by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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One of the worst things a mother or father can do is to put oneŐs daughter on the birth control pill as a teenager, or even when a girl is in her twenties.  This is a horror and this article will explain why this is so, and what to do instead.




            In America, and now in Europe and parts of Asia, Africa and the Middle East that are industrially developed, millions of mothers tell their daughters to take the birth control pill starting at age 13 or perhaps a little later, in many cases.  The reasons they give for their reprehensible behavior are:


1. It will stop the premenstrual syndrome or PMS.

2. It will stop a pregnancy if the girl has sex.

3. In some cases, it will clear up the girlŐs skin and get rid of acne.






1. The pill is highly toxic for the body.  It is associated with a higher incidence of strokes, heart attacks, cancers, depression, mood swings, panic attacks and other serious problems.  This should be enough to stop the practice, but it is not, obviously.


2. It tells your daughter you despise her innocence and true femininity.  Even worse than the medical or physical dangers, this practice tells your daughter than you have no faith in her ability to resist the temptations of sex and boys, and thus you have little understanding and you hate your child.  This sounds very harsh, but it is true. 

            If you had any faith in your daughter you would never give her the pill.  You would teach her how to handle sexual desire, boys with lots of hormones, and things like parties, drinking, drugs, dancing, wearing tight, sexy and slutty clothes, wearing makeup, dying the hair, doing the nails, and the other things that all teenage girls tend to do at that age.  That would be the correct behavior.

             In other words, instead of teaching your daughter how to live her life in a wholesome way, you just write her off as a slut and a whore, usually without any evidence to support this attitude at all.


3. It is a selfish move on your part.  Another hidden or not so hidden motive of parents, especially mothers, is to avoid a possible pregnancy because it is embarrassing and the neighbors or relatives and friends might find out and see what a poor job you have done raising your daughter. 

Your thinking is that the pill might keep her in the cesspool that today is called high school, and avoid the hassle of a teen pregnancy out of wedlock.  


4. It often makes your daughter even more sexually excited.  It does this in several ways:

A. The hormones upset the natural hormone balance of her body and can increase sexual tension and desire.

B. The stigma of sex and pregnancy is removed by the pill.

C. The depression the pill causes in many young women.

D. The brain fog the pill causes in most young women.


Young women, in their innocence and romantic sweet heads, often believe that some sex will cure all of the above, so they Ňgo for itÓ, even to the point of being sexually aggressive with the boys, who often do not have a clue what is going o n.



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