by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            Depleting versus deficiency patterns are interesting and quite different. 


Depleting = step down pattern AND potassium of 1 mg% AND sympathetic dominance AND lots of poor eliminators.

Sympathetic dominance is prominent in this pattern.   This means the person is overusing the fight-or-flight nervous system, and this depletes the body.  Sympathetic nervous system activity is designed as an emergency system, and too much of it has a depleting effect on the body.  Sympathetic nervous system activity interferes with digestion and with proper elimination of toxins.

A potassium level of 1 mg% indicates adrenal burnout.

With depletion pattern, one is not caring for oneself adequately, and not at peace.  At times, the person is running away by nurturing others, but not the self. This is similar to the caring pattern.


Deficiency Pattern = bowl pattern = high calcium/magnesium ratio AND a low sodium/potassium ratio.  This is more of a chronic stress pattern with a diet too high in carbohydrates and sugars, and resulting adrenal weakness. 


            Depleting pattern is more about caring for others more than one cares about oneÕs own health, at a deep level.  In other words, one may seem like one is caring for oneÕs health, but it is not so at a deeper level.  It may take more time to change, and it may require a change in a personÕs lifestyle.

            Deficiency pattern is more of a strictly biochemical imbalance or nutritional deficiency pattern.  It responds simply to a better diet, supplementation and more rest.



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