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As of July, 2019, we have added a new development procedure to the development program.  It is quite effective to increase the speed of development, and is safe and simple to do.

This procedure is not new.  Some traditions of development have used striking or slapping the body in certain ways to speed up development for thousands of years.  The tapping procedure is not sexy and is not a form of discipline or punishment.




The tapping or hitting procedure stimulates acupuncture meridians and opens channels.  This is a major reason it works well and quickly.

It may also put a person more in touch with the body.  Some people say the tapping or slapping of the body feels very good.

This procedure, when done with a helper, also has elements of psychodrama.  This is a very powerful therapy that is able to bring up old issues and traumas so they can be healed and released.  For details, read Psychodrama.




Tapping can be done alone or with a partner.  If it is done with a partner, one must observe the rules of psychodrama listed below for safety.




            One strikes certain energy points on the body, either with a closed fist or the flat of the hand.  You can use plenty of force, but begin gently in case the points are tender or sensitive.  The points are:


1. The inside of the legs, about 4 finger widths above the knee joints, on both sides.  The hitting point is slightly toward the front of the leg, but not on the front of the leg.  You can often feel the point as a slightly tender area.

Hit both legs at the same time.  Two ways to do this are:

- Sit comfortably with your legs separated at least two feet apart.  Make your hands into fists.  Bend forward if you are alone and move both hands outward from between the legs so the heels of the hands strike the correct point.  You can use plenty of force.  There will be a little pain, but not too much.

If you are working with a partner, the partner sits, facing you, and moves his or her hands outward from between your legs, hitting the points.

The two points, one on each leg above the knee, are known as the #7s in Jin Shin Jyutsu.  They open channels throughout the body, but particularly in the digestive area.  This area is often stuck and this slows development.

            - Another way to hit this point that is more comfortable for many people is to sit comfortably.  Then bend the knees sharply and bring your feet up to your level so that your feet are together right in front of your groin area. 

Then make your hands into fists and move the hands straight downward to strike the points.  If you are working with a partner, the partner faces you, sitting comfortably, makes his or her hands into fists, and moves them downward to strike the 7 points.

2. The inside of the upper legs, about two-thirds of the way up toward the groin.  This is associated with the kidneys and the kidney meridian in acupuncture.  Do both sides at the same time.

3. The outside of the hips.  There are two points, both of which are acupuncture points.  The upper one is about 10 finger widths below the iliac crest, the bone that sticks out on the outside of the pelvis on each side.

            The lower one is about 10 finger widths above the knee on the outside of the legs.

            The upper one stimulates the lungs.  The lower one on the right stimulates the liver and the lower one on the left stimulates the spleen.

            The easiest way to ‘hit’ these is to do both sides at the same time – both lower points and then both upper points.

4. The top of the penis or vagina, just below the pubic bone.  This should not be sexy, and it may be a little painful, but not much.




            Rotate among the above 5 points.  First, do 40 repetitions of hitting both inner legs just above the knees.

            Then do 20 repetitions of the outer two positions and the kidney position.

            Then do 40 repetitions of the genital hitting.

This is a complete session.  We are still experimenting with the sequence and number of hits that are optimal.




            Doing the procedure with another person works very well.  However, one must obey the rules of psychodrama because it involves striking another person.  These are:

- Both participants must smile at all times.   If either person turns serious, the session must be stopped at once.

- There must be a third person present who observes and acts as the monitor.

- Always have the utmost respect and maintain the dignity of your partner.

- Ask often of the person receiving the hits, “Are You Okay?”



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