by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© July 2013, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


            Governments often use the old tactic of divide and conquer to weaken a population and thereby increase the leader’s power.  Here are examples of this:


1. Dividing black and white.  Instead of calling for unity in racial cases, the government takes sides in high-profile racial legal cases.  This inflames racial relations.


2. Dividing rich and poor.  The government often attacks the rich and sides with the poor, instead of siding with all the people.  This tactic is called ‘class warfare’ rhetoric, and divides the nation mightily.  It ignores the fact that
America was founded on liberty, and this necessarily means that some will be wealthier than others, as this is how they choose to live their lives.  Calling it unfair, racist, or other derogatory names is false and simply causes anger and resentment in those who choose to listen to it.

How can someone who works 80 hours per week and devotes his life to earning money be compared with someone who chooses not to work at all, or who does as little as possible?  They will not have equal wealth, and should not.


3. Religious and secular.  America was founded on the principle of religious freedom for all, including, of course, the option of not being religious.  Instead of unifying these groups, the government has attacked religious groups, forcing them to comply with liberal agendas of abortion on demand, free birth control for everyone, and other things that are offensive to religious people throughout the United States.

In other words, instead of respecting all beliefs, the government has taken sides, once again, which further divides people and is quite unhealthy for the nation.


4. Selectively enforcing the law.  This is perhaps the most divisive technique.  The president of the United States takes an oath swearing to uphold all the laws of the land for everyone, equally.  This is called equal justice, and is a fundamental legal doctrine that unifies a nation.  People know what to expect, and are treated the same no matter who they are regardless of race, sex, or ethnicity.

The government has not upheld the law equally such as immigration law, the new health care law, the federal law against marijuana use, and others.  This contempt for the law replaces respect for the rule of law by the whim of the ruler, which is a mockery of the entire legal system and all democratic processes of government.  This causes great uncertainty among the people, and often sets them against one another in an effort to obtain preferential treatment by the government.


6. Abandoning time-tested and traditional American values.  This has a powerful disruptive effect upon the America people.  Recent examples are government support for the Muslim Brotherhood, for Iran’s nuclear program, and others.

The effect of the divide and conquer strategy is to confuse the people, divide them into groups by race, color, ethnic origin, religion, wealth or other things, and to set them against one another.  That is the strategy, folks.  Please wake up, ignore the efforts and vote out the scoundrels. 

Please stop listening to NPR, and stop reading the Huffington Post and the New York Times.  This is a lot of left-wing slanted information.  Fox News is a lot better, as are people such as Mike Huckabee, Glen Beck, Pat Robertson and other so-called right wing sources of information.  They are not right-wing.  They are truthful, and this is very different.



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