by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Here are some deeper agendas that are occurring with the Chinese virus.

The positive news is that we are told the earth is in transition and all the negative agendas below are part of waking up the people and moving into a much more spiritual time on earth. It is going to require changes in people’s thinking, however, and some of the negative events going on are designed to push that process along at a rapid pace.

Now here are the apparently negative scenarios:

Illegally Stealing the Citizen’s wealth. The loss of life to the virus is relatively insignificant compared to the economic mess. The virus is not as bad as the annual flu and much less lethal than death due to other diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and others.

The loss of income and of business assets by millions of people is quite staggering. It is a major act of terrorism against the lives of the millions of people around the world. Government bailouts just add to the nation’s debt – another act of terrorism and treason against the Citizens.

Bailouts in America are also illegal according to the US Constitution. They are not one of the enumerated functions of the government listed in Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution. The American state governors made the decision to damage the economy and they need to be held personally responsible.

Many American states need to declare bankruptcy because they are corrupt and have been mismanaged for years. Then they will be forced to reorganize and the corruption exposed and stopped. That is the correct legal procedure.

Instead, most likely the taxpayers - in many nations - will have to pay for hundreds of lawsuits that have been filed against the government. In our view, this is another horror and treasonous result of the recent government actions.

The war with China. The phony virus scare may be part of a larger attempt to destroy the Western nations by the communist Chinese. Really, the Rogues are behind this and are just using the Chinese. The virus is just a small part of their plan.

The plan also includes illegally imposing the dangerous 5G spy and weapons system using Chinese technology, poisoning the food and products coming from China, stealing manufacturing from the Western nations, weakening the Western nations by attacking Biblical values, and other schemes, as well.

Dictatorship. A huge related story that we see playing out is the end of democracy and limited government and a return to dictatorial rule in the Western nations.

We sincerely hope this horror does not succeed. This will require a Constitutional Amendment, most likely, to prevent similar shutdowns in the future every time a new virus or some other event occurs.

Social manipulation. An important method being used to control the people of earth is to force most social and economic activity to go online. This is not only harmful to one’s health due to EMF exposure. It is also much easier to spy upon and control.

Chilling entrepreneurship. Sudden and arbitrary economic shutdowns and stay-at-home orders have a chilling effect on economic activity and economic freedom. Who would want to start a business if the government may just shut it down during the next flu season?

Constant lies and deception. For example, Drs. Fauci and Birx in the USA apparently have a history of lying and deception. For details, see

Lying. The government covid-19 response has been built and sustained with lying computer models and grossly inflated death statistics from the virus. The rulers also lie by omission regarding the lethal “side effects” of the shutdowns.

These include more suicide, drug and alcohol addiction, anxiety, depression and most likely we will see much higher death statistics from stress-caused cancers, heart disease and more. These more than offset any benefits of the shutdowns.

The shutdowns were originally supposed to prevent hospital overload, which never occurred. So now the rulers are inventing new reasons for continuing the shutdowns.

Elections, socialism, and the green new deal. A political narrative is that we must get rid of our current leaders and impose the “green new deal” - stop using fossil fuels, get rid of meat, and greatly expand the size and power of governments around the world with more welfare and bailout programs.

Destruction of traditional religion. The rogues have succeeded in closing thousands of churches and synagogues around the world. There has been very little resistance to this. While it does not end the religions, it weakens them and depletes their finances.


On May 1, 2020, 45 members of the US House Of Representatives co-sponsored Bill HR 6666.  It spends $100 BILLION dollars in 2020 to hire contact tracers, coronavirus testers, and reporting agents. They would go around the nation invading people’s privacy to trace corona virus contacts. It is nothing short of "medical martial law".

Proponents of this bill want to hire a massive number of staff to enforce "social distancing", administer tests in our homes — apparently whether we consent or not — and apparently even grant themselves the right to take people who "test positive" from their homes!

Please - all Americans send this NOTICE of NON-CONSENT to say NO to the "Big Brother" bill (HR 6666) by clicking on this link:

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