By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is only the opinion of the author and is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, prescription, treatment or cure of any disease or health condition.


            To an enormous degree, we are what we eat.  This is an absolute truth that has always been true and will never change.  If one expects to become and remain healthy, one must eat correctly.

An enormous problem we encounter is that many people just do not believe that their diet is very important for their health and for development.  These people are often very willing to swallow vitamin pills and even to do the detoxification procedures we suggest.  However, they are not willing to follow the development diet.

In fact, taking the supplements and doing the procedures without doing the diet does not work well and can make one ill because the body cannot detoxify properly.  We advise that if one will not do the diet, then only take the supplements once a day in order to prevent problems.




            With few exceptions, the medical profession, the public health profession, the counseling profession, most of the mass media, and most other leaders in society do not teach the truth about the importance of oneĂ•s diet.

            Another source of wrong information is advertising for junk food.  The ads give the false impression that these products are healthful and beneficial.  For example, they use beautiful young women and impressive scenes, music and rhetoric to sell products such as Coca Cola and many other products that should never be sold, let alone promoted as healthful.

            Also, some people are actually addicted to stimulant foods such as those that contain a lot of caffeine (soda pop), sugar (candy, cakes, etc.), theobromine (chocolate), stimulant chemicals, and more.  These items (we donŐt want to call them foods) are often addictive by design – to sell more of them.  This design makes changing the diet more difficult.




            Reading.  Reading can help.  The problem is that everyone has an opinion and the opinions often conflict.  There is also a lot of malicious information on the internet and in books designed to confuse and mislead people.  For this reason, we do not recommend internet research very much.  For details, read Internet Research.


Nutritional testing.  This can be a way to learn about nutritional needs.  However, we find that all nutritional tests are not accurate enough.

For example, standard blood tests for nutrients used by some health care workers are often very unreliable.  One can be starving for minerals such as calcium, which most people are.  Yet blood tests will usually report normal blood levels.

This occurs because the body literally steals calcium from the bones and elsewhere and puts them into the blood because the blood touches everywhere in the body and is necessary for life. 

Other tests are not much better, in our experience.  These include urine tests, saliva tests, fecal tests, red blood cells tests, electric machines, muscle testing or kinesiology, and others.

We use hair mineral testing, which is better in some ways.  However, this test also is not accurate enough to test nutrient levels deep inside the body tissues.  One reason is that the presence of toxic metals can elevate the readings of some of the nutrient minerals.  Also, certain mineral patterns cause elevation of the levels of the nutrient minerals.

From 40 years of experience, we know that most everyone is nutritionally depleted.  We donŐt need a test to determine this.  We use the hair mineral test to assess the stage of stress, the oxidation rate and other measures, but not to test for nutritional adequacy.


Trying various diets.  This method has some value.  The problems with it are:

- A diet that is helpful may cause fatigue or other symptoms as the body heals, so one stops it, when in fact it was helping.

- A diet may seem very good at first, but in a year or more one does not feel well.  This is often the case with vegetarian and raw food diets, for example.  One feels better because one eliminates some harmful foods or food combinations.  However, the diet is deficient so that after a time, one feels worse and recovering oneŐs health at that time is not easy.




We use several methods together:


1. Principles of healthy eating.  These include eating food that:

-is whole and has not had its nutrients stripped away due to processing, such as occurs with white sugar, white flour and white rice.

- is free of toxic pesticides, preservatives and other chemicals.  This is why we recommend organically grown food.

- is more yang in macrobiotic terminology.  This is a poorly understood concept, but a VERY important one for development.  For details, read Yang And Yin of Foods and other articles about this physics concept.

- is fresh.  We find that frozen and canned food, as well as eating leftovers for more than one day, is not as healthful.

- the oxidation type diets.  This is another less well known concept, but also VERY helpful.  The originator of it was George Watson, PhD.  He wrote about it in two books, Nutrition And Your Mind (1972) and Personality Strength And Psycho-Chemical Energy (1979).


2. Other, more unusual methods.  We also communicate with souls that are inside peopleŐs bodies.  They tell us about the personŐs diet and what is needed.  It is they who say that everyone needs to eat loads of properly cooked vegetables.  We are aware of the criticisms of this diet, but the souls insist they are needed.

Also, some of the souls we communicate with are able to view the human energy field.  Using this method, they assess the effects of specific foods upon the body.


3. Keeping commercialism out of the picture.  This website does not sell any food products and purposely does not accept advertisements in order to avoid conflicts of interest.


4. Getting beyond symptoms.  This is a trap when evaluating diets.  Some foods can cause a person to feel better in the short term.  Even sugar can cause this feeling if a person has a low blood sugar level.

We are interested in long-term effects, specifically Development, so we must ignore short-term feelings and symptoms that some foods cause.


5. Avoiding food concepts that do not work well.  Examples of this are vegetarian diets, raw food diets, fermented food diets, low-carb diets, high or low protein diets, and other ÔideologiesŐ when it comes to eating. 




The result of our research using the methods above has yielded what we call the development diet.  It is so named because it cause the phenomenon of development to occur the fastest in a human being or an animal.  Development, we have learned, is the deepest type of healing possible and works mainly on a genetic level.  For details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To Development Programs.

The development diet is a research project and changes a little as we learn more.  For the most up-to-date dietary information, periodically check Food For Daily Use and, to a lesser degree, Food For Occasional Use and Forbidden Food.



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