower bacteria count than standard CAFO meat.

CAFO stands for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation. It means animals raised in huge feedlots that are unclean, and the animals are very unhealthy because they are not allowed to eat their natural food – grass. Usually, the animals are also shot full of drugs and vaccines just to keep them alive. For details, read Words Used In Agriculture and Organic Agriculture.


6/26/21. We wish to repeat an important concept that is not taught much. My guidance is that what we call outer space is not empty. In fact, it is a living creature with many smaller living beings inside of it.

This idea follows the hermetic principle of “As above, so below”. For example, inside each of us are many smaller living beings. In the same way, at a larger level, inside of space are many smaller beings, including our solar system, and our planet and her people. For more details, read Outer Space.


6/26//21. We will repeat another idea today because no one else is talking about it. The current American government violated the law in taking power because they took power while there were Supreme Court challenges to the election that had not been heard and adjudicated.  Some of the 100 or so cases still have not been heard. For details, read The 2020 Election.


6/25/21. Lana is 56 and has been following the development program for eight years. Her main symptoms are anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, mind racing, and headaches. Notice that all of these are associated with copper toxicity.

Her progress has seemed to be slow. However, her planning souls tell us it is just that she has a lot to undo. In her case, it is childhood traumas, including poisoning of the adrenal glands and kidneys. She never experienced rape.

The new hair test. On her most recent mineral analysis, Lana has the following patterns:

1. Steep hill. This is an important joy pattern that indicates happiness and a celebration. In fact, she has had hill patterns on about 20 of her 40 or so hair tests over the past 8 years.

This is called a persistent hill. We are coming to learn that it means the souls are excited and happy. The outer person has not been particularly happy or healthy. However, she knows she has made progress in her healing.

2. Double settling down. Double settling down pattern can be due to detoxification. The mineral readings were falsely elevated by the presence of toxic metals in the body.

The pattern may also correspond to an advanced acupuncture pattern called out of the woods. It means the person is less “lost in the woods” or less floundering and more able to see her way to health. It is another excellent joy pattern.

3. Better sodium/potassium ratio. This went from 13 to 9. (Ideal is 2.5). On the test before, it had been at about 50! This type of improvement in the sodium/potassium ratio can be a stage of adrenal gland recovery.

4. Anchors. Lana’s new test reveals eight anchors. This is called a new brain pattern. This is an excellent joy pattern that we always look for.

Old illness patterns that are still there are:

Very low copper (0.8 mg%). (the ideal is 2.5). This indicates Lana still has a lot of hidden copper toxicity and difficulty eliminating copper.

Very low potassium. For 8 years, Lana’s potassium level has remained at 1 or 2 mg%. (the ideal is 10 mg%) This is associated with adrenal gland weakness which can cause problems eliminating copper.

Poor eliminators. Lana continues to have poor eliminator patterns especially on lead, mercury, copper and cadmium. This indicates problems eliminating toxic metals and this slows her progress.

Current symptoms. Right now when Lana takes her supplements, she becomes very hyped up and has trouble relaxing and sleeping. This is a stage of recovery of the adrenal glands. In the past, the adrenal glands hardly responded. Now they are over-responding. This will eventually balance out.

She also has heart palpitations and, at times, a rapid pulse. This is usually associated with an elimination of a stimulant toxin and is not a concern.

Genetic testing. As an aside, Lana recently spent $230.00 for genetic testing. It revealed the MTHFR and COMT “genetic defects”. (We do not think that it shows genetic defects. The test measures protein synthesis and not just the DNA).

When she asked what to do about the “defects”, the physician who ran the test said there is not much you can do! He said maybe in the future we will be able to alter DNA, but not now. For our perspective on genetic testing, read Genetic Testing.


6/25/21. Some are recommending pine needle tea. Stay away. It is toxic.


6/25/21. A new book that we recommend is called Green Fraud – And Why The Green New Deal Is Even Worse Than You Thought by Mark Morano. He also has a website called which debunks all the climate change nonsense.


6/25/21. Chronic infections are very common. Many people have 20 to 50 of them in the body. Often the teeth or gums (periodontitis) are infected, along with infections in the eyes, ears, sinuses, nose, feet, intestines and elsewhere.

Finding and removing these infections is critical for health and cannot be done easily. However, the development program will slowly bring them up and retrace them.

Dr. Mercola recently discussed an unusual x-ray for detecting infected teeth – the cone beam X-ray. It is a 3D x-ray like a CT scan, so it is a lot of radiation. At this time, we don’t think you need it if you follow the development program, which can also heal some tooth infections. We definitely recommend getting rid of all root-canal-filled teeth, which always infect and which the program will not heal.


6/25/21. While it is early to say definitely, I believe the development program will remove toxins from the Wuhan virus vaccines. This is based upon the fact that the program will remove toxins from other vaccines, including toxic metals and other types of toxic chemicals. The program also removes thousands of other toxic chemicals from the body.


6/24/21. About seven years ago, Dan married a lovely woman with a young daughter. Things went well for about a year. However, then Dan started to withdraw from the relationship, spending less time with the family.

Soon afterwards, Dan learned of the development program and began to follow it. His wife and child thought is was strange and this did not help keep the family together.

School horror. Meanwhile, the daughter entered school. Although it is a wealthy area, the schools are now terrible and getting worse. There is bullying and there are rapes in the now filthy bathrooms.

The school teaches that there really are no genders. They also teach that Marxism and communism are best and capitalism doesn’t work. Just follow orders, they teach the children. And snitch on your parents.

They also teach that all white people are racists - and more utter, complete, total nonsense! Meanwhile, they have stopped teaching real history and even real mathematics. This is in America in a nice community.

Turnaround. Fortunately for the family, several things happened. Dan learned from Dr. Wilson’s website about home schooling and the horror of the schools. He also learned that a man should be with his family.

One day, he called Dr. Wilson, who told him you must take your child out of the public school at once. He also said Dan must spend time with the family and don’t call again until he did it. It was harsh, but it worked.

Dan got up the courage to pull his daughter out of school, over their objections. She now has many new, and much better quality friends in the local home schooling network. The parents also have many new and wonderful friends. Most important, the family is back together and everyone is much happier.


6/23/21. I received more information about problems at hospitals and emergency rooms, involving babies.

We would avoid entering hospitals for any reason, if at all possible. If you have an elderly parent or friend who seems to need a hospital or emergency room, we would advise trying to find an alternative. This might be someone who will come to the home, or perhaps visiting an out-patient surgical center.

MORE ON VAGINAL PEROXIDE (continuation from the post yesterday)

6/23/21. Newer, more explicit information about the vaginal peroxide process is the following:

1. It will retrace every sexual and sexually-related experience a woman has ever had. These begin with those before birth when she was inside her mother’s uterus. The rogues may attack girls at that time and stimulate the vagina. It produces more sexy women.

2. In addition, it will retrace many other experiences affecting the vagina. This includes many doctor visits where a speculum was inserted in the vagina, touching experiences such as diaper changes as a baby, bathing as a baby, riding most bicycles, riding horses, bumping into objects, accidental touching, and more.

3. In fact, it seems that any touch or insertion BY ANOTHER PERSON OR OBJECT will be retraced with the vaginal peroxide process. If the woman herself touches or inserts an object or stimulates herself, this does not require retracing. For example, normal, gently inserting a tampon or inserting a vaginal object, or douching, will not be retraced.

All this retracing takes some time, for which reason the vaginal peroxide process takes most women at least three months of using it daily for about half an hour. In a few cases, it has required up to six months or possibly a little more, of daily use, if a woman is very traumatized.

So far, all women who have stayed with it long enough have succeeded. This means that at some point they find they can tune in to some souls who are not planning souls. They are others in her head, but they are excellent quality souls and they begin to give her much help and information.

What about men? We know that the penis peroxide process will retrace some sexual experiences for a man, including if he has raped a woman. This is described in the Peroxide For Men article. However, so far we don’t have men who have continued the process who have reported other effects.

What about more developed women? We are finding that even more developed women and perhaps more developed men will benefit from the vaginal or penis peroxide process. These people already tune in, but there are other benefits. These include tuning in better and getting better guidance. They also report becoming much happier. In addition, they seem to develop faster. Also, they undo their sexual and sexually-related traumas faster and more completely.

Conclusion. One must conclude from all this that the vagina is an extremely sensitive and important organ, far beyond its role in reproduction. It appears to be a very sacred place that requires intense protection and that must not be even touched by others.

It would appear that this is a problem for all girl babies who need diaper changes, bathing and dressing that they cannot do themselves. It would also appear that medical exams should be done much more gently than is done currently.

It would also appear that sex needs to be very gentle, and even then the women report that they need to retrace it with the peroxide, even sex that they want with their husbands, in order to purify once again. This is an ongoing research topic and we will report more as we learn. Meanwhile, we encourage all women to undertake the peroxide procedure.


6/21/21. The group of about 50 women who are faithfully going through the Vaginal Peroxide Process each day for about half an hour are reporting on something new that will be of interest to many people.

Matchmaking. A number of the women have asked the guides they can now contact due to the peroxide process for help finding a husband. They want a level 5 man, or at least a level 4 man if that is the best around. Such men are protective of women and do not take advantage of women.

While it is early to conclude too much, several women say they have been successful in finding a husband. Here are few details:

1. The planning souls tell the woman where to go in her city or town to find the man. If she lives in a small town, she may have to drive some distance.

2. The souls tell her how to dress for the meeting, and what to say to him. If possible, she interacts with him, such as talking for a while, so she has an idea if she would like him and if he likes her.

3. The souls tell her how to proceed, such as how to obtain his phone number and how to continue and build a relationship.

4. The souls also tell her if it the relationship is working, and whether to continue or that another man will be sought.

Problems. The souls who are coordinating this service say there are four main problems that they want to everyone to know about. They are:

1. The best men are usually not gorgeous. In fact, they are often somewhat homely, hunched and don’t dress well. This is because they are not players or sexy men. Some women do not like this and won’t interact with these men.

We tell the woman not to worry. Just buy him some nice clothes, perhaps new glasses, a new haircut and all will be well. However, some women cannot imagine doing this, and this gets in their way. We think this is just laziness and the woman is not yet ready for a high quality relationship.

2. Most women cannot handle much age difference and this gets in their way. Most women want a man who is around their age. We, the Planning Souls, tell you that today this is not helpful for a woman. Much better to be with a much older or rarely a younger man who is right for you than one near your age who is not the best. This is quite important for women to know.

For example, there are older men who are more stable, wealthier, and much better to marry than a man who is the same age as a woman. This goes against the prevailing attitude, which we think is very wrong today. The reason is that today a man can embark on the development program and he will vital well into old age. So the usual idea is no longer true.

Older women are actually easier to match up, provided they do the peroxide process, because there are more men who are close to their age.

3. Some women have trouble connecting with their future. Many women have set ideas about who and what they want. They don’t realize that this is conditioned by her upbringing and her past experiences.

For her to be happy, the planning souls say she often needs something different. However, it may look unusual, at least at first.

For example, she may want a man with lots of money and the one we pick for her does not have a lot of money. However, we know he will earn enough money and he is much better for her and will make her much happier than others.

Another example is that some women want a man with a particular look, or smile, or perhaps excellent table manners, or who works in a particular field. But we know that this is not best for her. Women need to be open to their future, which is perhaps not what they might expect.

4. Few good men. The quality of men that we seek is high. At this time, there are not too many of them of any age or type. We believe this is largely due to improper education and the media teaching men that to use women for sex or support or other purposes is okay. It is not okay.

We believe this problem can be remedied with better education for boys and men. We sincerely hope so. We do not think it is “biological”.

Unfortunately, the problem exists even within the religious community. That is, even most Hebrew and Christian men do not treat women well enough, and we will not connect a woman to one of these men.

Not necessarily sexual predators, users or loose. The men’s improper behavior can be in other areas, such as forcing the woman to work outside the home or forcing the woman to just follow his orders. This is not acceptable.

Men also all need to develop clean habits to be with one of the peroxide women. They need to sit down on the toilet seat each time they urinate. They also need to wipe themselves properly each time they urinate, and learn other cleaner habits.

Warning and invitation. We say this as a warning to men and as an enticement that if you want a wonderful wife, we have more women interested in men than we have good men.

So, for men, correct your behavior and your attitudes. Let go of any ideas that you are superior or entitled to anything to which she is not entitled. If you do this, we will often connect you to a lovely wife – a much better one than you can find yourself. This is an important point, as well.

The dating scene. We do not like the dating, courting and party scene on earth. At best, we think it is dangerous for women and men. It is also not very helpful to find the best mate. Like the development nutrition program, we, the souls, can do much better if you allow it.


6/21/21. The Rogues have targeted the public education system and the colleges in the United States. Most schools now teach Marxist race theory, communist propaganda, and not much truth and wisdom. I don’t know as much about schools in Europe and other nations.

If you care about your children in America, do not send them to public schools. Private or charter schools may be better, but perhaps not. Also, do not send children to most colleges. They have become horrible places in many ways.

For details, read The College Trap. An older article about education, in general, is What Is Wrong With The School System?


6/21/21. Joan, age 35, experienced an intense rape and beating at the age of 15. It devastated her life. Afterwards, she could hardly function. Her brain did not work right and she had a number of physical symptoms including great fatigue, aches and pains, depression, sexually-transmitted diseases, and intense fear and anger.

On the program. Joan began the development program about three years ago. During the first year of the program she experienced minor improvements in her health. However, most of her symptoms remained.

During the second and third years of the program, there was a little more improvement. However, most of her symptoms were still present to some degree.

A new person. Recently, Joan reported that she ‘turned a corner’. Her energy level suddenly took a leap and most of her symptoms disappeared in a most mysterious way. She is also much happier.

The new mineral test. While the idea of mineral patterns is unusual, we find they hold true and are most helpful and fascinating. Joan’s most recent hair mineral analysis revealed a number of interesting patterns:

- A steep hill. This indicates much happiness. For details, read The Hill Pattern.

- Elimination of all the major toxic metals. This indicates a much greater ability to eliminate poisons from the body.

- An elimination of the Amigos – iron, manganese and aluminum. These are oxide forms of these minerals that are highly irritating to the body and cause oxidant damage. For details, read The Amigos – Iron, Manganese and Aluminum.

- A goalpost or doorway pattern. This unusual pattern is associated with accomplishment. Visually, it looks like a set of goalposts on an American football field. For details, read The Goalpost or Doorway Pattern.

- Eight anchors and two pivots. Anchors are readings on a hair mineral test that do not change or change very little on a retest. One might think this just means the person did not follow the program. However, in many cases we find it indicates improvement in brain activity. Pivots indicate a turnaround in attitude or insight about oneself or others. For details, read Pivots And Anchors.

Comments. We find that often, one needs to follow the development program faithfully for three to five years to recover substantially from a rape. It appears that this much time is needed to rebuild the body’s vitality to allow deep healing.

Also, our advanced acupuncturist told me Joan has two important patterns known in advanced acupuncture. One is called “I’m back and look out”. The other is “I am very happy”.


6/20/21. The development program is similar, in some ways, to nature cure and naturopathy. Both involve diet and a natural lifestyle. However, the development program is very different from what today’s naturopaths do and we do not recommend their methods. Theirs is a remedy science and often harmful.

Therapies of theirs we find either unsafe or not effective enough include chelation, homeopathy, herbs, intravenous vitamins and minerals, and at times, drugs. They also often suggest improper diet such as salads, fruit and a lot of fermented food. They also recommend many supplements that we find harmful. They may also use some healing machines whose effects we don’t like, such as ionic foot baths and others.

Even worse, the naturopaths are extremely controlled by their state boards. They are told what to do with each person - some of which is decidedly harmful. For example, they often tell people to stay away from kelp, TMG, coffee enemas, daikon and other excellent products and methods.

We would avoid them completely. For details, read Naturopaths, Chelation Therapy, Herbs, Homeopathy and The Healing Arts.


6/20/21. Notice: In the future, the New Earth Newsletter may not be published daily. At times, it is a lot of pressure to do it daily.

C. LOUIS KERVRAN, PHD (1901 - 1983)

6/19/21. Dr. Louis Kervran was a very important founder of modern development science. He was a French research scientist who worked for the French government in the mid-twentieth century.

Biological transmutation. Around 1950, he performed a series of experiments that demonstrated that living organisms can change one mineral into another mineral. He called this biological transmutation of the elements.

I am told that Dr. Kervran’s theory is absolutely correct and anyone can duplicate his experiments. It will change your understanding of nutrition in a profound way.

For example, healthy bodies, and especially those are more developed, transmute better. This means they become much better nourished, even when the food does not contain all the elements our bodies require. Improving one’s ability to transmute is one of the major reasons to follow the development program.

Biological transmutation can also help one understand hair mineral tests. For example, transmuted elements can be one of the components of a hair mineral reading. This definitely occurs with calcium and magnesium.

Not accepted. The concept of biological transmutation is still not accepted by most mainstream scientists. In part, for this reason, we don’t discuss it too much. However, his work is absolutely fascinating.

Dr. Kervran wrote a small, very readable book about biological transmutation that has been translated into English. Some of the chapter headings are The Sodium-Potassium Bond, The Sodium-Magnesium Bond, The Potassium-Calcium bond and The Magnesium-Calcium Bond. The book title is Biological Transmutations by Louis Kervran, Beekman Publishers,, Woodstock, NY, 1998. Dr. Kervran is also discussed briefly in the article, The Modern Development Science Pioneers.


6/18/21. Another of the founders of modern development science is Florence Nightingale. We are pressed for time so this description will not do her justice.

Florence was born into an upper class British family, but decided to go to war to serve as a nurse in the Crimean War. It was a terrible war that killed many with bullets, but even more with disease. Florence’s family thought she had gone crazy. There were no women nurses in those days and the danger was extreme in about ten ways – from disease, from bombs, from rough, crude men, and more.

Florence was raped and she caught tuberculosis from the soldiers. She went to a health spa called a sanitarium to heal from both of these. She worked in the mornings and went to the sanitarium in the afternoon.

There she learned all about natural, fresh food, sunlight, daily enemas, food supplements that they called extracts such as yeast, wheat germ and more. She also learned about fresh made nut butters.

All food had to be cooked. If this sounds slightly familiar perhaps it was no accident. She healed quite well, but not completely from her wounds and went back to full time nursing in the war zone.

Upon returning to England after the war, she was awarded a medal of honor by the queen of England. Upon meeting the queen, she said “Your majesty, we need to help the women”. The queen liked the idea and so began a secret 30-year friendship between the two.

Florence and the queen wrote over 300 books and pamphlets about natural health and nutrition. Florence shared everything she had learned at what she called “the naked place”. She called it that because everyone there, both men and women, wore what today would be called skimpy bikinis and lounged in the sunshine all day except for meals and enemas, in order to heal their tuberculosis.

Florence is a female archtype – a woman who changed the world without running around too much, but instead using her mind and her body in completely positive ways, no matter what. She was called “the lady with the lamp” because she worked at night changing men’s filthy, infected bandages and because she brought a light and a love to the world.

One more note – we got the idea for the garlic in the coffee enemas from Florence. When she returned to England after the war, she was still quite ill. She visited a healer in London who told her she must a garlic enema every day. She did this for the next 40 years and attributed her long life to this practice of ninety years. For more information, read Florence Nightingale and biographies about her.


/17/21. An important part of the development diet is to have two tablespoons daily of roasted almond butter and two tablespoons daily of roasted sesame tahini or four tablespoons of hummus instead of tahini. Organically grown is best if you can find it.

Tahini and almond butter are very rich protein foods full of minerals, vitamins, and hundreds of other phytonutrients. Most important, they contain chemicals needed for rapid development. So please do not skip these foods.

Ideally, do not eat both at the same meal. Have one with one meal and the other with a different meal. I enjoy putting sesame tahini on my cooked vegetables. It took a while to get used to the taste and texture of it. For details, read Almond Butter and Tahini.


6/16/21. Some of the souls and guides such as the Aborigines of the Australian outback say that what is going on in the world today is a rapid balancing of karma.

So the people have lost control of their governments, more in some nations than in others. Many women experience rape and beatings, and there is no longer the true rule of law in many nations.

They say the four main areas that need balancing are sexy, lying, lazy and selfish.

Sexy is mostly for women. You don’t need to dress, look and behave sexy to attract a husband. In fact, the nicer men don’t like sexy or are scared to approach, and what you get with sexy are often predators.

Sexy also distracts men and damages their relationships – intentionally. It is mean and nasty to men and to other women. Please stop it. For details, read How And Why To Be Unsexy and Women And Maturity.

I know some women think this is rubbish. Others tell me the rogues tell them to dress sexy if they want to avoid another rape. This requires courage and maybe creativity to deal with.

Becoming beautiful is actually easy for women – just follow the development program. For details, read How To Be Beautiful.

Lying. Sexy is also lying because it is not who you are. If you are stuck on a sex object identify, please let it go.

Lying is all too common. A mild form is exaggeration. Another form is omitting essential information when speaking with others, conducting business, or anything else. Do not bear false witness. For details, read Lying.

Lazy means not doing things as well as you can. It is quite common and wrecks products, services, and much more. It is the norm today. Some is due to simple fatigue, and that is different. But please do not be lazy. The development program requires some work, and that is one of its benefits.

Selfish. Selfish is another form of laziness. Selfish is putting yourself first in an egotistical way, and is always a mistake. You have to be a little selfish to make sure you follow your development program. Actually, developing yourself is very unselfish because it assists the entire planet.

So always put the greater good first and the world would change overnight. Use your money to help others, not just yourself. Use your time to assist the greater good, and not mainly your ego self. Use your talents to assist the world, not just to enrich your ego self. The Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments given to Moses are about unselfish. For details, read The Golden Rule and The Ten Commandments Plus Two.


6/15/21. One of the most powerful development procedures is down hugging. A number of clients tell us it works just as well as down sex and is easier and cleaner. Also, down hugging can be done between a parent and a child to heal a child, for example. So please do not skip this procedure. For details, read Down Hugging.


6/15/21. Women report that the worst part of many professional rapes is the tortures, not the rape. We just added a short section about torture to the Rape article.


6/15/21. Yesterday we posted that Ebay cancelled our account. We also had not received a book order from in over a month. However, yesterday we did receive a book order from, so perhaps books are available from them.


6/15/21. We just heard that most clients in Australia and the UK are unable to email or call me or our Helpers. We are very upset about this and will try to find ways to assist you. Meanwhile, stay on the ‘free’ or basic program as bests you can. Hopefully, this website and newsletter will continue to keep you informed with updates.


6/14/21. Barbara, age 57, had a very difficult early life. She experienced a filthy rape with multiple tortures at age 17. She reacted with fury and it set her on a path of criminality, promiscuity, prostitution, and just feeling totally miserable.

Suicide. At age 25, she attempted to take her life by swallowing a handful of pills. However, she woke up the next day, much to her surprise. She took it as a sign from God that she should keep going. She began to pray daily for help to get out of her situation. This she eventually did, to a degree. She met a nice man, they married, and her life improved.

On the program. She began the development program about one year ago. At first, not much occurred. Her symptoms persisted, including high blood pressure and ringing in the ears.

Retracing suicide. However, in the past several weeks everything changed. She developed a mineral pattern known in advanced acupuncture as retracing a bad life.

Her thoughts of suicide suddenly returned. They were not scary. She just had to become aware of how she had tried to end her life, which she now realizes does not belong to her. Her life, she now realizes, belongs to God. She had to repent of this, meaning to feel sad and sorry for what she did.

She also had to tell God she was not only sorry, she was deeply mistaken. She had lost her faith, for which there is no reason no matter what happens. Once she did this, her symptoms disappeared quite miraculously.

The hair mineral test. Her new mineral analysis reveals the following:

An extremely deep bowl right in the center of the chart. A bowl means one feels trapped. In this case, she felt completely stuck with no options whatsoever except suicide. A criminal pattern is also present, which was part of her past.

A large everything coming out pattern. All of the toxic metals are higher, indicating a widespread and intense elimination of toxins from the body.

The sodium/potassium ratio went from 3.27 to 33.33 (up ten times). An elevated sodium/potassium ratio is associated with anger, which she also retraced.

Zinc up about 800%. We are told Barbara eliminated rubidium, though the lab does not read this mineral so it is not on the chart. In one form, it is associated with suicidal thoughts. Her zinc level went up to help eliminate the toxic form of rubidium.


6/14/21. This statistic does not bother some people. However, our guides say it is absolutely horrible and must stop. Killing innocent children not only takes a life. It ruins all kinds of plans that the souls have for the child, and for others around the child now and for years into the future.

It also wrecks genetic plans that are important for our planet. It is also supremely arrogant and selfish to assume that you, the parent, know what is best for this child.

And of course, it is cold-blooded murder. Those who say life begins at birth know very little about physiology. Please pray and work hard to change the laws in all the nations.


6/14/21. We have officially been banned from selling books on and Ebay. We received a note that we are “a risk to the community”. Apparently, someone has published the entire list of banned people and groups. It contains many leaders of the natural health movement.

We believe such action constitutes discrimination and is illegal. Meanwhile, all our books are available to read free of charge on the internet. If you want hard copies, in a few days I will post instructions how to obtain them.


6/14/21. A few readers have brought to my attention that there was a deleted, unfinished post on June 11. 2021 regarding Covid-19. It is important, and is a summary of an excellent, free e-book. You can read it at


6/13/21. Over half our clients circle Brain Fog on their symptom sheet. It is a fuzziness of the mind, often with memory impairment and, for some people, problems with logical thought. The definition seems less important than correcting the problem.

The deeper cause of much brain fog is an attack on the people of earth by the Rogues, also called Satan in the Bible. This may sound strange or scary, but we find it is true. Most important, there are answers, so don’t be afraid. The entire development program is a type of antidote for it, including the procedures. Now let us discuss specific causes.

Causes. Using hair mineral testing and other methods, we identify at least twenty causes for this common problem. These include physical causes such as problems with Brain Architecture. This is how the brain sits inside the skull. Other physical causes are Chiropractic subluxations, and problems of the cranial bones due to birth trauma, accidents or other traumas.

Biochemical and nutritional causes. Most people have biochemical imbalances such as nutrient deficiencies, the presence of toxic chemicals in the nervous system, and toxic metals. All of the toxic metals are neurotoxic!

Other biochemical imbalances that may show up on hair mineral tests are an imbalanced oxidation rate, hypoglycemia, a calcium shell and imbalances in the sodium/potassium ratio. Everyone also has some of the Amigos. which are very irritating forms of common minerals. They are in most all of our food today.

Other biochemical problems include effects of other illnesses that can damage the nervous system such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Infections. The cause of brain fog also often includes infections such as yeast problems and parasites such as trichinosis from eating pig products and hookworm from walking barefoot, even inside the house. Sexually-transmitted diseases often find their way to the brain, and other bacterial and viral infections occur that may originate in the ears, eyes and sinuses.

Psychological causes. Incorrect thinking such as negativity, resentment, stubborness, arrogance, immaturity, and lying to oneself and others can damage the brain. Also, bad emotional habits and following false doctrines can damage the brain because they are yin, among other reasons.

More unusual causes. These include soul loss, often from traumas such as rapes. There can also be imbalances in the seven physical energy centers and the Dantiens, particularly the upper dantien.

Another common cause of brain imbalances is witchcraft. The Rogues use this extensively on everyone, often starting at or near birth. There are efforts to clear it from the earth, but it is very common. It is an advanced shape science and method of mental influencing. To remove it requires the coffee enema procedure, along with the pulling down mental exercise – and not other meditations. For details, read Witchcraft.

Another unusual but very common problem is the presence of electronic Implants. They may not be just in the brain. We just learned that they can even be in the feet! We will write an article about this new finding.

The only way to get these out is with the procedures involving coffee, hydrogen peroxide, and in some instances, black salve. These contain special souls who are equipped to remove the implants. Our guides also help with this common problem.

Correction. The development program will correct most of these problems if one follows it faithfully. Full healing may take a number of years, but most people report within a few months that their brain fog improves and their brain functions much better. For more details, read Brain Fog.


6/12/21. Maria Montessori lived about 100 years ago and was an Italian educator and physician. She was also extremely well-educated with over half a dozen advanced degrees in the sciences, the arts, and more. She was also a very skilled business woman who managed to set up teaching centers in over 50 nations to teach a new educational method. Most of these centers are still operating today.

She was a hard worker and some would call her a renaissance woman. This means her life and work spanned many areas and she worked all over the world.

Her influence upon me. She powerfully influenced me when I was in college. I was feeling there was something very wrong with my education, which was supposedly very good. I felt it was damaging my mind.

She taught that learning is completely natural. She said that forcing children to learn in regimented classes with grades - a carrot and stick approach - is not needed and is violent and oppressive to the mind.

Her method. Maria Montessori’s method is basically to provide children with the right environment and the right materials. Then just allow and encourage the children to work with the materials. Done properly, the children will learn all subjects quickly and easily. They will also naturally develop good learning habits, self-discipline, and a good attention span.

This is a child-directed education that is much more honoring and respectful to children than the standard method. In particular, she thought the grading system in schools was offensive and a complete lie. Just because one child learns slower or differently than another does not make that child less worthy or less intelligent. This made sense to me.

Natural healing. Her ideas also appealed to me because I was learning about natural healing, thanks to illness in the family. Some healers were teaching that, in truth, the body can heal itself. In most cases, one does not need drugs and surgery. All one needs is to give the body the correct environment and the correct “materials”, such as proper food, fresh air and pure water, and the body will do the rest.

This is identical to Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy! She also found that when a child was taken out of a standard classroom and placed in one of her rooms, the child would “act out” for a while. This is how the child ‘unwound’ or undid the damage from their previous educational experience. We call this Retracing, a pivotal idea in development science.

She also learned that the child, not the teacher, could and should determine the order in which to learn different subjects. This is the same as our observation that, given the correct program, the body decides the order in which to correct symptoms and diseases.

So although she worked in education, her honoring and respecting of the person resonated deeply for me with how to heal the body.

The souls. Her philosophy really honors the intelligence and wisdom of the souls inside each person. That is really what honoring and respecting a child or adult implies.

This philosophy is central to modern development science. It is also very positive and not taught much. However, it is true and we prove it every day with our clients.

When one enters a Montessori school, one often notices 1) it is more relaxed and happier than a public school, 2) if sensitive, you may notice the presence of a master, and 3) the teachers and administrators are friendlier than at the public schools. For details, read about Maria Montessori on Wikipedia and elsewhere.


6/11/21. Egg yolks are rich in an iron compound that promotes the can the growth of cancer. Egg white also contains several toxins that damage the liver, such as avidin, and this, too, can promote cancer growth.

This is another reason to limit the number of eggs one eats. Part of our recommendations for those whose bodies have too much cancer is to completely avoid eggs and red meat until the amount of cancer in the body decreases.


6/11/21. Dr. Max Gerson (1881-1959). One of the founders of modern development science was a German physician, Max Gerson, MD. He learned about the effect of eggs on cancer early in his career. He wrote about it in his unique and rather remarkable book, A Cancer Therapy – Results Of 50 Cases.

Dr. Gerson’s other very important contributions to modern development science are coffee enemas, which he pioneered, and carrot juice. He was also an early proponent of eating food grown without toxic pesticides and herbicides.

Note: The Gerson Clinic in Mexico offers holistic therapy for cancer and perhaps other illnesses. However, our information is that his therapy is somewhat outdated and not working as well today.

For example, his program was set up before the coming of the atom bomb in 1945. This, along with medical and dental x-rays, has increased the ionizing radiation level in everyone. As a result, all the bodies are much more yin, a word that means too cold, expanded and sick.

He also worked before the existence of many newer food chemicals and other problems of our food supply. So we do not recommend his diet or his clinic. For details, read The Gerson Diet and The Cancer Pioneers.

Nyoichi Sakurazawa or George Oshawa (1893-1966) and Michio Kushi (1926-2014). A development program will slowly reduce the radiation in the body. Our program also focuses on making the body much more yang in macrobiotic terminology.

Macrobiotics is the work of another important founder of modern development science, Mr. Nyoichi Sakurazawa. He wrote 300 books in Japanese and in French.

I studied this amazing science with his student, Mr. Michio Kushi. These men brought extremely ancient and brilliant taoist and Japanese science to the modern world. For details, read George Oshawa and Macrobiotics.

Note. Modern development science requires more than just macrobiotics.


6/11/21. I took down the bison post – not enough truth, upon further research.


6/11/21. This is a review of the lies about the Wuhan virus. Checks or 3000 positive tests for Covid-19 failed to show any corona virus. All they showed was either influenza A or influenza B.

Then the US CDD was asked for samples of the virus and has not provided them – says they don’t have them. Lawsuits have been filed accusing them of fraud. Conclusion, there seems to be no unique Wuhan virus. It is just a flu virus.

The testing is unreliable, and the vaccines we don’t believe are vaccines. They are some sort of drug designed to


6/9/21. We need to keep reminding everyone - because few others are doing it - that the current national government of the United States and some state and local governments - are illegal because there are outstanding court challenges to the 2020 election that have not been heard or adjudicated. The challenges should have been handled before any new government was inaugurated.

This is very important! One conservative talk show host said on his program if he mentions the election fraud, his Youtube account is quickly shut down for a few weeks. This is how important some think it is that no one talk about the horror of the 2020 election.

Some talk about how Americans are becoming socialists and Marxists. NO! The elections are just rigged so the bad people (socialists) win. There cannot be voting machines, absentee ballots or mail-in ballots, and there must be strict voter identification laws. Otherwise, elections become a joke, as they are in many nations, now including America. For details, read The Election.

A voter story: We know of a woman who lived and voted in California for years. Then she moved to another state for 14 years. When she returned to California, she went to register to vote. She was told “Oh, you are already registered and you have voted here for the past 14 years”.

It is critical to understand that honesty is not a left-wing value. If these people can, they automatically or “naturally” cheat. Their only moral value is “The ends justify the means” (from Karl Marx). This means do whatever you wish to get what you want. Some call this the law of the jungle and it ruins any society that allows it or teaches it.

Others in society are not perfect, but at least they tend to hold Judeo-Christian values, which include “do not lie”, “do not steal” and “do not murder”.


6/9/21. I am told that duck, quail, and goose eggs are also good. Also, for children who won’t eat runny egg yolks, just harden them up a little with a little more cooking or scrambling.


6/8/21. In the post of 6/6/21, we changed the egg recommendation for the development diet. However, during the past two days, some of our souls and guides are not sure about this recommendation.

There is disagreement about egg white. Some believe that egg white slows development. However, others say that egg white is a quality protein and we should not limit it too severely. This may have to do with genetics. Some bodies may handle egg white better than others.

So until we do more research, we will say that up to about 6 eggs per week is okay for everyone. Good methods of cooking are soft boiling, poaching and light frying so that the egg yolk is runny.


6/7/21. A problem in medicine is fragmentation. There are thousands of diseases and they seemingly have nothing to do with each other. Physicians memorize lists of them to pass their tests. Often, a physician whose specialty is in one area will give drugs for his area, while another will give more drugs for another specialty area. This leads to widespread use of many toxic drugs at the same time that may conflict with each other.

The stress theory of disease. There is an alternative. The stress theory of disease is almost 100 years old and was discovered by Janos “Hans” Selye, MD (1907-1982). He was born in Komaron, Hungary, now called Komarno, Slovakia. He grew up and was educated in a Benedictine Monastery. He then went to medical school in Prague, Czech Republic. He spent the better part of his adult life working at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

He spoke eight languages fluently and was most proud of his Magyar Hungarian heritage. He was brilliant and wrote 40 books and over 1700 medical papers. He probably received more awards in medicine than any other physician. He worked 10 to 14 hours per day, seven days a week, including weekends and holidays. He rode his bicycle six miles to work every day.

His brilliant theory of illness unifies all disease and explains that the body responds to ALL stressors and illnesses in the same ways. He called this the General Adaptation Syndrome. He studied the glands and is responsible for much of our modern understanding of the adrenal glands and their role in combatting stress.

The stages of stress. The stress theory states that there are three stages of disease or stress in the body – alarm, resistance and exhaustion. All you have to do is figure out which stage you are in, and you will know what to do, regardless of the name of your disease or condition.

This is exactly what we do in development science. For this reason, we give Janos Selye credit as one of the founders of modern development science. However, most medical people except for endocrinologists don’t even know his name, not to mention his theory. I hope we can change this situation.

One way to talk about your development program that a few physicians might understand is to tell them you are doing Dr. Selye’s work. They could look him up on the internet. Since he was a physician, it is less threatening than talking about nutrition or hair mineral testing. For more details, read The Stress Theory Of Disease.


6/6/21. One can buy eggs based on the label, such as natural, free range, pastured, organic or something else. However, these labels are not that good! This may be due to cheating or the standards are not that good.

In fact, it is difficult to find any supermarket or health store egg that is really good. It may not be allowed. Usually, you will do better at a farmer’s market or buying from a local farmer.

Here is how to check your eggs. An excellent quality egg should have the following qualities:

Shell. It should have a hard, thick and opaque shell. Most eggs fail this test, even the organic ones.

Yolk. The yolk should be a fairly dark color. A light-colored yolk means fewer nutrients. Also, the yolk should maintain its shape and not just fall apart when one opens the egg.

Shape. The shape of the egg should be round on one end and pointed at the other end. Some eggs are almost round on both ends. This is not quite as good.

Smell. Eggs should be fresh and should not smell at all. If they smell at all, they are either old or of poor quality.

Cleanliness. Dirty or unwashed eggs are better than shiny clean ones. This is because the clean ones have been washed in a chlorine solution that is toxic, and the chlorine gets inside the egg.

Clarification of yesterday’s post. We no longer recommend up to 6 eggs for women and up to 8 eggs for men per week. We now only recommend 6 to 12 eggs yolks per week and only up to 1 egg white per week for both men and women.


6/5/21. Egg yolk is special food for development. Most of the vitamins and minerals in an egg are in the yolk. It is rich in vitamin A, D, E and K and many others. It contains plenty of calcium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, iron, and phosphorus. It also contains a special form of lecithin, and many other nutrients needed for health and development.

Quality. Commercial eggs come from chickens that spend their whole life in crowded, dirty cages. They eat the cheapest food available and many are sick. Their food often contains drugs just to keep them alive. We do not recommend them.

Also, all supermarket eggs are cleaned with a chlorine compound, and a little of it gets into the egg. If you can find eggs at a farmers market, they are likely to be better. Also, it is best if the eggs come from free-range chickens. This means the chickens are allowed to roam freely for part of the day.

Eggs need to be fresh and not cracked when you prepare them. The souls tell us it is best to store them in the refrigerator.

How many? Egg yolk is a rich food and one can eat up to a dozen egg yolks per week.

Salt. The souls tell us that eggs need a little natural sea salt on them. It balances the egg yolk in a special way. So always put a little salt on your egg yolks.

For babies, egg yolk is a required food for development. Begin giving babies runny egg yolk at about 2 months of age. Up to one year of age, babies need about ½ a teaspoon of runny egg yolk daily. Mom or Dad can eat the rest. From age one to two, have one teaspoon of egg yolk daily. After age two, have two teaspoons of runny egg yolk daily. No hard egg yolks!

Cooking egg yolks. It is important to cook eggs because they can contain bacteria. Cooking also balances the egg yolk. However, one needs to eat egg yolks when they are soft. Cooking them until they are hard damages them quite a lot.

A very good cooking method is soft boiling. The souls tells us the ideal time to soft boil an egg is about two minutes. Then put it in an egg cup, open the top and eat the yolk either in one piece or little by little.

For poached eggs, one opens an egg and drops it into boiling water in an egg poacher. The yolk will be ready in two or three seconds.

For fried eggs. Open an egg and drop it onto a hot frying pan or griddle. Be sure to leave the yolk in one piece. Quickly take it off the grill or frying pan while the yolk is still runny. Frying is not quite as good due to the high heat.

Other methods. On can make eggs into an omelet or scrambled. However, in most cases the yolk becomes hard when you do that, so these methods are less desirable. Even worse is to make quiche or pancakes that contain eggs, or other dishes in which the egg yolks are very hard.

Egg white is a quite a complete and high quality protein. However, the souls tell us it is somewhat toxic. One egg white per week is fine. However, eating more will slow development. Eating more than six per week causes a toxin to build up in the liver that is harmful.

Recommendations. In the past, we have recommended up to six whole eggs per week for women and up to eight whole eggs for men. Now we recommend six to twelve runny egg yolks per week for women and men, and only one soft egg white per week for both women and men. We will update the egg article on the website to reflect this. Once again, do not eat hard egg yolks, even though some egg packages and some health authorities recommend them.


6/4/21. Faster development. We are starting to clean up a few people’s feet. This is exciting because the people we are cleaning up are developing faster. The Rogues use various bases and other means inside the feet to slow development. As these are removed, development can move twice as fast or perhaps even faster.

This also applies to animals such as cats, dogs and many others. We are told that if their feet were not damaged, some animals would develop easily and life on earth would be much happier.

The procedure. The main method we are using to heal on the feet is a hydrogen peroxide foot bath. Use a rectangular bucket so you can comfortably place both feet in the hydrogen peroxide solution. The bucket should be deep enough so that the peroxide covers the ankles or a little above.

Peroxide. The peroxide need only be about 3% strength. This is the same of perhaps less than the standard drug store peroxide. If it seems too strong, just dilute it with a little water.

How long? Place the feet in the peroxide foot bath for 15 to 20 minutes. Use your judgment to see if that is enough for a session or if more is better. If you are further along on the development program, your body may want much more time in the peroxide foot bath. This is because the body is more able to clean up the feet deeply.

Other methods. Black salve can also be used for lesions on the feet. We welcome feedback about its use. Beware that it can cause temporary swelling of the feet. It also can be somewhat painful for a day or two. Also, black salve often stays in the feet for a long time, causing some dark discoloration of the feet. However, it can help.

How often? For most people, so far, cleaning up the feet is a long process. It may require months of daily soaking the feet in peroxide to slowly clean up debris, rogue equipment, infections and more. Black salve only needs one or a few applications.

Who needs this procedure? Anyone with foot problems should consider this procedure. This includes painful feet, bunions, dry, cracked feet, hammer toe, trouble walking, and infected toes or other areas of the feet.

Animals such as pets. Most animals love dilute hydrogen peroxide. When we review their mineral tests, they usually ask for a spray of peroxide once or twice daily on their fur. Spray them from the back to avoid getting peroxide in their eyes.

They all also like a little peroxide added to their water. You can save an animal’s life with these methods, which includes rubbing the tail, starting with the tip of the tail and slowly moving toward the body. This is a powerful and easy method of Reflexology.

For a peroxide foot bath, place the animal’s feet in a bucket containing hydrogen peroxide. Be sure to test it first to make sure it is not too strong. You will probably have to hold the animal steady. Start with only 10 minutes. Then remove the animal from the peroxide foot bath and dry the feet with a towel or paper towels. See if you can tell if the animal enjoyed the foot bath. Longer sessions may be needed and the bath can be repeated daily for a month or longer.

Does it always work? The procedure can be helpful. Some problems will take longer to retrace than others. We are still working out the protocol and will keep you informed here as we learn more.


6/3/21. We are discovering that the Rogues damage the legs and feet of many people. This is a way they weaken people and control our thoughts and behavior. They use at least three methods:

1. They can damage circulation to the legs and particularly the feet. They tie off arteries to restrict blood flow. They also tie off and damage nerves to restrict nerve energy going to the legs and feet. This weakens and filths up the legs and feet.

2. The can put electronic implants, parasites and other infections into the legs and feet. They use the implants to communicate with many people and to control behavior.

3. They scare people with rapes, beatings, fake crises such as climate change and “systemic racism”, and more. Fear damages circulation in the body because it causes the body to concentrate blood in the internal organs as a way to protect against an attack on the extremities of the body. This is part of what is called on this website Sympathetic Dominance.

Effects. This causes dry, cracked feet, pain in the feet, muscle cramps in the legs and feet, and general weakness. Also, the feet have an important reflex system that affects the entire body.

We believe the implants in the feet is a secret of how the rogues control people’s thinking and behavior.

What to do. The entire development can help with these problems. The development diet with lots of cooked vegetables is most important to provide minerals and anti-oxidants to protect against oxidant damage to the feet. Anti-oxidant pills do not work as well as the correct foods.

Also helpful are Coffee Enemas and hydrogen peroxide Baths and peroxide implants for women and peroxide for men. We will report more as we learn more about the problem and how to correct it.


6/3/21. Thank you for the feedback about the radio station. Many readers think it is a very good idea, so I hope we can pursue it.


6/2/21. Would you be interested in helping to set up and operate a development program internet radio and eventually television station? It would have lectures, panel discussions, interviews, news, children’s programming, product reviews, music, seminars and workshops, and all in many languages.

If this sounds good to you, let me know.


6/1/21. The pulling down procedure is one of the most important aspects of the development program. Anyone who says you don’t need it is either very ignorant or malicious, meaning he or she does not want you to develop quickly.

Don’t skip it. Often, clients skip the pulling down procedure completely or they substitute another “meditation” or “spiritual practice” for it. Please do not do skip the pulling down procedure.

How to do it. One of the best methods is to first move your attention to just below your feet. Then imagine either a magnet or a vacuum cleaner under your feet that is pulling the skin off the bottom of your feet. Make the magnet or vacuum cleaner more and more powerful.

With some practice, you will feel the magnet pulling the skin off other parts of your body such as your hands, fingers, nose, groin and elsewhere. There are other visualizations, but this is the basic one to begin with and it is excellent.

Boring. I know that at first the pulling down procedure may seem boring and tedious. I assure you as you do it more it becomes more interesting and exciting.

Heaven to earth. You will realize that you are literally bringing Heaven to earth. As you do it, say “More of God”, “More of God”, “More of God”. I think of it as building my relationship with God each day.

Loving yourself in a new and wonderful way. Doing the pulling down exercise every day is loving yourself in a new way that does not indulge the ego. It is receiving a love that never disappoints, never abandons you, and it is the only unconditional love. This means you can have it even if you have not behaved perfectly.

New life. The procedure revitalizes and de-ages the body. It is a letting of the old and bringing in new life. The procedure rebuilds the body in the image of God in a much healthier and longer-lasting form.

Unlimitedness. You will come to realize that the physical life is limited in both duration and scope. The new life you bring in with the pulling down exercise is unlimited.

Getting what you want. The pulling down procedure is how to get what you want. It takes some time but it works, while other methods often do not work. The procedure works because it changes who you are. Then you automatically attract to yourself a better life.

New thought brings new life. Our thoughts determine our life. The pulling down procedure is a very special new thought that brings a new and much better life. For more details, read The Pulling Down Procedure.


5/31/21. Two new and very powerful procedures are hydrogen peroxide foot baths and coffee foot baths. We are working on the articles that describe them fully. We also seek feedback about the effects of these procedures.

They are good for all kinds of foot problems such as dry, cracked heels (you still need to scrape the dead skin off), impaired circulation, infections and more. However, these procedures also help with guidance, with grounding and thinking, with organ health, emotional well-being, and much more.

Procedure. The peroxide procedure is quite simple – soak the feet at least for 10 minutes and better for an hour or up to two hours. Don’t do a session for longer than two hours until we have more research. You can do it while you work at a desk, talk on the phone, watch television or do other sitting activities. You can use drugstore 3% peroxide.

For the coffee procedure, prepare coffee the same way as for an enema except keep the coffee grounds. Do not strain or filter them out. Coffee can also be fairly strong, we believe, and we will publish more details

Cautions. Peroxide can be irritating, but cleans the inside and outside of the feet in a unique way. Drugstore peroxide is plenty strong and is often stronger than the labeled 3%, so beware. Dilute it if needed with water if it burns.

Coffee does not burn and is quite soothing for the feet and the coffee contains souls and equipment that is used to correct problems in the feet. Among these are some rather bizarre rogue devices that impair circulation to the feet and can cause toe and foot cramps, dry, cracked heels and more.

Be sure to drink enough water during these procedures or they won’t work well.

Benefits. We believe that this kind of greater attention to the feet will become a central part of the development program. It is easy, inexpensive and very helpful for some conditions and perhaps for everyone, especially as one develops more.


5/30/21. In order to understand the development diet, one needs to know about how the body acquires its nutrients. The methods are:

1. Nutrient ingestion and absorption. This requires excellent digestion or many nutrients are just lost and eliminated without being absorbed. For details, read Digestion.

2. Nutrient transformation. This means one eats a certain food or takes a food supplement and the body converts what you eat into a different chemical that it requires.

For example, the body should be able to convert beta carotene into vitamin A. This is critical today because the Chinese have taken away all of the natural vitamin A in the world. One cannot buy natural vitamin A in the United States or we believe, in most other Western nations.

Some food supplements are mislabeled as natural vitamin A, but we don’t think they contain much of the natural vitamin A. The synthetic vitamin A works to some degree, but is also slightly toxic so it is not as good.

Thyroid function. The conversion of beta carotene into vitamin A requires adequate thyroid glandular activity. The development diet and program focus on the thyroid for this reason. Among other nutrients, it requires a lot of kelp.

Biological transmutation. Nutrient conversion includes the very important science of transmutation, by which a healthy body converts one mineral into another. This idea is not well accepted by most scientists and physicians.

However, it is truthful and extremely important for health and development. As one develops, one’s ability to transmute increases significantly and this is an important part of bodily regeneration. It is also critical today because the food is low in many nutrients, often by design. For details, read Biological Transmutation.

3. Nutrient synthesis. Our bodies can manufacture some nutrients mainly in the small and large intestines. These include some of the B-complex vitamins and others.

However, synthesis only occurs to a large extent if the intestinal flora and other conditions are correct. This is an important reason we love cooked vegetables, for example. They help create the proper conditions in the intestines for nutrient synthesis.

Summary. The development diet and entire program, unlike almost all others, recognizes all three of the vital nutrition concepts above and are specifically designed to support and promote all of them.


5/29/21. We worked on the article about the joy patterns. This is a most interesting and important topic.

The article explains how to recognize each of the patterns. It also includes many other interesting topics about development of the souls and the large beings in space, and more. For details, read Development As Seen On Hair Mineral Analyses – The Joy Patterns.


5/28/21. What makes the nutrition work worthwhile and quite amazing is finding the development or joy patterns. This is the most important part of interpreting a hair mineral retest. Helpers and coaches – this is what you must talk about and note on the papers you give the clients. Clients – this is what to look for – not all the bad stuff!

Not what it seems. This post seems like it is about hair test interpretation. However, it is really about understanding development! Development is all of the following:

The patterns:

Out of trouble or out of danger: out of four lows, out of the shell, out of spiritual defensive, out of stepping out of life, out of double low ratio, forward flip of the Na/K ratio and/or the oxidation rate, amigo dump, or a better oxidation rate or Na/K ratio.

Elimination patterns: all coming out, amigo dump, just one or two toxic metals coming out, gathering firewood (phosphorus goes down), and settling down (a toxic metal was displacing the mineral level upward and it is gone, so the level decreases).

Building patterns: perking up, zinc up, coming alive and the hill. Even better is a double coming alive or double hill or a combination of a hill and coming alive.

Organ regeneration: kidneys = elimination of mercury, cadmium, and nickel; liver = elimination of copper and other toxic metals; forward flips, and more.

Moving into your issues/traumas: moving into four lows (also called into the dog house or your boat is in dry dock), double low ratio pattern on the first four and/or the second four minerals, digging deeper pattern (lower four lows), lower Na/K ratio, worse oxidation rate or back flips. For example, double back flip is a powerful into your issues pattern.

Finishing up: out of spiritual defensiveness, out of the shell, and perhaps others.

Specifically brain regeneration: Anchors, pivots, amigo dump, out of sympathetic dominance, and all other toxic metal eliminations. This is because all the toxic metals are neurotoxic, meaning toxic to the nervous system.

Electrical charge improvement: More balanced Na/K ratio, Ca/Mg ratio, and improved oxidation rate. (Think of a putting a new battery in the car).

Better energy level: Perking up, elimination patterns, out of trouble patterns, zinc up, and perhaps others, fewer burnout patterns, better adrenal and thyroid activity, less sympathetic dominance.

Deep healing: coming alive on the second four minerals. This is a deeper type of healing than the patterns above.

More alive patterns: coming alive on the first four minerals and/or the second four minerals. It may also be other patterns such as a forward flip of the Na/K ratio, amigo dump and others.

Maturing patterns: Elimination of the “child” minerals: toxic potassium, boron, aluminum and nickel. This can occur at age 6 months or at age 80. Other maturing patterns are out of victimhood, and insight or turnaround patterns (see below).

Happier patterns: coming alive, out of trouble patterns, out of the shell or bomb shelter, and perhaps others.

Letting go of fear: (especially for women), less of a shell, lower copper if it was elevated,

Found my calling, found my life, more on the golden path, more on the yellow brick road (see the Wizard of Oz article), “I’m not just a hunk of decaying flesh” or out of the gutter: lower copper or fewer hidden copper indicators, amigo dump, and usually a combination of some of the other development patterns listed n this post.

Activation patterns: amigo dump, out of victim pattern.

Coming Home patterns: settling down on the second four minerals

Achievement patterns: hill, goal post or doorway.

Turnaround or insight patterns: pivots and forward flips

New Person patterns: Phosphorus up 5 mg% or more, combination of coming alive and some other patterns.

More details:

Combinations of patterns. Combinations of the patterns above are even better. Another type of combination is a doubling. For details, read Double Patterns.

Relation to your soul blemishes: All of the patterns above involve letting go of blemishes on the souls, also sometimes called karma in the Sanskrit language and the ancient Hebrew language.

Where to read about the patterns. Go to the Read All Articles page. Scroll down to Categories and go to Section III. Keep scrolling down and you will see a section called Hair Mineral Analysis. (I could just give you the exact link but everyone needs to learn how to move easily through the Read All Articles page.)

The hair analysis patterns are arranged in Initial Patterns and Retest Patterns. The development patterns are all almost all retest patterns. If you don’t find the pattern in the Retest Patterns section, it is in the Initial Patterns section. If there is a separate article about a pattern, it is underlined and in blue as a link.


5/27/21. It is most important for everyone to know that the method of development we recommend in this newsletter and on this website is not that of any human being. It is the method used by the souls.

The technique is as follows: First, Dr. Wilson asks permission to seek help for a person. When he asks sincerely and honestly, he receives help that allows him to find a person using the person’s name and location.

Once the person is located, a team of souls asks permission to speak with a special type of advanced soul inside the person called a planning soul. The Planning Souls set up the development program. Then Dr. Wilson relays this information to the person’s Helper.

It is true that Dr. Wilson researches various healing methods. However, the planning souls set up his programs.

The often-malicious imitators – at least 50 of them - who seek to wreck the programs say “Dr. Wilson is wrong.” It is true that now and then there is great interference and difficulty. However, in general, the directions are very consistent.

For example, the planning souls routinely say that coffee enemas are wonderful, along with the pulling down procedure and the other procedures we suggest. They always say that a lot of cooked, not raw, vegetables are essential. They also say that blue corn tortilla chips, while somewhat salty and greasy, are needed for rapid development today.

They also repeat often that most fruit is harmful for health and development. A few foods that are technically fruits are good such as roasted almond butter, green beans and one or two botija or other black olives per week, but that is all.

We say the imitators do not tune in properly or they would receive the exact same information as Dr. Wilson receives. They either guess what to suggest or worse, they deliberately suggest foods, supplements and procedures that stop development.

One may ask why Dr. Wilson gets help tuning in, while others do not. The answer is that he has applied himself to this exact program for forty years with no deviations - it is a reward for effort. Others can do the same and I encourage you to make this your priority. Then you will be able to tune in as well.


5/27/21. A small section near the middle of the new article, Men And Women Are Not The Same, was not correct. It was about the effect of Bible teachings upon women. I have fixed it as follows:

More suffering from some Bible teachings. This is very controversial. However, we believe that two basic Bible teachings are either not quite correct or have been misinterpreted. They are: 1) that God is a man, and 2) that men should be in charge.

1. Who is God? God, the Father, is not a man. God, the Son, is a man and the word God here means an advanced being. This does not contradict any Christian teaching.

2. The sexual order. There is a concept in Christian thought called the sexual order. It suggests that the man in a family is the leader and the woman is his helper, somewhat like the Adam and Eve story.

However, this concept is not always taught and handled properly. In some families, the man pushes the woman around and that is not the concept of the sexual order. Some of those who do not teach the concept correctly are leaders, and this needs to change. For details, read The Sexual Order.


5/26/21. This is a critical topic to understand. It is unfortunately not taught either in grade school or college, and we think this is deliberate. It damages relationships between men and women and weakens society.

Without understanding the differences between men and women, women are also exposed to much more danger of rape and beatings. A new, short article about it is Men And Women Are Not The Same.


5/25/21. The reasons can be organized according to the 7 system:

1. Physical reasons: The program eliminates toxic metals and toxic chemicals that irritate the nervous system. It also removes excess iron and manganese from the body. These minerals, when in the Amigo or oxide form, settle in the areas of the brain that cause anger and rage. For details, read Iron.

2. Emotional reasons: The program slowly heals old emotional traumas and this helps balance the emotions and enables one to relax. Providing hundreds of nutrients the body requires makes the cells and souls happy and you feel this. For example, eliminating excess copper reduces fear and excessive emotionality. For details, read Copper Toxicity Syndrome. Also, read the Anthropomorphic Qualities of Minerals.

3. Power and control reasons: The program helps one to have much more control over one’s life. You become a happy warrior. This contributes to relaxation, better attitudes and a happier life. For details, read The Path Of The Warrior, The Secret Society Of Loving, Light-Hearted Warriors and Power.

4. Social reasons: Many clients report less social anxiety. They also tell us they are much more able to “put themselves in other people’s shoes” and understand other better.

5. Self-expression and creative reasons: The program teaches one to express oneself in healthier ways. It also helps the brain function much better, which improves expression and one’s ability to function well in business and other partnerships such as one’s marriage. For details, read Brain Fog and Getting A Brain.

6. Intellectual reasons: The program causes a person to receive much more advanced guidance from the guide creatures and others. This guidance is always loving. For details, read Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.

The program also contributes to gratitude by helping one understand how wonderful the body is that it can heal deeply. Some of the articles explain the concept that we are always totally loved by powerful creator beings.

7. Spiritual reasons: The pulling down procedure and, to some degree all of the program, slowly transform a person from a decaying and dying physical being into an etheric being with a happy and long future. For details, read Introduction To Development and the other articles about development on the Read Articles page.

The ether that one brings into the body with the pulling down exercise is a form of love. For details, read The Ether. After a time on the program, one will begin to feel that “my cup runneth over with love”. For details, read The 23rd Psalm Explained.

The program enables a person to be and do what each of us was created to do – to be the expression of the love of the Creator in this world of form. For details, read Love As Radiance and The Real Self. Also, read The Big Picture.


5/24/21. One definition is that love is wanting the best for another or for many people. This definition of a loving attitude is quite important in the area of relationships. It is not the normal reason for relationships, but it will improve any relationship! So please consider adopting this attitude about why you are entering or keeping a relationship.

For more on relationships, read Deep Loving Relationships I, Deep Loving Relationships II, Spiritual Marriage, A Marriage Of Friends, All About Marriage, 14 Stages Of A Romantic Relationship, How To Love Using The 7 System, What To Look For In A Mate Or Friend, and Dating (the dating article is being updated and changed, but is not ready).


5/23/21. Trauma points are very important to understand in order to heal traumas. Trauma points are specific ratios on a hair mineral analysis that are difficult to move through because disturbing thoughts and feelings will often surface at these points.

This can stop a person from continuing on a development program and therefore stop development. For details, read the new, short article on Trauma Points.


5/22/21. We focus a lot on safety. What does that mean? The essence of safety is becoming well-informed about a situation and then acting in a thoughtful and careful way. Safety is not about just following orders from the government or from others.

For example, the souls tell us to avoid using almost all medical drugs. They also tell us emphatically: stay away from herbs, chelation, homeopathy, intravenous vitamins and minerals, and most vitamin and mineral therapies. These may sound good, but they do not heal the body at deep levels and many are not as safe as advertised.

We need to repeat this because many clients add to the development program, and often ruin it. They believe we forgot something or that other health practitioners know more than we do.

However, the souls tell us over and over to please stay away from most medical and natural therapies! They also tell us to stay away from symptomatic therapies of all kinds! For details, read General Systems Theory And Healing.

Often, safety is about not being sloppy. This is actually a most important concept. Many people are sloppy in their thinking and lifestyle and this is always unsafe.

Deliberate confusion. Today, the word safety is being deliberately misused by the medical establishment in regards to the Chinese virus in order to confuse people. The mass media is not reporting the truth and their remedies – masks and vaccines – are not safe.

In truth, most people recover easily from the Chinese virus. In truth, there have been thousands of deaths from the vaccines. In truth, simple face masks don’t stop viruses. In truth, the covid-19 “vaccines” are not vaccines. In truth, there never was a “pandemic”. There was a disease outbreak. Similar ones occur every few years such as the Hong Kong flu, the Ebola virus, and many others.


5/22/21. Psychodrama is a powerful psychological method of healing traumas. We are coming to understand that it is part of every development program. This is one reason the development program works so well.

Psychodrama is basically acting out a scene that is somewhat scary, but in a fun and safe manner. The souls experience this as redoing a trauma and it helps them process, retrace and clear the trauma. Here is a good example.

Coffee enemas: Most people, if not all people, have some trauma in regard to bowel movements. This comes from incidents as a baby while our diapers were being changed, from toilet training, and just from being bathed as babies. Traumas also often occurred as the result of embarrassing ‘wet pants’ accidents when we were children and could not get to a bathroom fast enough.

While you may not realize it, doing coffee enemas easily brings up many of the same feelings, thoughts, odors and more that you experienced as a baby and young child. This greatly helps the souls to process and clear a number of traumas that most people carry with them. For more details, read Psychodrama And The Development Program. A much longer, in depth article is Psychodrama.


5/21/21. The development program causes retracing – one of the most unusual phenomena in existence. Retracing often involves flare-ups of old symptoms or new symptoms that occur as infections heal and as toxic substances are eliminated from the body.

Retracing is not always pleasant, but it is a sign of deep healing. Eventually it becomes infrequent because one has retraced most infections and other problems in the body.

Some of our clients forget that they will retrace. When they have symptoms, they immediately run to doctors and emergency rooms. We suggest asking us to check you first. For details, read Retracing.


5/21/21. Just another reminder that the current national and many state and local governments in the United States are illegal. The law requires that all pending lawsuits challenging the election results (over 100 of them) are heard and adjudicated before a new administration takes power.

This was not done and is a serious violation of the law. The people need to rise up at once and demand the resignation of the current government until all cases have been adjudicated. For details, go to the post of 4/11/21.


5/20/21. Life is about integrity. Integrity means that all parts of one’s life are aligned around certain principles.

These include the Ten Commandments given to Moses and the Golden Rule (Think and do unto others as you would have them think and do unto you.) If more people followed just these two basic doctrines, we would have a much happier world. For details, read The Ten Commandments Of Moses (Plus Two), The Golden Rule and Integrity.

Universal justice. We believe that those who follow the above rules are rewarded. Those who ignore them or disobey them knowingly are or will be punished. For details, read The Merit System and The Law of Cause And Effect.

Universal laws. We believe the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule are universal laws. This means they apply everywhere in the universe, even on other planets. There is life on other planets. For details, read Intelligent Life On Other Planets and Outer Space.


5/19/21. Drinking enough water is one of the more difficult aspects of the development program. Without enough water, the body does not function well and progress with healing and development is much slower.

Excuses. Reasons for not drinking enough water are not liking its taste, the cost of buying water, and not wanting to have to urinate often. Drinking enough water is also an effort that requires carrying water wherever you go and taking the time to drink it. Water is also more yin in macrobiotic terminology and drinking it can make a person feel temporarily worse, for this reason.

However, none of these are good excuses if one wishes to heal and develop quickly and safely.

Substitutes. Another problem is substituting other beverages instead of drinking water. Mild teas are not too bad, although we find water is usually better.

Coffee. Drinking more than one cup of coffee instead of drinking water is a problem. Coffee is irritating to the stomach, stimulating, and drinking a lot can contribute to elevated blood sugar. For details, read Diabetes, A 21st Century Epidemic.

Juices and smoothies. For adults, 10-12 ounces of carrot juice daily is helpful. However, drinking more juice, smoothies, or other kinds of juices such as celery, green juice and fruit juices we find unbalance the body and are not helpful. We also find that smoothies and shakes are always poor food combinations and upset digestion. For more details, read Water For Health And Longevity, Hydration For Healing , Smoothies, Soups, Purees And Juices and Orange Juice And Other Juices.


5/18/21. The neck pull is one of the basic development procedures. Once one learns the procedure, it is simple. safe and easy to do. It offers tremendous benefits for one’s health and for development.

The neck pull opens the joints of the neck, aligns the neck and shoulders, assists the fifth energy center, helps the thyroid gland, and much more. For details, read the Neck Pull.


5/17/21. Doris, age 49, had a hand tremor or shaking for twenty years. She had been to several physicians. They ran tests and told her she has Parkinson’s disease. This is a common, supposedly incurable brain disease that causes tremors, weakness and then a painful early death.

Doris took drugs to hopefully slow down the disease for about four years. However, she did not feel much better and the drugs were costly and toxic. They made her tired and nauseous. The tremors only became worse over time.

The development program. About three years ago Doris found the development program and decided to try it. At first, she did about half the program. She felt more energy almost immediately. Also, the shaking stopped getting worse.

Diet. Eating correctly is essential! Many clients do not get good results because they don’t understand and follow the diet. We know it is very different from what others recommend. For details, read Foods For Daily Use, Foods For Occasional Use and Forbidden Foods.

Lifestyle. Doris not only corrected her diet and did some of the healing and development procedures. She also corrected her lifestyle. She began to go to bed much earlier, and wasted much less energy with less shopping and running around. For details, read Healthy Lifestyles.

Doris stayed with the program and started to do more of it. In the past six months, the constant shaking of her hands has become less and today it is hardly noticeable.

Why the improvement? Doris’s mineral analyses provide clues as to why she is feeling better.

Lead. On the most recent mineral analysis on May 13, 2021, the lead level rose sharply from 0.031 mg% to 0.157 mg%. We use an ideal hair level of lead of about 0.02 mg%, so the current level is about seven times the ideal value. Lead is a highly toxic metal associated with over 100 diseases. It can build up in the brain and contribute to shaking or tremors.

Until the mid-1970s, the American government and many others required lead to be added to gasoline and jet fuel. This effectively poisoned most people with lead. I have been told there is still enough lead some city streets that one could mine it. Lead is still found in some lipstick and some inks, lubricants and other products. There is absolutely no excuse for this.

Mercury. On the new hair test, Doris also eliminated mercury. The level almost doubled from 0.01 to 0.019 mg%. This very toxic metals is also associated with neuromuscular diseases. The doubling means Doris is eliminating mercury from her body.

All fish contain too much mercury except for sardines and other very small fish. Even with these, one should not eat more than four cans of sardines per week due to mercury problems.

Large fish such as tuna, swordfish and mackerel are extremely toxic. Shellfish or ‘seafood’ are even more toxic, for which reason we say avoid them all. However, rogue health authorities in the government and medical industries continue to tell people these foods are fine to eat.

In many nations, dentists are allowed to use mercury amalgam to fill dental cavities, effectively poisoning millions of people.

Aluminum. On the new mineral test, Doris also eliminated aluminum. The hair level rose from 1.02 mg% to 1.13 mg%. Aluminum is another toxic metal that often builds up in the brain and can contribute to dementia and other nervous system disorders.

Aluminum is a very common poison. It is added to almost all city water supplies, supposedly to remove dirt from the water. Most salt also contains added aluminum, supposedly so it will not cake up. Anti-perspirants, a relatively new product, are very high in aluminum, as are some remedies such as Mylant, Malox, Gaviscon, Ryopan and others.

It is important to understand the complete failure of the government and the medical industry to properly inform and protect the people from these well-known and serious poisons. They could easily be removed from our food, water, air and consumer products.

Retracing. Doris experienced some healing reactions as the toxic metals came out of her body. These are normal on the development program. They caused some temporary fatigue and other mild, temporary symptoms. For details, read Retracing And Healing Reactions.

Eliminations Doris completed:

Calcium. Doris’s previous hair test also revealed a very elevated level of calcium - 351 mg%. We use 40 mg% as the ideal level of hair tissue calcium. This means her calcium level was almost nine times the ideal.

On the most recent hair test, the calcium level decreased to 109 mg%. This pattern indicates that Doris completed an elimination of calcium. Toxic forms of calcium such as calcium oxide can build up in the brain and contribute to tremors, depression, fatigue, impaired circulation in the brain and other serious health conditions.

This was a serious hidden problem Doris had that is now better. For details about these very important toxic forms of minerals, read Iron, Manganese and Aluminum – The Amigos.

The main sources of these minerals are modern fertilizers called superphosphates. The planners tell us it takes about 100 years to destroy a civilization with these chemicals and we are very close to this time on earth. For details, read Superphosphates.

Manganese. Doris’s previous mineral analysis revealed an elevated level of manganese - 0.048 mg%. This level decreased to a normal level (0.031 mg%) on her new hair mineral test. Toxic forms of manganese found in gasoline and some foods can build up in the brain and cause tremors and other nervous system disorders. There is absolutely no reason why the American and other governments require that manganese be added to gasoline. It just poisons the entire population.

Nickel. On the most recent mineral analysis, the level of nickel decreased from 0.057 mg% to 0.022 mg%. This means that Doris completed an elimination of this toxic metal found in all hydrogenated oils.

Products containing this include commercial peanut butter, shortening such as Crisco and products such as non-dairy creamers. Metal used in dental braces, crowns and elsewhere may also contain nickel. None of this is needed or should be allowed. Nickel plating is also used in cheap jewelry.

Cobalt. On the most recent hair test, the level of cobalt decreased from 0.016 mg% to 0.005 mg%. This is still too hight. However, it indicates Doris eliminated a lot of a toxic form of cobalt. In a toxic form, this mineral can also contribute to nervous system disorders.

Alloys. Often a particular health condition is caused by a combination of toxic metals and nutrient deficiencies. This is not a well known idea iamong medical or natural health professionals. We call it an alloy.

It is similar to metal alloys used in industry such as steel or stainless steel. These are mixtures of metals that have certain properties. The same thing occurs in our bodies and this is a common cause of health problems. For details, read Alloys.

Chelation. Doris did not use chelation to remove toxic metals! This is extremely important because most physicians use this method. It does not work well enough and often does permanent damage by removing good minerals along with the bad ones. For details, read Chelation.

Upgrading To The Spiritual Minerals

Selenium. The level of selenium on Doris’s hair tests rose sharply from 0.038 mg% to 0.117 mg%. This is still to low, but it is three hundred percent better than the previous reading. The planning souls inside Doris tell us that Doris had been retaining her selenium on the previous test because she was using it to replace the toxic metals she was eliminating such as calcium, aluminum, manganese and nickel.

This replacement process is well along, so she does not need to hold on to so much selenium, so the hair level rose on the new test.

Zinc. The level of zinc on Doris’s new hair mineral test decreased from 22 mg% to 14 mg%. 14 mg% is somewhat low. The souls tell us this indicates Doris is retaining zinc because it is replacing toxic metals including lead, mercury, nickel and aluminum in her body.

Spiritual minerals. Selenium and zinc are what we call spiritual minerals. They activate higher brain centers and are absolutely required for development. They are also not easy to replace. The process used in our development programs – not those offered by others – slowly upgrades the minerals in the body and creates a more spiritual and much healthier body.

Importance of coffee enemas and the other healing procedures. According to her planners, Doris would not have been able to make all the above changes nearly as rapidly, and perhaps not at all, had she not done coffee enemas. She has done them for at least two of the three years she has been on the program and continues today.

Those who say coffee enemas are harmful or not needed for deep healing are wrong and often malicious. The level of liver toxicity in everyone today is severe! For details, read Coffee Enemas.

Liver toxicity. Among the main causes of liver toxicity are the A poisons. For details, read The Amigos, AGES, Aldehydes and Ammonia. More intense methods such as coffee enemas are needed to reverse this toxicity and keep it away because we are constantly re-exposed to them in our food. This applies to organic food, as well as commercial food.

Deliberate deficiencies. The levels of zinc and selenium in our food are purposely kept very low. This causes disease and prevents most people from reaching their full potential in life. This is a deliberate plan of our government and medical authorities, although low-level administrators and physicians don’t even know that these minerals are removed from most flour, salt, sugar, and other common foods.

Mineral deficiencies cause toxic metal build up. Another vital concept that is rarely taught is that whenever bodies become deficient in essential minerals, they pick up more toxic metals from the environment.

We don’t mean to be hard on doctors or the governments. However, it is important to know the truth. Unfortunately, one cannot trust these authorities when it comes to your health. They are the cause of most of the problems.

I have also learned one must by extremely wary of any professional who has an occupational license. The reason is that their first priority is not your health. Their main priority is holding on to their license. They will do and say whatever the licensing board requires, even if it is insane such as telling people that vaccines are safe. For details, read Your Doctor’s Priorities and The Case Against Medical Licensing.


5/16, 21. In our opinion, one of the most destructive products on the market today is the Instant Pot and other brands of plug-in electric pressure cookers. Many have been rigged electronically so that they destroy the nutrients in any food placed inside them. AVOID THEM. DO NOT USE THEM FOR ANY KIND OF COOKING. Some of the program destroyers in the post below recommend them.


5/16/21. At least 30 people offer a false nutritional balancing or development program. They are very serious! They are all over the internet and have Facebook and other groups. They may say they offer the same program we do, but they do not!

These people may say they know Dr. Wilson’s work. Most of them have the diploma that we used to give out with the basic training courses. They may even show clients an old version of our Find A Helper web page with their name on it. Please check that page now to see if your practitioner is listed on that page.

However, they are very high-tech and are able to alter some internet and email signals. As a result:

- Some people may receive altered and forged versions of our website articles.

- One may get a forged version of our Find A Helper page with the name of the fake practitioner listed as an Approved Helper.

- If a person sends us an email questioning their practitioner, they may get a forged return email with my signature saying the person is acceptable even if not listed.

The fake practitioners often recommend eating fruit, eating salad and perhaps using electric food cookers. They usually do not recommend blue corn chips, lamb, sardines, kelp, coffee enemas, and other essentials of the program. Their supplement programs are usually also incorrect!

Not only do they offer the programs incorrectly. They are very skilled at influencing and persuading people. We will do our best to oppose this, but we want people to know about it.


5/15/21. According to Dr. Mercola’s newsletter, as of April 17, 2021, the European Union’s vaccine injury reporting system logged 330,218 adverse event reports about the Chinese virus vaccine, including 7,766 deaths.

As of April 23, the U.S. vaccine injury reporting system logged 118,902 adverse event reports, including 3,544 deaths and 12,618 serious injuries.

Vaccine injury reporting always underestimates the problems because many injuries and deaths are not reported – up to 80% of them.

Masks. Germany's registry for adverse effects of children wearing masks has identified 24 physical, psychological and behavioral health issues. They include including irritability (60%), headache (53%), difficulty concentrating (50%), reduced happiness (49%), reluctance to go to school/kindergarten (44%), malaise (42%), impaired learning (38%) and drowsiness or fatigue (37%).

At the same time, there is little evidence that paper masks reduce the spread of viral diseases.

Silencing dissent and discussion. Questioning the vaccines and the recent US election is called “hate speech”, “microagression”, “spreading dangerous misinformation”, “alternate” or “fringe”. These are standard method used to silence dissent and limit freedom of speech.

Propaganda.The daily dissemination of absolute 100% falsehoods by The New York Times on every single page, and by CNN and the rest of them — it’s breathtaking to me.” - Professor Mark Miller (for twenty years he has taught courses about brainwashing and propaganda).


5/14/21. Here are several excellent foot reflex points. You can press on them, slap them with an open hand, or make a fist and tap on them. You may feel the effects. These are excellent to press or tap on every day to help keep subtle energy moving properly through the body.

The organs are on the bottom of the feet. The energy centers are on the top of the feet.

The right foot often corresponds to organs or energy centers on the right side of the body. However, it can also correspond to the right side of an organ such as the heart that is on the left side of the body.

The heart reflex area. This is not where I expected it. It is in the exact middle of each foot – both side to side, and measuring not from the toes but from the main part of the foot to the heel.

It is on both feet. The left foot corresponds the left side of the heart and the right foot corresponds to the right side of the heart.

The liver area. The liver area of the foot is large. It is on the bottom of the foot and runs from just below the second, third, fourth and fifth toes down near the outside of the bottom of the foot at least half way down to the heel. It goes around the heart.

The liver meridian. This starts between the big toe and the second toe. It goes up the foot toward the heel. Then it turns toward the outside of the foot and it continues up the outside of the leg. It goes all the way up the outside of the thigh.

If you want, you can slap or tap on the entire outside of each leg. This is called shiatsu massage in Japanese. Usually, you will find tender spots along the outside of the legs. These are blockages that need more tapping or pressing.

The spine. This begins at the tip of the big toe and runs down the entire arch all the way to the heel.

The seven energy centers. This may be incorrect in the reflexology article and if so, it will be corrected. The seven physical centers are all on the top of the foot.

The seventh center is at the outside tip of the fourth toe. The sixth center is at the base of the fourth toe. Then the centers curve around the top of the foot, which is center number four.

The third, second and first energy centers are on the other side of the foot nearer the heel.

The triple hearts. These are energy centers that connect you with your upper subtle energy fields, sometimes also called energy bodies. These grow and fill with light as you develop.

The hearts are a large area on the top of both feet located where the leg meets the foot – the middle of the top of each foot. We will work on posting a diagram of these. For details, read the Hearts.

For more details about reflexology, read Reflexology.


5/13/21. I have not updated events around the earth because they are more difficult to check. However, I am told we have found a much larger being in space within whom our entire solar system resides.

This being is about 1000 times as large as our solar system. The solar system sits in the area of his heart. I am told our planetary “job” is to communicate with all parts of his body and inform the heart how much blood to pump based on the needs of the whole body.

I don’t know if this is absolutely true, but it seems to be and some want me to report it in this newsletter. If true, if means the earth is a communication planet, and that we are all communicators.


5/12/21. Coffee enemas are quite amazing. We continue to receive positive reports from clients about the enhanced or super coffee enemas. This is an enema to which one adds about 3 small cloves of mashed garlic or 1 teaspoon of minced garlic. Cook it with the coffee.

Then, while holding the enema, slap with an open hand or tap with a closed fist on the liver area on the bottom of both feet. Also, press on the liver meridian on the top of each foot. This seems to assist the coffee to penetrate throughout the body. It also reduces symptoms of coffee toxicity that some people report, allowing one to tolerate more coffee.

There is more one can do while holding the enema. We will write this up soon in the Coffee Enema article.

Doing two of these enhanced enemas back to back works even better.


5/12/21. We believe the Rogues are well on their way toward turning the earth into what they call a rape planet. This means that most women are raped in a very systematic and professional way. Among the goals are to infect everyone with sexually transmitted diseases, terrify women, control their behavior, and sicken their families and all future children.

At this time, I believe this is simply an attack by an evil force that is in the universe. The Bible calls it Satan. They tell us there is more to it.

The development program can help a lot to undo some of the trauma and effects of the rapes. However, we pray every day for deliverance from the entire scourge. For details, read The Rape Planet.


5/12/21. Clark, one of our Helpers, just brought to my attention that plant leaf mineral analysis has been given a fancy new name. Some are now calling it ionomics.

Plant leaf analysis for minerals is the same test as the hair test for humans and animals. It has been going on for 100 years. As far as I can tell, the new name for it is a completely meaningless term that serves only to confuse people.

The same principles of interpreting a hair mineral test apply to analyzing the minerals in plant leaves. We are researching this at this time. For an early report about it, read Regeneration of The Soil With The Development Method.


5/11/21. A new, very important article for women has to do with all of the benefits of making the decision to broadcast or radiate energy, rather than mainly to absorb and attract what you want and need. It requires excellent nutrition.

This is a very large subject. It is both a practical idea and an important spiritual topic. For details, read Broadcasting And Women.


5/11/21. The souls tell us that the best way to store vegetables is in the thin, translucent plastic bags used in many supermarkets. These are better than using sandwich bags, paper bags or others. Apparently, the thin, translucent bags have souls in them that help keep food fresh.

I bought a roll of 1000 of these bags very inexpensively. When I come home from shopping, I rinse off my vegetables and then put them in new, clean thin translucent bags for storage.


5/10/21. When you store vegetables in the refrigerator, ideally store all the roots together and all the stems and leaves together.

An easy way to store a lot of vegetables is if you can find a refrigerator that has removal door bins. This is how I store them. The refrigerator came with three bins and I bought a fourth one.


5/10/21. To obtain supplements in the United Kingdom and other international destinations, we suggest avoiding the Liiife Health Store. We don’t trust its owner and he might damage the products.

Instead, we suggest using They ship to 220 nations. It might be a little more costly, but it is a more trusted service.


5/9/21. An excellent time-up album is Dream With Me by Jackie Evancho (2011). Especially powerful songs are A Mother’s Prayer and Imaginer, but all the songs are very good. Play the songs at high volume. Jackie’s voice (at age 11) has a very expansive quality that helps balance the body.


5/9/21. This post is for those living in the UK or other nations having trouble obtaining supplements. A client reports that a fast and inexpensive way to obtain supplements is through a shipping service,

One signs up and gets an American address to which supplements are sent. Then the shipping company ships them overseas and handles the customs paperwork.


5/9/21. Just a reminder that the current national and many state and local governments in the United States are illegal. The law requires that all pending lawsuits challenging the election results (over 100 of them) are heard and adjudicated before a new administration takes power.

This was not done and is a serious violation of the law. For details, go to the post of 4/11/21.


5/8/21. The process we call development is a slow unfolding and genetic rebuilding of the body. It is a very lengthy path that goes on for years. For this reason, begin it today if you have not already done so.

Also, commit yourself to it, do as much of it as you can, and don’t slack off. This applies to the diet and supplements, the lifestyle and the procedures.

If you are having difficulty, ask for help. Do not “play” with the program, changing this or omitting that. The medical team can usually help if you will take the trouble to submit a question through your Helper. For details, read Introduction To Development.


5/7/21. For tuning up and detoxifying the body, listen to the CD, Australia: Sound Of The Earth by Steve Roach, David Hudson and Sarah Hopkins (1984), particularly the fifth piece, Darktime. The music needs to be turned up loud and then it literally shakes the body. Some will find the sounds upsetting, but it will help certain blocks in the body.


5/6/21. William, age 14, appeared normal at birth and up to the age of about two. Then was bitten by fire ants and had a number of vaccines. The result is he withdrew into his own world. He stopped talking, became very irritable and very uncooperative. Doctors diagnosed autism and delayed development.

This persisted until age five, at which time he met one of our Helpers and began the development program. However, he was not fed correctly because he continued to eat fruit. This has definitely slowed his progress.

For the first year, there was little change in William’s behavior or outlook on life, which had become very negative. About two and one-half years into the program, his mother noticed that William was more responsive. This continued to increase.

Within the last few months, William has become much more responsive and able to live normally. He says his case is one the best on record for recovery from autism. He hopes to write a book about it. William also wants everyone to work hard to stop vaccination, which he says is a delivery method for witchcraft and toxic metals.


5/5/21. Some readers are familiar with what is called the miracle on the Hudson.

On January 15, 2009 a passenger aircraft took off from LaGuardia airport in New York. A few minutes after takeoff the plane hit a flock of geese. Almost immediately, both engines of the Airbus 320 shut down and the plane began to fall out of the sky.

The captain was somehow able to turn the plane and air it correctly at the nearby Hudson River. Then he was somehow able to execute a perfect landing on this busy river.

He even landed it very near a ferry boat terminal. The ferry boats were notified and helped safely rescue everyone aboard the plane. The incident is called the most successful emergency landing in aviation history.

The real story. One of our clients a few years ago was aboard that flight. She said that the news story is wrong! Our guides found the captain of the flight, Chesley Sollenberger, and asked for details. Both told the following story:

What really occurred was that soon after the engines shut down, four angels appeared around the aircraft. Two supported the wings and the other two steadied the tail section of the plane. The angels told the captain exactly what to do and what to say to the passengers.

The angels guided the plane over to the Hudson River. (It is very hard to control an aircraft that does not have much speed.) Then the angels picked where on the river to land the plane and helped the captain bring it down safely on the water.

We mention this story because life is not quite the way it seems! You can read about and watch the miracle on the Hudson on the internet.


5/4/21. 1. How much time do you spend each day doing the procedure? Doing the pulling down procedure is building the muscle of your mind. It is a workout and a makeover unlike any other. It is building Power. It is your daily visit with the big psychotherapist in the Heavens.

Two hours each day is a good minimum time in order to make rapid progress with development. If you need to begin with less time, that is okay, but your progress will be slower. Also, thinking about it does nothing. You must take the trouble to do it.

2. How hard do you pull down? The pulling procedure forces subtle energy through thousands of tiny channels to open and cleanse them. The harder you do it, the better.

It is not ‘meditative’, although it will slowly bring you peace of mind. Meditations are fine to calm the old mind. Pulling down builds a new mind and a new body. Read about it in the Monad article.

3. How good is your focus? At first, everyone is easily distracted. The mind has not been trained to obey.

With practice, the mind will focus better on the procedure without becoming distracted. Just be patient and persistent.

Listen to a recording. For a while, listening to a recording about the procedure, such as one of those at the beginning of the Pulling Down article, can be most helpful. Some also find it much easier to do while also holding a coffee enema.

If you notice you are thinking about what to have for dinner or other random thoughts, don’t be upset. Just bring your attention back to your feet and start again. It is like training the family dog - some days will be easier than others.

4. Do you fall asleep? Sleep is wonderful. However, sleep is an enemy of the pulling down procedure. Arrange the time you do the procedure so you don’t fall asleep.

5. Do you feel the energy? Move your attention just below your feet and then pull the skin of the bottom of your feet away from your head. You are doing it right when you feel the pull on your feet, toes, and elsewhere in your body.

It is a pleasant, sexy feeling. The subtle energy caresses your body as it flows through you. The more you do it, the more you will feel it. Have fun with it.

6. Do you like the feeling and the procedure? This is important so you will keep doing it. It should feel good most of the time, even if it occasionally brings up unpleasant thoughts and feelings for review.

At a deep level, you are emptying and cleansing yourself of your entire past with its traumas, worries, health problems, shortcomings and more. You are creating a vacuum inside the body that is automatically filled with the energy of the Creator.

You are building a new identity. It is nothing less than moving into “the house of the Lord” (the 23rd Psalm), “bringing Heaven to earth” (the Lord’s prayer), being “born again”, and moving into a bright future.

Perhaps this sounds far fetched. However, it is exactly what you are doing with the pulling down procedure. Enjoy the adventure.


5/3/21. One of our clients recently retraced a rape that occurred 20 years ago. She was a virgin when it occurred on a date as a teenager. The rapist told her he used a special technique and she would be very sick for the rest of her life.

Since experiencing the rape, she could not think clearly, and was very weak and cold all the time. She felt very angry with men even though most of the men in her life were excellent friends. She also felt very sad all the time and knew she had diseases the physicians could not heal.

The program. She had followed the development program for three and one-half years with little change in her hair tests or her condition. She was losing hope, but about six months ago she began the new vaginal peroxide procedure.

She began it at once, alternating days between vaginal peroxide and a vaginal coffee implant. This was in addition to the diet, nutritional supplements and other procedures.

One day, she heard a voice in her head that said “We are the souls in the peroxide”. It was quite strange! The souls told her she would retrace her rape very soon. She wondered what would happen.

The retracing day. About a week later, she heard the voice again say, “It is time. Just relax and rest a lot.” She went to lie down and all of a sudden let out a shriek. This is called a rape cry and it occurs often when one retraces a rape.

Next she became very cold and shivered for an hour. Then she became very hot. This lasted for a few days and now she is much warmer than before.

Weight. Amazingly, she lost about 10 pounds from her hips literally overnight! That was remarkable. The peroxide souls said it was water weight.

Emotions. She actually felt the man inside of her and went through a range of emotions from pleasure to pain to horror. This replay of her emotions lasted a few days. At times she was scared, while at other times she just felt helpless and wounded. It finally subsided after about a week. Her emotions have been much more positive since that time.

Diseases. She started to feel as though her diseases from the rape were becoming active again. There was pain, a bloody discharge and other feelings. The vaginal area swelled. This lasted about three weeks and then the diseases seemed to fade away. At the same time, her head cleared and her memory returned.

She continued the vaginal peroxide therapy and the vaginal coffee implants all during the retracing. Sometimes it caused a little pain or burning sensation. But it definitely felt cleansing.

Telling about the rape. She was told during the rape never to tell anyone what happened. But during the retracing, she felt compelled to tell her parents. They were horrified, but glad she would talk about it. They wanted her to see a counselor, but she said it was not needed. With the help of the program, she was going back into the incident and reviewing it, retracing it and processing it all by herself.

She is still adjusting to her new life and new health.

Note: This was a relatively simple rape. If the rape is more complex, it may require more time to retrace.


5/2/21. Along with following the development program faithfully, an attitude that is helping the earth is to radiate love. Don’t allow hatred, negativity, fear or anything else take you over. Keep radiating love. The Rogues do not like this and it defeats them. For details, read Love As Radiance.


5/2/21. Many readers ask how the cleanup of the earth is progressing. I am told there is some cleanup because our forces can see more on earth and are destroying many bases. However, there are many rogues bases, weapons, Satans and more left on earth.


5/2/21. Some of our former Helpers, including Lewis Rowlands, send unauthorized emails to our Helpers and clients. Please ignore them.

We believe that these emails are designed to lure away our clients. We also believe these former Helpers are malicious. They mix the truth with lies and they change the development program so that it does not work. They do not want the people of earth to be healthy, no matter what they say. Beware!


5/1/21. I am told that an unusual feature of development is that your height may increase. This is quite common for women, I am told.

The epiphyseal growth plates. The key to become taller is the activity of the epiphyseal growth plates in the large bones of the body. The growth plates atrophy around the age of 15 to 20 in most people. As a result, after that age, most people do not grow taller.

However, if you stay with the development program, at a certain point the epiphyseal growth plates regenerate. Then it is possible for one to become taller.

This is similar to what occurs with the thymus gland and the Peyer’s patches. For details, read the Peyer’s Patches.


4/30/21. An excellent way to understand the development program is in terms of stress theory:

1. The essence of survival is that the body adapts. This means the body alters itself in ways that are always harmful, but they keep the body going when conditions are not perfect.

2. The essence of deep healing is one must get rid of adaptations.

3. To get rid of adaptations, one must get rid of the need for the adaptations.

An example - the oxides. The oxides are toxic forms of common minerals such as iron oxide, manganese oxide and aluminum oxide. These chemicals are always harmful in our bodies. As explained in the previous post about iron, too much causes inflammation, pain, and contributes to diabetes, cancer and many other illnesses.

However, the oxides keep the body going by stimulating weak adrenal glands. They also help alkalinize an overly acidic body.

To heal the body deeply, one must remove the oxides. However, to do this, one must remove the need for the oxides.

Restatement of the above. Instead of the word adaptation, one can use the word crutch. One can say our bodies use crutches to keep going when conditions in the body are not perfect.

A case history. Joel’s hair mineral retest revealed a very large elimination of crutches – toxic forms of iron, manganese, aluminum and nickel.  The iron level increased seven times. The manganese level increased 11 times and the aluminum level increased by a factor of 20. This is excellent!

The setup. The big question is, how was such an excellent elimination possible? The previous hair test helps provide the answer.

On Joel’s previous hair mineral test, the sodium/potassium ratio had risen significantly to 9 (ideal is 2.5).

This is important because when one eliminates crutches or adaptations, usually the sodium/potassium ratio decreases a lot. This occurs because the mineral crutches hold up the sodium/potassium ratio. An analogy is that if one is using a crutch to stand up and one throws away the crutch, one is likely to fall down.

If the sodium/potassium ratio is low at the beginning of an elimination of iron, manganese and aluminum, the body cannot eliminate much of these crutches. A large elimination would drop the sodium/potassium ratio so much it would endanger life.

However, if the sodium/potassium ratio at the beginning of the elimination is at a high level, as in Joel’s case, it is possible to eliminate a lot of iron, manganese and aluminum. Joel’s very high sodium/potassium ratio was able to decrease a lot without endangering his life.

For more details, read The Stress Theory Of Disease and Crutch Removal – A Basic Idea In Development Science. To read about the toxic oxide forms of common minerals, read The Amigos – Iron, Manganese And Aluminum.


4/29/21. A serious problem on earth is that many bodies have too much iron. Over 1 million Americans have been diagnosed with this condition. The actual number is probably ten times higher.

Also, a lot of this iron is in a toxic form the body cannot use and has difficulty eliminating. One of these is iron oxide, which we call an Amigo or irritant. It is one of a group of major liver toxins.

Symptoms. Iron builds up in the heart, the arteries and the liver, and it can build up in other organs, as well. It is irritating to the body and causes inflammatory health conditions such as arthritis, high blood pressure, liver disease and pain syndromes. It is also associated with a tendency for infections, diabetes and cancer. It contributes to most of what are called the modern diseases of civilization.

Mental health symptoms include irritability, nervousness and inflammation of the nervous system.

Sources of iron. Iron is found in many foods, especially meats, eggs and green vegetables. Some food supplements also contain iron, especially prenatal vitamins. All commercial bread in many nations contains added iron. Some wells contain too much iron. Taking vitamin C increases iron absorption. Iron is also used as a black pigment in tatoos.

Congenital iron toxicity. We often observe iron toxicity in young children or even babies. The reason is that it can pass right through the placenta from mother to child during pregnancy. This is one of the main ways one acquires it.

MEDICAL ASPECTS. Physicians learn about genetic iron storage diseases such as genetic hemochromatosis. However, they often do not look very hard for acquired or non-genetic iron toxicity.

Misdiagnosis. Unless iron poisoning is serious enough to produce obvious symptoms, physicians often do not diagnose iron overload. One reason is that identifying it with blood tests is not that easy. Serum iron, ferritin (an iron transport protein) and total iron binding capacity (TIBC) are not always good indicators. A liver biopsy is the best medical diagnostic method, but it is painful, costly and invasive, so it is not a common medical test.

Hair mineral testing. A properly performed hair mineral test is often a good way to identify iron overload. In some cases, the hair tissue iron level is elevated above about 2 mg%.

More commonly, the hair iron level is very low. We call this a poor eliminator pattern. It indicates that there is plenty of iron present, but the body cannot mobilize it to eliminate it. For details, read Poor Eliminator Patterns On A Hair Mineral Analysis. Three reasons for difficulty eliminating iron are:

- The body holds on to iron. Iron in the hemoglobin molecule is very important to carry oxygen through the blood. As a result, the body tends to hold on to its iron.

- An adrenal stimulant. The adrenal glands are weak in most people. The body uses certain toxic iron compounds to “prop up” or stimulate the adrenal glands. For details, read The Amigos – Iron, Manganese and Aluminum.

- Anger and iron. If one holds on to the emotion of anger, we believe this can slow the elimination of iron. This has to do with the “personality” of iron, which is associated with the emotion of anger. For details, read Anthropomorphic Qualities Of Minerals.

REDUCING TOXIC LEVELS OF IRON. Physicians mainly use bleeding (removing blood) to reduce the level of toxic iron in the body. This method is okay, but one loses nutrients each time one gives blood. The method is also not permanent and must be repeated, often for one’s entire life.

The development program. The development programs we set up are one of the few ways to eliminate iron easily, deeply and permanently. This is one of the most amazing parts of the program! The program uses over 20 methods to eliminate iron. For more details, read Iron Overload, Detoxification and Toxic Metals And Their Removal With A Development Program.


4/28/21. The reason is so that we can all easily and quickly stay in touch. Several clients and Helpers have asked to be removed from the list due to formatting problems of the Newsletter. We need help figuring out how to resolve this problem. Please let me know if you know how to fix the problem.


4/28/21. We recommend a simple bedtime routine to assist sleep. Before you do the bedtime routine, if you tend to have difficulty going to sleep, try taking a quick shower before bed. You don’t have to use soap. Be sure to rinse your back, head, neck all around, front, feet, legs and arms.

One reason for a quick shower before bed is that those following the development program are assisting with a cleanup of the earth. The bodies are taking on some toxins that are excreted on and accumulate on the skin. This can interfere with sleep. Washing them off helps some people relax at bedtime.

The main bedtime routine.

1. The twists and popsSpinal twist. Lie on your back, on top of the covers, with legs straight and together. Stretch your arms out to the sides.

Lift one leg. Swing it over the other leg all the way to the bed or even the floor on the other side of the bed. Then lie down flat again on your back and repeat the procedure with the other leg.

Popping the knees. Lie on your back again with legs straight and together. Bend one knee so the knee is a little up in the air and the foot on that side is near your buttocks. Put your hands around the bent leg just above the ankle.

Now pull the lower leg toward your head a few times. This will bend the knee more. Often, the knee will pop. Two pops are possible because there are two joints in each knee. Then repeat the procedure with the other leg.

Toe bend. Again lie flat on your back with legs straight and together. Bend one knee to the side so you can reach your toes with your hands. Now push all five toes in a downward direction if you were standing up. It is as though you are curling your toes. Often, one or more toe will pop. Repeat the procedure with the other foot. At times, you may need to curl one toe at a time down to get it to pop.

Popping the hands. Lie down flat again with legs straight and together. Bring the backs of your hands together in front of you at about chest level. Your fingers should point toward you. Then interlock the fingers of your two hands all the way to the base of the fingers. Now interlock the middle joints of the fingers of the two hands. Don’t try to interlock the thumbs.

Now move the backs of the hands apart and away from you with a little force. Do this several times. Often, the fingers will pop. Also, with the fingers still interlocked, wiggle the thumbs back and forth. This may also cause some popping of the fingers.

2. The sleep position. Lie on your back with no pillow. Pull the bed covers up so that they cover both shoulders completely. Then grab the covers near your neck and pull them down a litte away from your neck so that the covers do not touch your neck.

The covers should form a V shape. The points of the V are your shoulders and middle of the V is at your neck.

If the bedroom is cold, pull the middle of the covers up closer to your neck. If it is warm, pull the covers down further away from your neck. It is best that the covers not touch your neck because they could irritate you when you sleep and wake you up.

If you wake up at night. It is okay to wake up during the night and often better for development. If you wake up, drink a little water and stretch a little. If you cannot fall back asleep, try taking another quick shower. Again, be sure to rinse off your head, face, neck, back, front, feet, legs and arms.

REMINDER – THE AMERICAN NATIONAL GOVERNMENT IS ILLEGAL AND NEEDS TO STEP DOWN AT ONCE UNTIL ALL COURT CHALLENGES TO THE ELECTION ARE HEARD AND RESOLVED BY A NON-CORRUPT AMERICAN SUPREME COURT. For details, read especially the post of 4/11/21, and the posts of 2/25/21, 2/21/21, 2/12/21 and earlier ones that are similar.


4/27/21. The American Association Of Poison Control Centers issued its 37th annual report (2019) on the causes of death due to poisoning in the United States. There was not a single death attributed to vitamins.

This is important to know because the lying media, including Wikipedia, at times discourages or scares people away from taking nutritional supplements. The scare tactics come from the Rogues, who control our media and do not want people to feel well. For details, go to


4/27/21. The genital bath is a very powerful, yet very simple and comfortable healing and development procedure. We now recommend doing it every day in the shower. It will greatly speed up development and assist healing in many ways.

Physical benefits. The genital bath brings a lot of blood to the pelvic area, helps open the Central Channel, and spins all the Energy Centers and the lower Dantien correctly.

Rewind. The genital bath is also a time procedure. This is unusual. It causes a degree of time reversal in the body. For details, read Rewind Science.

As a result, the genital bath can help heal all health conditions in the lower abdomen and pelvic area. These include infections, Pelvic Syndrome and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.

Traumas. It can also assist to unwind and retrace all traumas in the body including accidents, other injuries, Rapes, Beatings, and Molestation.

Development. The genital bath powerfully pulls your attention and therefore subtle energy downward from the head to the feet. For this reason and others, it greatly assists Development.

Psychological benefits. The genital bath also causes a tickle that our clients report is very helpful, especially for women. Some women report feeling much happier.

Male/female differences. Men’s genital organs are exposed and give men pleasurable sensations all day as the organs rub against their clothing, their bodies and objects they stand next to. Women’s genital organs are hidden inside the body, so they do not experience this effect.

Our female clients tell us that feeling the tickle is helpful for women’s psychological health. It also keeps some women out of low quality relationships that some enter just to feel some sexual stimulation. The tickle is not the same as causing orgasms, which are harmful for development.

The vaginal object. Another way women can experience this pleasurable feeling is to use a vaginal object. This is another development method we strongly recommend. For details, read Faster Development For Women.

How to do the genital bath. The best way to do the genital bath is in the shower. Sit comfortably and allow the water to hit your genital area for 10 to 30 minutes.

If the water stream is too powerful, it may cause sexual stimulation. In this case, move slightly to one side, or forward or back so it does not hit the area as forcefully, but some still hits the genital area. If you have a shower massager or two faucets in the shower, you can also reduce the force of the water stream

We made a few changes in the genital bath procedure. Formerly we said the water needs to be cold. However, we find that tepid or even warm water works fine in the shower. For details, read The Genital Bath.


4/26/21. We no longer recommend the use of tarragon to help correct a four lows pattern on a hair mineral test. It is not needed and it is somewhat toxic.


4/26/21. Early in his research, Dr. Paul Eck noticed that some people have an unusual hair mineral pattern on an initial hair test that he called four low electrolytes or four lows. Symptoms include chronic fatigue and allergies.

Standard healing programs don’t tend to work well for these people. Dr. Eck found that those with a four lows pattern require a special corrective program or the person often will not emerge from the pattern. This was a great breakthrough in mineral research.

There is a corresponding pattern in advanced acupuncture called entering the tunnel of death. Note: A four lows pattern that appears only on a retest mineral analysis has a different meaning. For details about four lows pattern, read Four Lows Pattern On A Hair Mineral Analysis.


4/25/21. When one follows the development programs we set up, the body shifts its activities in many ways. It moves into an intense healing and detoxifying ‘posturing’.

Liver dialysis. For example, coffee enemas are a method of liver dialysis, or enhanced detoxification of the liver. If you do regular coffee enemas, your body will move large amounts of toxic metals and chemicals into the liver from other storage sites. The body knows that you will soon do a coffee enema – and this will enable your liver to eliminate a much larger quantity of toxic metal than normal.

The problem of skipping procedures. This concept explains why some clients report that if they skip a day of a detoxification procedure, they do not feel well. Clients say “I guess I am addicted or dependent upon the procedure”, a situation they don’t like.

Adaptation. However, it is not an addiction or dependency. Their bodies have adapted to take advantage of the opportunity the development program offers for detoxification. This is very positive.

Clients report this in relation to red lamp sauna therapy, coffee enemas and I am told it can occur with the pulling down procedure, as well. It also definitely can occur with one’s diet.

For example, several clients who were following the development diet felt horrible after eating at a fast food restaurant. The reason is not only that the food at these restaurants is nutrient-depleted and toxic.

It also occurred because their bodies had shifted their functioning or adapted. They were accustomed to taking advantage of the development diet. Eating poor quality food suddenly took away the advantage. For more details, read Detoxification and Retracing.


4/24/21. Mineral patterns are combinations of mineral levels that appear together on one hair mineral analysis. Figuring out their meaning is a fascinating area of research. Dr. Paul Eck and others before him were extremely interested in the meaning of these patterns and identified many. We have continued this research for the past 25 years.

Some on the internet say that our patterns are wrong. We say they are not wrong. Our medical team checks the validity of the patterns every day. Others cannot do this because it requires contacting the souls, which they cannot do.

Anchors. One of the most interesting mineral patterns are anchors. These are readings on a retest tissue mineral analysis that change very little. For years, we thought that if the mineral levels do not change much, it indicates that the person did not follow the program well enough or the program was set up wrong. We call this little change pattern and it is a bad sign!

However, recently our programs have improved a lot and clients report much better brain functioning. However, at times their mineral readings remain the same or change very little. For example, brain fog disappears and memory and cognitive abilities are much better. We explain this in articles such as Brain Fog, Get A Brain, several others, and a post on 4/14/21, The Development Program Can Change Your Personality.

This often requires the use of coffee enemas and does not occur nearly as much on programs set up by our former Helpers and others who are telling people we don’t know what we are doing.

Correction of brain fog and other mental weakness at times requires that the mineral levels do not change much. The process is complex and involves restoration of the sulci or ridges of the brain and more. For details, read Anchors And Pivots.


4/23/21. The chart in the previous posts about gold is not quite correct. Gold dipped in price about nine years ago. It has been rising again lately, but for several it declined and then remained steady. It is important to understand why.

The reason is not because governments have been spending less money. In fact, there has been much more spending.

Why did gold dip? We believe the Rogues have been cheating financially by mixing gold bars and gold coins with so-called base or less costly metals, which they put inside gold coins and bars. Some of this illegal activity is done off-planet and some is done on earth.

The bars and coins look and weigh the same amount, but they contain half or less gold than they should. They steal gold from banks and even out of people’s homes by beaming it out and replacing it with the “cut” or less valuable gold.

They are doing the same thing with other precious and non-precious metals on earth. Also, when they debase or ruin the gold or other metal, they may place an electronic tracking device inside each coin and bar so they will know who owns gold and how much. This is also totally illegal and a horrible invasion of privacy.

This is a high-tech version of an old fashioned type of fraud and counterfeiting. We are told that if the fraud were not occurring, the price of gold at this time would be about $20,000 dollars per ounce – roughly 10 to 12 times its price today!

This would greatly hinder the rogue agenda, which requires governments to spend a fortune on pork barrel projects that mainly enrich the rogues. Also, people would be terrified and would pay much more attention to what is going on.

The goal is make everyone think the monetary system on earth is stable, when the opposite is the truth. The stabilization of the metals prices also discourages people from buying gold and other metals as investments. The rogues want all the gold and do not want others to have any.

We are told that the people of earth must develop or the problem will become worse until there is a total financial collapse! Earth is supposed to be a spiritual planet filled with developed people, but it is far from it. For details about development, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.


4/22/21. The post about new foods on 4/15/21 was too hasty. Pending more research, we do not recommend the beans and the cherry tomatoes.

The problem with dried beans is they are a very low etheric energy food. This is why we don’t generally recommend them. Also, there is a specific problem with lentils that we don’t fully understand, but they are harmful for development at this time.


4/21/21. In order to succeed with development, as with anything, one needs to be committed. This means making the program a firm priority in your life. Ideally, it becomes an integral part of your lifestyle. For details, read The Seven Stages Of Commitment and the Seven-Fold Path Of Development.


4/20/2021. Development has been taught on earth for thousands of years and is always basically the same. It requires a special diet, a healthful lifestyle and at least two procedures. We call these the Pulling Down Procedure and the Twist, Pop, Pull and Kick Procedures.

In our modern age, the soils of the earth, and therefore most food, is mineral-depleted and somewhat toxic. So we have added a few more methods such as mineral testing, specific nutritional supplements, and more healing procedures. These are to make up for the problems of modern civilization, and they greatly speed up development today.

For example, everyone has too many toxic metals and toxic chemicals in their livers from our polluted environment. The coffee enema procedure is messy, but it really helps restore the health of the liver. Everyone’s kidneys are also toxic and helped a lot by the red lamp sauna procedure. A few simple nutritional supplements are also needed or development is very slow today.

The truth. All people have many more capabilities than most anyone can imagine. These are described in the Bible, in books about the Tibetan masters, and in the very inspiring stories about the Catholic saints such as Saint Francis And Saint Clare and Saint Nickolas (Santa Claus).

Development is the full expression of human genetics. Very few people achieve it today. This is mainly because their nutrition is wholly inadequate, even so-called excellent nutrition.

Modern lifestyles also work against it. Many people stay up too late at night, do not get enough rest, and have too much ordinary sex, which depletes their sexual fluid. (However, Down sex and Down Hugging are fine and quite healing.)

Also, the group we call the Rogues don’t want people to develop and they always interfere with it and attempt to stop it. They are doing this today using some of our former Helpers to confuse people and wreck the development or nutritional balancing program. For details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.


4/19/21. An ancient teaching is that there exists a special type of love that comes from the Creator. We are fully dependent upon this love for our existence.

This love is not an emotion. It is a radiance or force that emanates from an area of space not far away from us. Some say it is the same as the ether. For details, read the Ether Concept.

This love has no opposite. Either it is present or it is blocked. At this time, those who advice me believe this force has been somehow blocked and reduced. They believe this is the cause of many problems on our planet.

If you feel this may be true, pray sincerely that the block be lifted and that we receive ALL of the love of the Creator that we need and deserve.


4/19/21. We will keep repeating an important truth: The recent American election was perhaps fraudulent, according to over 100 lawsuits challenging the results of the election.

Legally, until ALL these cases are all heard and properly adjudicated, the former administration needs to remain in power. This is the proper way to handle a contested election, and it is the way it was always handled in the past.

The new administration needs to resign at once at all levels of government, especially the national level. This is the correct legal action. Until they do, they are imposters and are committing treason, the crime of aiding the enemies of the nation.


4/18/21. The following is an enhancement to the visualization in the post of 4/10/21. To repeat the basic method: move your attention just below your feet and imagine a force pulling the skin on the bottom of your feet downward or away from your head.

Now also imagine that a subtle energy comes back up from below or beyond your feet and goes all the way up to your head. It completely surrounds you in front, back and sides. It looks like a white tulip flower.

The reason for this additional visualization is that this is what actually occurs. I just started feeling it recently.

A nice effect of the tulip visualization is that you will feel safer putting your attention below your feet. Some people keep their attention in their head because moving it down to the feet feels scary and unprotected and vulnerable.

When you add the tulip visualization it surrounds you and protects your attention which is below your feet. It feels cozy inside the base of the tulip (under your feet) and this helps you relax and pull down much harder.


4/18/21. The previous post (4/17/21) talked about a way to enhance a coffee enema by rubbing your feet during the enema. However, I find it much easier to do the pulling down procedure while doing a coffee enema and this is even more important than rubbing the feet.

It is difficult or impossible to do pulling down and rubbing the feet at the same time. Therefore, it is probably better during a coffee enema to only do the foot rub for a minute or two. Spend the rest of the time during the enema doing the pulling down procedure.

The only exception might be if you are going through a purification reaction. In that instance, spending more time rubbing the feet might be better than pulling down, although not necessarily.


4/17/21. We cannot emphasize enough how excellent is the super coffee enema. This is a coffee enema with two modifications:

1. Add garlic. Just before cooking the coffee, add about three small cloves of garlic to the coffee. You can use fresh garlic cloves that you mash up a little with a fork or a garlic press.

Cook the garlic with the coffee. Too much garlic may make the enema more difficult to hold. If you are concerned about this, begin with less garlic. After cooking, strain out the garlic along with straining or filtering out the coffee grounds.

2. Add reflexology. While holding the enema, press firmly on the liver area on the bottom of the right foot and the liver/spleen area on the left foot. These reflex to the right and left sides of the liver.

Also, press firmly on the liver meridians on the left and right feet. The reflex points are on the top of each foot in the webbing between the big toe and the second toe.

The liver meridian continues from between the toes back along the top of the foot toward the ankle. Then it continues from the foot up the outside of the ankle and up the outside of each leg, all the way up to the thigh. You can press on it all the way up the leg and then go back down the leg all the way to between the first and second toes. Pressing on the entire meridian in this way is called shiatsu massage.


4/17/21. Corrections to the two recent posts about gold are:

1. The gold price also varies depending upon current events. If they are bad or scary, the price rises somewhat. If favorable, the gold price tends to decline a little.

2. We don’t know how long the gold price will continue to rise. It depends upon the financial policy of the governments, especially that of the United States. More unwise spending will tend to increase the price, while more restraint and saving money will lower the price.

3. After a government spends money wisely or unwisely, the gold price does not immediately react. Our guidance is that there is a delay of usually about a year. For example, the welfare spending related to the Chinese virus started about a year ago, so it may affect the gold price soon.


4/16/21. Here are some more notes about gold that our helpers want people to know about.

Honest planetary accounting. Our understanding is that gold functions as an honest planetary accounting system. The price of gold reflects how well society is spending money. Good expenditures keep the price low. Bad expenditures raise the price of gold.

History. The gold price has averaged about $19.00 dollars per ounce for several hundred years. However, the price has become much higher over the past ninety years because most national governments are spending money very unwisely. As explained in the post of April 14, 2021, the worst spending has been on government health and welfare programs. The price of gold has everything to do with welfare.

What is wrong with government welfare? These programs spoil people and make people lazy. They are also full of waste, fraud and abuse. Waste means a lot of money goes to administration, policing the system and other non-productive use. Fraud means that people steal BILLIONS of dollars from the system. Abuse means the system is used for political purposes such as encouraging abortions and discouraging marriage.

There is nothing wrong with the idea of welfare – giving money to people who cannot earn it themselves – children and disabled people. However, the systems should be run privately, such as by churches and community groups, and not by the government.

The incentives for the private groups are much better. This means the programs remain under control. The incentives for government programs are perverse, meaning the programs tend to keep growing and become bloated and dyfunctional.

In the United States, private welfare is technically the only welfare allowed. All government welfare programs are technically unconstitutional. This is important to know.

The volatile price of gold. The price of gold should be quite stable. Instead, it is very volatile because traders manipulate the price. They want the gold price to move up and down so they can buy when the price goes down and sell when the price goes up to make money. This is how gold trading works.

This activity is legally allowed, so the price of gold swings wildly. This scares most people away from investing in gold. We think the rulers like this. They hold tons of gold in their vaults and don’t want the common people to own gold.

Therefore, if you invest in gold, you must do so for the long term. Do not worry about monthly or even yearly swings in the price.

The trend. So far, the trend in the gold price is upward. We believe this will continue for five to ten years more because few governments are spending money wisely, as explained above. However, we don’t know the future. Therefore, the decision whether to invest in gold must be yours.

Stolen and misplaced. The rogues or scavengers have stolen a lot of gold from the earth and taken it out into space. This weakens our planet.

They also own tons of gold, especially the Church Of Latter Day Saints. They have moved it far away from where it belongs. This also weakens planet earth.



4/15/21. White beans or European soldier beans. We suggest having two servings a week of one of these. They alone contain a nutrient that the bodies seem to need today. We are working on identifying it. Other beans are not helpful.

Canned beans. Eating these beans from a can is okay, though fresh is probably a little better. This is not an endorsement of canned food. It just means the nutrient we want is not destroyed by canning the beans.

Cherry tomatoes. This was formerly a special food for development, but we took it off the list of preferred foods a few years ago. A little now seems to be helpful. Eat just two cherry tomatoes per week. Be sure to cook them – slice them in half and cook them along with the rest of your vegetables. Organically grown is not needed for this purpose, though it is generally better.

Minced garlic. This comes as a jar of peeled, finely chopped garlic in water, usually with some citric acid added as a preservative. It is sold in many supermarkets. We are not sure why this is helpful, but it is.

We suspect it is a fermented product. Eat it raw, adding about a teaspoon a day for adults to your vegetables. Children need less of it, and children who are less than seven years old don’t need any.

Garlic in enemas. Also very helpful is adding about 1 tablespoon of minced garlic to a Coffee Enema. (See the Post of 3/31/21.) Add it to the pot just before cooking your coffee and cook it with the coffee. Then strain out the chunks of garlic when you strain or filter out the coffee grounds. It is a definite enhancement of the coffee enema, and of the Vaginal Coffee Implant and the Oral Coffee Hold.


4/15/21. Gold is not what you think. Gold is a nutrient. It is found in several of the special foods for development including kelp, sardines, almond butter, sesame tahini, blue corn chips and garlic. It is also found in coffee.

Gold = integrity. Remember this formula. There is a true financial accounting system and it is the price of gold. The gold price is rising because money is being spent unwisely in most nations. The advent of the welfare state, starting around 1930 in the United States, has contributed a lot to the rise in the price of gold.

The graph. Look carefully at the Graph Of The Average Price Of Gold. This is a very important graph! The price is on the left axis. The year is on the bottom horizontal axis. Notice what occurred.

Gold was fairly steady for years and then suddenly turned upward. The graph is getting even more vertical today! This is due to many factors. However, as stated above, the growth of the welfare state – social security, disability insurance, workman’s compensation, Medicare, Medicaid, medical drug benefits, food stamps, Native American welfare programs, veterans welfare programs, and more.

Mr. Trump. President Trump in the United States was a little better, but not much. He allowed the entire US economy to be devastated by a completely illegal economic shutdown. The shutdown was not needed, as proven in Sweden, but he endorsed and allowed it – a treasonous crime.

Then he spent billions of government dollars on the fake Chinese virus “vaccines”. Then he spent a few trillion more dollars on illegal welfare payments. All of this is treasonous. We hope he is brought to justice along with all the Democrats who stole the election and are rapidly attempting to ruin the American nation.

Rise up. We have to keep repeating these facts because few media outlets even mention them. The conservative media in America today are controlled and silenced (see Guns below). Also, too many people are slavish Trump admirers. He does not deserve this, even though he had better integrity than most presidents in some ways.

The people around the world need to rise up and protest. They need to march in the streets with their popguns (see Guns below) and demand integrity and legality. But they are lazy, mainly, and sick.

Stealing. The gold price explosion is also due to stealing, which is a good description of the financial industry, top to bottom. Put your money in gold, including the gold ETF (exchange traded fund) - symbol GLD. That is betting on integrity and God, which will ultimately prevail.

One of the worst investments is the electronic currencies such as Bitcoin and the others. The smart people will get out before they crash it, and you may not get out in time.


4/15/21. The guns people own are not very good. The Rogues call them popguns. They are better than nothing, but they are very old technology, dangerous, costly and not that effective.

The new weapons are not allowed, even in America. They are small, inexpensive, quiet, safer to use, and more deadly.

Categories. There are ten categories of modern weapons. These are coherent beams or lasers, and ray weapons, also called disrupters. There are paralysis weapons used often in rapes. We wrote about them in the Rape article.

There are cloaks or invisibility weapons, and pulse weapons such as EMP or electromagnetic pulse weapons. There are sound weapons, which our forces use against them, and there are poison and spike shooters that are like modern dart guns, but much better. They can easily shoot a tiny, thin spike through your brain and you won’t know what hit you, but you don’t think as well.

They also use rail guns, which our military is beginning to use. These fire projectiles, but instead of black powder they use a series of electromagnets to accelerate an iron core projectile. They are silent, don’t need cleaning, leave no powder trace, and are much more powerful than black powder weapons. Some are tiny, while others are larger than the entire planet earth!

There are also Implants of many kinds, and a variety of beaming weapons. A rogue operative can literally beam a person into the ground. This leaves no trace whatsoever and is much better and less work than burying a body.

Cell phones are another class of weapons. Not only can they monitor your location and speed of movement, they can listen to every word you say and monitor all of your body’s vital signs.

Even worse, cell phones can condition you and talk to you telepathically. We suggest avoiding them. We understand they are the ultimate in convenience.

The uninformed. If you don’t know about these weapons, you are what the rogues call an idiot. This is actually an ancient Hebrew word that means uninformed because one’s mind is filled with uncontrolled thoughts and emotions. This is related to the words id, idea and ideology.

The rogues pepper their language with some power words, and idiot is one of them. Otherwise, they do not like the original Hebrew or Ebre language because it gives people power. That is one reason they discourage reading the Bible.

The news. The above is the real story of guns – not the stupid discussions about gun control or stories about a mentally deranged person who was accidentally shot by a police officer. Those are pure distractions.

Gun control is little more than a code word that means letting the criminals have guns, but taking them away from the Citizens. For details, read Gun Policy and Gun Control. There is some deliberate repetition in these two articles. Be sure to read what the founders of America said about guns.

The Rogues don’t want the modern weapons in the hands of the militia, which means the common people like you and I. They (the rogues) have them and they use them all the time, often disguised as popguns such as small rifles or handguns. The deaths are silent and unexplained, since no bullet is involved.

We want this situation to change, so that is why we mention the subject. The intent of this newsletter is always to inform, and never to cause fear.


4/14/21. This is a large topic. Some ways the development program can change personality are:

- Much better nutrition. The brain is a chemical organ and requires hundreds of nutrients to function well. For example, zinc is needed for many chemical reactions in the brain and helps relax the nervous system and stabilize the emotions. Calcium and magnesium also have a relaxing effect on the brain and this can change one’s personality.

When one is better nourished, your cells also begin sending you happy messages all day, instead of messages that they are starving and sick.

- A healthier lifestyle. For example, deciding to get more rest and sleep can have a very calming and balancing effect on one’s personality. Reducing your exposure to toxins in food, water, anti-perspirants, detergents, and other household chemicals helps relax the mind and body.

- Better understanding of life. The intellectual part of the development program consists of shifting your thinking habits away from fearful thinking and toward a different reality. For details, read The Real Self, The Merit System and many other articles about thinking at

- More energy, mentally and physically. This can have quite amazing effects on personality. For example, to feel feelings requires energy. Otherwise, you will usually suppress feelings just in order to survive. More energy helps one to be more outgoing and reduces social anxiety, shyness and more. More energy allows the brain to work faster and to process and heal traumas. The brain is self-healing, but only if it has enough adaptive energy to function properly.

- Reducing toxic metals. Memories, personality traits and traumas can be associated with specific toxic metals. For example, iron toxicity is associated with anger. Copper toxicity is associated with an overly analytical quality and with fear and emotion, in general.

- Correcting brain architecture. Anyone who has experienced a fall, car accident or other head injuries may have problems with the way the brain sits inside the skull. One of the procedures will correct this and has wonderful effects. For details, read Brain Architecture.

- Better emotional control. Many clients report that they feel much more in control of their emotions after they have been on the development program for several months to several years.

- Eliminating infections. According to a survey by our medical team, about 98% of the population has one or more infections in the brain. Many are sexually transmitted diseases that travel to the brain. Some are related to sinus or ear infections, and there are others. Some affect the personality. An extreme example is the rabies virus, which turns a normal animal or human into a vicious creature. We suspect that all the Rogues have a virus of this type.

- Eliminating traumas. Many people’s personality is shaped by traumas that may have occurred years ago. The development program can help release these traumas. As this occurs, one may find one’s personality changing in very positive ways.

- Balancing the body. By strengthening and balancing the body chemistry, the mind and personality also often become more balanced. Clients report that the Down Hugging or Down Sex procedures are also excellent mental balancing procedures.

- More mental competence. This is the result of improved nutrition and the other changes above. Improved competence leads to better decision-making, helps self-esteem, and makes one a much happier person.

- Removing implants. Most people have brain implants. A very unusual service of our medical team is they attempt to remove them. This is part of what occurs when one submits a hair mineral test for our review. For details, read Implants.

- Better guides. Everyone has guide creatures and other unseen helpers who continuously try to help us to think clearly, be more aware, and make better decisions. They tell us that if one becomes too unhealthy, some of them leave.

If one follows the development program, this definitely attracts better guides and more guide creatures to oneself. For details, read Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.

- More mental protection. A theme of this newsletter is that today we are surrounded by electronic devices that are spy devices and some are literally mental attacks. Evidence in our town includes the recent construction of all sorts of towers, boxes on telephone poles and more that I observe as I drive around town.

The development program will help somewhat to protect you from this invasion of your mind and attempts at brainwashing. For details, read Psychotronic Warfare And Radionics.

- Development. The process of development not only causes one to feel better. It also brings out abilities and other personality qualities that one never knew one had.

- More maturity. Releasing your child mineralssuch as toxic forms of potassium and nickel – have a maturing effect on the personality. This has wonderful effects upon the personality. For details, read Toxic Potassium.

- ‘New brain’ and ‘wise person’ effects. The development program can restore the unusual ridges of the brain called the sulci. These are damaged in some people. When this occurs, one becomes smarter and more mature. For details, read Pivots And Anchors.

- Much greater ‘mental power’. This comes only if one does the pulling down exercise forcefully, every day. You will slowly build your ability to focus, concentrate, direct and control your mind.

Other meditations and mental exercises may help you relax or have other effects. However, in our experience, only the pulling down exercise builds mental power in a safe and balanced way.

- Getting rid of dozens of mineral patterns associated with personality disorders. This is a large subject. An introduction to it is found in the article, Personality-Related Mineral Patterns And Psychological Interpretation Of A Hair Mineral Analysis.

However, just following the development program may not be enough to change one’s personality. We also suggest following the four-step procedure to change anything in your life. For details, read The Four Steps To Action. The basic 12-step program used in Alcoholics Anonymous is another helpful method to alter any behavior or trait that you wish to change.

There are many other methods to alter one’s personality. Be careful with these because, in our experience, most do not change you at the deepest level. Even worse, they may unknowingly suppress negative personality traits. Suppressing causes negative traits to express themselves in other ways that can be destructive.


4/13/21. Among the Challenges Of Retracing in the post just below, we can add:

#9. Retracing involves time science and is a type of rewind. I am told this is important, and some day will be explained more fully.

#10. Retracing can involve undoing old traumas and old health conditions from the past of the soul, not just the body. The body has only existed for 30 or perhaps 70 years. I am told that the soul is much older! As a result, some healing reactions can seem unrelated to anything that you recall from your past.

#11. Retracing can have an out-of-control quality to it. In the Christian tradition, books say that your walk with Christ is not always going to be easy. In the Oriental tradition, they say one is on the golden path with its twists and turns. This is the same idea.

This occurs because following the development program assists and empowers the Planning Souls. This is wonderful. However, the ego self controls most people’s lives. This is called the false self in the book, The Real Self. The ego self does not like losing control of your life, even if doing so will save, heal and extend life.

#12. The challenge is to change one’s attitude about retracing and purification reactions. The normal attitude is one of dislike, fear and perhaps anger at having to go through these reactions.

It is most helpful if you realize you are under the law of grace and that all is occurring for your good. Be grateful for your purification reactions! This is not the same as just surrendering to the reactions. It is a more active and positive action on your part.

We know this can be difficult when you are in pain. However, this turnaround in attitude is very helpful to move through the reactions quickly and easily. For details, read Gratitude – One Of The Most Important Decisions You Will Ever Make.


4/13/21. Retracing is the extremely unique disease reversal process that occurs during the development programs that we set up. However, it rarely occurs during other healing programs and most health personnel don’t understand it.

In fact, retracing is continuous during the development programs that we set up. It is the literal undoing and erasing of infections, toxicity, traumas, and other imbalances in the body.

Very deep healing. Retracing is evidence of the deepest type of healing. It is a unique type of inflammatory reaction that is a response to a large increase in the body’s energy and vitality. This is very necessary to understand and appreciate. It is so complex that writing a short post or even a long article about it seems very inadequate.

Terminology. Other names for the retracing process are flare-ups, purification reactions, healing reactions and catharsis.

Rare. Retracting is the essence of the development programs that we set up. The process also sometimes occurs to a degree with quality chiropractic care, and occasionally with psychotherapy and other methods.

However, it does not occur when one uses standard medical or holistic methods of healing. It also will not occur as often during a nutritional balancing program set up by anyone who is not one of our Approved Helpers. This is because most of them do not set up the programs correctly.

Symptoms. Retracing often causes temporary symptoms during a development program. This is part of how the body releases old toxins, infections, traumas and more.

Symptoms can include anything imaginable – both physical and mental. Common ones are fatigue, irritability, heart palpitations, interrupted sleep, and aches and pains anywhere in the body. Most symptoms are mild, but occasionally they can be intense.

The challenge of retracing. The main challenge is not to panic when symptoms arise during the development program. In almost every instance, there is no need to worry and no need for medical intervention.

Related challenges. These are: 1) Retracing often skews blood and urine tests, scans and other medical tests.

2) 99.9% of medical and holistic practitioners do not understand retracing. So if one consults a practitioner, in almost every instance you will not receive good advice. In fact, their assessment often causes fear, their tests are often confusing, and their remedies can make the situation worse.

3) Retracing has to do with The Law Of Cause And Effect, or what some people call karma. It is awesome and very complex!

4) One’s judgment is often skewed during retracing. This is due to a unique psychological situation. A part of one’s consciousness remains in the present. However, another part is literally in the past, cleaning up something from the past. This is very confusing!

For example, a 60-year-old may think that she twisted her back because suddenly it hurts. In reality, part of her mind and body may be back in early childhood, retracing a fall that occurred when she was learning to walk.

One may suddenly feel very angry, afraid, guilty or upset. The temptation is to look around and seek the cause in the present. However, in fact, one can be retracing an upset that occurred years before. This can also cause lots of confusion.

5) One does not feel well, so there is a desire to do something about it.

6) Fear sets in, especially today because most people are already worried about their health due to, in part, to fear-mongering by the media.

7) Retracing is not something you can talk about with most friends, colleagues or family members. Also, there is little good information about it on the internet or the television.

8) Symptoms often occur suddenly and can be very strange. Recently, one of our clients had continuous menstrual bleeding that went on for months. It was not a hormone imbalance. It was the body’s way of quickly reducing a toxic form of iron that was threatening her life.

Several babies on the program have experienced nosebleeds that were the body’s way of rapidly eliminating toxins from the brain. When the toxin removal was complete, the nosebleeds stopped.

What to do. We never suggest that one not visit a conventional practitioner. However, we recommend that if one is following the development program, realize that retracing is likely occurring.

Relax, rest more, and perhaps stop or reduce the supplements because often they are not needed during a flare-up. Also, do more of the healing procedures, especially the pulling down procedure, rubbing the feet, twisting the spine, and often also more coffee enemas.

Wait a day or two. In many instances, the symptoms will pass. If symptoms persist, submit a question to Dr. Wilson through your Helper. Our medical team will check carefully for the cause.

In our experience of 40 years, in almost every instance, symptoms during the development programs we set up are due to either: 1) retracing, 2) a need for a program update, or 3) one is not following the program correctly.

For many more details, read Retracing and Trauma Retracing.


4/12/21. As of today, we are cancelling the need for new clients to apply for the development program. This is to make things easier for our Helpers and our medical team.

However, when we receive hair tests for review, we will continue our newer policy of the last few months of evaluating people’s eligibility for the program.

Helpers need to warn new clients about this, and that it is possible we won’t be able to offer them a full development program. Anyone can do the basic program.


4/12/21. Snow peas are a new preferred food for development. These are the flat pea pods often found in supermarkets. Adults can have about two snow peas per day. I cook one with my other vegetables. They cook quickly.


4/12/21. We began recommending reddish heat lamp therapy in 2003. It is one of the main healing procedures of the development program. Shining the rays of this lamp on your skin provides frequencies that function exactly like nutrients that our bodies seem to require. Just sunbathing does not have the same effect.

One can sit in front of a single reddish heat lamp. Sit about 18-24 inches or 46-60 centimeters away from the bulb.

However, a more powerful way to do the procedure is to sit in an enclosure with three or four red heat lamps. Allow the lamps to raise the temperature inside the enclosure to 110-120º F. or about 43-50º C. Rotating the body ¼ turn every five minutes or so is also excellent.

Which bulbs? The correct bulbs are sold in many hardware stores or online. They are usually labeled red heat lamps. They are used as chicken and turkey brooder lamps. Restaurants use them to keep food warm. Some homes have one in the bathroom ceiling to warm up the room. We like the ones that are rated at 250 watts. They cost about 12-20 US dollars each.

Any standard brand found in hardware stores or online is okay such as Philips, Havel-Sli, Satco, Feit, Sylvania, Westinghouse or General Electric. It is okay if the bulb is teflon-coated.

Warning. Avoid using Therabulb, Rubylux or SaunaSpace brands. In our experience, these bulbs emit unhealthy energies that are harmful. Also, avoid clear heat lamps.

Dress. The light frequencies need to strike the skin and do not penetrate through clothing. For example, you can wear underwear or clothing is optional so that the rays shine directly on your skin.

How much? Most adults need to use a single lamp for one hour daily. One can also use three to five lamps for 20 to 30 minutes daily to obtain the same effect. Children need less time depending upon their size.

Those with cancer seem to need at least 1.5 hours daily sitting in a sauna with three to five bulbs. You can break this up into two 45-minute sessions or three half-hour sessions. This is an important part of our cancer modification of the development program.

Anyone can use a reddish heat lamp sauna for this long. However, those without much cancer in the body will often experience purification reactions from this much exposure to the light frequencies (see below).

Note: We would avoid far infrared saunas. They tend to give off harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

Reactions. Occasionally, a client reports having a reaction to the reddish heat lamp procedure. In all cases, we believe this is a purification reaction due to eliminating toxins very rapidly.

If this occurs and is too uncomfortable, begin with just a few minutes in front of the heat lamp and slowly increase the time as you are able to do so. Also, always do the rest of the development program along with reddish heat lamp therapy to minimize reactions. For many more details, read Sauna Therapy and Instructions And Cautions For Use Of A Single Lamp Therapy.


4/11/21. We will continue bring up this subject because it is critical and very few are talking about it. Please read it several times carefully and act upon it!

The basis for modern civilization is the rule of law, equal justice for all, and due process. These three basic legal doctrines are what distinguish modern societies from totalitarian slave states.

All of these doctrines have been violated in a most egregious manner in the recent American election. This is not a partisan issue between Democrats and Republicans!

Specifically, and according to at least 100 lawsuits, the recent election was thoroughly rigged and fraudulent. Honest and fair elections are the basis for the republican form of government, so these legal suits are extremely serious allegations.

Illegally taking power. The correct legal procedure in this situation is the new administration does not take power until all the legal cases are heard by the Supreme Court. However, this did not occur after the 2020 election. The current president, vice president and Congress of the United States therefore assumed power illegally.

Judicial corruption. Instead of considering the legal challenges to the election promptly, many of them were dismissed without any judicial review by corrupt courts. These include a thoroughly corrupt Supreme Court Of The United States.

The judicial branch of government has as its job to check to make sure all that government activity is in accordance with the national and state constitutions. The American Supreme Court and some lower courts, as well, have been completely derelict in their duty.

A coup d’etat. As a result, recent events were essentially a coup d’etat or illegal takeover of the government. The current American national government and many state and local governments are imposters and thoroughly illegal.

The truth needs to be shouted over the internet and in the news media until action occurs. Otherwise, by abandoning the rule of law and due process, very soon there will be no American nation.

RISE UP. The Citizens of America, and even Citizens of other nations who care, need to rise up immediately and demand the following:

1. Demand the removal of the justices. The justices of the American Supreme Court need to resign at once or be removed from office by other means. They have failed to uphold their oath of office or to do their job properly by not even hearing extremely important lawsuits that challenge the election results. The justices may be guilty of treason for this reason, especially the Chief Justice.

2. Demand the removal of the new American president, vice president and all legislative representatives. All of these officials violated the law by assuming power, by certifying the election results in Congress, and for conducting business while court challenges to the election remain.

3. Demand accountability by the mass media. Most mass media outlets, including some popular internet sites, were given this information about the court challenges to the election. They either did not report it or downplayed it so much it was largely ignored.

Media outlets that discuss the election challenges publicly are also being criticized and even censored. This makes these mass media outlets complicit in the illegal takeover of the government.

4. Demand accountability by the legal profession. Licensed attorneys should know the basic legal facts we are discussing. However, very few have spoken up in opposition. They are thus accomplices in the illegal government takeover. Perhaps they need to lose their licenses or other privileges.

5. Demand a new election. Their needs to be a new, fair election at once. There must be no voting machines and no mail-in ballots of any kind because these are among the reasons for the cheating.

The new election must also require proper voter registration and two kinds of photo identification in order to vote. There must also be other safeguards such as voting in triplicate with secure storage of paper ballots, giving citizens receipts for their votes, and complete transparency and fairness in counting and reporting vote tallies.

6. Demand many trials for treason. Treason is the extremely serious political and moral crime of giving aid or comfort to the enemies of the nation. It is well known in the law and punishable by death.

Once the US Supreme Court is cleaned up with new, constitutionally-mandated justices, there is a need to prosecute the following groups and perhaps other for the election crimes: